The Best Pillows Australia (Reviewed & Compared)

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December 16, 2021

With so many options out there, it’s not easy to find the best pillow in Australia. That’s why we decided to jump in and help you out. With a little assistance and the right tips, you’ll find your favourite dream buddy in no time.  

In creating our reviews, we primarily focused on the products’:

  • Level of comfort
  • Material quality and safety
  • Design and shape
  • Maintenance
  • Overall value.

Top 9 Best Pillows in Australia

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Overall Score
Editor’s Pick
  • Check icon

    Soft and firm side

  • Check icon

    Great neck support

  • Check icon

    Suitable for all sleeping positions

Peacelily Review
Best Latex
  • Check icon

    Firm support for side and back sleepers

  • Check icon

    100% organic cotton zip cover

  • Check icon

    eco-INSTITUT-certified Dunlop latex

Best Mattresses for Bad Backs Australia - Ecosa Review
Best Memory Foam
  • Check icon

    Activated charcoal memory foam

  • Check icon

    Two extra pads for adjusting height

  • Check icon


Best for Neck Support
  • Check icon

    Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial

  • Check icon

    Free $79 quilted pillowcase

  • Check icon

    Reduces neck pain

Best Mattresses for Bad Backs Australia - Sleeping Duck Review
Ideal for Combo Sleepers
  • Check icon

    Exceptional temperature regulation

  • Check icon

    Removable & washable cover

  • Check icon

    Excellent support and pressure relief

Best Mattresses for Bad Backs Australia - Sommuto Review
Best for Side Sleepers
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant

  • Check icon

    Designed and made in Australia

Ideal for Hot Sleepers
  • Check icon

    Charcoal for improved temperature regulation

  • Check icon

    Firm and soft side

  • Check icon

    Soft bamboo cover

Best Medium-Firm
  • Check icon

    Hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial

  • Check icon

    Soft cotton sateen cover

  • Check icon

    For back and side sleepers

Best for Kids
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    100% Japara cotton cover

  • Check icon

    For all sleeping types

  • Check icon

    5-year warranty

A Closer Look at Our Top 9 Picks

Koala Pillow

Koala Pillow
  • Editor’s Pick

  • Material: PU gel foam, Tencel Lyocell, polyester

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 72cmx39cmx15cm

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Trial period: 120 nights

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $170.00

  • Flippable

  • CertiPUR-US-certified polyurethane gel foam

  • Over 4,000 positive user reviews

  • Higher price range

Are you a combination sleeper? No problem. Koala has designed a fantastic pillow that’s suitable for all types of sleepers. Even if your habits change over time, the pillow will be perfectly accommodating to your new sleeping positions.

The Koala is made of CertiPUR-US-certified polyurethane gel foam and it’s ventilated. The improved airflow means the pillow won’t make you sweat or feel hot. The cover is a combination of TENCEL™ Lyocell (34%) and polyester (66%) and therefore feels very soft to the touch.

Moreover, the edges are firmer than the middle part of the pillow. This was done intentionally, so your neck would have sufficient support whatever position you’re sleeping in, while you’re enjoying the overall coziness of the pillow. 

Many customers claim the Koala is the best pillow for a sore neck in Australia, and here’s the main reason for that. It features two firmness levels—firm and soft—depending on the side. So, if you think it’s too firm or not firm enough for you, just flip it and fix the problem easily. 

Finally, you’ll get 120 nights to try out your new dream companion. If you fail to fall in love with it during the trial period, you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Peacelily Latex Pillow

Peacelily Latex Pillow
  • Best Latex

  • Materials: Dunlop latex, organic cotton

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 74cmx43cmx12.5cm

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Trial period: 100 nights

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $119.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1 & eco-INSTITUT-certified latex

  • No off-gassing

  • 100% organic cotton zip cover

  • Pre-ordered 5–6 weeks before delivery

Let’s see what inspired us to include Peacelily on our list. 

