The Best Latex Mattresses Australia (Reviewed & Compared)

Get a Naturally Cooling Mattress with a Nice Level of Body Contouring

February 1, 2022

If you’re looking for a new mattress, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a latex design; and for good reason too! Namely, latex has a variety of benefits, including pain relief, natural resistance to moulding, and exceptional spinal alignment. Naturally, there’s a good variety of latex mattresses on the local market, leaving you confused on which one to pick — hence why we’ve compiled a detailed list of the best latex mattresses in Australia

We’ve ranked these products according to comfort, quality, temperature regulation, warranty, certifications, price, and more. So, read on and find out which one of these is the perfect mattress for you!

7 Best Latex Mattresses in Australia in 2022

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Overall Score
Peacelily Review
Best All Natural Latex Mattress
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    100% natural latex

  • Check icon

    Three premium layers

  • Check icon

    Two firmness levels

  • Check icon

    25-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Zenna Review
Best Flippable Latex Mattress
  • Check icon

    Seven comfort zones

  • Check icon

    No harmful chemicals

  • Check icon

    Pure European latex core

  • Check icon

    10-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Noa Review
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress
  • Check icon

    Oeko-Tex certified cover

  • Check icon

    Oeko-Tex certified latex

  • Check icon

    REACH Certified foam layers

  • Check icon

    15-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Latex Mattress Australia Review
Most Comfortable Latex Mattress
  • Check icon

    Seven posture zones

  • Check icon

    100% natural

  • Check icon

    Choice between medium and firm

  • Check icon

    21-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Onebed Review
Best Latex Memory Foam Mattress
  • Check icon

    Adjustable firmness level

  • Check icon

    Bounces back quickly

  • Check icon

    Minimal motion transfer

  • Check icon

    15-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Eva Review
Most Affordable Latex Mattress
  • Check icon

    Cooling mattress

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Minimal motion transfer

  • Check icon

    12-year warranty

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Sleep Republic Review
Best Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers
  • Check icon

    Superior support

  • Check icon

    Contours to your body

  • Check icon

    Excellent edge support

  • Check icon

    12-year warranty

Latex Mattress Reviews

1. Peacelily Mattress Review

Peacelily Mattress Review
  • Trial: 100-night trial

  • Warranty: 25-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $849-$1,399

  • Two firmness levels

  • 100% natural latex

  • Three premium layers

  • Can’t flip the mattress to keep in good shape

The Peacelily Mattress is a natural and organic latex mattress in Australia. So, if you are against potentially harmful materials and are looking for a safe, comfortable, and ethical mattress, this is the perfect option for you.

It consists of 100% natural Dunlop latex that is Oeko-Tex Class 1 and eco-INSTITUT certified. It is also tree-tapped and uses sustainable sources. In addition, the cotton fabric and wadding are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It’s natural, safe, and ready to be enjoyed by you and your partner. 

There are two firmness options included in this mattress. You can easily attain one of the two firmness levels by choosing which side you sleep on. The first is the gentle medium comfort, which is indicated with an “M.” And if you flip it, you will get the firm comfort level (the ideal firm latex mattress in Australia), indicated with an “F” on the mattress. Of course, if you want a little more of a plush feel, you can add the mattress topper to the Peacelily Mattress at a cost of $439. 

There is a 25-year warranty on this latex mattress, so you can expect it to last for many, many years without you having to replace it. 

2. Zenna Latex Mattress Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Zenna Mattress Review
  • Trial: 100-night trial

  • Warranty: 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping: Yes

  • Price: $995-$1,795

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Seven comfort zones

  • No harmful chemicals

  • Pure European latex core

  • Lack of layering can affect airflow

The Zenna Latex Mattress is a wonderful mattress with zero types of glue, fillers, foams, metal, harmful chemicals, or chalks. This lovely latex mattress from Australia fits your body perfectly and offers an unforgettable night’s sleep. This is also a terrific option if you suffer from allergies as it is dust mite-, mildew-, and moisture-resistant. 

