Omicron Variant Linked to Chronic Back Pain

written by / February 17, 2022
Omicron Variant Linked to Chronic Back Pain

Recent statistics indicate that approximately 577 million people (or 7.5% or global population) suffer from back pain. However, in the past few months, the number is increasingly bigger due to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Namely, back pain has been one of the first reported symptoms specific to this virus variant.

Although health issues like this one are nothing new when it comes to viral infections, Omicron seems to specifically target the lower back. Moreover, patients are complaining long after other symptoms such as slight fever, dry cough, or scratchy throat.

So, lower back pain has the potential to become what is called a long covid symptom, along with other body pains and lethargy. The worst part of it is that it can’t be prevented. Unfortunately, scientists still struggle to find the exact trigger of this widespread ailment among those infected with Omicron.

Still, there are certain assumptions. For instance, it could be a combination of multiple factors like bad posture, bad mattresses, but also fatigue, coughing, and inflammation linked to COVID-19. Doctors suspect Omicron has a bigger affinity toward the musculoskeletal system, attacking it more severely than the Delta variant.

As is well known, back pain can cause one immense discomfort, especially because it also tends to affect one’s sleep quality. You should take care of the issue by investing in pillows and a good supporting mattress for back pain, and take other necessary actions before things get worse.

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