First of all, this brand certainly knows how to design top quality pillows using only organic and natural, non-toxic materials. Therefore, the pillow is completely free of any synthetic materials.

The Peacelily is created from 100% natural Dunlop latex, and it comes with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. On top of that, this handmade pillow is delivered in recyclable packaging, so you don’t have to worry about any negative impact on the environment with this order.

Both the pillow and its cover provide excellent temperature regulation and moisture transfer thanks to the outstanding breathability of the natural materials. This is why the Peacelily is also a great option for hot sleepers or people living in warmer climates.

In addition, this pillow is labelled as a mid-profile one, meaning that it’s most suitable for side and back sleepers. Latex pillow reviews written by users say it’s also got a medium-firm-to-firm feel to it. This means it will provide more than enough neck support in these sleeping positions. 

The company offers a one year warranty and a 100 nights trial so you can make sure that this is the right pillow for you.

Ecosa Pillow

Ecosa Pillow
  • Best Memory Foam

  • Pillow material: Activated charcoal memory foam

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 56cmx38cmx10cm/13cm

  • Warranty: 100 days

  • Trial period: 100 nights

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $150.00

Rating 9.9

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  • Adjustable height

  • Removable & machine-washable cover

  • Ergonomic design

  • Shorter warranty compared to other pillows

Ecosa is a company that has a fresh perspective on things since it’s fairly young. However, it’s managed to build a great reputation in quite a short time by providing some of the highest-rated memory foam mattresses and best quality pillows in Australia. 

Ecosa’s design includes three elements any customer would want to see in a pillow: removable and washable cover, breathable 3D structure, and activated charcoal memory foam. 

Why is this foam so special? This black beauty is specially designed to get rid of the annoying odours that pillows can sometimes start emitting over time.

There is yet another feature that numerous customers praise in pillow reviews—the elevation pads. You can customize the height depending on your preferences and needs by adding or removing the two pads that come with the Ecosa. 

Just slip them under the pillow to get the perfect height for any sleeping position. Bear in mind they should be adjusted according to one’s body size:

  • Small and medium size – pillow only
  • Medium and large – pillow + one pad
  • Large and extra large – pillow + two pads.

Furthermore, the pillow comes with a compression bag, so you can also use it as a travel pillow if necessary. When compressed, it will fit any suitcase or backpack. 

The only downside we’ve noticed was the 100-day warranty, which is pretty short compared to the rest of the pillows on the list. Still, you have a chance to test it for 100 days before deciding whether to commit, so the shorter warranty’s no reason to worry.

Spinaleze Low Profile Pillow

Spinaleze Low Profile Pillow
  • Best for Neck Support

  • Materials: Aerated Visco Material, cotton

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 55cmx36cmx10cm/11.5cm

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Trial period: No returns of opened products (due to COVID-19)

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $298.00

Rating 9.8

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  • Highly adaptive Aerated Visco Material

  • Excellent support and proper body alignment

  • Australian-owned & made

  • High price tag

Spinaleze is a company founded by a chiropractor that managed to design some of the best pillows in Australia that help people with neck and back problems. You can choose between four profiles, depending on the sleeping position and height: low, medium, high, or children’s pillow.

In this review we’ll talk about the pillow for back sleepers–the low profile model. Its main purpose is to provide adequate support for the spine without compromising comfort. 

The first unordinary thing about it is the material it’s made of, the proprietary Aerated Visco Material. It gives sleepers a unique feeling of weightlessness and pressure relief through excellent contouring and proper neck and spine alignment.

You’ve probably noticed that many back sleepers have problems with snoring. So besides looking for effective anti-snoring devices, some users claim that this top rated pillow may help reduce snoring to an extent, but also ease muscle soreness.

Let’s not forget to mention that thanks to its ultrafresh and anti-dustmite properties, the pillow is also suitable for people with asthma.

The obvious downside is the price, which excludes this product from the ‘affordable’ category. However, Spinaleze pillows also come with a free diamond quilted pillowcase worth $79 and they’re covered by a one-year warranty. 

