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September 25, 2020

Can’t sleep? Is it anxiety, pain, or another kind of physical discomfort? Sometimes, despite spending a lot on the best-quality mattress and all-natural pillow, the discomfort remains, and we suffer the consequences while trying to get our shut-eye.

HempWorx reviews from users prove that for many, their sleeping paradise is incomplete without a dose of good-quality CBD to help them unwind and dive headfirst into a refreshing sleep.

This is why we’ve evaluated HempWorx’s CBD products—to inform you of their purity, quality, and prices. If you’re considering adding CBD as an ally to your sleep routine, read on so you can make an informed decision.


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  • Broad-spectrum gummies

  • USHA-approved

  • Natural ingredients

  • Multiple flavors

  • Accessible lab tests

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About HempWorx

As a subsidiary of the network marketing company My Daily Choice, founded in 2014, HempWorx was launched in Las Vegas in 2017. Today, it’s an excellent-quality, internationally operating CBD company, honored with the US Hemp Authority Seal of Approval.

The company’s lines of products include CBD essentials like tinctures, topicals, softgels, and edibles, as well as other innovative products like CBD coffee and various beauty and care products.

In our HempWorx review, we focused on the CBD products that aid in the sleep process.


From $89

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  • Broad-spectrum gummies

  • USHA-approved

  • Natural ingredients

  • Multiple flavors

  • Accessible lab tests

  • No available discounts

  • Shipping is not free

  • Shipping fee is not reimbursed on returns

HempWorx CBD Tinctures Review


HempWorx offers two types of CBD tinctures: full spectrum or broad spectrum (or THC-free tinctures).

Full-Spectrum Tinctures

These contain hemp oil in its natural form, with the complete cannabinoid content, terpenes, fatty acids, pigments, and other health-promoting components. As a note, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil naturally contains THC in concentrations no bigger than 0.3%.

As customers state in their HempWorx CBD oil reviews, if their job or other regulations allow it, they usually prefer full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD over CBD isolate, and we’ll briefly explain why this is the right choice.

Namely, the positive side of full-spectrum CBD oil is the fact that you benefit from the so-called “entourage effect.” This is a biochemical boost that the oil’s non-cannabinoid components, like terpenes, for example, have on the absorption and use of CBD in the body.

These components also provide beneficial health effects for different conditions.

The negative side is that, despite not experiencing a “high” from the TCH, you can still fail a THC drug test when using full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

Broad-Spectrum, THC-Free CBD Tinctures

The lab tests used in these HempWorx pure CBD oil reviews show that these tinctures also contain the beneficial organic materials found in full-spectrum CBD oil, with the exception of THC, which is only present in a concentration below the detectable threshold (<0.001%).

The good news is that customers can still benefit from the entourage effect, and the chances of positive results on THC tests diminish significantly—but not entirely. 


Both full- and broad-spectrum HempWorx CBD oil tinctures are available in the following concentrations: 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg. Calculated by dosage (1 ml), this means  concentrations of 16.6 mg/ml, 25 mg/ml, and 50 mg/ml.

What is especially appreciated among the users of these tinctures, according to My Daily Choice HempWorx reviews, is the brand’s generous variety of seven natural flavors: cinnamon, peppermint, strawberry-guava, watermelon-mint, lemon-lime, and orange sunshine, as well as the natural flavor.

When discussing these tinctures’ anxiolytic, sleep-inducing properties, the higher the concentration, the greater the effect. However, you should keep in mind that the recommended maximum dose is one full dropper twice per day, which is around 20 drops in one take.

HempWorx CBD Softgels Review

As with many other CBD brands, HempWorx offers softgels—the most popular type of CBD. The total CBD in these HempWorx bottles is 750 mg, reviews confirm, with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per capsule. Hempworx offers four types of CBD for different indications, among which is a healthy sleep formula.


This softgel mix is beneficial to joint health. It also boosts energy levels and contributes to a healthy and effective immune system. The CBD+Curcumin blend can be used daily because, as reviews of HempWorx curcumin capsules attest, they produce an energizing effect. Therefore, if you’re trying to fall asleep, you should definitely avoid these.


