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April 19, 2022

Choosing the right support in life is crucial! This goes for everything, especially sleep. What’s also important in a quest for better sleep is to save yourself from excessive effort, investment, and disappointment. 

This is why our Nolah mattress reviews (with a special accent on their star, the Nolah Original) will analyze the mattresses’ most important features, including how they feel. 

So, read on and find out whether Nolah mattresses have what it takes to be your sleeping support for years to come. 


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  • Made without harmful chemicals

  • Great for side sleepers

  • Excellent for back pain relief

  • Made to help you sleep cool

  • Made & shipped in the USA

  • Can be expensive

  • Can't be set on the floor

  • Slight “factory smell” at first

Company Background

Founded in 2015, Nolah is an exclusively online store that offers bedding, bed foundations, and mattresses (a total of five models). 

All Nolah mattresses in our reviews feature the innovative, proprietary Nolah Air Foam. Three models are hybrid mattresses, while the remaining two are purely foam mattresses.


From $619

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  • Made without harmful chemicals

  • Great for side sleepers

  • Excellent for back pain relief

  • Made to help you sleep cool

  • Made & shipped in the USA

  • Can be expensive

  • Can't be set on the floor

  • Slight “factory smell” at first

The Nolah Original Mattress Features 

There’s a lot to be said about the Original Nolah mattress, but we’ll stick to the essentials while giving you an overview of this 10″ thick AirFoam beauty.


The Nolah 10″ has 3 layers of CertiPUR-US certified foams and a natural, botanic-origin TENCEL cover. 


The Nolah Original mattress reviews written by users also praise its cover’s natural feel and breathability. And for a reason!

Made of cellulose fibers, the Tencel material is naturally breathable and cooling to the touch (its moisture-absorbing properties enhance these characteristics). 

Plus, it’s more durable than cotton. 


We can’t do a Nolah mattress review without decorticating proprietary cooling AirFoam — the main “ingredient” of Nolah’s mattresses. 

This foam constitutes the top two-inch layer of the Nolah Original mattress. 

The main benefits of the AirFoam are its temperature neutrality and pressure relief. 

It also adjusts to the sleeper’s body without making it sink as a traditional memory foam mattress would). This property, as well as the foam’s breathability, will keep you cool while you sleep.

Numerous positive Nolah reviews written by experts (praising the foam’s unique pressure-relief features) resulted in five awards. Additionally, its original design found its way to our list of the best queen mattresses for 2022.

Underneath the famous AirFoam layer, the mattress is equipped with a 1″ layer of deep supportive and high-resilience foam, which offers a bit of a bounce and ensures you don’t feel trapped in the mattress.

Finally, at the very base, there’s a 7″ layer of high-density foam that reinforces support and gives the mattress stability.


The Nolah Original is firm enough to offer a great deal of support and pressure relief without compromising comfort. According to Nolah Original 10 reviews, it’s a solid medium on the firmness scale (5–6). 

With this mattress, you’ll be floating on a soft surface, lulling yourself easily to sleep. Still, the Nolah Original offers excellent pressure relief, especially for people with hip and shoulder pain issues. 

Finally, let’s not forget this is also one of the most affordable mattresses that allow for excellent spine alignment for side sleepers.


The Original model is comfortable for most people. It contours to the body while you sleep, but it doesn’t suck you in or make it difficult to move. Additionally, there’s very little sinkage, even after years of use. 

We found this mattress so comfortable and pressure-relieving that we included it on our list of top-rated mattresses for back pain

Temperature Neutrality

Both the Tencel cover and the AirFoam are breathable and temperature-neutral materials, which is confirmed by the absence of Nolah mattress complaints

The proprietary foam doesn’t feature the viscoelastic chemicals that usually cause heat retention in memory foam mattresses. So, you won’t sleep hot or overheat while resting on the Nolah Original 10″. In fact, you’ll find it’s hard not to sleep cool and comfortable on this mattress. 

Edge Support

When creating our Nolah mattress review, we found that the edge support on the Original Nolah mattress is good but not great. 

If you sleep on your side near the edge of the bed, you won’t feel like you’ll fall off the bed. 

However, you might want to give yourself an inch or two between your body and the edge for comfort’s sake. While it may feel like there’s a larger surface to sleep on, the edge isn’t as comfortable as it could be.

Motion Transfer

There’s minimal motion transfer due to the type of foam used in this mattress. So, you can easily sleep with a partner or a pet without waking up when they move around. 

And if you sleep at different times, that’s okay too, because you won’t feel it when they get up or get into bed. The reduced motion transfer gets this mattress four out of five stars in our review of this Nolah mattress model. 


