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FCC Approves a Radar-Powered Sleep Tracking Device

written by / July 30, 2021
Radar-Powered Sleep Tracking Device

Late this June, the Federal Communications Commission, the US government agency in charge of interstate and international communications by radio, television, satellite, cable, and wire, authorized the eCommerce retail giant Amazon to develop and market a sleep tracking device that would operate in the 57-71 GHz wave band. The World Health Organization has classified these wavelengths as harmless to human health, so there is no reason for concern when it comes to that aspect of Amazon’s sleep tracker. 

According to Amazon’s request for a waiver, its new device will serve the public interest by monitoring users’ sleep movements in three dimensions. This will help the consumers keep track of their sleep patterns and detect possible sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea, which can pose serious health risks. 

Furthermore, Amazon’s request states that the device will operate only when connected to a power source, and abide by all relevant FCC regulations.

With its permission, Amazon will be able to develop a device that will not only monitor sleep movements but also allow for remote, hands-free control. This type of contactless command will be beneficial for all those with mobility, speech, or tactile impairments, which is another strong argument in favor of three-dimensional monitoring. 

Many large companies have attempted to develop their sleep tracking devices, with few of them succeeding on the market. Whether this Amazon’s product will take off or drown before seeing the light of day as a similar venture by Nintendo did, remains to be seen. Should this product reach retail shelves, we may also get a bit closer to the answer to whether popular anti-snoring devices have a positive effect on sleep apnea.

As per Business Insider, Amazon’s sleep tracker, which is being developed under the code name “Brahms,” is Alexa-powered, has hexagonal form, and is meant for use on a bed stand. 

Marija Kovachevska is a content writer at, Biochemist and Activist. After obtaining her BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology she changed her microscope for content research tools and continued researching in the fields of Medicine, Biology, and Communication. Her insatiable curiosity flare drove her to become a “content scientist writer” as she likes to say. Reality fascinates her and facts and statistics are a must-have feature in her articles. Fluent in English and French, she is a volunteer and communication associate for several non-profit organizations. French culture and handcrafting are her passion, but in her free time, she indulges in long walks and traveling, or as she likes to say “experiencing the inexperienced.”

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