The Best Floor Mattress in 2020 (Expert Guide & Reviews)

Get a Compact, Portable, and Comfy Floor Mattress

July 5, 2020

Having difficulty deciding which is the best floor mattress for your needs?

Since the wide selection on the market may seem overwhelming, we decided to help you find a quality mattress that offers great value for the money. Therefore, our experts tested and analyzed 22 floor mattresses before choosing the top seven models.

They followed a strict methodology to be as objective as possible. You can read more about it below.

Plus, we’ve prepared a simple but comprehensive buyer’s guide. Check it out to learn what you should consider when shopping for a new floor bed.

Best Floor Mattress

The Top 7 Best Mattresses for the Floor

Overall Score
Best Floor Mattress - Zinus
Editor's Pick
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    Good support for back and stomach sleepers

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  • Check icon

    Easily stored when folded

Best Floor Mattress - Lucid
Most Versatile
  • Check icon

    Can be used as a sofa

  • Check icon

    Machine-washable cover

  • Check icon

    Good temperature regulation

Best Floor Mattress - Milliard
Best Value
  • Check icon

    Great pressure relief

  • Check icon

    Anti-slip bottom

  • Check icon

    Good air circulation

Best Floor Mattress - Emoor
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Anti-bacterial filling

  • Check icon

    A soft cover made of 100% cotton

Best Floor Mattress - Nature's Rest
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  • Check icon

    Fluffy and cushiony

  • Check icon

    A soft cover made of 100% cotton

Best Floor Mattress - Better Habitat logo
  • Check icon

    Non-slip, water-resistant bottom

  • Check icon

    Available in three sizes

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    CertiPUR-US certified

Best Floor Mattress - Simmons logo
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    Compact and lightweight

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    Removable cover

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    Travel carry bag

The Top 7 Floor Mattresses Reviews

1. Zinus Tri-Fold Comfort Mat Review

Best Floor Mattress - Zinus
  • Free shipping

  • 5-year warranty

  • Price: $78

Rating 9.5

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  • Good support for back and stomach sleepers

  • Breathable

  • Easily stored when folded

  • Only one size

Besides a number of mattress-in-a-box models, Zinus offers a comfy floor mattress at a very affordable price. This tri-fold mat consists of three foam layers: memory foam, viscolatex responsive foam, and high-density polyfoam.

It’s particularly suitable for back and stomach sleepers because it offers a firm feel but doesn’t provide a high level of pressure relief. In addition, it’s often recommended as the best floor memory foam mattress for hot sleepers since it’s quite breathable. Plus, its memory foam (also advertised as BioFoam) contains natural ingredients, which prevents unpleasant odors and absorbs moisture.

The Zinus tri-fold mat is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful substances, such as phthalates or heavy metals. When folded, the mattress is 15″ thick, so you can easily store it. Unfortunately, it only comes in twin size. However, even some couples look for the best twin mattress for the floor since they feel more comfortable sleeping on two twin beds than on one larger mattress. If you want to learn more about other Zinus models, check out our in-depth review.

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2. Lucid Folding Mattress-Sofa Review

Best Floor Mattress - Lucid
  • Free shipping

  • 3-year warranty

  • Price: $119.99–$204.99

Rating 9.3

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  • Can be used as a sofa

  • Machine-washable cover

  • Good temperature regulation

  • Not supportive enough for most stomach sleepers

The Lucid floor mattress stands out from the competition thanks to its versatility. Besides being often reviewed as the best floor mattress for guests, it can be used as a small sofa. In addition, its cover is made for the outdoors, so you can even bring it camping. Even better, the cover is machine washable.

It’s constructed of two foam layers: high-density foam and gel-infused memory foam. Thanks to the gel infusion, it sleeps fairly cool, so most hot sleepers can enjoy a great night’s rest on it. Also, since it offers a medium feel, most sleepers find it very comfortable, especially side and back sleepers.

Besides selling one of the best rated floor mattresses, Lucid offers solid buying perks when compared to most competitors. First, there’s free shipping when you buy this folding mattress. Second, it’s covered by a three-year warranty.

The mattress is available in six different sizes, unlike most other floor beds. Also, you should know that its materials are CertiPUR-US certified.

3. Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Floor Mattress - Milliard
  • Free shipping

  • Price: $139.99–$205.99

Rating 9.0

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  • Great pressure relief

  • Anti-slip bottom

  • Good air circulation

  • Not supportive enough for some stomach sleepers

Looking for the best memory foam floor mattress? Milliard’s floor mattress, which is 6″ thick, is made of memory foam and high-density foam. Thanks to these two layers, it offers a medium-firm feel, which suits most sleepers. Since it provides a lot of pressure relief, side and back sleepers will particularly like this level of comfort.

