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September 5, 2020

Do you have difficulties falling or staying asleep due to your bed being either too hot or too cold? What if we told you there was a device that could potentially solve all your sleeping-related problems? If you are interested in finding out more about this life-altering gadget, keep reading our detailed chiliPAD reviews.

chiliPAD Specifications 

  • Dimensions: From 30W” x 75L” x ¾H” (single size) to 72W” x 84L” x ¾H” (California King)
  • Cube dimensions: 9 ¼’’ wide, 9 ¼ ” long, and 7 ½” tall; Around 9 pounds
  • Temperature range: From 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius)
  • Bluetooth: None; runs primarily on battery power
  • Energy usage: 80 watts
  • Material: Cotton and polyester blend; Microtubes made from medical-grade silicone


From $663

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  • Single and Dual-Zone Pads ("ME" or "WE”)

  • A wide array of temperature options

  • Simple to maintain and washable in the machine

  • Wireless and manual controls

  • Made of durable and breathable materials

  • Not budget-friendly

  • Potential to be loud

  • Not the best choice for extremely small sleep spaces

How Does the chiliPAD Work?

First of all, let’s start this chiliPAD Cube review off by looking at the basics: the chiliPAD is an innovative device created by Chili Technology, and it is designed to provide sleepers with both heating and cooling. If you have ever heard of mattress pads, then you will already have an idea of how a chiliPAD mattress works. If not, then we are here to briefly explain it for you.

In essence, the chiliPAD covers the mattress with a thin layer of cushioning that can easily regulate the temperature of the bedding while a person is sound asleep. In other words, the chiliPAD is an original mattress pad device that features microtubes connected to the main hub called the “Cube.”

Follow these simple steps, which we will further illustrate in our review of chiliPAD, to make sure everything works as intended:

1. Make sure the mattress pad is secure

Unfold the pad and place it on top of the bed and underneath the sheet that you have fitted neatly. For added stability, the pad features elastic corner straps. Lastly, place the microtubes at the foot or the head of the bed.

2. Attach the tube to the Cube

Plug the Cube into an outlet and align it with the water tank on top (to ensure that there is no leakage). According to chiliPAD Cube reviews, users need to connect the external tube attachment to the connector. Also, make sure that the release button (blue colored) is facing upwards.

3. Pour distilled water into the Cube

Next, add sufficient water into the Cube and turn on the device. After a slight beep, the machine should be fully functional. According to reviews of chiliPAD Cube, as the water slowly disperses into the device’s tubes, users will have to add more water until the indicator goes out. Finally, the cap should be screwed into place.

4. Regulate the temperature

The “flame” icon (to increase) and the “snowflake” icon (to decrease) regulate the temperature. Besides manual control, users can choose to adjust the temperature via a wireless remote.

5. Turn the Cube off

To turn off the Cube, users need only press the power button while the device is running. How do you drain the water from a chiliPAD? In order to drain the Cube, users need to utilize a tool (H-shaped) that they received with the chiliPAD.


From $663

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  • Single and Dual-Zone Pads ("ME" or "WE”)

  • A wide array of temperature options

  • Simple to maintain and washable in the machine

  • Wireless and manual controls

  • Made of durable and breathable materials

  • Not budget-friendly

  • Potential to be loud

  • Not the best choice for extremely small sleep spaces

Product Features

Here are but some of the features that make the chiliPAD a truly unique and life-saving device.

“ME” or “WE”

According to chiliPAD mattress pad reviews, what makes the chiliPAD mattress so versatile is the two distinct sleep-zone options, one for solo sleepers and another for couples. The “WE” option (couples) is excellent in cases when one of the partners is a cool sleeper, whereas the other sleeps hot. Hence, couples can simultaneously regulate each side of the bed to their own personal preference.

Temperature Regulation

By circulating water via a network of microtubing, the chiliPAD manages to regulate the surface temperature of this one-of-a-kind mattress effectively. According to numerous chiliPAD reviews, individuals can choose to adjust the temperature of the water as low as 55 and as high as 115 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Control Units

Only after the control units have been filled with water, can the temperature be controlled manually or via wireless remote. These small, cube-shaped control units can be neatly placed at the foot of the bed. Keep in mind, though, that single-zoned models come with one control unit, whereas double-zoned models come with two.

Wireless Remote

Next thing we’ll discuss in our chiliPAD review, a truly unique feature — the wireless remote. The wireless remote, or the radio frequency remote, can be used to adjust the temperature of the device. This wireless remote is synced to the device’s control units, allowing the sleeper to make the bed cooler or warmer without having to get up.

Suitable for the Washing Machine

Can you wash a chiliPAD? Yes, you can wash your chiliPAD device in your home appliance without any issues. Also, it can easily be dried on a low-heat setting. According to experts, a larger, industrial-sized machine will do the most optimal job.

What About the Material?

Although the sleeper’s skin does not come into direct contact with the device, the pad itself is extremely soft to the touch. As a matter of fact, according to chiliPAD sleep system reviews, the pad is created from a combination of polyester and cotton. Furthermore, sleepers will not feel the microtubing through the fabric.

Is chiliPAD Noisy?

Unfortunately, this device is not the best choice for sleepers who are easily disturbed by sounds during the night. According to chiliPAD sleep reviews, sleepers can hear the water flowing in the chiliPAD during the night. Nevertheless, some users claim that the sound is not a cause for concern and that it is actually rather soothing.

Furthermore, the control unit has the tendency to emit a “whirring” sound when the device is turned on.

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime 

Chili Technology is a reputable company determined to offer customers innovative, contemporary devices that will stand the test of time. The creators of the chiliPAD made sure that the device is of the highest quality and extremely durable.


