The Best Air Mattresses Australia (2024 Reviews & Guide)

October 28, 2022

Are you browsing the market for a great air mattress with all the right features? If you’ve had a hard time finding the ideal item, we can definitely help you decide. Below, you’ll find the best air mattresses in Australia and a little guide on how to choose one suitable for your needs.

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Top 6 Air Mattresses

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Overall Score
Best Mattresses for Bad Backs Australia - King Koil Review
Best Overall
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    Inflated in 2 minutes

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    Includes patch kit & carry bag

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Best for Guests
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    Inflated up to 48h before delivery

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    Heavy-duty construction

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    Soft, flocked top

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Best Self-Inflatable
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    7 remote-controlled firmness levels

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    Puncture-proof materials

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    227kg capacity

Best Air Mattress - Coleman Review
Best High-Capacity
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    Durable PVC construction

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    270kg capacity

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    Built-in pump & double-lock valve

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Best Price-Quality Ratio
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    Very affordable

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    Coil beam construction

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    Built-in foot pump

Best Air Mattress - Intex Review
Most Travel-Friendly Choice
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    Waterproof & durable

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    Foot pump included

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    Single height

Our Air Mattress Reviews

King Koil Air Mattress

King Koil Air Mattress Review
  • Best Overall

  • Weight: 7.7kg

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: From $471.50

  • Air-filled coils for more comfort

  • Approved by International Chiropractors Association

  • Puncture repair kit included

  • Higher price range

King Koil’s air mattress is one of the most praised air beds on the market with its built-in pillow, soft flocking layer, and waterproof quilt top. 

This coil-beam-construction bed comes with a built-in 210W AC pump and a patch kit for accidental punctures or tears. The integrated pump makes inflating and deflating a breeze (no pun intended), and the mattress can reach its full size in a matter of minutes. 

The King Koil is primarily an indoor guest mattress. However, it can also be used for camping, despite the fact its size is somewhat limiting.

Furthermore, user ratings for this inflatable air mattress are extremely positive, with buyers praising its features, comfort, and durable design. The brand is also the only one that the International Chiropractors Association confirms helps maintain proper alignment of the spine.

The only downside a smaller number of customers have mentioned are occasional problems with items that arrived with defects. However, such situations are easily solved since the product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Wanderer Double High Premium Air Bed With Pump

Wanderer Double High Premium Air Bed With Pump Review
  • Best for Guests

  • Weight: 8.02kg

  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

  • Price: $169.99

Rating 9.7

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  • Comes with repair kit

  • Heavy-duty PVC construction

  • Non-return valve

  • Not suitable for frequent use

The Wanderer is a heavy-duty PVC air bed that will provide you with the comfort you need, whether for indoor or outdoor use. 

Firstly, this air mattress features a soft-touch, high-comfort flocked top. It also comes with a repair kit, as well as a built-in 240V pump that makes deflating/inflating an easy, simple task. This means you’ll have a comfy, reliable bed within a matter of minutes. 

Moreover, this queen size air mattress is double-high, which gives it that cosiness and support we associate with traditional beds. Plus, this feature makes it much easier for children and older people to get onto and off the mattress than with single-height beds. 

Reviews are largely positive for this product, praising its durability and comfort. Some users even say it’s up to par with the more expensive units on the market. 

However, according to some users, this air bed is not exactly suitable for everyday use. They say that after a couple of uses or so the mattress leaks slightly so it needs inflating again. Therefore, the product is much better for occasional use.

Still, the Wanderer is a great air bed for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality option both for the indoors and outdoors.

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Airbed With Built-in Electric 7 Settings Remote LED Pump

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Airbed With Built-in Electric 7 Settings Remote LED Pump
  • Best Self-Inflatable

  • Weight: 6.76kg

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $518.92

Rating 9.8

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  • Adjustable firmness

  • Puncture-proof materials

  • Quiet pump motor

  • Expensive

Lazery Sleep’s single air mattress packs quite a punch for those who want a top-notch product and don’t mind spending a little extra.

