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Aviya Mattress Review
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July 10, 2020

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives. That’s why it is so vital that we have a mattress that helps us rest as comfortably as possible. In the following Aviya mattress review, we look at everything that this hybrid mattress entails and the kind of sleep it can offer you as a customer. We will cover all features of this mattress in order to help you decide whether this would be the right purchase for you. 


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  • Breathable, cooling materials

  • Superior edge support

  • Three firmness levels

  • Some motion transfer

  • The plush option has less support

Review of Aviya Mattress


When you decide to purchase an Aviya mattress, you will be able to choose between plush, luxury firm, and firm. The first option, plush, is the softest of the three mattress types. The luxury firm is the medium option, and the firm offers the most support out of the three. Whichever type of Aviya mattress you choose, they are all made of the same quality materials, which you can see by reading independent mattress reviews. 

  • The cover layer is made of premium cotton quilting and two inches of comfort foam. This allows the mattress to properly breathe while you sleep, meaning that you won’t end up overheating, even if you tend to get night sweats. 
  • According to online mattress reviews, the second layer is high-density foam, which ensures that your body won’t leave an imprint. In other words, you won’t have any permanent sinking in the mattress, thanks to this layer. This ensures long-lasting comfort and full-body support. 
  • The third layer also consists of foam. This time, it is there to make sure that your pressure points are alleviated and that you won’t wake up stiff and sore. 
  • The edge support layer is made up of three inches of high density, 80 ILD foam. This means that you are given proper edge support to the point where you can sleep using the whole mattress, even the edges. 
  • In innerspring mattress reviews, you will find out that the fifth layer in this mattress is made out of an individually wrapped innerspring core, which makes use of 15-gauge steel. And in the center of the bed, there is an extra solid set of springs to ensure that there is more support in the middle of the bed, where it is likely more needed. As far as innerspring mattresses go, this is a solid one. 
  • The sixth layer is a one-inch stability layer, which helps distribute weight and energy evenly throughout the entire mattress. This means that you are getting the perfect sleeping solution from the very core of this product. 

If you want, you can also purchase the base for the Aviya mattress. It provides you with extra support, and it adds to the mattress height


In this Aviya mattress review, you can see that you have three choices with this brand. You get to choose your level of support with the plush mattress, luxury firm mattress, or firm Aviya mattress, so you can decide how soft you want it to be. The firmest mattress would obviously be the firm option. In the middle, you have the luxury firm, which is probably the most popular choice. If you prefer a softer mattress that envelopes your body a little more, then the plush Aviya mattress may be what you are looking for. 

There is little sinkage in the luxury firm and the firm mattress. However, if you choose the plush option, this can be expected. It should be noted, though, that the sinkage isn’t from the base of the mattress but rather from the top layers. 

According to Aviya mattress reviews, you will get a mixture of support and comfort with the luxury firm mattress. With the plush, you will be trading some of the support for a softer feel, and with the firm, you will gain more support instead of softness. 

Temperature Neutrality

Thanks to the cooling layer on the cover, you will never overheat while sleeping on an Aviya mattress. In fact, in colder months, you may even miss some warmth from this mattress. But the important thing is that you will sleep comfortably without the possibility of night sweats when you use one of the three choices of the Aviya mattress. 

Edge Support

Innerspring mattresses reviews on the Aviya mattress state that you will have excellent edge support with one of these mattresses. You won’t feel like you’re falling off the side of the bed, even if you almost are! As mentioned, because of the layering at the sides, you can sleep comfortably on the entire surface of the mattress, including the edges. When you purchase this mattress online, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable, even if you are one of those people who like to sleep half hanging off the bed. 

Motion Transfer

According to Aviya mattress reviews, while the mattress is designed to ensure that there is a minimum of motion transfer, you will still be able to feel it if you have a bed partner who moves around a bit more while asleep. This also means that there is a little more bounce when getting up in the morning, which some people might even find helpful. 

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

As you will see in any Aviya mattress review, there is a 10-year warranty on this mattress, which means that it should easily last for a decade before you need to replace it. A decade may seem like a long time to keep a product, but mattresses are expensive items, and purchasing one is an investment in a good night’s sleep. 


