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July 27, 2020

There are few things more important in life than getting a good night’s sleep. And what we sleep on plays a big role in how well we sleep. That’s why we’ll be delivering The Futon Shop reviews in the following article. For those who are fans of futons, you’ll gain insight into this brand and the products it sells. The Futon Shop offers a huge range of products, but we’ll be concentrating on futon mattresses.


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  • Organic materials

  • Eco-friendly processes

  • Handmade

  • Careful design

  • Making a return can be a struggle

  • Limited warranty

Company Background

The Futon Shop was started in 1976 by Suzanne Diamond, who continues to be the brand’s CEO to this day. As we found in our reviews of The Futon Shop, the company aims to create furniture that’s non-toxic and organic so that it’s conducive to a healthy lifestyle. 

It sells all things related to futons, as well as platform beds, accessories, pillows, and even (as of late) face masks. There are around six different types of futon mattresses for sale.


From $338

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  • Organic materials

  • Eco-friendly processes

  • Handmade

  • Careful design

  • Making a return can be a struggle

  • Limited warranty

Futon Mattress Reviews

Wool Futon Mattress

The Futon Shop’s wool mattresses are known for being made of the soft, natural, renewable resource that is wool. In these mattresses, the wool is crimped like a spring to offer pure comfort. You will find that the materials used repel moisture and help regulate your body temperature so that you don’t sleep hot. 

The wool in these mattresses is hypoallergenic and flame-resistant, so you can sleep comfortably, knowing you’re protected. The mattresses are handmade in The Futon Shop’s factory so that the company can ensure the quality of each piece sold.

With The Futon Shop, these wool mattress reviews let us know that these organic and chemical-free products are soft and offer a comfortable feel that helps you drift off to sleep happily. The wool itself doesn’t result in static electricity, so you can move around freely.

There are many different options in the brand’s wool mattress range, so it’s more than likely you’ll find one that suits your needs.

Cotton Futon Mattress

These cotton futon mattresses are known as the affordable option at The Futon Shop. However, just because they’re the cheaper alternative, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sacrificing on quality. You’ll find that these cotton-filled mattresses are made with the same commitment to quality as the rest of the mattresses.

According to The Futon Shop organic cotton mattress reviews, whatever your needs are, these locally made futon mattresses can be manufactured to suit your preferences while still being affordable. And the best part? They’re still eco-friendly while being cheaper than most competitors’ products.

The natural organic cotton lets you sleep comfortably, knowing that you’re supporting green, chemical-free products. There’s a number of organic cotton mattress options available, and you also have the choice of having one made to your specifications. 

Latex Futon Mattress

In our The Futon Shop review, we’d like to highlight how these latex futon mattresses are made using 100% chemical-free, pure Dunlop latex that’s made using completely natural manufacturing methods. The company would also like you to know that the wool that’s also used in these mattresses is made in the most humane way possible.

The latex used in these mattresses ensures superior support when you lie on the futon. You’ll also find that the pocketed spring coils used help limit motion transfer when you sleep with a partner who moves around a lot or needs to get up at different times than you do.

Futon reviews tell us that the mattresses have the softness of wool combined with the springy feel of latex and some bounce from the pocketed spring coils. While you may not notice when your partner moves around, you’ll be able to easily get out of bed thanks to the bounce in this type of mattress.

Spring Futon Mattress

This is the futon mattress for people who sleep with a partner and want as little motion transfer as possible. Due to the micro-coils in these mattresses, you’ll find that you can move as much as you like without it affecting your sleeping partner. 

The Futon Shop reviews in California tell us that these mattresses are made in San Francisco with the same care as all of The Futon Shop’s products, and they’re all equally eco-friendly. They’re the green alternative to traditional mattresses. 

In addition to the pocketed spring coils, these mattresses also have conventional Bonnell coils. These are hourglass-shaped coils that help create a firmer mattress that offers more support and alleviates certain pressure points in the body. 

The Egyptian staple cotton used in these mattresses is the reason they maintain their shape for a long period of time. This way, you have a futon mattress that lasts a little longer than usual.

Foam Futon Mattress

The Futon Shop reviews show that the soy-based foam, memory foam, and gel memory foam mattresses are great eco-friendly options when it comes to a comfortable futon mattress. These mattresses are made to be durable, and unlike many other foam mattress options on the market today, they’re less likely to off-gas when you set them up and use them. 

When it comes to foam futon mattresses, The Futon Shop offers greener options. You can rest comfortably knowing that you’re doing right by the environment. This hybrid foam releases 50% fewer petrochemicals due to the use of renewable soybean oil. 

The Futon Shop mattress reviews tell us that this is a comfortable option. Choose soy-based foam for the environment, memory foam for comfort, and gel memory foam for a mattress that helps you sleep cool while molding to your shape. 

There are quite a few options in this category, but you can also request to have one made to your specifications. 

