Casper’s Exciting New Cooling Range Caters to Hot Sleepers

written by / May 5, 2021
Casper’s Exciting New Cooling Range

If you struggle with night sweats or overheating while you sleep, there is a new solution for you… or rather, there are seven new solutions for you. 

Casper recently released its cooling range of sleep products to help those who sleep hot. This is just in time for the spring and summer of 2021.

Casper mattresses and other sleep products are already well-reviewed and known for offering the best in sleep comfort. The new range will likely continue the brand’s industry-leading reputation. 

The new range includes two new cooling mattresses with built-in technology to help combat overheating at night. There are also three lightweight duvets to help keep people cool while still allowing them the comfort of using a duvet, as well as a new set of cooling sheets, and a cooling mattress protector. 

Casper has already made it onto many lists of top mattresses to purchase in 2021. There is little doubt that the two mattress options in the new range will carry the same commitment to comfort that Casper is known for. 

The two new mattresses are upgrades of the original Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid mattresses. They make use of what the company is publicly referring to as “Snow Technology.” This includes the use of graphite bands to draw heat away from the body and a cooling cover that is cool to the touch. 

Casper is not the first mattress company to come out with sleep products specifically designed with hot sleepers in mind. However, as a giant in the industry, we are certain that these products will draw attention.

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