The company suggests that, if you want to get the most use out of your Aviya mattress, you flip it every two weeks during the initial six month period and then once a month after that. You’ll also find in most reviews of Aviya mattress that you should put the mattress on a solid base in order to ensure that it stays in good condition. This base can be purchased from Aviya or from another reputable business. It’s also a good idea to consider using a mattress protector

Customer Service

Aviya prides itself on being an approachable company that wants what is best for its customers. That is why you will find that they are easy to communicate with and are happy to help in any way they can. 

There are many ways in which you can contact them. You can initiate a live chat on their website by clicking the chat box on the bottom right-hand side of your computer screen. Otherwise, you can contact them directly from their contact us page.

Alternatively, you can call them on 1-844-327-7421, anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST), Monday to Friday. Aviya mattress customer reviews let us know that they are a great company to work with when it comes to customer service.  

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

There is a 100-night trial for this mattress. This means that once you have purchased and received your product, you have 100 nights to test it out. If at any time during the first 100 nights, you don’t feel like this is the right mattress for you, you can return it for a full refund. 

If you look at any innerspring mattress review of this brand, it will tell you that returns are super easy. If you want to return the mattress, you simply need to contact the company and let them know that you plan on making a return within the 100-night trial period. Once they have acknowledged your request, they will organize a pick up for the mattress. 

Shipping Options

Aviya mattresses are all made in Ohio in the United States and are shipped throughout the continental USA. Unfortunately, they do not ship this product internationally, and you can order this mattress only in the USA. 

In general, it will take between three and seven business days for your mattress to be delivered after you have ordered and paid for it. Any Aviya unbiased mattress review will assure you that the delivery of the mattress happens smoothly and within a decent time period.  

There is a White Glove service that you can pay an extra $159 for, and they will set up your new mattress for you. If you wish to have an old mattress removed, you will pay a total of $199 for the full White Glove service. 


There is a 10-year warranty on all Aviya mattresses. This means the company guarantees that the product you have purchased will last for a decade. If any faults with the mattress are discovered during this time, the company will replace it with a new mattress. 


When looking at prices for an Aviya mattress, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for an Aviya mattress discount code or any specials on the company’s website. 

  • Twin: $799
  • Twin XL: $849
  • Full: $949
  • Queen: $1,099
  • California King: $1,399
  • King: $1,399

Who Can Benefit From This Mattress?

  • People who need a breathable, cool mattress.
  • People who want to sleep using the whole bed, including the edges. 
  • People who don’t want to spend too much but still want a luxury mattress. 
  • People who want an affordable innerspring mattress
  • People who don’t like the off-gassing smell of foam mattresses. 

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

  • People who don’t like any bounce in the mattress. 
  • People who need no motion transfer in order to get a good night’s rest. 
  • People who want a bed that is warmer. 
  • People who want a foam mattress and don’t like innerspring mattresses
  • People who don’t need edge support. 

Summary of Our Independent Reviews of Aviya Mattress

Whichever type of the Aviya mattress you choose, it’s an affordable innerspring mattress that gives you quality without requiring you to break the bank. If you’re looking for a good alternative to a foam mattress, then this is the option for you. It will help you sleep cool, has excellent edge support, and is made of quality materials.


Does the Aviya mattress offer a sleep trial?

Yes, you get a 100-night trial period to test out the mattress and decide if it’s what you want. If you have any issues during that time period, you can return the mattress without any hassle. 

What is the Aviya mattress made of?

It is an innerspring mattress that has individually wrapped coils to keep you comfortable and to alleviate pressure points. The cover of the mattress is made of cotton, and there are various foam layers that add to the firmness of this product as well. 

What is the cost of the Aviya mattress?

At the time we did this review, the price list for the Aviya mattress was as follows:

  • Twin: $799
  • Twin XL: $849
  • Full: $949
  • Queen: $1,099
  • California King: $1,399
  • King: $1,399

What is an innerspring mattress?

An innerspring mattress is a mattress that is not only made of memory foam but has individually wrapped coils as well. The steel springs offer you support and comfort as you sleep, allowing for movement and alleviating pressure points. Our Aviya mattress review clearly states that all of these mattresses are innerspring mattresses