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Coronasomnia: A Sleep Problem Pandemic Within the Pandemic

written by / April 16, 2021

Let’s face it — you don’t have to be on the “first line of defense“ to feel tired of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a part of the 40% that find it difficult to unwind and get quality sleep during this period, you should add coronasomnia to your dictionary.  

Coronasomnia describes insomnia and other sleeping disturbances indirectly caused by the coronavirus pandemic (not the infection). There are several root causes of coronasomnia; let’s take a look at some of them:

Chronic Stress and Anxiety

The uncertainty is a powerful anxiety generator, notably: 

  • The fear of getting infected 
  • Concerns for the health of our loved ones
  • Financial worries 
  • Constant listening to bad news

Change of Habits 

Working from home and sitting throughout lockdowns takes away the routine in our daily activities, messing up our sleep-wake cycle along the way. Contributing factors include:

  • Working from home
  • Homeschooling children
  • Lack of exercise
  • Change in eating habits 

Socializing Over the Internet

Not being able to hang out with friends moved most of our social activities online. But exposing ourselves to the blue light of the screens before going to bed diminishes sleep quality and quantity.

Negative Emotions 

Social isolation is against human nature, and in many, it causes feelings of loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness. 

But it doesn’t stop there! Losing someone to COVID-19 is the worst-case scenario when it comes to the pandemic.

Substance Abuse

In an attempt to cope with corona-induced stress, people use more alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or other substances that have adverse effects on sleep. 

So, how can coronasomniacs get a good night’s sleep?

Mostly by

  • Trying high-quality natural sleep aids like CBD oils, teas, and others.
  • Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.
  • Sticking to a strict daily schedule.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Seeking the funny and positive in everyday situations.

Marija Kovachevska is a content writer at, Biochemist and Activist. After obtaining her BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology she changed her microscope for content research tools and continued researching in the fields of Medicine, Biology, and Communication. Her insatiable curiosity flare drove her to become a “content scientist writer” as she likes to say. Reality fascinates her and facts and statistics are a must-have feature in her articles. Fluent in English and French, she is a volunteer and communication associate for several non-profit organizations. French culture and handcrafting are her passion, but in her free time, she indulges in long walks and traveling, or as she likes to say “experiencing the inexperienced.”

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