  • Limited motion transfer
  • Temperature neutrality
  • Great comfort
  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Edge support could be better
  • Can have a bit of a “factory smell” at first

Durability and Maintenance

Nolah mattresses are made with quality in mind, so you know you can count on your mattress for many years. And the lifetime warranty proves you won’t need to replace them anytime soon after you get them. 

But if you want a mattress that’ll last, you’ll need to keep good care of it. And, to do so, you shouldn’t flip most of them.

Four out of five Nolah’s mattresses are specifically layered, so you shouldn’t flip them unless you want to sleep with the foundation facing up. The only double-sided Nolah hybrid mattress, according to reviews, is the Nurture 10″ for kids. 

Instead of flipping, you should rotate the mattresses (head/toe) once every three months to keep them in shape. 

If you’re worried about spills or wear and tear, you can use a suitable quality mattress protector. Also, you should ensure the mattress is on a solid base and not directly on the floor since none of the Nolah mattresses are suitable for that.

Other Models by Nolah

Nolah Signature 12Mattress Review

Featuring an additional layer of pressure-relieving AirFoam, the Nolah Signature is the softest of the bunch. Its solid 12″ thickness and a five-layer design offer temperature-neutral support and ease pressure on multiple levels.

There are two AirFoam layers with different firmness and thickness — one for proper contouring (2.5″) and the other for tension relief (1″). They’re separated with a 1.5″ bounce-providing layer of high-resilience foam

Nolah Signature 12 reviews confirm its comfort and pressure relief and estimate it as fourfold better for the shoulder and hip area than memory foam. But this is just one of the reasons why we gave it a solid fourth place in our 2022’s best mattresses list

The mattress also contains 20% more dense base foam to balance out the softness and keep the contouring of the body at a comfortable level, 

The cherry on the top is the model’s luxurious-looking organic cotton cover and a special non-skid fabric at the base that keeps the mattress in place.

Nolah Evolution 15″ Mattress Review

What makes this mattress revolutionary is its innovative, multi-layered design and luxurious cover. 

Almost every layer of the Nolah Evolution is created with proprietary materials that speed up cooling, enhance its durability and comfort, and customize the mattress’ support.

Support-wise, one thing stands out among Nolah Evolution mattress reviews — the possibility to choose between three levels of firmness (plush, luxury firm, and firm) that ensure everyone can enjoy these premium mattresses.

Plus, lying on the mattress feels cool and breezy, which is the effect of the graphite-infused foam AirFoamICE, which draws out heat from the top layers more quickly than the regular AirFoam.

The AirFoamICE, combined with the ArcticTex cover and the heat escape gussets on each side, makes it impossible for a sleeper to feel hot. 

So, the fact that this is the most popular Nolah mattress according to Nolah Evolution 15″ reviews shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Indeed, it’s easy to fall in love with this mattress, with all of its advanced features, like extra edge support and contour-adaptive support (the coils in the medium are placed in zones that offer suitable firmness and comfort for different parts of your body).

According to Nolah Evolution 15mattress reviews, it seems like this mattress has it all — from resilient-coil support to a unique layered cooling system with several comfort-enhancing layers. 

On top of it all, it offers different levels of firmness that can address a certain point of discomfort or simply help you enjoy your favorite sleeping position.

Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress Review

If you appreciate natural products and eco-friendliness is one of your top priorities, the Nolah Natural 11″ might be the right mattress for you. It’s made of environmentally friendly materials and coils made of recycled steel.

In addition, the mattress carries OEKO-TEX 100, Class 1 certification — proof that the mattress is health-friendly and safe for those prone to allergies. 

This hybrid mattress consists of five layers plus a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. It features HDMax Tri-Zone coils that, combined with the resilient Talalay latex, promise to deliver comfort and support that won’t fade. 

After trying out this mattress, our team had to agree with most mattress reviews for the Nolah Natural — this model both looks and feels great. It’s very pleasant to the touch, which is important since natural mattresses can sometimes be a bit coarse. 

We also noticed a slight wool smell at first, but this is normal, and the odor dissipates fairly quickly. 

The firmness level of Nolah Natural is along the lines of the luxury firm level, but the mattress also offers a medium hugging effect that allows the mattress to pleasantly contour to the sleeper’s body. Therefore, we believe this model could be suitable for most sleepers.

Nolah Natural

Nolah Nurture 10″ Mattress Review

This mattress is fully organic, hypoallergenic, and designed specifically for children. It’ll provide your little ones with the quality and feel of the Natural 11″ but with a bit more bounce.