So, we’re free to say that, considering the outstanding quality and reputation, the price is more than justified.

Sleeping Duck Pillow

Sleeping Duck Pillow
  • Ideal for Combo Sleepers

  • Materials: AntiGravity® foam

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 60cmx40cmx9.5cm

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Trial period: 100 nights

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $120.00

Rating 9.9

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  • Removable & washable cover

  • Exceptional temperature regulation

  • Airgrown foam

  • Manufactured in China, not Australia

Sleeping Duck is known for its top-notch mattresses and pillows designed to accommodate as many types of sleepers as possible. For this reason, we were excited about their unique pillow. 

What we liked the most about it is its adaptability. Simply put, when you place your head on the pillow, you’ll feel that it has a soft, and at the same time, firm foundation. 

The responsible culprit for this is the brand’s patented AntiGravity foam, a combination of memory foam and latex, which boasts the best features from both materials—lightness, firmness and softness. 

AntiGravity foam is manufactured through pressure expansion. Since it’s airgrown no chemical reactions are necessary to expand it, so it’s significantly safer and more pleasant to sleep on.

This brings us to the reason for its ‘best for hot sleepers’ title. Pillow reviews focus a lot on the cooling features of this special material. What distinguishes Sleeping Duck pillows from other mixed foam pillows. The foam is eight times more open, allowing the heat to escape faster.

Lastly, the pillow comes with a 100-night trial period, which is plenty of time to decide if it’s worth your time and money. Bear in mind that you may have to pre-order it, in which case it might take about a week for your pillow to arrive.

Sommuto Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow

Sommuto Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow
  • Best for Side Sleepers

  • Materials: Memory foam

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 59cmx41cmx15cm

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Trial period: 100 days

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $99.00

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • 100% recyclable & environmentally safe

  • Machine-washable pillow

  • Low VOC foam with micro-piercings

  • Not protected with a cover

Sommuto has designed top rated pillows by blending memory foam and excellent design to allow you to feel like you’re floating while sleeping. 

Firstly, the brand’s improved polyurethane foam is odourless, conforms to your contours and provides sufficient support without creating pressure areas. The pillow’s moulded in such a way that it contains micro-piercings for improved air circulation and temperature regulation. 

Moreover, Sommuto’s products are ethically manufactured and recyclable. Since the company employs the CO2 foaming process, their pillows are safer to use and safer for the environment. They contain no formaldehyde, mercury, or lead.

Here’s another thing we have to mention about this memory foam pillow in our review. The Sommuto is dust mite resistant and incredibly easy to maintain. 

If you need to clean it, all you have to do is put it in a washing machine and you’re all set. This is especially convenient for people suffering from asthma or allergies. 

The only downside we noticed was that the pillow doesn’t come with a cover, unlike most others. However, since it’s machine-washable, a simple pillowcase is quite enough to keep it clean and fresh.

Lastly, if you decide to purchase the Sommuto pillow, you’ll have 100 days to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Macoda Pillow

Macoda Pillow
  • Ideal for Hot Sleepers

  • Materials: Memory foam, bamboo charcoal, bamboo

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 66cmx40cmx14cm

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Trial period: 60 days

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $150.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Two different sides

  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic cover

  • Charcoal for improved temperature regulation

  • Shorter trial period

Macoda designed some seriously good memory foam pillows with their own take on memory foam. To be ahead of its competitors, the company decided to mix classic memory foam with bamboo charcoal and add a unique cooling gel glaze for that extra touch of freshness.  

First, the CertiPUR-US®-Certified memory foam allows the pillow to conform to your contours. The cover is made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified bamboo, which is eco-friendly, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The pillow features an open structure so it’s very breathable.

Additionally, the purpose of introducing bamboo charcoal is, among other things, to get rid of excessive heat, odour, and moisture. With cooling gel added to the foam, you get a pillow that prevents heating buildup and keeps you cool the whole night, like a regular cooling pillow would.

