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July 24, 2020

Ears certainly prick and heads swivel when the word mattress comes paired with “natural,” “organic,” “affordable,” and “luxurious.” This is exactly what we found the moment we began our Joybed mattress reviews

Joybed uses 100% natural materials like cotton, plant fibers, and wool to create the ultimate organic mattress and provide customers with a great sleeping experience that’s in sync with nature. The fact that this company has been doing this since 1889 certainly lends it more credibility.  

To give you a helping hand in selecting the perfect Joybed mattress, we tested all these mattresses and rated:

  • the quality of materials used
  • company reputation
  • the return policy, and 
  • what you really get for your money.

So let’s start and end your long quest for the right mattress with this in-depth Joybed review.


From $495

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  • No off-gassing

  • Natural, renewable, vegan-friendly

  • Well-suited for hot sleepers

  • Great for back & stomach sleepers

  • Excellent for people with allergies

  • Plenty of motion transfer

  • Joybed LX too firm for side sleepers

Joybed Company History

Joybed’s story started more than 130 years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It would seem the stunning nature of this green state corresponds with the company’s desire to produce mattresses that are just as organic, just as natural as the surroundings they’re made in. 

In our reviews of each Joybed mattress, we found that this family-owned company prides itself on sourcing all the materials for its mattresses from nature, and none of the materials used are man-made. Joybed uses natural plant fibers, wool, and cotton in combination with long-lasting pocketed coils. While the end product is a high-end, hybrid mattress created from natural materials, the price tag won’t induce palpitations and dizzy spells.


From $495

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  • No off-gassing

  • Natural, renewable, vegan-friendly

  • Well-suited for hot sleepers

  • Great for back & stomach sleepers

  • Excellent for people with allergies

  • Plenty of motion transfer

  • Joybed LX too firm for side sleepers

Joybed Natural Mattress Reviews

In this in-depth review, we’ll be looking at the three models the company produces: the LX Luxury Firm, LXC All Cotton Medium, and LXP Luxury Plush. We’ll provide a detailed description of each of these models to make the selection process easier to navigate. 

Joybed LX Construction

The Joybed LX is a natural, 11″ thick hybrid mattress that’s comfortably firm and should allow you to have a cool and restful sleep experience. It combines four layers of natural fibers and individually wrapped coils. 

  • Cover: The top cover is made of 100% organic breathable cotton that’s GOTS certified and which provides natural fire protection. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Joybed makes use of bean and potato plants (both stems and leaves), which are carefully woven to allow maximum comfort in Joybed’s cotton mattress covers
  • Cotton Comfort Layer: This layer is made from cotton, which this company sources from the American South. Naturally hypoallergenic, as well as soft and breathable, cotton allows for a dry and cool sleeping environment that boosts your health and could help improve your overall energy levels. Additionally, unlike foam, cotton is more durable and will hold up better over time and constant usage, mattress reviews show.
  • Wool Comfort Layer: This is made of materials sourced from Oregon and California. Just like cotton, this is a natural, biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable material.

Since its surface is textured, the fabric holds more air, thus providing a cool and comfortably dry sleeping environment. In fact, what we discovered while conducting our Joybed LX review is that the wool helps you regulate your body temperature naturally, so it keeps you warm during long winter nights and cool during the summer.

Naturally, the wool used by Joybed holds the Oeko-Tex certification (eco-wool purity) and is also tested at UC Davis to make sure there aren’t any toxic substances present. The comfort layer is rounded by another layer of cotton.

  • Support Layer: Lastly, individually pocketed coils provide your body with much-needed support. While it will contour to the body to some extent, there is no fear that a person will sink into the mattress. For those who like plenty of edge support, the Joybed LX should work great since there’s a double column of coils running around the outer edge.

Joybed LXC Construction

The next mattress in our Joybed reviews is the Joybed LXC, which is another completely natural and vegan-friendly mattress. Prepare yourself for true luxury if you pair this nature-friendly, 12″ mattress with the sleep-inducing setting of slowly evaporating CBD oil and perhaps a scented candle. But first, let’s take a look at what’s on the inside.

