The Best Natural Sleep Aid in 2024 (Reviewed and Compared)

Rest Your Mind and Body

January 16, 2022

Choosing the best natural sleep aid requires time and knowledge. 

Natural sleep aids are used to treat mild to moderate insomnia, as well as other sleep-related conditions, such as jet-lag or circadian rhythm disorders. There are a variety of dietary and herbal supplements out there that promise restful sleep. However, not all “natural” products are created equal. 

To save you time and money, in this article, we’ve done the research and singled out the top 10 natural remedies that can improve how well you fall asleep and stay asleep.

A Quick Overview of Our Top 10 Picks

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Overall Score
Performance Lab Logo
Editor's Pick
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    Packed with natural melatonin

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    Helps you relax and fall asleep

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    High-quality GMP-certified product

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Best CBD Tincture for Sleep
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    Made from organically grown hemp

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    Has a relaxing effect

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Best Plant-Based
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    Supreme effectiveness

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    Rich composition

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    Acts on different sleep phases

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Best Melatonin-Free
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    Sedation and relaxation

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    Premium quality

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Best CBD Gummies for Sleep
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    Strong dose

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    Easy use

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    Efficiently sedates and regenerates

NutraChamps Logo
Most Potent Melatonin
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    Contains tranquilizing herbs

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    Versatile composition

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    Supreme quality

Natural Vitality Logo
Best Vitamin & Mineral Mix
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    Healthy drink mix

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    Healthy relaxant for children and adults

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Perfect for Children
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    Dosing flexibility for adults

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    Appropriate for small children

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    Great safety profile

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Best with Valerian
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    Longer sleep

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    Could replace sleeping meds

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Best Low-Dose Melatonin
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    Safe dose adjustment

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    Supreme quality

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    Suitable for all ages and sleep conditions

Natural Sleep Remedies Reviewed

Our short and informative reviews will give you great insight into each supplement. You will easily be able to decide which of our top 10 picks for 2022 is the right product for you.

Performance Lab’s Sleep

Performance Lab’s Sleep
  • Editor's Pick

  • Type: Melatonin with tryptophan and magnesium

  • Age: Adults

  • Free shipping

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

  • Price: $39.00

  • Packed with natural melatonin

  • Helps you relax and fall asleep

  • High-quality GMP-certified product

  • A bit pricey

Sleep by Performance Lab is among the best rated natural sleep aids for a good reason. Instead of synthetic melatonin, which might cause grogginess in the morning, it contains only natural melatonin from Montmorency tart cherry. In addition, this high-quality product promotes the natural release of melatonin thanks to its tryptophan content.

And that’s not all. Performance Lab’s Sleep capsules will also help your muscles to relax since they contain magnesium (100 mg per serving).

Therefore, if you find it difficult to unwind in the evening and fall asleep, this natural sleep aid might be a perfect solution. Thanks to Sleep, not only will you catch more ZZZs, but you’ll also feel fresh and energized in the morning.

Furthermore, this sleep-inducing product is also an excellent pick for vegans since it doesn’t contain any ingredients of animal origin. In addition, Sleep is soy-, gluten-, and allergen-free, being suitable for people with allergies.

Calm by Wellness Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture

Calm by Wellness Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture
  • Best CBD Tincture for Sleep

  • Type: Broad-spectrum CBD oil with an herbal blend

  • Age: Adults

  • Free shipping

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

  • Price: $99.99

Rating 9.9

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  • Made from organically grown hemp

  • Has a relaxing effect

  • Tasty

  • Not suitable for THC-sensitive people

Looking for the best sleep aid with natural ingredients, but would like to avoid melatonin? Calm by Wellness might have the perfect solution for you!

Its Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture is specifically formulated for people with sleep problems. Besides broad-spectrum CBD oil, it contains a blend of plant terpenes, such as blueberries, chamomile, and lavender. They are all carefully chosen according to their calming effects. 

Therefore, this is one of the greatest natural ways to help ease insomnia, which may help you fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

Furthermore, it’s good to know that Calm by Wellness uses non-GMO hemp plants, which are organically grown in the US. To make sure its products meet high-quality standards, they are all third-party tested and the Certificates of Analysis are available on the official site.

