New Ban for Crib Bumpers and Inclined Sleepers for Babies

written by / June 9, 2022
New Ban for Crib Bumpers and Inclined Sleepers for Babies

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden signed a new law that bans the production, selling, and distribution of inclined sleepers and padded crib bumpers for infants under the age of one due to safety concerns.

The Safe Sleep for Babies Act that passed the Senate on May 3 intends to decrease infant fatalities caused by these poorly-designed sleep products.

As per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) data, inclined sleepers with angles over ten degrees caused numerous infant fatalities in the past three decades (from 1990 to 2019).

Not only that, but padded crib bumpers were also to blame for some 113 infant fatalities over the same period, with a combined total of over 200 needless fatalities — hence why they were labeled as “banned hazardous products” under the Consumer Product Safety Act.

To make matters worse, these products are also linked to a rise in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) figures. That said, they only play a minor role in this devastating multifactorial phenomenon that affects infants that are one to four months old.

The Safe Sleep for Babies Act will take effect starting from November, when retailers will officially remove these sleeping accessories from their stores.

On the bright side, some retail giants, such as Walmart and Target, decided not to wait for so long. In fact, they’ve already complied with the new law and done the responsible thing and removed all the banned products from their shelves.

Hopefully, more stores will see this and follow suit!

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