Light Exposure During Sleep Poses Health Risk, Study Finds

written by / July 9, 2022
Light Exposure During Sleep Poses Health Risk

Do you make a habit of leaving the lights on while you sleep? Well, you’ll probably think twice about doing that after reading this latest study’s findings.

According to the study, light exposure during sleep will put you on a fast lane to obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

Indeed, scientists have long suspected that light disrupts our sleep by inhibiting the production of our natural sleep hormone — melatonin. And we all know how low sleep quality leads to bigger health issues.

Yet, surprisingly, it’s not just sunlight that affects our sleep but artificial lights, as well. Even dim light exposure showed signs of health issues in sleepers.

Of the 552 participants, those more exposed to light during sleep had a higher chance of developing obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. In fact, over 53% had some light on in the evening hours.

This is why, according to Phyllis Zee, the study’s senior author, we should limit the amount of light exposure we get overnight. In a similar study, Zee uncovered that dim light also affects young sleepers, which is concerning, to say the least.

Namely, the study participants, who were in their twenties, experienced elevated blood sugar levels and increased heart rate when sleeping near active TV sets.

While most of us already know that blue screens lead to poor sleep quality, merely a handful turns off their electronic devices an hour or so before bedtime. Hopefully, more will follow suit after reading this news article!

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