Remrise Sleep Vitamin

Remrise Sleep Vitamin
  • Best Plant-Based Sleep Aid

  • Type: Plant and mineral based

  • Age: Adults

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $50.00

  • Rich composition

  • Acts on different sleep phases

  • Supreme effectiveness

  • A higher possibility of interactions and side effects

With its unique approach, Remrise is changing the game of natural sleep therapy altogether. Its “one size does not fit all” policy treats everyone’s sleep problem individually. 

Remrise Sleep Vitamin is a multi-component product that provides a quick sleep onset and maintains sleep quality through all sleeping phases. The product contains the following ingredients: Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Reishi mushroom/fruiting body extract, L-tryptophan, Magnolia bark powder, Schisandra fruit powder, Jujube seed extract, passionflower herb/whole plant powder, Ashwagandha root powder, and lemon balm herb powder.

This product relaxes (magnesium), sedates (magnolia bark and passionflower), energizes (reishi), and maintains sleep (tart cherry and L-tryptophan). Remrise Sleep Vitamin is uniquely crafted—and thus considered one of the best products for staying asleep.

Although the effectiveness is guaranteed, there are some issues with side effects, and it isn’t recommended for all ages. It’s highly recommended for healthy adults with sleep problems, but it isn’t appropriate for people who are undergoing some other form of therapy.

Nested Naturals LUNA

Nested Naturals LUNA
  • Best Melatonin-Free

  • Type: Herbal

  • Age: Adults

  • Save 10% on subscription

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $19.95

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Fast-acting

  • Sedation and relaxation

  • High quality

  • Contraindicated with hormonal and stomach problems

LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is essentially the top-rated natural sleep aid without melatonin. 

This product has been carefully conceived to quickly and fully relax the body and mind in order to induce natural sleep. Its effectiveness is based on the high-potency herbal extracts in the composition. Luna has combined sedative and neuroprotective effects, which come from valerian, passionflower, L-theanine, chamomile, hops, and lemon balm. It helps you fall asleep and awake rested and refreshed.

A single bottle contains 60 capsules and is intended for mild to moderate insomnia treatment. It’s considered one of the best natural sleep remedies for adults because users have the option of safely increasing the dosage when needed. Thanks to its herbal contents, it has few side effects when used appropriately.

Nested Naturals uses GMO-free herbs, purifies them, tests them for pathogens and toxins, and then incorporates them into a unique remedy. Their products are vegan-suitable and allergen-free. The manufacturing occurs in GMP-certified facilities and is followed by third-party quality testing—this way, the product’s supreme quality is guaranteed.

CBDistillery Nighttime Gummies

CBDistillery Nighttime Gummies
  • Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

  • Type: Melatonin and CBD combo

  • Age: Adults

  • Free shipping on orders above $75

  • Price: $70.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Strong dose

  • Easy use

  • Efficiently sedates and regenerates

  • Healthy adults only

CBDistillery Nighttime Gummies combine melatonin and CBD oil into a potent mix that will help you sleep better. In addition, we found this product also helps you heal during the night.

Each bottle contains 25 delicious gummies, which are infused with 30mg of CBD isolate and 1.5mg of melatonin. It’s 100% THC-free and gluten-free. Plus, it’s suitable for vegans and specially designed for people who are on the go.

The synergy of melatonin and CBD (cannabidiol) is fully expressed in the Nighttime Gummies. They gently put you to sleep while balancing out brain hormones and regenerating peripheral nerves at the same time. 

These gummies are one of the best natural sleep remedies for insomnia associated with work-related stress, which is often followed by neurological consequences.

CBDistillery’s high-quality extraction methods provide 99.9% pure CBD isolate. The product is easy to use and is especially useful to have when taking a long flight. And it comes in rich, fruity tastes, such as raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry. It’s an actual good-night candy.

Dreamrite Natural Sleep Aid by NutraChamps

Dreamrite Natural Sleep Aid by NutraChamps
  • Most Potent Melatonin

  • Type: Herbal and mineral, with melatonin

  • Age: Adult

  • Free shipping with the subscription

  • Price: $19.97

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • High potency

  • Versatile composition

  • Supreme quality

  • High potential for interactions

Dreamrite made it on our list thanks to its excellent quality, great composition, high usability, and efficacy.

As supplements go, a combo like this is certainly able to knock you down and kick you up. It contains tranquilizing herbs (valerian, chamomile, hops, tea extract, passionflower, and lemon balm), minerals (magnesium in an organic complex), and amino acids (GABA and tryptophan), with the addition of high-dose melatonin.