  • Cover: While similar to the Joybed LX in terms of yet again using completely natural, 100% organic GOTS certified fabric, the cover is made of what they term “brushed organic cotton.” This means it’s woven in a brushed weave fashion and is constructed of bean and potato plants.
  • Comfort Layer: This layer is actually made of two separate cotton layers, which are perfect for air circulation around the body during sleep, according to Joybed mattress reviews. Another thick layer of cotton padding is then placed underneath the aforementioned two cotton layers to provide more support since this layer is firmer than the other two. 
  • Support Layer: This layer is identical to what we found while conducting our Joybed mattress review for their LX model, meaning the individually wrapped coils provide plenty of support throughout the whole of the mattress as well as along the edges.

Joybed LXP Construction

This is the third model Joybed offers, and it has seven amazing layers, some of which correspond to those found in the previously mentioned models, plus several additional ones unique to this 13″ model. We carefully inspected what’s inside the Joybed LXP, and this is what we found:

  • Cover: Again, the cover is made of completely organic and GOTS-certified fabric, similar to what we found in our Joybed LX review and the Joybed LXC. However, this cover is woven in a jacquard weave to provide a luxurious feel. The cover is also hand-tufted, which adds another touch of luxury for those who enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Comfort Layers: This is a mixture of what we have seen in the Joybed LX and Joybed LXC since it has two layers of cotton and one of wool. However, underneath these three layers, there are two additional layers of cotton padding. 
  • Coil Layers: The Joybed LXP’s novelty lies in a layer of premium nano coils that rests between the innerspring coils and the layers of cotton and wool. Nano coils are meant to last longer than foam but, like foam, they shape around your body, thus allowing for a softer feeling while you’re asleep.

Of course, the bottom layers again consist of innerspring coils that, as most organic mattress reviews show, provide plenty of that much-needed support.


There is really no way around it: mattresses matter a great deal, and the whole process of selecting one that a person will be happy with is highly subjective. This is especially evident when it comes to firmness. A firm bed for one person might not be the same for another. 

When we include categories such as height and weight into the whole mix of finding that perfect cotton mattress, one ends up with a proper equation. However, we’ll try to introduce some objectivity into this subjective category.

Joybed LX Firmness Level

The Joybed LX is labeled by the manufacturer as “comfortably firm, but not hard,” and we found that to be a fairly accurate description. The Joybed LX has only one level of firmness, medium-firm, and is the hardest among Joybed’s models, mattress comparison reviews show.

It falls at 7 points on a firmness scale of 1 to 10 (1 being softest, and 10, hardest). Considering the firmness level, we found this to be a good fit for back sleepers, though stomach sleepers could also find this mattress comfortable but with plenty of support for their midsection.

Joybed LXC Firmness Levels

The Joybed LXC is a perfect blend of comfort and substantial support. It comes in two levels of firmness:

  • Medium-Firm: This bed scores 6.5 points on the firmness scale and is a good option for both back and stomach sleepers as well as those who wish to spend their night on a luxury firm mattress that is also vegan-friendly.
  • Medium-Plush: This version scores 4.5 points on the firmness scale, and while it’s softer than the medium-firm model, we found that it still works well for back sleepers. However, it will be better suited for side sleepers.

Joybed LXP Firmness Levels

The Joybed LXP caters to luxury lovers who want a natural, cotton mattress that scores highly when it comes to being recyclable, renewable, and breathable. This 13″ mattress has two firmness levels:

  • Medium-Firm: This option scores 6.5 points on a 10 score scale, which puts this mattress in the comfortable middle. You’ll get plenty of support with this model which will feel firm but not hard but it will also be comfortable and ideal for back sleepers.
  • Medium-Plush: This one is 4.5 points on the firmness scale, placing this model on the softer side and making it ideal for side sleepers who still need support but not an overly soft or hard surface to sleep on. While this model is softer, our research for a review of this Joybed mattress found it could also work well for back sleepers who don’t want excessive firmness.


This is yet another highly subjective category that depends on several factors, such as a person’s weight, physical needs, and personal preferences. However, we shall try to provide you with an unbiased view.


Considering we already mentioned that the Joybed LX mattress has just one level of firmness, and the manufacturer and other available Joybed mattress reviews agree that this is the firmest among their models, you aren’t likely to get swallowed up nor sink in deeply. You get the lovely balance of a firm yet comfortable mattress that will keep you pleasantly cool at night. 