Similar to the curcumin capsules, these CBD softgel capsules energize without provoking anxiety symptoms. The combination of the coffee’s wakening effect with the CBD’s focus-promoting and calming effect will boost your brainpower. As many HempWorx customer reviews affirm, these capsules bring better work performance and alertness but, as such, are not intended for insomniacs.


Dried yeast fermentate and vitamin D3 are the main components of these CBD+Vitality softgels’ formula. This unique mix is meant to give you an immunity boost and improve your gut and bone health. Again, this dietary supplement aids multiple functions in the body, but none of them is sleep.


Finally! The magic sleep-inducing formula from HempWorx CBD oil, as reviews suggest. Designed especially for the regulation of the sleep/wake cycle, CBD+Melatonin capsules contain 5 mg of melatonin per dose. This, in addition to the 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil will send you on your way to dreamland before you can say “sleep tight.”

With its relaxing effect, melatonin, by itself, is one of the best over-the-counter natural medications for inducing sleep—so you might fall asleep just by taking one of the best-quality melatonin supplements.

However, combined with the calming and soothing effects of CBD, melatonin becomes far more potent. It all depends on the severity of the insomnia. Chronic non-sleepers may need a heavier dose to fall asleep.

HempWorx CBD Fruit Gummies Review

Although HempWorx Gummies reviews from customers are absent from the company’s website, we found independent customer reviews showing that these 10 mg CBD gummies are well-loved among users. There are 45 gummies per bottle, or 450 mg CBD in total.

According to the testimonials, CBD’s relaxing effects and the natural fruity flavors of lemon, orange, and grape provoke a feeling of general well-being that you can tuck into for a good night’s sleep. 

HempWorx CBD Oil Review: Lab Test Results

Transparency is one of the strongest sides of HempWorx, decisively so. For every product and batch number, the lab test results are available online via their documentation searching tool.

As we could confirm when doing the biochemical part of this review of HempWorx, most of the products have their complete third-party lab test analysis displayed on the website, including potency and purity tests.

Potency test results show the following information:

Cannabinoid Content

  • Total cannabinoid content
  • Total THC
  • Total CBD
  • Total cannabinoid concentration (per unit/mg/ml)
  • THC concentration
  • CBD concentration

Terpenes Content

This test shows the presence and concentrations of 23 hemp terpenes.

Purity Tests

In this HempWorx CBD oil review, we considered the publicly available thorough analysis proving the absence of toxic substances and microorganisms in HempWorx products a major positive point. These include the following:

  • Solvent residue test
  • Pesticide residue test 
  • Heavy metal test 
  • Mycotoxins test
  • Microbial test


Among the CBD products that help insomnia, the most expensive, as expected, are the 30 ml tincture bottles. These contain 1500 mg of both full- or broad-spectrum CBD oil ($199). Logically, the most affordable ($89) is the HempWorx 500 mg option, reviews confirm, whereas the 750 mg CBD tincture is priced at $114.

The HempWorx softgel CBD capsules (750 mg) have a uniform price of $89, which is also the price of the CBD Gummies (450 mg).

The cost per mg of CBD in the HempWorx tinctures starts at $0.13 (for the 1500 mg tincture) and goes up to $0.18 (500 mg). The most affordable CBD is found in the softgel capsules ($0.12), whereas the most expensive is the CBD contained in the fruit gummies ($0.20).

HempWorx CBD reviews from customers reveal that there are several ways to get a better deal, but most of them involve helping market the products. This includes becoming a member or affiliate or taking part in the company’s referral-reward program.

In turn, what we see as remarkable with HempWorx is the 60-day empty-bottle risk-free trial option, which is quite unique in comparison to other CBD companies. However, we’re far from saying that there aren’t other good CBD oils for the sleepless in 2020.

Who Can Benefit Most From Purchasing HempWorx CBD?

Insomniacs. As we mentioned in the softgel HempWorx 750 mg review, the melatonin- enriched CBD capsules are ideal for those who need the combined action of these two components to be able to sleep. Since the CBD oil, by itself, exhibits relaxing properties, anyone with sleep problems can benefit from the CBD oil tinctures.