A carefully designed supplement like this covers everything natural medicine can do for you. In some users, one dose is powerful enough to induce and maintain sleep. However, for chronic insomnia, two capsules a day will be more than enough. 

NutraChamps satisfies the technological criteria for making the best sleep aids: its natural ingredients are GMO-free and tested for purity. Manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility, the final product is third-party tested and clinically proven. In other words, it shines quality.

Dreamrite is excellent for anxiety- and depression-related insomnia in adults, as it affects different aspects of neurological hyperexcitation. High-dose melatonin with neuroactive amino acids induces deep sleep and stabilizes the neurological imbalance. High-absorption magnesium additionally relaxes the body while you slumber. 

Natural Vitality’s Calm Plus Calcium

Natural Vitality’s Calm Plus Calcium
  • Best Vitamin & Mineral Mix

  • Type: Vitamin and mineral

  • Age: Adults and children

  • Free shipping with the subscription

  • Price: $25.95

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Healthy drink mix

  • Fast-acting

  • Healthy relaxant for children and adults

  • Low sedation properties

Looking for a natural sleep aid with no side effects? This vitamin and mineral combo might be it.

This product is a great option for those who appreciate healthy drinks. It contains organically bound minerals (calcium, magnesium, and potassium), with the addition of vitamins C and D. However, the miracle ingredient is boron citrate, which helps maintain bone and muscle metabolism. In other words, this combination works synergistically on blood vessels, skeletal muscles, and internal organs.

The organic components provide high bioavailability, which ensures fast action and effectiveness. Additionally, Natural Calm Calcium Plus is a top-rated natural sleep aid with a delicious raspberry-lemon flavor.

The mix has no sedation properties. However, it induces total body relaxation, making it the perfect choice for someone who wants natural sleep without any brain-related effects. This product has a great safety profile, with a low side effect rate and overdose probability. It’s safe for children over four and could even be considered during pregnancy.

Natural Calm’s products are made with sustainable technology and are a beautiful addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep with Melatonin Supplement

Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep with Melatonin Supplement
  • Best for Children

  • Type: Melatonin only

  • Age: Everyone older than 3

  • Save 15% on subscription

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $12.74

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Dosing flexibility for adults

  • Appropriate for small children

  • Great safety profile

  • Not suitable for people sensitive to honey

The folks at Zarbee’s Naturals took a couple of pure, natural ingredients and conceived the best natural sleep remedy for toddlers.

A bottle contains 50 honey-based, natural berry-flavored gummies. Every single one of them delivers 1mg of melatonin and is suitable for small children. 

It’s a sound solution for occasional sleeplessness, but it can also be used every night without side effects. Gummies can also work as an aid in ADHD therapy in children, but this will require a professional consultation.

The company’s vision is to create a sustainable product, with pure natural ingredients, which is mirrored in its approach to overall product quality. This is why this is one of the top-rated sleep aid products on the market. 

Alteril All Natural Sleep Aid

Alteril All Natural Sleep Aid
  • Best with Valerian

  • Type: Herbal, with melatonin and amino acids

  • Age: Adults

  • Free shipping with the subscription

  • Price: $15.67

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Fast-acting

  • Longer sleep

  • Could replace sleep meds

  • Potentially harmful in neurologically predisposed people

This product was carefully designed to act on the area of the brain associated with sleep and distress. And it does it swiftly.

It’s a good choice for healthy adults. However, it can also be treated as an herbal therapy for people with neuropathies, or older people with dementia.   

Alteril All Natural Sleep Aid is one of the top-rated natural sleep aids for adults primarily because it acts powerfully on different sleep phases at the same time. 

Its herbal components (hops, chamomile, valerian, and passionflower) relax neural junctions and relieve stress. The induced state of tranquility will last long enough for the heavier components to kick in. The potent combo of tryptophan and melatonin activates the sleep cycle in the brain.

However, the composition features that make this product unique are high-dosed depolarising amino acids, GABA, and glycine. They act as synapse inhibitors and prolong the state of full-body relaxation. 