First, the double-height air bed features dual chamber design and a sure-grip bottom that defies sliding. It also comes with a carry bag, it has a flocked waterproof top, and it’s made from a multilayer, puncture resistant material.

Apart from the flocked top, comfort and support are also improved, thanks to its 40 internal air coils. All these characteristics make the mattress an excellent choice for those who need an extra bed for their visiting friends and family.

With this specific air mattress, the pump motor is around 20% quieter than with other brands, and the mattress itself can handle up to 227kg. 

Moreover, the remote controller lets you pick your preferred firmness level, from the softest setting to extra firm (totalling 7 firmness settings). This feature can come in really handy for sleepers with specific needs, especially when they’re on the road or sleeping over.

Undoubtedly, the mattress is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but it justifies the price tag with its durability and level of comfort.

Coleman 1217506 240V Double Quick Airbed

Coleman 1217506 240V Double Quick Airbed
  • Best High-Capacity

  • Weight: 8.1kg

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $159.99

Rating 9.6

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  • Durable PVC construction

  • 270kg capacity

  • Built-in electric pump for quick inflating

  • Weighs more than the average air bed of its size

This queen air mattress can serve as a great guest bed or as something cosy for the outdoors. The durable PVC construction makes for a product that can withstand the elements, and the double height ensures that you’re comfortably off the ground. 

This particular Coleman model has an impressive weight limit—around 270kg, or 600 pounds. Since it’s also 45cm high, it’s a really good choice for heavier individuals looking for a durable and sturdy solution.

The comfort is boosted through another neat characteristic. The air bed’s got a rayon-flocked top for added comfort and better temperature regulation. As you may already know, rayon is a cool material to wear and to sleep in or on, so if you sleep hot, you will like this specific feature.

Another big selling point is that you don’t have to buy a pump separately. The air mattress features a built-in pump of 240V, so inflating only takes a few minutes. Leaking is not an issue here either thanks to the double-lock valve.

Finally, the average Coleman air mattress review shows users are highly satisfied with this purchase. The only thing that makes it somewhat harder to handle is its weight of 8.1kg.

Bestway Queen Built-in Foot Pump Airbed

Bestway Queen Built-in Foot Pump Airbed
  • Best Price-Quality Ratio

  • Weight: 3.82kg

  • Shipping: Free

  • Price: $24.95

Rating 9.5

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  • Built-in pillow

  • Sturdy construction

  • Includes foot pump and repair patch

  • Takes long to inflate

Bestway offers the best air mattress for people looking for a simple, budget-friendly yet sturdy product that can withstand the outdoors.

This model features a coil beam design, a built-in pillow, and a flocked top surface for added comfort. In case of damage, the bed comes with a patch so you can fix it instead of having to buy a new one.

Also, the built-in foot pump allows users to quickly inflate the mattress without having to rely on electricity. Since the mattress is made from vinyl, it may need to be inflated a couple of times to reach its optimal dimensions because the material can get somewhat stiff after packaging. 

Moreover, the air bed also features an airtight structure to combat leakage. It makes for a great additional bed around the house and a low-cost camping bed for those who need comfortable sleeping options outdoors.

So far, user reviews have favoured Bestway’s air mattress, claiming it’s a great option for camping and short sleepovers. Very few concerns have been raised regarding leakage and other build-quality problems. However, some users did mention it takes long to inflate.

Still, this product is among the best affordable camping air beds in Australia, or at least one of the top contenders within its price range.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Downy Airbed

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Downy Airbed
  • Most Travel-Friendly Choice

  • Weight: 3.9kg

  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

  • Price: $80.51

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Comfortable & highly durable

  • Supports up to 270kg

  • 2-in-1 valve suitable for foot and electric pump

  • Not inflated quickly

Last but not least among the best air mattresses in Australia is the Intex Dura-Beam Standard as the most travel-friendly product on our list.