Even though it’s made of memory foam, the mattress has good air circulation. Therefore, it won’t sleep hot.

Another cool feature of this mattress is its anti-slip bottom, which is often praised in many floor mattress reviews. Thanks to it, you can place the mattress on various types of floor surfaces without worrying that it will move a lot.

Like most other folding mattresses, it comes in three sizes: twin XL, full, and queen. Also, it’s important to mention that all the materials are CertiPUR-US certified, so you can be sure that the product is safe for your health and the environment.

4. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress Classe Review

Best Floor Mattress - EMOOR
  • Price: $158–$279.99

Rating 8.8

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  • Lightweight

  • Anti-bacterial filling

  • A soft cover made of 100% cotton

  • Too firm for some sleepers

Do you need the best rated futon floor mattress? There may not be a better option than the EMOOR mattress, an authentic Japanese futon mattress. It offers a nice balance between support and cushioning. However, some sleepers find it too firm.

Its core is made of firm polyester, known as Taijin. Besides providing a high level of support, it also has antibacterial properties. The filling is surrounded by the soft polyester quilt, which offers some cradling. Still, if you’re a strict side sleeper, you won’t find this to be the best mattress for sleeping on the floor.

The outer side of the cover is made of 100% cotton, so it’s quite breathable and soft to touch. Not many sleepers complain about sleeping hot on this floor futon mattress. It’s also great that it’s so lightweight, meaning you can easily move it.

The EMOOR mattress comes in eight sizes, which is a much wider choice compared to other brands. However, it isn’t washable, so you’ll need to use a cover to protect it from dirt and stains. With this in mind, we can’t say it’s the best sleeping mattress for the floor when it comes to cleaning.

5. Nature’s Rest BioPEDIC Classic 233-Thread Count Fiberbed Review

Best Floor Mattress - Nature's Rest
  • Price: $47–$76

Rating 8.7

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  • Lightweight

  • Fluffy and cushiony

  • A soft cover made of 100% cotton

  • Too thin for some sleepers

Nature’s Rest’s floor mattress is a simple solution if you need a floor mattress for guests or if you need a mattress topper. Either way, it provides great comfort for most types of sleepers.

The mattress is constructed of eco-fiber fill and a 100% cotton cover. As a result, many reviews describe it as one of the best floor mattresses offering a soft and fluffy feel. A number of sleepers say that it’s like sleeping on a cloud. However, some find it too soft and compare it to a comforter.

One of its advantages is that it’s lightweight, so you can quickly and easily move it around the room when needed. It comes in three standard sizes—twin, full, and queen.

6. Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress Review

Best Floor Mattress - Better Habitat logo
  • 12-month warranty

  • Price: $99.95-$159.95

Rating 8.5

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  • Non-slip, water-resistant bottom

  • Available in three sizes

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Slight off-gassing

The SleepReady floor mattress by Better Habitat is often listed among the top 10 best floor mattresses. No wonder since it’s a very practical solution if you go camping or have guests. You can simply roll it up and it’s ready to use. Also, you can easily store it since it’s very compact. It even comes with a handy bag!

The mattress is made of 3-inch memory foam, which provides solid comfort. It’s important to know that it’s CertiPUR-US certified, which means it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals.

This mattress comes with a couple of more cool features—a non-slip, water-resistant bottom and a machine-washable cover. These are very important things for most people looking for the best floor mattress according to many reviews. Also, you can opt for one of three sizes: kids, single or twin.

7. Simmons BeautySleep Siesta Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Floor Mattress - Simmons Mattress
  • Price: $63.95

Rating 8.2

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  • Compact and lightweight

  • Removable cover

  • Travel carry bag

  • Too thin for some sleepers

This roll-up mattress is made of plush memory foam, which offers nice body contouring. You can use it as a guest bed or take it on your camping trip since it’s very lightweight. When needed, you can easily roll it up and pack it in a travel carry bag, which comes with its purchase.

The Simmons floor mattress is only 3 inches thick, so some floor mattress reviews say it doesn’t provide enough support. However, many claim it’s comfier than a sleeping bag or an air mattress.

Another great thing is that the mattress comes with a removable cover. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stains since you can easily machine-wash. 

Unfortunately, the mattress is only available in one size. Even though it’s advertised as a twin bed, keep in mind that its dimensions are a bit smaller than a standard twin. Namely, it measures 75” x 31”.