Alteril is suitable as a sleep inducer, but it’s one of the highest-rated natural sleep aids to help you stay asleep. It naturally enhances the sleep phases, and could professionally be considered an alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

Utzy Naturals Micro Melatonin

Utzy Naturals Micro Melatonin
  • Best Low-Dose Melatonin

  • Type: Melatonin only

  • Age: Children and adults

  • Save 10% on auto-delivery

  • Free shipping

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Price: $9.95

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Safe dose adjustment

  • Supreme quality

  • Suitable for all ages and sleep conditions

  • Not for melatonin-sensitive people

Is it controversial for a low-dose, single-substance product to be at the top of our list? Not at all. Here’s why: Utzy Naturals’ Micro Melatonin is a unique, high-quality product whose dosing and composition satisfy a wide range of sleep-related conditions. And it’s a bargain, too.

Its carefully assessed and analyzed contents solidifies it as the best-rated natural sleep aid. A single bottle contains 90 doses of both natural and synthetic melatonin. 

The highest technological standards in the industry guarantee the purity of the ingredients. Every lot is carefully crafted, and every tablet is checked for its composition, strength, and chemical identity. All that to ensure that in every dose we take we’ll get exactly 250mg of melatonin and 100mg of cherry tart extract, which provides natural melatonin and an original taste.

Micro Melatonin delivers a gentle dose of natural sleep. With dose titration, it’s easy to avoid most of the standard side effects of melatonin, meaning it’s an excellent choice for long-term use. 

This product is suitable for adults but could be considered a good choice for children, the elderly, and even women who are pregnant. Furthermore, the overall quality and effectiveness of Utzy’s Micro Melatonin comes at a symbolic price.

Picking the Best Natural Sleep Aid

– Buyer’s Guide –

There’s a significant number of natural remedies for sleep out there, and one might get frustrated when presented with so many choices. That’s why we developed this handy buyer’s guide to help you classify and separate out the various products on the market.

Prescription Sleeping Pills vs. Natural Remedies

Prescription sleep aids are the drugs commonly referred to as sedative-hypnotics. These are synthetic substances that induce sleep by acting on different parts of the brain.

Prescription sedatives, such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants, are very potent and often distress the central nervous system (CNS). They usually produce side effects, such as drowsiness, confusion, blood pressure drops, and increased tolerance.  

Natural products are more diverse in composition, thus affecting a larger population. They carry fewer serious side effects and are used to treat mild to moderate insomnia. In contrast to Rx and OTC meds, they’re considered dietary or herbal supplements and are therefore not regulated.   

Types of Natural Sleep Remedies

The pharmacological effectiveness of natural sleep products varies primarily depending on their composition. When they come in pure form, they offer a more controlled effect, thus lowering any adverse reactions. The ones that mix multiple contents are more potent and act on different levels of sleep.


Valerian Root

Valerian root is widely used for its mild sedative properties. That’s why most herbal sleep aids contain valerian. Its active principles are based on benzodiazepine-like chemicals that act on GABA receptors in the CNS, thus producing relaxation and neuron depression. This is an excellent sleep-onset ingredient.

Lemon Balm

The aromatic properties of lemon balm have been used for centuries in cuisine. It’s also used as a constituent in natural sleep medications for its mild calming properties. It has been proven that lemon balm provides an additional relaxing effect in multi-compound products. 


The calming effects of hops flowers are used for a variety of hormone-related sleep disorders. Most natural supplements aimed at improving sleep have it as a mild tranquilizer.


This remarkable plant can be a sleeping remedy on its own, as it both promotes sleep and maintains it. However, due to its unknown maximum dose, it’s often used in low strength. It’s a great choice for children, or for temporary insomnia.


Its extracts are used both orally and as inhalants. Lavender calms the CNS by acting on peripheral nerves. In stronger doses, it can cause nausea and confusion, so its quantity needs to be carefully assessed in a product.


Chamomile relaxes peripheral blood vessels, and it’s commonly regarded as the perfect natural sleep aid for those with high blood pressure. In addition, it’s a smart choice for children, and it has mild anxiolytic properties. Chamomile is the most-used herbal remedy around the world.


As it acts on cannabinoid receptors, it’s very potent in inducing both relaxation and promoting sleep. Due to its high THC content, it carries a risk of psychoactive side effects. Therefore, CBD-only products are preferred. They can be found in various dosage forms, from oil to brownies and gummies. CBD is proven to be an anxiolytic, a nerve protector, and an immunostimulant. CBD oil is a great pick for jet lag and circadian rhythm disorders.

Magnolia Bark

This is known and used for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, it can also aid users in falling asleep, especially in the case of headache-related insomnia.