A considerable number of users also claim that the Macoda Pillow is one of the best pillows for neck pain in Australia, which is not surprising. Thanks to the dual comfort design, it’s suitable for all sleeping positions. So, there’s a firmer, cool side and a softer, comfy side.   

The company offers a three-year warranty, and a 60 nights trial. In case you don’t like the pillow you’ll get a full refund.

Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Medium Profile Medium Feel Pillow

Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Medium Profile Medium Feel Pillow
  • Best Medium-Firm

  • Dimensions (LxW): 73cmx48cm

  • Materials: Talalay latex, cotton sateen

  • Warranty: 10 years

  • Trial period: None

  • Shipping: Free for members, otherwise standard fee for AU ($9.95)

  • Price: $159.99

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Approved by Australian Physiotherapy Association

  • Hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial

  • Soft cotton sateen cover

  • No trial

This little zone of comfort created by Dunlopillo is filled with 90% Talalay latex that provides strong support for your neck, keeping your spine aligned. Also called “Earth’s most perfect sleep material”, Talalay latex is a breathable, cozy, and safe material you can often find in pillows. 

Since latex regulates the pillow’s temperature, you’ll sleep on a cool pad during the summer while feeling warm during the winter. This is a medium-firm pillow that most back and side sleepers will find very comfortable. However, stomach sleepers should choose low profile pillows. 

Moreover, this pillow is suitable for people with allergies and asthma for two reasons. First, the cotton sateen cover is removable and machine-washable. Second, the pillow is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite thanks to the nature of Talalay latex.

What’s more, this reputable company’s products are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). Latex pillow reviews in Australia praise the level of comfort and support it provides to the neck and the head without being too firm or creating pressure anywhere.

Finally, though the Dunlopillo pillow does not come with a trial period, it’s covered by a remarkably generous ten-year warranty.

Dentons Children’s Classic Pillow

Dentons Children’s Classic Pillow
  • Best for Kids

  • Best for: Side and back sleepers

  • Materials: Memorelle fibres

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 60cmx40cmx14cm

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Trial period: No trial

  • Shipping: $10 per order, free for orders over $100

  • Price: $54.95

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • SMART™ Fill Technology

  • Suitable for kids with asthma & sensitive skin

  • Entirely machine-washable

  • No trial period, exchanges, or refunds

Luckily, a lot of manufacturers work on designing ideal pillows for kids. But here’s where Dentons steals the spotlight—the company’s been creating top-notch pillows for over 40 years. This is why we decided to put Dentons children’s classic pillow on our top 9 list. 

Firstly, this traditional-looking pillow has a low profile and is suitable for all sleeping positions, especially sleeping on the back and the side.

Additionally, the Children’s Classic is meant for children aged four and older. The filling is made of hypoallergenic 100% Invista® Comforel fibre, that can easily adjust to any sleeping position. While it feels like memory foam, this material features even better adaptability.

The 100% Japara cotton cover is very soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable, so you can put the entire pillow in your machine and tumble dry it. Therefore, this is a really good pillow for children with asthma or sensitive skin.

You’ll be happy to know that the company offers a five year warranty with this pillow. However, there is no trial period and the products are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

How to Find the Best Pillows in Australia

– Buyer’s Guide –

To wake up fresh and well-rested, you need to have an adequate level of comfort, coupled with proper body alignment. This is important because your spine has to be in its natural position if you want to avoid waking up stiff and grumpy. 

You’ll find that many brands offer specially designed pillows to help you get all the rest you can, adjusting the products to fit your sleeping position, or help you with a specific problem like snoring, allergies, or sleep apnea. 

The most important criteria that you need to pay attention to when buying a pillow are:

  • Sleeping position
  • Quality of materials
  • Design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Value.

Preferred Sleeping Position

Stomach Sleepers

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to sleep on your stomach if you can avoid it. However, if it’s a long-standing routine of yours which isn’t likely to change any time soon, then you may want to focus on getting something thinner, like the Sleeping Duck Pillow. 