First, the air bed is full-sized and weighs 3.9kg. Secondly, it comes with a lightweight foot pump so you can inflate it wherever you go. When white-knuckling it in the rough outdoors, power supplies are rarely at hand, and a foot pump resolves such issues. 

In addition, the interior construction is reinforced with the maker’s Fiber-Tech® technology for enhanced durability. The mattress also has a coated, velvety top for added comfort, plus it’s waterproof, which is especially helpful when you’re sleeping outdoors. 

The air bed’s weight capacity is pretty impressive too. It can support around 270kg, so it’ll easily suit two people.

Bear in mind, though, that some users have complained it can take a while as well as a considerable amount of effort to inflate this mattress with a foot pump. So, if fast inflation is an important feature for you, you’ll probably want to check out other mattresses.

How to Find the Best Air Mattresses in Australia

– Buyer’s Guide –

Now that we’ve listed the creme de la creme of air mattresses, we should talk about what makes an air mattress a good choice. Below is our comprehensive buying guide where you can find out everything you need to know before you click on order.

Who Should Get an Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are generally considered a comfy option for people who need to use them occasionally. However, they’re not exactly a suitable choice for daily use because they often lack support that traditional mattresses are known to provide.

Moreover, if your skin is allergic to synthetic materials, you’re probably better off staying away from air mattresses. The same goes for hot sleepers since these models don’t breathe like foam, innerspring, or latex products.

Type of Material

In most cases, air mattresses are made of PVC material because of its durability. This is an important factor since they need to be inflated and deflated repeatedly. 

You may also find mattresses made of materials such as rubber and other, more eco-conscious options. However, the range of materials is a bit limited, mostly due to the durability factor we’ve just mentioned.


When looking for your own best inflatable air mattress, make sure to take measurements into account. 

Single sizes and single-height mattresses are usually easier to transport. However, most of the time, they come with a tube that you can blow air into but they don’t include a pump. These are ideal for camping or for guests sleeping over at your place. 

Double-high and larger sized mattresses often come with an electric pump to inflate them quicker. They may also be a better option if you’re looking for a unit with more support or that needs to be used more often. They’re generally more comfortable, just don’t forget that moving them may be a bit more complicated due to their size.

Thickness and Support

A single air mattress is usually single-height, meaning it’s not that thick and provides less support. 

Double-height units are better in this respect, and they’ll also provide more cushioning and insulation. This can especially come in handy when you sleep outdoors in colder temperatures.

A reliable air mattress will provide sufficient support to most. However, some people might find that they need an extra touch of comfort for a good night’s sleep. 

If your mattress is meant to be used often, adding a topper can really make a difference in sleep quality. It can provide more cushioning, but also help regulate the temperature if you find that your mattress is too warm for you to sleep on.

Ease of Use and Type of Pump

Air mattresses are fairly simple to use generally. However, inflating and deflating them can be a bit of a headache for some users. 

If you face budget limits, a cheaper mattress without its own pump can still be a good option. You may have to get creative, though, if you don’t want to rely on your lungs to inflate it. Luckily, there are various methods to do this, involving common household items.

If your budget isn’t tight, a self inflating air mattress can solve this problem. However, even if your mattress comes with a pump, be prepared that inflating will likely be a time-consuming task.

So, if you want an air mattress but don’t want to waste your time pumping air into it, you’re probably better off looking for models with built-in pumps or hand pumps for that purpose.

Packability & Portability

This might just be their best feature. If you’re constantly on the road, having an air mattress is pretty much a must if you insist on having your bed with you at all times. It’s easy to transport, making it ideal for camping and longer trips where you know you’ll want to call it quits for the night but don’t want to sleep in your car. 

As we’ve said earlier, single-high single mattresses are somewhat easier to handle than double-high ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latter on a trip. 


Resistance value is used to measure thermal resistance. The higher this value is, the better the thermal resistance of your mattress.