Its main active substance, L-theanine, is confirmed as a neuroprotectant and CNS depressant. It lowers excitatory brain chemicals and promotes proper attention and nerve relaxation. As a constituent, tea extracts alleviate drowsiness and produce a refreshed feeling.

Tart Cherry 

Athletes commonly use the extract of tart cherry to relieve muscle and joint pain. It’s often referred to as the best natural remedy for kids’ sleep problems, and it’s considered safe for pregnant women. Cherry is famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains natural melatonin, and as such, it’s a mild sleep promoter.

Spine Date Seed 

An old Asian remedy, it has antirheumatic, antidiabetic, and liver-healing properties. It’s confirmed as a tranquilizer without side effects and is a constituent that promotes sleep and maintains sleep quality.

Albizzia Flower 

This herb has both anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. In the Far East, it’s considered one of the most effective natural aids for sleep, whose use is followed by waking up refreshed. It also has mystical energy flowing properties.

Cyperus Rhizome

In Eastern medicine, it’s referred to as the Qi healing herb. It promotes blood circulation, relaxes the CNS, and softly promotes a state of relaxation. 

Salvia Root 

Often used to treat high blood pressure, this herb is one of the traditional Asian anti-anxiety herbs. It also lowers the heart rate and calms nervousness.


This is a mushroom that’s used to slow down aging and to assist the immune response in cancer patients. It’s one of the top-rated natural sleep aids in East Asia, and it promotes the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.


Kava has potent alkaloids that also act as GABA enhancers and therefore are used as depressants. There is evidence that kava can be used as a mild anxiolytic and sleep inducer. However, an excessive amount of kava can have opposing effects on the CNS and lead to anorexia, elevated anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems.


Melatonin is a peptide hormone that’s naturally produced in the brain. Its main physiological function is to control specific processes, such as the circadian rhythm and certain receptor expressions. 

Melatonin production is controlled by both the retina and the thermoregulatory receptors of the skin. Therefore its production is mostly induced by low light. That’s why it’s called “the winter hormone.”

Physiologically, melatonin induces and regulates sleep. Therefore, there’s a multitude of melatonin-based products out there. Most of them are slow-acting, meaning it may take up to an hour for them to kick in. However, studies confirm that solid oral dosage forms absorb more slowly than those meant to be taken sublingually.



There are more than three hundred biochemical functions within our body that require magnesium. 

This is an essential mineral and is taken via supplements for heart and blood vessel functions, for skeletal and muscle relaxation in cramps, and as a mild stress relief. Many sleep aid products will contain the recommended daily allowance of magnesium in order to promote a state of relaxation, until an herbal sedative kicks in.


Although it’s a CNS excitant that stimulates muscle contraction and brain function, calcium is sometimes used in natural mixtures for sleep. Its combination with magnesium stimulates the ionic depolarisation of neurons, which promotes a more systemic relaxation of nerves and muscles. 

Amino Acids

Tryptophan and 5-HTP

These represent an essential amino acid, which means any sleep-based benefits can only be obtained externally via food or a supplement. The chemical synthesis of neural hormones, such as serotonin and melatonin, depends on it. 

Most natural sleep aids without melatonin contain either tryptophan or its active metabolite 5-hydroxy-tryptophane (5-HTP). Both help lighten one’s mood while regulating natural biorhythms by promoting melatonin and serotonin synthesis. 5-HTP is more biologically active and acts more quickly. 

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and Glycine

Both are naturally occurring chemicals in the CNS. They act as depressants and are responsible for complex neural activity. Their use facilitates nerve relaxation, which aids the onset of sleep.

Potent Combinations

Manufacturers usually choose more than one component to create a natural remedy. Herbs are considered safe in case of an overdose and are the best for sleep onset and body regeneration. Melatonin, however, is the best for prolonging the sleeping state, while amino acids provide more neurological control. 


A natural remedy for sleep has to be a product of proven quality. In other words, the technological aspects of sleep aids are as important as their composition. 


Dietary and herbal supplements are not officially regulated, so their production doesn’t legally require sterile conditions and quality measures. Many of the products out there are actually made in ordinary facilities without substance or overall condition control. 

How is that possible? The only FDA-required testing for supplements is the toxicity test. In order for the manufacturer to obtain a trade permit for the product, just one bunch must be tested for heavy metals and known toxins. If it doesn’t hurt, it can be approved.