What’s more, it has a pure European latex core made out of 100% natural latex; meaning, no harmful chemicals or unwanted glues were used when making this bed. It doesn’t have any layers either. Hence, the mattress is one solid piece with an easy-to-clean cover that you can remove when washing. 

The Zenna Mattress is 203cm in length, 152cm in width, and 20cm in height. These are the measurements for the Queen size mattress, but it is also available in King, Double, King Single, and Single variants. In addition, this natural latex mattress in Australia is delivered in a waterproof bag with handles to make it easy to transport. 

It also comes with seven different comfort zones that adjust to your body to create a comfortable full-body feel. This helps alleviate pressure in certain areas to properly support your spine. If you want a firmer feel from this mattress, you can simply flip it over.

3. The Noa Mattress Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Noa Mattress Review
  • Trial: 100-night trial

  • Warranty: 15-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $799-$1,199

Rating 9.8

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  • Oeko-Tex-certified cover

  • REACH-certified foam

  • Oeko-Tex-certified latex

  • The latex makes up only a small part of the mattress

The Noa Mattress is one of the top latex mattresses in Australia, and for good reason too! It has a unique layering framework that offers superior pressure point relief and excellent spine support. It’s highly unlikely that you will wake up stiff or sore after spending a night on one of these mattresses. 

The top layer of this mattress is a hand-tufted Tencel pillow-top that is both breathable and plush. It is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial too, which is neat for people suffering from various allergies. The next layer is an open-cell latex, which offers support for your whole body while you sleep and keeps you cool throughout the night; perfect for those who sleep hot or overheat during the night. 

Then there is the gel memory foam, which is yet another layer with cooling properties. It also relieves pressure, contours to your body, and cushions your body for a comfortable rest. Next is the adaptive transition foam that ensures that this latex and foam mattress from Australia has almost no motion transfer. 

The fifth and final layer (the base) is made up of pocket springs. These are individually encased in a mesh material. Edge support is also reinforced with a 9cm high-density foam that wraps around the perimeter of the mattress. This allows you to sleep near the edge of the mattress without feeling like you’re about to fall off. 

4. Pure Support Latex Mattress Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Pure Support Latex Mattress Review
  • Warranty: 21-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $3,695-$7,395

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Seven posture zones

  • 100% natural

  • Choose between medium and firm

  • Not the most affordable option

When it comes to this particular latex mattress from Australia, the price leaves much to be desired for. It is incredibly expensive. Yet, it is worth every penny. 

Namely, the support of this mattress is almost unrivalled. It alleviates pressure points and supports your spine while you sleep in such a way that you won’t ever wake up stiff or sore. In fact, this mattress is so good for your back that it is held in high regard by many local chiropractors. 

It comes in all the standard sizes (Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King). In addition to that, it comes in customized sizes as well, if you would prefer. You can also choose between medium or firm when it comes to the density of this mattress. 

Moreover, there are seven posture zones in the Pure Support Latex Mattress from the Latex Mattress Australia range. These zones ensure that each part of your body receives the support and pressure relief you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. The cover is made from bamboo, which is moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

There is also a 21-year warranty on this mattress, which gives you a rough idea of just how long this mattress is expected to last and still be in mint condition. You won’t have to replace this mattress for years to come — hence the exorbitant price tag.

5. Onebed Original 10” Mattress Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Onebed Mattress Review
  • Trial: 125-night trial

  • Warranty: 15-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $799-$1,199

Rating 9.5

Get the Best Deal
  • Adjustable firmness level

  • Bounces back quickly

  • Minimal motion transfer

  • Adjustable firmness level Bounces back quickly Minimal motion transfer

The Onebed Original 10” is an excellent Dunlop latex mattress from Australia. It has customisable comfort levels where you can choose between medium, medium-firm, and firm. All you have to do is move around the layers inside the mattress to adjust the overall feel of the bed. No matter which firmness level you choose, this mattress is comfortable, supportive, and offers superior pressure relief. 

Also, the top layer of latex makes sure that you do not overheat while you rest. Hence, it’s ideal for those suffering from night sweats or hot flashes while they sleep. And, if you sleep with a partner, you’ll love the fact that there is almost no motion transfer, so you won’t wake up when your partner gets up in the middle of the night. 

