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July 28, 2020

If you’ve tried it all by nowfoam, coils, hybrid, and every other mattress type in betweenthen perhaps you need to take a closer look at our airweave mattress review

This novelty is the brainchild of a Japanese firm that used to manufacture fishing lines. The U-turn happened when the new CEO, Motokuni Takaoka, took over the company and realized its potential. By testing the resin fiber necessary to create a fishing line, he found that the material was perfect for a mattress that can result in a night of truly restful sleep. 

In this review, we will go into detail and provide a balanced and to-the-point account of this innovative product that could give you what you need the most—blissful sleep and a bit of spring in your step when you wake up in the morning.


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  • Very firm with little to no sinkage

  • Almost no motion transfer

  • Great for hot sleepers and heavier people

  • Innovative design

  • 100% recyclable, non-toxic plastic

  • Too firm for some people

  • Might not be suitable for side sleepers

  • Quite heavy

airweave Company History

When a Stanford School of Engineering graduate, Motokuni Takaoka, discovered that the material used to manufacture fishing lines works fantastically well for creating a new sort of mattress, there was no stopping him. They started by producing mattress toppers, in keeping with the traditional Japanese futon mattresses, and have been marching forward since 2007. While the company has slowly progressed to producing assorted sleep, travel, and lifestyle products, their innovative mattresses have inspired the world to take a closer look and reap the benefits.


From $1,400

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  • Very firm with little to no sinkage

  • Almost no motion transfer

  • Great for hot sleepers and heavier people

  • Innovative design

  • 100% recyclable, non-toxic plastic

  • Too firm for some people

  • Might not be suitable for side sleepers

  • Quite heavy

Our airweave Review

In our review of the airweave mattress models, we will mostly focus on their two mattress models airweave Advanced and New airweave Mattress. However, we shall also take a brief look at their airweave Futon and provide the most important information so that you can find the product that fits your needs to perfection. 

New airweave Mattress

As we’ve already pointed out at the start of this airweave mattress review, special technology is used to produce what is known as airfiber, an extremely durable material made from resin fibers and with a fantastic airflow due to its special mesh-like structure. However, we have to stress one thing right from the get-go — various reviews of the airweave mattress claim that this is a very firm mattress, so if you live to sink into your bed at the end of the day, this is probably not the best product for you. 

As a testament to the firmness, New airweave Mattress has only two layers.

  • Cover: This layer consists of 100% polyester, which does a great job when it comes to wicking moisture. In other words, it is great for those who sleep hot. It is also soft and very pleasant to the touch. The added benefit is the fact it can be completely removed and washed in the washing machine. 
  • Support Layer: The second, core layer, consists of three blocks that are made from airfiber. What we found, and other airweave mattress reviews emphasize, is that the very design of the resin fibers allows for amazing airflow. The intricate mesh-like design is ideal for those who either sleep hot or live in locations that have long and hot summers. The core layer of airfiber does a great job of helping the body naturally regulate its temperature.   

airweave Mattress Advanced Construction 

airweave takes inspiration from the Japanese futon mattress, and those are a perfect proxy for the nation as a whole — efficient, minimalist, and elegant. However, the firmness of the New airweave Mattress has proven to be too much for some who were otherwise thrilled with the design and innovative material used. Therefore, the manufacturer came up with another model. The airweave Mattress Advanced reviews point that this model is the “softer” version of the New airweave Mattress. After sufficient testing, we agree that those who are looking for a firm mattress, albeit with a slightly softer touch, will be happy with airweave Mattress Advanced. So, what is inside?

  • Cover: The cover is the same, made of 100% polyester, removable, and machine-washable.
  • Comfort Layer: While those who enjoy a soft mattress would be hard-pressed to call airweave Advanced soft, the mattress does include a removable pillow-like part, also made of polyester, that can provide some additional cushioning. However, in this airweave bed review, we’d like to point out that this layer is thin, and can only be fitting for those who love a very firm mattress with only the smallest amount of softness at the top.
  • Support Layer: Again, this layer is the same as in the original airweave mattress, made from three blocks of 4″ airfiber material that provides an extremely firm sleeping surface.


New airweave Mattress and airweave Mattress Advanced reviews are united in the attitude that both of these mattresses are ideal for those who truly revel in a firm mattress. There is only the smallest amount of give that these mattresses provide. On the scale from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and 10 the firmest, the airweave mattresses score 8.5 or even 9. 