Generally, if you enjoy the outdoors and head out to sleep under the open sky quite often, your best air mattress for camping should be a unit with a higher R-value since there will be less or no heat loss between the cold ground and your body. The mattress will work as an insulative layer between them. 

This is an important factor to consider because ending up with a mattress that disperses heat during cold nights can be a real deal-breaker.

Air Retention

When you buy a sturdy air mattress, air retention shouldn’t be a concern. However, with time, you’ll invariably have to pump more air into it. Logically, you don’t want to have to do this every single day, so it’s essential to know just how often you’ll be using the bed.

If you want to use it every day, getting the best air mattress pump available would be a wise move and would save you time. If it’s only for camping and for guests staying over for a few days, not having a pump is not really an issue.


Now that we’ve covered the basics about air mattresses, let us list their main pros.

  • Easy to transport: These units are hard to beat when it comes to portability and storage. They’re easy to carry around, especially single-height, single units that won’t take up much space.
  • Flexible support: Some users will want to look for options with adjustable cushioning and support. Air mattresses can be deflated, or you can put more air into them on the fly, so they can cater to your needs better.
  • Durability: The materials these mattresses are made of can take a fair amount of wear and tear, so you can rest assured that premium products will last longer. Generally, the best air mattresses in Australia are sturdy, heavy-duty units that can withstand the elements.


Though they’re extremely convenient, these items do have a couple of drawbacks. Those who are still not sure if they should get an air mattress should read this list and then decide, so they’re no unpleasant surprises.

  • Heat retention: Hot sleepers might want to look for other options if they are considering getting an air mattress for everyday use. Most are made with synthetic materials that aren’t that good at regulating temperature. Warmer beds will serve you well while you’re camping, but during the summer heat, hot sleepers might be better off avoiding air mattresses.
  • Air retention: After some time, you’ll inevitably pump more air into your mattress, and cheaper makes tend to let out the air more quickly. Buying an air mattress with a built-in pump can solve this problem pretty fast but if you have to inflate the mattress yourself (and often), expect this to be a challenging task. 
  • Support: Cheaper models are often associated with causing back stiffness, and they’re not the best options as far as comfort and support go. If you’re working with a limited budget, make sure to look for products with the best price-quality ratio possible.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these reviews and comprehensive buying guide with all the pros and cons of these mattresses will help you find your perfect product. Take your time, do your research, and get an airbed that will serve you and your guests well for years to come.


What is the most comfortable air bed?

This boils down to personal preferences. However, the most comfortable airbeds have good heat regulation and insulation. The pricier models will also have electric pumps built in, so you don’t have to mess around with inflating them. 

As a rule of thumb, premium models will have better air retention. Some may even have sensors that detect deflation, inflating the mattress automatically if necessary.

What is the best air mattress for everyday use?

Generally, most users will find that a mattress with advanced support and comfort features are the best ones for long-term use. 

If you’ve got your mind set on a specific model, make sure to read user reviews and check if customers think the mattress provides enough support. This is important because you want to sleep comfortably and avoid stiffness and pain in your back and neck.

Can you sleep on an air bed every night?

Yes, you can, though this is typically not recommended as the best option because most air mattresses can’t provide as much support as regular mattresses.

If, however, you’re intent on using it every night, choose an airbed that meets your needs and criteria in terms of temperature regulation, support, and comfort.

Do air mattresses deflate overnight?

To a certain degree, even top-quality air mattresses deflate. Cheaper products tend to let the air out faster, which can be a hassle if you use the mattress regularly. Having an electric pump can solve this problem easily. Some top-tier products even feature automatic, sensor-based inflation whenever the mattress starts to deflate.

What are the best air mattresses in Australia?

If you need something that you’ll use occasionally, then you can get a more basic unit with no frills. On the other hand, if you plan to use it regularly, you’ll want to consider an airbed with a built-in pump, and comfort, support, and heat regulation features.