According to numerous latex mattress reviews in Australia, the layering of this mattress is what makes it a quality choice. The top layer is a plush, comforting polyester cover. Then there is the 4cm Dunlop latex layer that helps you sleep cool and keeps you supported throughout the night. Following that is the 4cm memory foam layer. The final layer consists of 18cm of high-density polyurethane support.

6. Eva Mattress Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Eva Mattress Review
  • Trial: 120-night trial

  • Warranty: 12-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $600-$1,000

Rating 9.4

Get the Best Deal
  • Cooling mattress

  • Ultra-breathable

  • Minimal motion transfer

  • May be too firm for those who like a soft mattress

When it comes to the best latex mattresses, this is one of the more affordable options. The Eva Mattress offers an amazing night’s sleep with its advanced multi-layer technology. All your pressure points will be alleviated and you’ll find that your spine is excellently supported with this high-quality mattress. 

The top layer is made out of gel memory foam, which is created using millions of tiny gel beads. These gel beads ensure that you stay cool throughout the night. You won’t overheat or suffer from night sweats while sleeping in this bed. The following layer is made out of latex foam with a pinhole and open-cell structure that makes it super breathable. This layer ensures that the mattress is dust mite-resistant and antimicrobial. 

The next layer of this top-notch, best latex mattress for back pain is the density foam that provides the mattress with its firmness level. Then there is the five-zone pocket springs layer. This layer gives you the support your body needs in every area (from head to toe). No matter what position you sleep in, the pocket springs will ensure that you are adequately supported. 

Finally, this mattress has superior edge support due to the robust springs that surround the perimeter of the mattress. You won’t feel like you’re going to sink or fall over the edge of this bed, providing you with a much wider area to sleep on.

7. Sleep Republic Review

Best Latex Mattresses Australia - Sleep Republic Mattress Review
  • Trial: 100-night trial

  • Warranty: 12-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $629-$1,449

Rating 9.2

Get the Best Deal
  • Superior support

  • Contours to your body

  • Excellent edge support

  • Very heavy

The best latex mattress in Australia all-round. This mattress has it all. From memory foam and latex to pocket springs. Consequently, you’ll find that your spine is perfectly supported and that all of your pressure points are alleviated. The multiple layers of this mattress make it wonderfully comfortable and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

The top layer of this mattress is made from cashmere knitted fabric and is super soft to the touch. It will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Gel-infused memory foam makes up the second layer of this mattress. This gel-infused memory foam is what helps the mattress contour to the shape of your body and offer proper pressure relief. The third layer is where the latex comes in. 

The latex layer of this mattress makes it one of the best latex mattresses for 2022. It helps regulate temperature and airflow so that you don’t end up sleeping hot. 

Last but not least, comes the spring layer consisting of up to 2250 pocket springs that offer support in five different zones, ensuring that your body is fully supported throughout the night. This mattress also has terrific edge support thanks to the higher tensile steel springs that line the edge of the mattress.

How We Picked the Best Latex Mattresses in Australia

– Our Ranking Methodology –

In order to rank the items on our top list of latex mattresses, we came up with a number of criteria to rate each product. Here’s how we did it:  


Comfort is super important when choosing a mattress — hence why we made sure that each and every mattress we reviewed was comfortable and worth a spot on our list. After all, we want our readers to have a good night’s sleep. 


Purchasing a mattress is also an investment, especially if you’re looking at the best latex mattresses in Australia. That is to say, you want your mattress to last for a decent amount of time and stay in top shape. You don’t want to buy a mattress that ends up sagging or dipping over the years. As such, we chose to rate each mattress based on quality. 

Temperature Regulation

All the best latex mattresses have good temperature regulation. Waking up all sweaty in the dead of the night certainly isn’t pleasant. This is why we check the cooling features of every mattress that we review; we don’t want you overheating or sleeping hot if you purchase one of these. 


Surely the best natural latex mattress comes with a certification or two? This is always a good sign — hence why we looked at it as a welcome bonus.