The best all-natural sleep aids are the ones produced in controlled conditions. This means that the producer has a certificate for high manufacturing standards, and the whole process is done under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. These are the conditions that promise that every dose of the product actually contains the declared composition.

Substance Origin

Herbs can be found all over, which doesn’t mean that they all satisfy the quality needed for supplement production. Plants grown in distinctive sites contain different amounts of active compounds. 

The top-rated organic natural sleep aids are made from authentically produced plants. In other words, tea grown in Chinese plantations is not equal in L-theanine compared to the ones found in someone’s backyard in North America.

This is an agricultural aspect of the substance. Non-GMO herbs that are carefully grown and naturally fertilized have more active chemicals within them and are more valuable—and more expensive.  

Compound Choice

Not all magnesium or calcium compounds are equally utilized by the body. The aspects of substance absorption and distribution are determined by the type of compound the manufacturers use in production. Therefore, high-quality all-natural sleep remedies should contain highly absorbable and usable compounds and extracts.

The most easily absorbed minerals are those in organic complexes. This means that calcium carbonate and magnesium-oxide have limited bioavailability, while citrate and gluconate complexes are absorbed in higher amounts.

Additionally, physiologically active amino acids are only L-stereoisomers. Declaring tryptophan on a label doesn’t necessarily guarantee its effect, but having L-tryptophan on it promises an impact. 

Safety Issues

Side Effects

Although considered safe, natural remedies for sleep may have side effects. They depend on the composition and the dose taken. In most cases, one can’t overdose on them.

Any valerian root side effects are rare, but they can include dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, and confusion. Hops flower can worsen depression symptoms and interact with some hormones. Magnolia root can induce tremors and heartburn and lower the libido. When taken in high doses, lavender produces headaches and nausea. Tea extract can be erosive on the stomach, and it can interact with some medications.

The side effects of melatonin supplements include daytime drowsiness, nervousness, confusion, headaches, blood pressure variations, and nausea. However, most of melatonin’s side effects are rare and dose-dependent.

On the other hand, they can worsen an underlying pathology—and they should be avoided when this is the case.


There are cases when natural products should not be used. Depending on their contents, some products are contraindicated with heart disease, as they can lower blood pressure and induce fatigue. 

Melatonin shouldn’t be taken in the case of some hormonal problems. Eastern herbs are natural antidepressants and as such can oversaturate the liver when taking other medication at the same time.

All natural sleep aid pills should be given careful consideration when it comes to psychopathology. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and psychosis can compromise neurochemistry, and they’re often treated with heavy medication. Prescription meds of this type act on the same receptors as natural remedies. Therefore, professional consultation is recommended when deciding which sleep remedy to take.

Furthermore, sleep disorders are more frequent in the elderly, who use a lot of other drugs, so possible interactions may occur.

Safe Use of Natural Sleep Aids

The best way to use natural sleep aids is to take them before bedtime and to eliminate any disturbances, such as noise or excessive light. Certain foods and beverages can elevate blood pressure or induce excitation within the brain, thus keeping you awake. 


Most natural remedies are found in solid dosage forms, such as capsules or tablets. They provide optimal absorption and are the best choice for achieving compliance. Oral chewing forms, such as gummies, can be the best choice for children.

Liquid forms are more potent and are delivered by drop. However, a person is more likely to overuse if they don’t count drops regularly. These are pure or compound extracts and oils.

Nevertheless, some of the top-rated all-natural sleep aids come in semi-solid dosage forms. These are creams and ointments, and their use in sleep therapy is based on the compounds’ aromatic properties. The effects of absorption through the skin can be disregarded in sleep therapy.    

Finding the best dosage form is essential in achieving the optimal dose titration. The top products can be used across different age groups, and users should have the option to accurately increase or decrease the dosage. This can most easily be achieved in liquids and low-dose solid dosage forms.

Other Considerations

Natural Sleep Aids During Pregnancy

In general terms, during the first trimester, all substances and drugs should be avoided, with the exception of prescribed therapies. However, studies show that 73.5% of pregnant women display some form of insomnia during the last trimester.

In the case of gravidity, sleep aids shouldn’t be taken without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. Nevertheless, some preparations are declared possibly safe to take in the third trimester.