According to chilitechnology chiliPAD reviews, cleaning and maintaining the chiliPAD is so simple and straightforward that everyone can do it. There are three steps we recommend you take.

Step 1:

To ensure that the tubing system remains hygienic and sterile, add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the water tank. However, before doing this, turn on the power and set the temperature to 75° Fahrenheit (23.9° Celsius). Next, leave the cap off while the hydrogen peroxide does its magic. When there are no more bubbles on the surface, the cleaning is done.

Step 2: 

It is advised that the mattress pad be washed in cold water in a front-loading machine on a slow cycle. When washed, the pad should be dried without any heat.

Step 3:

The final step in this chiliPAD review is to inspect the tubing for tears or nicks to check whether the airflow or water is interrupted.

Customer Service

According to reviews, the vast majority of chiliPAD users are satisfied with Chili Technology, no matter whether they liked or disliked the device. 

Customer service can be contacted at 1-704-235-6831 or via their official website at ChiliTechnology.com

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Customers are offered a 30-night sleep trial for the chiliPAD device. According to chiliPAD cube 2.0 reviews, this does not include a required break-in period; customers who wish to return the device within the 30-night trial may freely do so at any point.

However, this sleep trial is only offered to people who purchase the chiliPAD straight from Chili Technology. Hence, it is not extended to customers who purchase the pad from other retailers.

Additionally, Chili Technology offers its customers upgrades and product exchanges. Before proceeding to the next step and requesting an upgrade or an exchange, customers are required to fill out an online form.

Shipping Options

International and US shipping is available for the chiliPAD. 

Based on some chiliPAD reviews, US citizens receive free standard shipping. The product may be coordinated through USPS, UPS, or FedEx, and typically orders ship within a single business day. Customers may expect delivery in up to seven business days in the contiguous US and up to ten business days for offshore American territories, Hawaii, and Alaska. Also, rush shipping is only available in the US.

As for international deliveries, shipping is typically available for an additional charge. Still, there is a full list of countries the chiliPAD is not available in. As soon as the chiliPAD device is shipped, a tracking number is available for all customers.


Next in this chiliPAD mattress topper review, we will check out the warranty. Believe it or not, but customers are offered a 2-year-warranty on their device. According to reviews, coverage for errors in the Cube control unit is partial. In other words, during the first year, the company will replace or repair the device with faulty Cube units for free. Whereas, during the second year, replacements and repairs will cost the owner $30.

Additionally, there are separate warranty coverages for both the tubing components and the mattress pad. According to reviews of the chiliPAD mattress topper, during the initial 30 nights, the company will replace or repair chiliPADS with faulty tubing or pads for free.

Keep in mind that warranty coverage is limited to American customers. Chili Technology must be notified of the defects within three months of them appearing.

The warranty covers:

  • Any errors to the device’s Cube control unit, tubing, or padding that happened despite correct handling and use.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage to the device that happened due to vandalism or misuse.
  • Errors to the device used in commercial settings.

Based on chiliPAD reviews, the warranty is only available for original users who purchase their device from the company or an authorized retailer. Customers who acquire/buy the device from the original user or a retailer (who is not authorized) are not eligible for warranty coverage.


All available sizes and prices are listed in the following table. Keep in mind that there are pricing differences between replacement pads and pads with an included Cube. The following table in this chiliPAD sleep review will feature the prices for both pad-only replacements and new cubes + pads.

Product Pad Only Replacement New Cube+Pad
Single-size Single-zone Cube $330 $663
Twin XL-size Single-zone Cube $384 $796
Full-size Single-zone Cube $397 $929
Queen-size Dual-zone Cube $503 $1,328
King-size Dual-zone Cube $530 $1,594
California-king Dual-zone Cube $530 $1,594


  • Suitable for solo sleepers and couples
  • Sleepers can adjust the optimal temperature effectively
  • According to chiliPAD Cube reviews, keeping it clean and fresh is fairly simple and straightforward
  • A good option for people who don’t want to get up to adjust the temperature setting (wireless remote)
  • An excellent option for pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions that sleep either too hot or too cold
  • Can be used at any time of the year
  • Does not use too much power


  • Relatively expensive (if you are looking for a more affordable option, we suggest checking out our BedJet review)
  • Not the best choice for people who wake up easily
  • Mattress pads underneath the fitted sheets may be uncomfortable for some people
  • According to some chiliPAD negative reviews from customers, the exposed silicon tubes have a tendency to attract loose hairs and dust

Review Summary

All in all, we give the chiliPAD two thumbs up. As you may have noticed, this device is excellent for making sure that both you and your partner get the best possible sleep every night. Maybe the most impressive feature of this device is that it comes in two varieties, one for solo sleepers, and another for couples. We highly recommend checking it out!


Does the chiliPAD really work?

Yes, absolutely. To make sure it works, we checked out each and every user review on Amazon. According to Stephanie, she turns the device on three hours before going to bed and she is able to crawl into a nicely chilled bed. John, another user, claims that the chiliPAD helped him beat the summer heat.

How long does it take the chiliPAD to cool?

According to reviews, users need to wait around 30 minutes for the chiliPAD to do its magic. Thus, remember that the device will not instantly change temperature with a mere push of a button. Most importantly, remind yourself that you have to be patient for good things to happen.

Is the chiliPAD loud?

Unfortunately, the device does make sounds when it is turned on, but it is not something to be concerned about. Nevertheless, sleepers who are easily disturbed by even the smallest of sounds need to take this into consideration.

How much water do you put in a chiliPAD?

According to some chiliPAD reviews, adding around one cup of distilled water to the unit every week is highly recommended. Since the chiliPAD is a closed system, users will not have to replace the water every day, only when it evaporates.