How We Picked the Best Floor Mattress

Our Ranking Methodology


To present you with an unbiased overview of the top six models, our team of experts developed a strict ranking methodology. While testing the mattresses and analyzing their features, they focused on the following criteria:

Comfort Level

Even though we can’t expect the same level of comfort from a floor mattress that we can from a regular mattress, it should be supportive enough that you don’t wake up with aches and pains. Also, it should provide a nice level of cushioning, which is especially important for side sleepers looking for the best mattress for the floor.

Therefore, your choice of the firmness level should greatly depend on how you prefer to sleep. We’ll talk about that in more detail below.


When shopping for a new floor mattress, it’s vital to choose one that’s made of high-quality materials. This ensures that it won’t sag quickly and become uncomfortable. On average, a floor mattress should last 5–6 years. However, its durability will also depend on how often it’s used and whether it’s properly stored. 

In addition, the best mattresses for floor sleeping should be made of materials that aren’t harmful to our health and the environment. Therefore, we looked for those that are certified as CertiPUR-US.

Buying Perks

Generally, floor mattresses don’t come with many buying perks, unlike regular mattresses. Some brands offer free shipping, but many models can’t be bought directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, the shipping fee depends on the seller, such as Amazon.

Also, even some of the top rated floor mattresses don’t come with a sleep trial, so you don’t get a chance to try a mattress out for a certain period and return it if you aren’t satisfied. Keep in mind, the warranty period is much shorter than the one for regular mattresses—usually up to five years. 

In fact, many floor mattresses aren’t covered by any warranty at all. Since even the best rated floor mattress isn’t a huge investment, this isn’t a big problem. However, we tried to choose models that come with at least some of these buying perks.


Most floor mattresses fall within the $60–$160 price range. We tried to review models at both ends since your choice will probably depend on your budget. However, regardless of the price tag, we believe that you should get the most for your money. Therefore, all the mattresses on our list are of good quality and offer great comfort.

How to Choose the Best Floor Mattress for Your Needs

Buyer’s Guide


To help you make a well-informed decision, we prepared this comprehensive buyer’s guide. Here you can find all the things you need to consider when shopping for a floor mattress. Plus, you can learn about the pros and cons of sleeping on this type of mattress. But first, let’s see who it’s primarily designed for.

Why Should You Get a Floor Mattress?

  • To show hospitality. If your friends or family often stay to sleep over at your place, you may want to look for the best guest floor mattress, which can be a great addition to your guest room. Even if you don’t have a guest room, this compact mattress is an excellent choice since it can be placed almost anywhere in no time.
  • To enjoy nature. If you like camping or traveling by RV, this portable type of mattress is an excellent pick since it will allow you to have a restful sleep wherever you go. However, keep in mind that if you need to place it directly on the ground, you should look for the top rated floor mattress with a waterproof bottom.
  • To save a buck. Since floor mattresses are much more affordable than regular ones, anyone who’s on a tight budget can greatly benefit from it. For example, students often find them comfy and practical.

Foldable vs. Rollable Floor Mattresses

Foldable floor mattresses can easily be folded in half (bi-fold) or in thirds (tri-fold), so they don’t take up much space when stored. If you’re looking for the best fold-up floor mattress, here’s what you need to know:

  • Most models are 3″ to 6″ thick.
  • They’re made up of several layers of foam.
  • They often have a removable cover, which you can simply wash in the machine.
  • Foldable models often use a no-slip technology to prevent sliding.

Rollable floor mattresses are thinner than foldable models, so you can simply roll them up when you want to store them. Most of them come with a tie strap, which you can use to secure the bundle. Anyone shopping for the best roll-up mattress should be aware of its key characteristics:

  • These mattresses are usually 2″–4″ thick.
  • Most models feature one layer of foam.
  • Generally, they have a non-removable cover.
  • Rollable mattresses tend to take up less space when stored than foldable mattresses.

The Characteristics of Floor Mattresses

Keep in mind, floor mattresses can’t provide the same level of comfort as regular mattresses since they’re generally designed for temporary use. Still, when you find the best mattress to put on the floor, you can expect to have a restful sleep and wake up fresh and energized. Here are the key characteristics of floor mattresses:

  • Since they’re quite thin—usually between 2″ and 6″—many people find them quite firm. Some models feature a soft foam layer, which provides some cushioning, but this is often not enough for side sleepers. Therefore, some sleepers add a plush topper over the floor mattress to make it more comfortable, or they look for the best mattress pads for floor sleeping.
  • Some sleepers complain that a foldable mattress doesn’t offer an even sleep surface because it has creases in places where it’s supposed to be folded. However, if you feel any creases, you can use a blanket to make the surface more even. On the other hand, sleepers don’t experience this problem with a roll-up mattress.