Naturally, it must be kept in mind that firmness is a subjective category. Nevertheless, most would agree that this is an extremely firm mattress. 


Like firmness, airweave mattress reviews indicate that this, too, is highly subjective and dependent on the sleeper’s weight as well as particular needs one might have. However, considering the fact that both airweave mattresses are very firm, additionally investing in an airweave mattress topper, as our review shows, might be a perfect solution for those who require a bit of softness to feel truly comfortable. 


Unlike innerspring coils or foam, airfiber material is not prone to sinkage, which makes it perfect for those who enjoy a very firm mattress. 

A review of the airweave mattress, the original one, shows that the airfiber material will allow a person to lie on the surface without sinking in. Of course, there might be a small amount of sinkage, but according to customer reviews, there is almost none. 

Moving on with our airweave Advanced review, we found that this option, due to the additional layer, does allow for more comfort and softness but only to a small degree. Some customers report that this option was also too firm for them, so they tried to rectify the situation with a mattress topper. At any rate, sinkage for both models is almost negligible, so those who truly enjoy an ultra-firm mattress that will not swallow them up will have found a true gem in airweave. 


One of the first things our testing team noticed is the fantastic support that both models of airweave mattresses offer, due to the already-mentioned unique airfiber material.

For our airweave mattress review, our team members who usually experience lower back pain found that both models offered excellent support, which, over the course of several nights, reduced their issues considerably. Additionally, because of the firmness, both models could be a good choice for heavier people who often struggle with finding proper support.  

Pressure Relief

Since these are both extremely firm mattresses, they are a great fit for those who predominantly sleep on their back or their stomach. That being said, we have spotted several customer reviews of the airweave mattress types stating that both New airweave Mattress as well as airweave Mattress Advanced have proven too firm for them even though they prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. 

Moreover, plenty of those who favor side-sleeping report satisfaction with airweave mattresses, which only proves how subjective this category is. Furthermore, those who have experienced persistent back pain have reported the issue, if not gone, then considerably reduced after only several nights on airweave mattress models.

However, as both are very firm options, our airweave review team would advise careful consideration before purchase.    

Temperature Neutrality

According to the review on New airweave Mattress, as well as the airweave Mattress Advanced review, both models are great options when it comes to sleeping cool. Because of the airfiber material used to manufacture the mattresses, both mattresses are breathable. These models are an ideal choice for people living in warm climates and those who are prone to sleeping hot.

Edge Support

Considering that the entirety of New airweave Mattress, as well as airweave Mattress Advanced, is made from airfiber, which is a strong, firm material, edge support is substantial. You shouldn’t experience any issues with sitting on the edge of the mattress. The same can be said for those who tend to sleep at the very edge of the airweave bed, as reviews show the same level of support is provided throughout the whole mattress.  

Motion Transfer

It is never pleasant to be stirred from sleep for the umpteenth time simply because your partner is a restless sleeper, and your bed responds to the slightest movement. Luckily, due to their firmness, neither of the models is susceptible to motion transfer. 

Therefore, if you or your partner tend to fidget a lot during the night, airweave could be a perfect choice. Just as you are unlikely to sink into this mattress even if you are on the heavier side, reviews of the airweave mattress show that you are also unlikely to be interrupted in your sleep no matter how much your partner moves during the night. Unfortunately, other common sleep disturbances like snoring will have to be tackled by using clever devices.

Durability and Maintenance

airweave mattresses are the perfect synergy of clever engineering and recyclable material. As such, it hardly comes as a surprise that both models are very sturdy and durable. In fact, the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty. 

Additionally, the maintenance part of airweave mattresses might be one of the most appealing aspects. 

In fact, our airweave bed review shows that this is likely the most convenient mattress on the market in terms of maintenance. As the cover can be completely stripped and machine-washed, the mattress itself is 100% washable. You can simply clean it with water, since airfiber is, in fact, non-toxic plastic. Other airweave reviews also show that this is especially beneficial to parents with young children, since plenty of dodgy mishaps occur when little ones are involved.  

airweave Futon Mattress Review 

airweave does not only produce mattresses but a whole array of sleep, lifestyle, and travel products. Along with their innovative mattresses, futon mattresses are their staples as well. 

Sticking to the Japanese tradition of convenient futon beds, airweave have also designed their version of it. Naturally, airfiber is the material used. 