Shiki Futon

If you find that you need more space during the day and at night you want to sleep comfortably, then a Shiki Futon may be your best option. In the daytime, you can fold this mattress away and clear your living space, and at night, you can lay the mattress out in layers, depending on the comfort level you need.

Put simply, our futon mattress review on the Shiki is that it’s wonderful for those who have limited space but still want to sleep comfortably. 

These mattresses are made with humanely harvested wool, pure Dunlop latex, organic cotton, safer foams, and cooling gel memory foam. You can decide what you want your mattress to be made of when you choose the best model for you. 

There are multiple options for the Shiki Futon from The Futon Shop, and you should choose the one that best serves your sleep needs. 

Firmness Levels

According to The Futon Shop reviews, these mattresses vary in support and firmness. Since they rest directly on a futon base or on the floor, you’ll find that they’re generally more firm than thicker mattresses or beds with box springs. However, the mattresses The Futon Shop offers are made from different materials, meaning each one will vary in firmness. 

For more support, we suggest that you opt for a memory foam option or the latex and wool choice. 


Reviews of The Futon Shop sofas and mattresses tell us that you can get all different sizes, depending on the base you own or are purchasing. The sizes on offer include single, twin, twin loveseat, twin XL, full loveseat, full double, full double X-long, queen loveseat, queen, king, and Cal king.

Durability and Maintenance

Most of these futon mattresses are pretty durable—especially since many of them are designed to be packed away during the day—as so many futons’ reviews confirm. They need to be moveable and easily packed away, which means they’re created with movement in mind, making them a little more durable than everyday mattresses.

As with most types of mattresses, you’ll want to turn these mattresses 180 degrees once every three months to ensure that they last as long as possible. You could even consider using a mattress protector if you’re worried about spills or damage to the mattress.

Customer Service

When it comes to The Futon Shop, customer reviews show that there are mixed feelings about this company’s customer service. Some claim that the company is impossible to get in touch with and offers very little customer service after you’ve made a purchase. Others claim that the in-store treatment is amazing, and they were given the best service possible while in the shop.

If you want to get hold of the company, there’s a Live Chat option on the website, an important detail for any The Futon Shop review. You’ll find the icon in the top right-hand side of the website. Next to that, there’s a number you can call if you prefer to do things over the phone (1-800-443-8866). The website says that representatives are available seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for support. You can also email them directly from the Contact Us page.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

The Futon Shop has a 30-day comfort guarantee, which means you can test out any product you purchase for 30 days and then decide whether you want to keep it. However, you can’t simply return the mattress for a refund. Instead, you have to exchange it for another model.

Some who review The Futon Shop say it can be difficult to try to return an item to the store. If you want to return an item, it must be in its original packaging and with no modifications. This can be difficult when you’ve unboxed a mattress as you’ll struggle to get it back in the box, especially if it’s a foam mattress. 


The Futon Shop offers a Limited Warranty on its products that is limited in many ways. There’s very little information on its warranties letting us know what they do actually cover, which has been made clear in many The Futon Shop reviews

The warranties tend to focus on what they don’t cover. If you order a mattress, just make sure to check it before you sign for it. If you’ve signed for damaged goods and don’t contact them within 24 hours, you may have a problem making a return. 


For a wool futon mattress, you’ll spend around $2,200 or more, depending on the model you choose. For a cotton mattress, you’ll spend a lot less, likely paying around $600. You can spend anything from $1,000 to $4,000 on a latex mattress. You’ll spend between $1,000 and $3,000 on a spring mattress and around the same for any of the different foam mattresses. For Shiki Futons, you could pay anything from $300 to $1,500, depending on what you’re looking for. 

But with The Futon Shop and this chemical-free organic mattress review, we want you to know that there are frequently sales on the website that can go up to 70% off or you can check out The Futon Shop coupons. There are also financing options through Affirm should you want to pay off your futon mattress over a number of months. 

Summary of Our The Futon Shop Review

The Futon Shop has something for every futon lover when it comes to organic, eco-friendly futon mattresses. However, if you want to return your mattress or have an issue with it after your purchase, you may struggle getting a refund or exchange. There are many people happy with their purchases, but there are also quite a few who’ve struggled with the company after making a purchase.


What’s the best futon to buy?

That is entirely up to you and your needs. If you want a futon that’s easy to pack away in the morning to create more space in your home, you should consider the Shiki Futon. 

However, if you’re choosing based on organic materials and eco-friendly processes, any of the mattresses in the range offered by The Futon Shop are good options.

Can you sleep on a futon every night?

Yes, and many people do sleep on a futon every night. However, if you have back problems or spinal issues and need more comforting support, you might want to consider sleeping on a bed. It’s possible to sleep on a futon all the time, but as we’ve mentioned in our The Futon Shop reviews, it all depends on your body’s needs.