Health Risks of Sleeping on the Floor

If you’re considering getting the best mattress to sleep on the floor, you should also be aware of the drawbacks of sleeping there.

  • Dust: Floor mattresses are more often exposed to dust than mattresses placed on bed frames. Because of this, they’re more likely to become a home to dust mites, which are known triggers of allergies and asthma.
  • Mold: When a mattress is placed directly on the floor, air circulation is considerably reduced. As a result, the bottom side of the mattress can get moist. Plus, the bottom side is usually kept in the dark, becoming an ideal spot for mold growth. Even the best floor-sleeping mattress should be aired out from time to time.

Other Important Considerations

Besides making a choice between foldable and rollable floor mattresses, you should consider a few more things:

  • Size: Floor mattresses generally come in standard sizes, just like regular mattresses. So if you need a bed for one person, you can choose between single, twin, and twin XL. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a mattress for a couple, there are larger options, such as full, queen, king, and California king size. Taller people should look for the best twin XL floor mattress.
  • Firmness Level: Most stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses, so they’ll have a wide selection of floor mattresses to choose from. Conversely, side sleepers tend to need softer models, which are more difficult to find among floor mattresses. They usually enjoy memory foam mattresses the most. Back sleepers generally prefer a medium-firm feel.
  • Thickness: In general, you should look for thicker mattresses since they tend to be more comfortable. However, they’re also bulkier. On the other hand, a thin mattress is lighter and can be stored more easily because it takes up less space. Therefore, your choice of the best floor bed mattress should depend on your priorities.
  • Temperature Regulation: Most hot sleepers enjoy sleeping on the floor because that feels pleasantly cool for them. However, some sleepers find floor mattresses too cold. If you’re one of them, you might put a blanket under the mattress, which should warm your sleeping surface up a bit.

Advantages of Floor Mattresses

  • Budget-Friendly: Floor mattresses are usually quite affordable, so they’re a good pick for people on a tight budget. If you’re looking for the best mattress for a floor bed only because of the price, you can also check out our list of the best cheap mattresses.
  • Portable: They’re lightweight, so you can easily move them around.
  • Compact: Most floor mattresses are either foldable or rollable, so they don’t take up much storage space.
  • Durable: Generally, floor mattresses can last about five years, especially if properly cared for and stored.

Disadvantages of Floor Mattresses

  • Firm: Since floor mattresses are generally thin, sleepers in more than one floor mattress review have complained that they’re too firm.
  • Not Bouncy: This type of mattress isn’t very sex-friendly since there’s not enough bounce.
  • Health Risks: Sleeping on the floor might have negative effects on our health because mattresses become more prone to dust mites and mold growth when placed there.
  • Fewer Buying Perks: Mattress brands typically don’t offer a trial period with floor mattresses. Also, if there’s a warranty, it’s much shorter than what’s offered for regular mattresses.

Wrapping Up

Considering the wide variety of mattress models, it’s not an easy task to find the best floor mattress for your needs. Therefore, we handpicked the crème de la crème to make your decision-making process easier. We also compiled our buyer’s guide so you know what you need to consider when shopping for a floor mattress.


What is a floor mattress?

A floor mattress, as its name suggests, is a mattress specially designed to be used on the floor. Generally, they are very light, compact, and portable. Therefore, you can easily move them from one place to another or store them when you don’t need them. That’s why they’re often used to accommodate guests or for camping trips.

Is it OK to sleep on a mattress on the floor?

If you place a mattress on the floor, it can become a perfect place for mold growth, which can lead to health problems. That’s because, without a bed frame, the bottom of the mattress is constantly in the dark, and it can become damp due to lack of air circulation. Therefore, if you like sleeping on a floor mattress, air it out from time to time to prevent mold growth.

Is it better to sleep on the floor or on a mattress?

The floor is too hard to be an adequate sleeping surface. Even though some people find sleeping on the floor comfortable in the beginning, after some time, they also feel stiff and sore in the morning. Instead, our bodies need the support of a quality mattress.

Part of the reason why sleeping on the floor is bad is that the floor doesn’t provide any cushioning. As a result, sleeping on the floor night after night can easily lead to sore muscles and stiff joints. Even though floor mattresses are usually quite thin, they can considerably improve your comfort.

Does putting a mattress on the floor ruin it?

If a mattress that’s not intended for sleeping on the floor is placed on the floor, its warranty may become void, this can but also reduce its longevity. When you put a mattress on the floor, it increases its exposure to dust and dust mites. Plus, it can become a fertile ground for mold growth.