This is the firmest bed they offer, it comes in all the standard sizes, and it is 2.8″ thick. This is a folding bed with convenient handles. 

It can be used as a convenient extra bed (placed directly on the floor), or it can even be used as an airweave mattress topper, as reviews indicate. The outer cover can be removed completely and washed in the washing machine while the futon mattress itself can be washed with lukewarm water and mild soap. It comes with an added benefit of having a warm and cool side, so you can turn it to your liking. The airweave futon mattress comes with a 3-year warranty and a 100-night trial.

Customer Service

As mentioned, this is a Japanese company, and they uphold the high standard in this area as well. According to available airweave mattress reviews, most customers report positive experiences when contacting the customer service. If you have any additional questions, or if you are experiencing issues concerning your airweave products, you can contact customer service via live chat, which is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST.), from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you may give them a call at 800-407-1500, or you may leave a message in the contact section on their website. 

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Reviews on the airweave mattress found that they offer a 100-night trial period. However, since a new mattress takes getting used to, the company does require that you test the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights before you can return it.

They also guarantee a full refund if you are not happy with the product, as long as you have tested the product for the allotted time and have contacted the company within the 100-trial period. Since their Quality Assurance team is located in Japan, the customers wishing to return the product have to follow strict guidelines provided on the airweave website.  

Shipping Options

According to available information, airweave has free shipping to 48 US states, while those who live in Canada or Hawaii are advised to contact the company to determine a shipping quote.

During our research and consequent airweave mattress Advanced reviews, we found that some customers reported having difficulty in maneuvering the mattress when it arrived because it is quite heavy. Fortunately, white glove delivery is an option. Also, since the mattress is made out of three blocks, which may come on different days, a bit of patience is a virtue that would pay off here.


The company provides a 10-year warranty on their mattresses. While some softening will happen with time, any indentation that is greater than 1″ will be covered by the warranty. However, any indentation that is caused by improper use or an insufficient or faulty foundation will not be covered. 

Also, during the research for our airweave review, we found that any mechanical issues in the mattress that could lead to further damage and that is not connected to normal wear and tear will also be covered by warranty. Additionally, should the mattress cover come with any manufacturing defects, the warranty will cover it. On the other hand, for a full list of issues that you might experience due to misuse of the product, please consult the airweave website. 


While these unique mattresses are produced from recycled, non-toxic plastic, the price range may be slightly above what you might expect for an eco-friendly product. A review on airweave mattress models shows that the prices range between $1,400 for a Twin size to $2,510 for a Cal King size mattress. However, they are currently offering reduced prices for their airweave Mattress Advanced model, so you can inspect their website for more information. 

Review Summary

If there is one thing that became glaringly obvious as we began our New airweave Mattress and airweave Advanced review is that nothing like these mattresses has ever been available on the market before. 

Made of completely recyclable, non-toxic plastic and, due to special mesh-like design, especially firm, this mattress will appeal to sleepers who need more support. In fact, the company has managed to attract plenty of top athletes who are now firm advocates for their mattresses. 

What’s more, those who have struggled with back pain could further benefit from an airweave mattress, since its firmness provides proper spine alignment, as airweave mattress reviews show. Furthermore, due to the firmness, there is little to no sinkage, which allows for quality rest. Moreover, if you wish to indulge, you might research natural sleep aids that can help you in your quest for deep and restful sleep.

However, since this is a truly firm mattress, we do advise careful consideration before purchasing since this might not be a good fit for side sleepers, nor those who prefer softer mattresses. Here you can find our list of top-rated mattresses, which should help you make the right choice.


Is there any off-gassing issue with airweave mattresses?

We are happy to report that neither our team nor other customers complained about off-gassing problems with these mattresses. In fact, according to airweave bed review comments, there is almost no smell at all, and the mattress can be used as soon as you set everything up.

Are airweave mattresses suitable for people with allergies?

Due to the way these mattresses are manufactured as well as the materials used, airweave mattresses can be considered suitable for allergy sufferers. Because they are made of non-toxic and completely recyclable plastic, and the cover can be completely removed and washed frequently, those that suffer from allergies could be pleasantly surprised. Additional perk is the fact that you can wash the mattress itself, at home, without any need to call the professionals. As our airweave mattress review suggests, you can simply remove the cover, wash your mattress with lukewarm water and mild soap, and air-dry it in an airy room.