On the other hand, the Joybed LXC offers two models in terms of firmness, with the medium-firm option being just that, an organic bed that will contour to your body slightly but you still won’t feel imprisoned inside the mattress. The medium-plush version is softer, and you’ll sink in a bit more, but this could be a great choice for side sleepers who need more pressure relief.

Lastly, the Joybed LXP also comes in medium-firm and medium-plush options and, being 13″ thick with plenty of layers, is similar to the Joybed LXC in firmness. You won’t sink in deeply in either case (though that also depends on the sleeper’s weight), and you’ll get enough support thanks to the coils in this cotton mattress.    


Thanks to the innerspring coils in all three available models, we found that you’ll get plenty of support, even if you opt for the medium-plush variations. The layers of cotton and wool will allow sleepers to feel comfortable, but the mattress isn’t so soft that you’ll sink in too deeply.

Pressure Relief

As we continued our testing for this Joybed mattress review, we concluded that all three models provide sufficient pressure relief with some slight differences.

Since the Joybed LX is the firmest mattress (it scored 7.5), it’s well suited for back and stomach sleepers. However, it might not be great for side sleepers who often need more pressure relief. Alternatively, if you still want this particular model, purchasing the Dreamin’ Vegan Mattress Topper made from Egyptian cotton might be a solution.

As we already pointed out, the Joybed LXC can be purchased in medium-firm and medium-plush options. The Joybed plush, our review determined, is better suited for side sleepers and provides more pressure relief, especially in the shoulder and hip areas. 

The medium-firm option, however, is great for back and stomach sleepers because it will keep the pressure evenly distributed without their hips sinking in, thus putting more pressure on the shoulder and neck areas.

Reviews of the Joybed mattress agree that the Joybed LXP Plush version is the best option for side sleepers since it provides just the right amount of pressure relief in the shoulders and hips. Plus, due to the nano coils that conform to the body, as well as several layers of both cotton and wool, those who enjoy a softer sleeping surface are likely to love this bed. 

The medium-firm version, while still soft enough for an average-weight side sleeper, is better in terms of pressure relief for back and stomach sleepers.

Temperature Neutrality

Nobody likes to wake up feeling as if they were stuck inside a steaming teapot, and Joybed is the perfect solution for this particular issue. 

What all Joybed natural mattress reviews stress is the fact that this manufacturer is adamant when it comes to sticking to natural materials, wool, and cotton predominantly. As both materials are completely natural and breathable, not to mention terrific insulators, choosing any of the Joybed mattresses is likely to be a hit with hot sleepers. 

There aren’t any artificial materials like foams or gels, which are notorious when it comes to heat retention, in Joybed’s mattresses. On the other hand, cotton and wool are great as they will keep you comfortably cool in the summer but snuggly warm (but not overly so) during winter. 

Edge Support 

One thing became obvious almost from the get-go of our Joybed mattress review—this company is very much concerned with details (especially those that make a huge difference in the overall feeling of comfort and undisturbed sleep). So for those who manage to somehow find themselves teetering on the edge of their current mattress, the organic bed varieties offered by Joybed deliver without a hitch.

All these models have strong edge support, with the Joybed LX and Joybed LXC having a double column of individually wrapped coils running along the outer edge. Their luxury model, the Joybed LXP, has a row of coils lining the outer edge—and while it isn’t as firm as the other two, it’s in keeping with Joybed’s overall mattress firmness options and should suffice.    

Motion Transfer

There’s no point in beating about the bush with thisthe coils-only mattress is a bouncy one. No matter which model is selected, there’s plenty of motion transfer, so those who are light sleepers or have a fidgety bed fellow could find this feature problematic. 

There’s no doubt that all the luxury firm mattress models Joybed provides are just that: luxury. However, if you aren’t fond of feeling distinctive moves from the other side of the bed, then this isn’t your sort of luxury, most mattress brand reviews prove. 

Durability and Maintenance

Considering the fact that Joybed uses only natural and long-lasting materials like cotton and wool, which are known for durability, then this mattress should serve you for a long period of time. Again, there are many factors that can influence a mattress’s lifespan, including the sleeper’s weight, conditions in the bedroom, and the overall care on the side of the owner. Furthermore, all Joybed mattress models also come with a 10-year warranty, which adds to the overall appeal.