Besides two layers (top and bottom covers) made of organic cotton, the Nolah Nurture offers five more layers, two of which are Talalay latex with the medium section with strategically distributed steel coils in support zones in between. 

Enveloping the Talalay latex layer are two wool layers that enable improved airflow. 

This mattress’ main advantage is the possibility to flip the mattress and change its firmness from plush (4–5) to luxury firm (7–8) and the other way around. So, you can adapt the firmness depending on your child’s age, preference, and health condition.

Finally, the Nurture 10″ mattress is eco-friendly, and it boasts a variety of certifications, including OEKO-TEX 100 (Class 1) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Customer Service

We found that Nolah mattress reviews that are non-biased generally agree that this company’s customer service is helpful and easy to work with. 

If you want to contact them, you can do so via live chat on the company’s website. You can also email the company directly on their contact page. Alternatively, you can reach a company representative at 1-866-403-6615.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

You have 120 nights to test out any of the Nolah mattresses, which is more than enough, according to Nolah mattress reviews

All you need to do is sleep on it for at least 30 nights to ensure that you give it a proper try, and then the company will accept a return and give you a full refund on the price you paid for the mattress if you decide the mattress isn’t the right fit.

If that happens, all you need to do is contact the company, and someone will come, pick up the mattress, and donate it to a local charity. And, best of all, Nolah won’t charge you for any of it.

Shipping Options

Shipping is free to the 48 continental US states. Returns are also free. 

All Nolah mattresses are made to order, so it’ll take approximately 1–2 business days for your order to leave the factory and then another 1–4 days for it to be delivered (via FedEx).

Overall, it’ll take around 2–8 business days to receive your mattress.


The brand offers a limited lifetime warranty for all Nolah mattresses. However, Nolah mattress customer service reviews stress that the lifetime warranty can’t be transferred if the mattress is given or sold to someone else.

The charge for repair and replacement services will vary down the road and depend on how long you’ve had the mattress. 

For example, in the first 15 years of ownership, the company covers all the repair and replacement costs, save for the $75 shipping cost. After 15 years, certain repair costs apply, and there’s also a shipping cost for replacement. 

Accordingly, the prorated replacement price will change from 50% to 60% of the original price after 15 and 25 years of ownership. 


Nolah Original mattress model is a mid-range mattress, and according to any Nolah mattress review that’s unbiased, it’s well worth its price.

All models are available in six standard sizes, except for the model intended for children — the Nolah Nurture 10″.

The Original 10″ is the most affordable Nolah mattress model for adults, its price ranging from $699 to $1,798 (you’ll pay around $1,149 for a queen-size mattress).

You’ll have to invest $1,099–2,398 to get Signature 12″, while the Nurture will set you back $1,499–1,799.

The Natural 11″ and the Evolution 15″ mattresses are pricier, with Evolution taking the lead, costing $1,599–3,598. 

You’ll often be able to find sales on their website, so keep an eye out for any promo codes or deals. According to numerous Nolah mattress customer reviews, you can also find coupons on the web that’ll help you get your mattress at a reduced price.

Additionally, if you’re interested in getting financing for your new mattress, Nolah offers financing through Affirm. You can pay off your order over three, six, or 12 months.

Review Summary

Whether you’re looking for a versatile mattress for adults or an all-natural one for your child, Nolah’s got you covered. The variety of materials and technologies Nolah relies on will give you a solid choice of comfort and firmness. 

All models are made in the US, with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. And they all come with a lifetime warranty — a guarantee they’ll serve you well for many years to come.


Where is the Nolah mattress made?

Nolah mattresses and all their components are 100% manufactured in the US. The company’s head office is based in Denver, Colorado, but the brand also has eight different factories across the US. 

Is Nolah a good mattress?

Our thorough testing and customer reviews analysis showed that all Nolah mattresses are high-quality products. 

They vary in terms of support, thickness, eco-friendliness, and other features. But one thing is for sure — you’ll have 120 days to decide whether or not the mattress you ordered is good enough for you.

How much does the Nolah mattress weigh?

The Original 10″ weighs 44–87 lbs, depending on the size. The Signature 12″ weighs between 55 lbs and 105 lbs. 

Nolah Evolution 15″ is the heaviest of the Nolah mattresses (70–139 lbs), followed by the Natural 11″, which weighs 68–135 lbs. The Nolah Nurture weighs 72–97 lbs. 

What mattress do chiropractors recommend?

Medical professionals and sleep specialists voted the Nolah AirFoam mattresses as the best for side sleepers. 

Overall, all models offer good pressure relief and are recommended by many health and sleep experts as well as users, according to various trusted Nolah mattress reviews.