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World Sleep Day 2024—A Chance to Focus on Our Slumber

written by / March 11, 2022
World Sleep Day

With the insane information overload, the coronavirus outbreak, and the political crises we’ve been witnessing in the past couple of years, our wellbeing has been significantly compromised. Unsurprisingly, the stress and worry have taken a toll on our rest.

Raising awareness of the benefits of a good night’s sleep on our overall health has therefore become an urgent mission. And that’s exactly what the World Sleep Society intends to do this year on March 18th—World Sleep Day.

This annual event has been held since 2008 by the society’s World Sleep Day Committee. It takes place on the Friday preceding Spring Vernal Equinox, so the dates vary year to year.

This year’s slogan is Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World. It unites into a simple yet powerful idea all the questions we should be focusing on at these turbulent times:

How can good sleep hygiene help us maintain our mental and physical health? How does sleep benefit our focus, as well as our mental and emotional processing? What are the consequences of sleep deprivation? What can we do to prevent or ease sleep issues? 

World Sleep Day is also meant to educate people on new techniques, aids, treatments, and technological innovations in the sphere of sleep improvement. It also stresses how vital proper rest is for performing various everyday activities, such as driving or work. 

The World Sleep Society is proud that the celebration of sleep keeps growing, having impacted millions of people around the planet! 

So far, about 90 countries have participated in the event since its beginning, and last year, its volunteers successfully organized over 200 activities to help the cause. 

Those who wish to contribute to their community can submit their own activity suggestions on the event’s website and become part of this amazing mission on Friday, March 17th, 2023, when the next World Sleep Day takes place.

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