While the manufacturer doesn’t provide any advice in terms of maintenance, because these organic mattress varieties are made with natural materials, they actually need very little in terms of maintenance. The materials Joybed uses are durable and resistant to wear and tear, cotton and wool mattress reviews indicate. The mattresses are constructed adhering to all state and federal fire protection standards. 

An additional bonus is that Joybed mattresses also offer fire protection, without the help of chemicals, by using only natural materials. We don’t recommend turning the mattresses—however, investing in a quality mattress cover is always a good idea. Making sure your Joybed mattress has a solid and reliable base is another area where you shouldn’t pinch pennies. 

Customer Service

It would appear that the proverb “What you see is what you get” is fitting when it comes to Joybed. This all-American company knows just how important it is to have reliable and helpful customer service.

Our Joybed review team found only positive comments in regards to the customer service, with customers praising representatives’ competence, friendliness, and quick response.

Their customer service is available for live chat, or you can give them a call at 1-877-601-7035. You can reach the customer service from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m EST, as well as on Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m EST.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

While most mattresses have a trial period of 100 days, Joybed provides a 120-night trial, and if you aren’t happy, you’ll be given a full refund. You’ll have the option to exchange your mattress for a different one, or Joybed will send you a topper. If none of the mattresses are a good fit, Joybed can also help you find one from US-Mattress.com, and you’ll only need to pay for the difference in price.

Alternatively, you can return your mattress, and there will be a $139 processing fee. One of the Joybed LX king mattress reviews we found also notes that the company will—in keeping with its “green” attitude and with your help—find a charity that will take on the mattress. Or, if that isn’t possible, they’ll collect the item and recycle it without any charge. You’ll receive a full refund. 

Shipping Options

Joybed will send your mattress in a recyclable box within 3–5 business days via UPS, free of charge to 48 US states. Alaska and Hawaii have to contact the company for a quote. Alternatively, you can arrange for a specialized carrier to deliver and set your Joybed mattress up for a $150 fee. This will have to be arranged with the company, and it will take 1–2 weeks for this type of delivery.


As already pointed out in Joybed mattress reviews, the company offers a 10-year warranty that covers body indentations of 1.5″ deep or more, as well as manufacturer errors in workmanship or materials. 


As expected, prices for Joybed mattresses vary according to their model as well as size. For example, the Joybed LXC natural queen mattress will set you back around $1,190, while the Joybed LX twin mattress is priced at $495. 

You can inspect the price range on Joybed’s website, but the prices start at $495 and can go all the way up to $1,890 for a king or Cal king. 

Additionally, the company provides financing options that can make your purchase easier. You’re advised to check the website to learn the details. Also, it’s always a good idea to check if there’s a Joybed mattress coupon available that will make your purchase more affordable.

Summary of Joybed’s Natural Mattresses

The combination of affordable prices for a completely natural bed that also provides firm support and a touch of luxury is what makes Joybed mattresses so attractive. 

Given that this company is uncompromising when it comes to using only natural materials like cotton and wool—all while staying well away from harmful chemicals and man-made materials—these mattresses will appeal the most to people who wish to live and sleep in sync with nature.

Furthermore, mattress reviews also point out that these mattresses are ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and the Plush models can be a good match for side sleepers as well. However, they’ll also be a fantastic choice for hot sleepers since these mattresses are very breathable.


Is there off-gassing with Joybed’s mattresses?

Luckily, we found over the course of our Joybed mattress review—while also inspecting other reliable sources—that there’s absolutely no off-gassing with this product. In fact, customers report that it only takes a few hours for the mattress to settle, and since there’s no odor, it’s possible to use the mattress soon after. Additionally, there are plenty of parents who choose these mattresses for their children because they’re natural, safe, and odorless, as well as hypoallergenic.

What sort of surface do you need for your Joybed mattress?

As this is a natural, cotton mattress with some wool layers as well as coils, Joybed states that all sturdy and flat surfaces work well with its mattresses. In fact, you can even place them on the floor, Joybed mattress reviews show. Alternatively, your base can be a box foundation, slats, platform bed, or adjustable bed.