Research shows that melatonin use could be beneficial in pregnancy for neuroprotection and its antioxidant properties. Therefore, lower doses of melatonin, up to 1mg, could be regarded as safe. Studies show that it regulates both the circadian rhythm and fertility. Additional minerals could aid sleep.

Chamomile, however, is an ideal natural remedy for good sleep during the breastfeeding period, as it stimulates the lactation process.

However, lavender, hops, passionflower, and Eastern herbs should be avoided because of possible interactions with hormonal and circulation levels.

Natural Sleep Aids for Children

Although seldom recommended for toddlers, melatonin is considered safe in children. In low doses, it can aid sleep’s onset and help regulate the circadian clock. 

The combination of honey, melatonin, and chamomile has been proven safe. Furthermore, the use of lavender vapors can be useful in breathing stimulation with babies. In any case, natural sleep remedies for young children should be low potency, which sometimes requires a dose increase over time. 

Sleeplessness and Menopause

Hormone shifts can be stressful, potentially causing the circadian clock to misbehave. Sleep aids are recommended and even prescribed when necessary. Menopause is associated with hot flashes, mood changes, nervousness, sleeplessness, and blood pressure variations. 

The appropriate natural aids can include Eastern herbs, which can energize and invigorate users for their waking hours. Additionally, minerals can ease muscle cramps and deliver slight pain relief. 

The use of melatonin and tryptophan products can be useful in regulating hormone levels. 

However, hops extract is considered the perfect natural sleep aid for insomnia during menopause because it contains phytoestrogen, which can substitute for the hormone shift.   

Insomnia in the Elderly

Melatonin biosynthesis decreases as we age, so the circadian rhythm changes in the way it reduces sleep and introduces restlessness. The elderly often use prescription sleeping pills—and they’re often involved in polypharmacy, where more than five medications are used at the same time.

Mineral supplementation can be useful; however, it can’t alleviate the symptoms completely, so stronger combinations are needed.

The ideal natural sleep aid for elderly people is a combination of both hormonal and herbal ingredients. Stronger doses of herbal medicine combined with melatonin can affect how well elderly users fall and stay asleep.

Wrapping Up

We live in a fast-paced world. It seems like the only time we slow down is when we dream. But do we sleep enough?

Natural products for sleep come in various packs, sizes, tastes, and colors. They’re diverse in composition, quality, and dosage forms. Most importantly, they can be very helpful.

The perfect natural sleep aid is the one you can use when needed, whether it’s just on occasion or every night. It shouldn’t disturb your daily functions, but it should tuck you in at night. And the best thing is, it doesn’t require a prescription. Just a good guide will do.

Disclaimer: Even though you don’t need a prescription for these products, always consult with a licensed physician before taking any supplements.


What’s the best natural substitute for sleeping pills?

Prescription sleeping pills are very potent and can’t be easily substituted. However, a robust natural combination of melatonin and valerian can be used to induce and maintain sleep. Cannabis extracts can help heal the brain while resting, and hops and magnolia bark can ease the sense of restlessness.

What is the most effective natural sleep aid?

Herbal sedatives are the most effective in inducing a state of relaxation and provoking sleep. However, they can interact with other medications and lower a user’s blood pressure. Melatonin, on the other hand, is less potent as a sleep inducer but can prolong the sleeping state. A powerful combination of both minerals, vitamins, melatonin, and medicinal herbs is considered the most effective.

The appropriate use is most important. Natural sleep aids are to be taken before bedtime, at approximately the same time every day. In the case of overuse, typical side effects include dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and stomach aches. 

Is it safe to take melatonin every night?

When taken in the prescribed dose, melatonin is safe even with repeated use. It’s effective through the night and metabolizes until morning. Unsafe use, however, can produce adverse effects.

Can I use St. John’s wort for sleep?

Although very potent, this herb is considered an antidepressant, and as such, it excites brain functions. Therefore, while suitable for mood swings and even depression, it isn’t effective with insomnia. Caution is recommended because it can induce liver enzyme activity and interfere with drug and food metabolism.

What’s the best natural sleep aid for anxiety?

Herbs are considered potent anxiolytics. Valerian root, hops flower, and magnolia bark can safely be used during the day. They come both in solid form or in liquid preparations. Eastern herbs, such as spine date seed and Albizia flower, are known as energy boosters and can aid with feelings of stress. You’ll find that many of the best natural sleep aid products also help with anxiety.