Those in pain. If chronic or acute pain keeps you awake, HempWorx’s softgels, tinctures, and gummies can provide relief. CBD has analgesic properties, meaning it can eliminate pain, strains, or other physical discomforts. Independent HempWorx product reviews confirm that these products can help people fall and stay asleep when their pain and discomfort were the principal ailments keeping them up.

The chronically fatigued. The CBD+Curcumin formula is ideal for perfectionists, people under stress, and workaholics who need to stay sharply focused for a long period of time. In addition, for all others combating chronic fatigue syndrome, CBD can help them relax and recharge.

The taste-sensitive. HempWorx testimonials praise the rich flavor choice among HempWorx tinctures. New customers with sensitive taste buds will be delighted to know that flavor choice expands to seven options. The HempWorx CBD gummies are also produced in three mixed flavors.

Quality-seekers. For those who’ve had to scour the many available CBD oil reviews, HempWorx is an open book. It allows customers to comb through its lab test results and evaluate the potency and purity of what they’re planning to order.

Summary of Our HempWorx Reviews

HempWorx offers above-standard, quality CBD products, both in potency and purity, and this is verified by its lab results and official USHA recognition. The innovative formulas of their soft gel capsules offer a variety of health benefits, among which is the CBD+Melatonin sleep formula. 

HempWorx reviews from customers are mainly positive, and they contribute to this brand’s high-ranking quality profile—as much as the fact that all HempWorx CBD-containing products for people are with full- or broad-spectrum CBD oil.

One major advantage of ordering HempWorx is that thanks to the available lab test results, customers can fully inspect purity and potency prior to ordering any CBD product.

Another encouraging shopping policy is the 60-day empty-bottle return option. Even if opened, bottles can be returned to Hempworx in exchange for a refund.


Is Hempworx good quality?

HempWorx earned the US Hemp Authority Seal of Approval in 2019, which means that the brand fulfills the high-quality criteria required for this certification. Hence, HempWorx is officially considered a good quality label.

What percentage of CBD is in HempWorx?

Due to the manufacturing process, the percentage of CBD per unit of product varies from batch to batch by about 0.5%. We’ve looked into HempWorx products’ many lab test results to give you the approximate range of the CBD concentration per unit. As a note, the general CBD concentrations per ml are discussed above in our HempWorx review of the CBD tinctures.

HempWorx CBD CBD per Unit
Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures
500 mg 1.8%–2%
750 mg 2.6%–3%
1500 mg 5%–6.3%
Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures  
500 mg 1.8–2.1%
750 mg 3%–3.4%
1500 mg 6.5%–6.8%


HempWorx CBD Softgels CBD per Unit
CBD+Curcumin Softgels 13.2%
CBD+Melatonin Softgels 13.4%
CBD+Coffeeberry Softgels 10.4%
CBD+Vitality Softgels 4.6%
CBD Fruit Gummies 0.26%

How does HempWorx compare to other CBD oils?

In terms of potency, HempWorx uses only full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil for human consumption, which is more beneficial than CBD isolate. For example, CBD gummies from most other brands are produced with CBD isolate, but this is not the case with HempWorx gummies. 

Moreover, the USHA certification that HempWorx and only a dozen of other CBD brands received in 2019 is another testament to the superior quality of HempWorx CBD.

How long does a bottle of HempWorx CBD oil last?

The maximum dose for the HempWorx CBD gummies is two per day. Because the bottle contains 45 gummies, customers are fully supplied with gummies for at least 22 days.

With the recommended CBD tincture dosage being one dropper (1 ml) twice per day, a 30 ml bottle should be enough for about 15 days if used correctly.

The softgel bottles count 30 pieces, which can last for exactly 30 days since the recommended dose is one per day.

Is HempWorx CBD legal?

Yes, all HempWorx products satisfy the US legal standards for quality, purity, and above all, THC concentration. Full-spectrum CBD-based products contain less than 0.3% of THC, while broad-spectrum products contain less than 0.001% THC.

HempWorx also claims that it ships its products overseas to more than 150+ countries where this is legal.

So you don’t need to worry. According to the legal documents and tests, as well as the HempWorx reviews from users around the globe, this brand is serious in respecting local, federal, and international laws.