For example, is a mattress Oeko-Tex certified? Is it certified organic? What other certifications do the materials have? Not only is this important for the overall quality of the mattress but also for the environment as a whole. 


We take the warranty of each mattress into consideration before drafting our list. The longer, the better (and higher up our list). Likewise, the length of the warranty is also a good indicator of the manufacturer’s own confidence in the quality and longevity of their products.  


When picking a latex mattress in Australia, the cost of the mattress shows whether it offers real value for money or not. Hence, we don’t only look for the cheapest options, but rather the options that offer the most bang for your buck. 

How to Find the Best Latex Mattress in Australia

– Buyer’s Guide –

Our buyer’s guide provides you with everything you need to know when shopping for a latex mattress. The following information will give you insight that will help you choose the best mattress for your specific needs. 

Dunlop vs Talalay

Dunlop latex is 100% natural and is made from the sap of the rubber tree. The liquid is then poured into a mould and solidified. Ultimately, you will find that Dunlop latex has a soft top bit and a denser bit at the bottom, as mentioned in some best-rated latex mattress reviews.

Talalay latex, on the other hand, is treated differently. When the liquid latex is poured into a mould, the mould is not filled to the brim. Namely, the rest of the air in the mould is suctioned out. The mould is then frozen before being re-heated. This complicated process makes sure that the consistency of the Talalay latex is exactly the same throughout, thus it is a bit more aerated than Dunlop latex. As a result, you should be able to feel the difference between a Dunlop latex and Talalay latex mattress in Australia.

All Latex vs Hybrid

All latex mattresses are made entirely from latex. Most often they are made from one solid piece of latex or even multiple layers of different types of latex. A hybrid mattress, however, is a mattress that has springs or coils, memory foam, and latex all in one mattress.

Natural vs Synthetic Latex

Natural latex is latex that comes directly from the sap of the rubber tree without any fillers or additions. Synthetic latex has fillers mixed in with natural latex. These fillers can be harmful and can even cause the latex to be less durable. Ideally, when shopping for a new mattress, you’ll want to look at organic latex mattresses in Australia, which use only natural latex rather than synthetic latex. 

Mattress Cover

When shopping for a latex mattress, it’s important to look at all the materials used, including the cover of the mattress. Is it 100% organic cotton? Is it made from bamboo? Is it a breathable and easy-to-clean Tencel fabric? The answers to these questions could mean a world of difference, so study them carefully. 


  • Contours to your body to relieve pressure
  • Resistant to dust mite and mould
  • Helps with airflow


  • Latex can be quite heavy

Wrapping Up

If you’re searching for the best latex mattress in Australia, we strongly suggest that you consider the above-mentioned mattresses. We spent considerable time and energy ranking each and every one until we were 100% satisfied with the results. Consequently, picking any of these will make a wonderful addition to your home.  


What is the best latex mattress?

Our pick for the best one is none other than the Peacelily Mattress. A close second is the Zenna Latex Mattress. Alternatively, any of the mattresses that we’ve included on our list are exceptional choices. 

How thick should a latex mattress be?

There is no rule on how thick a latex mattress should be. Many latex mattresses have layers of other materials, including memory foam or pocketed coils. Ultimately, a latex mattress shouldn’t be too thin or it won’t offer the best support. 

Are latex mattresses good?

Yes. There are many benefits to latex mattresses. They are exceptionally comfortable, they offer great spinal support, and have superior pressure point alleviation. They also have superb airflow and can help make a mattress more breathable. 

Which is better: Dunlop or Talalay latex?

It depends what you want from the feel of the latex. Dunlop latex has a soft feel at the top and a more dense feel toward the bottom. Talalay has a consistent feel to it and is a bit more breathable due to the aeration caused by the process of freezing and heating that the latex goes through. 

Can you flip a latex mattress?

It depends on the mattress itself. Many latex mattresses are made with layers of other materials as well, which you’ll see in our list of best latex mattresses in Australia. A pure latex material may be fine to flip. But, if it is made from Dunlop latex, this may change the firmness of the mattress.