Can Baby Sleep Consultants Help New Parents?

written by / June 10, 2021
Can Baby Sleep Consultants Help New Parents?

New parents often struggle with sleep due to their baby’s nighttime habits. Namely, young babies up to a year old can wake up many times during the night, which leaves their parents exhausted and willing to try almost anything to ensure that they can, once again, have a good night’s sleep

That’s where baby sleep consultants, or “gurus” as they’re sometimes called, come in. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping in mind that this industry remains largely unregulated — hence why anyone who takes a quick course can market themselves as an expert in the field.

To make matters worse, in the UK, some of these consultants charge as much as £650 per month. Usually, this price tag includes personalized plans, such as the baby’s sleeping and eating schedule, etc. Of course, you can always find cheaper plans from consultants with less experience; but then you get what you pay for. 

Overall, some parents claim to have had major success, whereas others have been left feeling dreadful (like that they’re terrible parents) and were judged for their parenting skills. It all depends on the consultant. 

As there are no minimum education or experience requirements, anyone can claim to be a baby sleep consultant nowadays and charge whatever fee they believe is fair. As a result, while some parents found that this service fundamentally changed their lives, others found that they’ve only wasted time and money. 

So, if you don’t find the idea of a baby sleep consultant appealing and you’re worried about your baby’s sleep schedule, just make sure that they’re as comfortable as can be. Oftentimes, that does the trick. 

For instance, get the best crib mattress money can buy or make sure that you have a super comfortable mattress if they sleep with you. Of course, it goes without saying that a newborn should primarily sleep in a crib until they’re big enough to sleep with you safely.

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