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A Royal Slumber—Queen Elizabeth’s Bedtime Routine Revealed

written by / June 20, 2022
Queen Elizabeth’s Bedtime Routine Revealed

Even after seven decades on the throne, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II still fascinates the public with her youthful vigour. In fact, many are intrigued by what the 96-year-old monarch does to stay in shape.

Well, Julia Banim, a Mirror journalist, claims they discovered the Queen’s secret—her evening routine; though it doesn’t quite compare to the bizarre seeping habits of other famous people.

Namely, the Queen likes to take brisk walks around the palace grounds before bedtime to unwind and relax. Then, she answers state-affair correspondence until 9 PM, sharp. After that, Her Majesty retires to watch some television—some of her favorite shows include Dad’s Army, Doctor Who, Last of the Summer Wine, and Downton Abbey.

Margaret Rhodes, the Queen’s late cousin, declared that Her Majesty likes a glass of champagne each night before bed, which she goes to at around 11 PM. Once there, she dozzes off with a good book in her hands and gets a solid eight and a half hours of sleep until her alarm buzzes at 7:30 AM; truly a royal rest.

Overall, both reading and walking before bedtime have been proven beneficial for a good night’s rest. So there’s definitely something to Her Majesty’s bedtime routine.

What’s more, a study conducted by the University of Michigan found that having a pre-sleep routine helps with insomnia the same way medication does

Therefore, imitating Queen Elizabeth’s evening ritual—on a more modest scale, of course—might actually get us better sleep.

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