For stomach sleepers, high pillows can be a cause of severe neck pain and overall discomfort since they can raise the head and the neck well above an angle that would feel natural. 

Furthermore, look for good pillows ranging from soft to medium firm. Firm pillows are not a popular option for stomach sleepers since they can keep the neck and head too elevated. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will have more variety than stomach sleepers when it comes to options. Adequate pillows for back sleepers are firm enough along the edges and slightly softer in the middle. This kind of support helps keep your neck and head in place and prevents sinking.

Depending on your height, you’ll have to choose a pillow that’s not too high for you. It needs to provide proper spinal alignment while you’re sleeping. This way, you’ll avoid the annoying headaches, neck pain, and back pain we’re all too familiar with after sleeping uncomfortably.

If you sleep on your back 90%–100% of the time, we strongly recommend you check out the Spinaleze Low Profile Pillow, specially designed for this sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers tend to sleep more comfortably on higher, thicker pillows. They also generally avoid excessively firm pillows, since they may cause pressure on the neck and shoulders. 

We believe the best pillows for side sleepers in Australia are created by Sommuto. So, if you fall under the category of side sleepers, feel free to check out our review of the brand’s Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow.

Combination Sleepers

Of course, we can’t forget the fact that not everyone prefers to sleep in one position exclusively, but actually frequently turn and change positions throughout the night. Combination sleepers therefore might be the trickiest to accommodate precisely because of that.

What typically works with combo sleepers are more universal pillows, designed for all types of sleepers. We suggest you check out products such as the Koala, the Ecosa, the Sleeping Duck, and the Macoda pillows.

Quality of Materials  

After you find the right pillow for your preferred sleeping position, research the characteristics of its main material.

Memory Foam

This is a responsive material that works to your advantage by adapting to your shape and weight. This is the reason why numerous good pillows for neck pain are made precisely from memory foam. 

Its downside is that it can sometimes trap heat. So, in order to boost breathability, a lot of pillow manufacturers actually use a mix of this material and a cooling gel (or a different material), or design ventilated pillows for better temperature regulation. 


Latex will keep you cool during the night since it’s naturally breathable. Not only that, this is the most durable material that comes in many shapes and forms, making it ideal for all sleeping types. 

So, if you need a pillow that is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and provides sufficient support, don’t stray away from latex. However, some people might find this material too firm, especially stomach sleepers, who prefer softer and thinner pillows. 


Polyester pillows are popular pillows among stomach sleepers, who prefer to use them because they’re softer and conform easily to one’s body weight and contours. They’re also more affordable than pillows made of many other materials, machine-washable, and quite breathable. 

The problem with polyester is that while it does a great job in keeping your spine aligned, this material isn’t as durable as other others since it loses its consistency fairly quickly, so you’ll have to change your pillows more often.  


Besides the sleeping position and the materials, don’t forget to take into account the following characteristics.


We can divide pillows into low, medium, and high profile ones depending on their height. Side sleepers will do better with high or medium profile pillows, back sleepers usually need medium or low profile pillows, while stomach sleepers are advised to use low profile ones.


When brands design their pillows, they pay close attention to the shapes. Each shape brings different health benefits. 

For example, top rated cervical pillows are shaped in such a way that reduces pressure from the neck by providing firm support. Therefore many therapeutic or ergonomic pillows have strong edges and soft middle parts, making them look different from standard pillows. 

Ease of Maintenance

Every material and therefore every pillow has its expiration date. Therefore, if you want to use it for as long as possible, you need to take good care of it. 

Maintenance will be a piece of cake if both your pillow and its cover are machine washable. However, there are also pillows that shouldn’t be washed because of their unique filling.

This doesn’t mean you should rule them out. Some just require minimal effort, for instance, removing a stain with a damp cloth. Some high quality pillows might even include a waterproof cover or protector.  

We advise you to research this aspect of every product you consider buying so you know exactly how simple (or time-consuming) it is to keep it clean.

When Should a Pillow Be Replaced?

Don’t overuse your pillows and learn how to recognise when it’s time to get rid of the old ones. 

Here are questions that will help you determine that:

  • Does it have any stains and thorns?
  • Does it have a strong odour?
  • Does it have its original shape or has it flattened?
  • If you put it over your arms, does it fall flat?

If you’ve answered yes to one (or more) of these questions, it’s time for a new pillow.

Price-to-Value Ratio

Higher price tag = higher quality? Not necessarily.

Not everything we’re willing to splash out on fulfills our expectations and justifies its costliness, as we all know very well.

The most solid way to learn if a pillow you’re about to buy is worth what it costs is to hear it from someone who’s already made the purchase. In other words, honest user reviews are your best friend here. So, make sure to read them before you complete your order. 

Wrapping Up

What is the essential foundation for any great achievements we aspire to? A good night’s rest. So, we hope that our best pillow reviews helped you find the one that will boost the quality of your sleep just the way you need.


Is it good to sleep without a pillow?

Sleeping without a pillow can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you’re a stomach sleeper, not using a pillow wouldn’t be a problem since your neck and spine would stay properly aligned.

On the other hand, if you’re used to sleeping on your back or your side, not using a pillow could easily lead to discomfort and cause you to experience pressure and neck or back pain.

Are memory foam pillows good?

Memory foam is among the most popular and most used materials in pillows because it’s got several advantages. For example, it’s quite durable, easy to maintain, and hypoallergenic, plus it provides sufficient support and retains contours throughout use.

However, this material is not temperature neutral. So, pillows made of memory foam need to have an additional cooling system or a breathable cover for improved air circulation. They can even be mixed with other materials to increase temperature regulation.

Where to buy good pillows?

Most brands will give you all the information you need about their products on their official websites. You can also check other popular product-focused platforms to find good deals as well as reliable recommendations. 

Of course, if you’re not a fan of online shopping, you can always visit physical stores for an even closer look at the pillows you’re interested in buying.

What is the best pillow on the market?

Our vote definitely goes to the Koala Pillow as the best pick. First of all, it’s intended for all sleeping positions. It’s covered by a year-long warranty and its trial period lasts 120 days, which is plenty of time to test it out.

Additionally, it’s a dual comfort pillow—with a firm side and a soft side—so you can flip it anytime you need to adjust its firmness to your sleeping position. Lastly, it’s made of high-quality materials that add to the overall level of comfort.

What are the best pillows in Australia?

There are many great companies in Australia that design unique pillows for neck pain, sleep apnea, and other health benefits. This made it even harder to pick only a handful of them whose quality particularly stood out.

We’ve entrusted the following pillows with our precious rest:

  • Koala Pillow
  • Ecosa Pillow
  • Spinaleze Low Profile Pillow
  • Sleeping Duck Pillow
  • Sommuto Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow
  • Peacelily Latex Pillow
  • Macoda Pillow
  • Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Medium Profile Medium Feel Pillow
  • Dentons Children’s Classic Pillow.

What is the best pillow to buy for side sleepers?

We believe that Sommuto designed the best sleep companion for such individuals. The Somnio Clean Memory Foam Pillow is 15cm thick and made of memory foam, which allows excellent contouring. It’s moulded for better ergonomics and pressure relief, and very breathable.

Moreover, it’s machine-washable, so no stain will be a problem. Plus, its hypoallergenic properties keep it even cleaner and safer to sleep on. Not to mention that it’s the most affordable adult size pillow on our list.

What is the best pillow for neck support?

If you want to find a pillow with the perfect neck support, pick one designed by a chiropractor. We found our ideal product for this specific issue with the help of Spinaleze. 

When it comes to spinal alignment and neck support, this brand creates some of the very best pillows in Australia. This is primarily thanks to its carefully designed shape and innovative material—Aerated Visco Material. 

The particular model we’ve focused on in our reviews is a low profile one, intended for back sleepers. However, Spinaleze offers three other models as well to accommodate as many types of sleepers as possible.