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July 29, 2020

If you want a hybrid mattress with premium features for a bargain price, you might want to check out our Allswell mattress review. This fairly new mattress company offers exceptional hybrid mattresses made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam. Moreover, the mattresses are designed to fit every budget, sleeping position, and alleviate muscle and joint stiffness, as well as pain.

As the luxury sleeping experience without the luxury price tag sounds too good to be true, we decided to test Allswell mattresses and find out whether their claims are indeed genuine. We tested the mattresses primarily in terms of construction and material quality, and we also dug into the sinkage, firmness, and motion transfer of the same to make sure that the mattresses really provided the comfort and support that the company claimed. Our team has also done all the hard work for you and compared each mattress so you don’t have to; all that needs doing now is choosing a mattress that suits you best.

Keep on reading to find out whether Allswell is the mattress you’ve been waiting for!


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  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams

  • Good for muscle and joint pain

  • Excellent edge support

  • 100-night free trial

  • 10-year warranty

  • Lingering off-gassing

  • Customer service is hard to reach

Company Background

Founded by Walmart in 2018, Allswell is one of the freshest additions to the mattress-in-a-box scene. The company currently features three mattresses. In addition, the company also sells mattress toppers, bedding, and even bath and spa products like candles, robes, and towels, creating a one-stop-shop for all your bedding needs.

Even though Walmart owns Allswell, you can purchase their mattresses only from the official Allswell Home website.


From $265

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  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams

  • Good for muscle and joint pain

  • Excellent edge support

  • 100-night free trial

  • 10-year warranty

  • Lingering off-gassing

  • Customer service is hard to reach

Allswell Mattress Reviews

Going through other Allswell reviews, we noticed some differing opinions regarding features such as firmness, comfort, and temperature neutrality of these mattresses. We realize that these categories are pretty subjective and depend primarily on the individual’s own preferences — hence why all members of our team tried out each mattress and gave their honest opinion on every single feature to form the most objective and unbiased review to help you choose the best mattress for your specific needs.

The Allswell Mattress Construction

We’ll start the Allswell mattress reviews with the company’s flagship mattress, also known as “The Allswell.” At just 10’’ thick, this budget hybrid mattress combines pocketed coils, polyfoam, and memory foam to create the best possible pressure relief experience for the sleeper.

  • Cover: The cover is made from a mixture of polyester and spandex, creating a stretchy and breathable material. Additionally, the cover is quilted with gel memory foam that gives the feeling of instant pressure relief. And that’s not all. As memory foam is notorious for sleeping hot, the gel prevents it from overheating.
  • Comfort Layer: Following the soft and plush cover comes two inches of firm polyfoam. As this material is bouncy and rapidly responds to pressure, we didn’t have a feeling of sinking into the mattress — rather we had a feeling of being right on top of it — and we found that other Allswell 10inch hybrid mattress reviews confirm this as well. Moreover, this layer also allows you to move and change positions throughout the night comfortably and with ease.
  • Support Layer: Finally, we get to the support layer of the mattress made from an individually wrapped coils system, which not only supports the whole bed giving it stability and shape, but also allows the air to flow freely between the coils. It also ensures edge support on both sides.
  • Foundation Layer: Lastly, supporting the pocketed coils, allowing them to react to pressure and bounce, comes a layer of high-density polyfoam.

The Allswell Luxe Mattress Construction

Compared to the original, the Luxe is two inches thicker and a bit on the expensive side, but still a good deal compared to other hybrid mattresses whose price tags go for as much as $1,000. Being the original’s successor, this model has some similarities with the flagship, yet let’s see our Allswell Luxe Classic 12 in. foam mattress review on the mattress’s construction.

  • Cover: The cover is the same one used in the original Allsweel, with their signature cooling SwirlFoam.
  • Comfort Layer: The comfort layer is made from memory foam infused with copper gel that destroys microbes, providing the sleeper with immediate muscle and joint pain relief. Its response to pressure is slow, creating a body-contouring effect and a pleasant feeling of sinkage.
  • Transition Layer: Following it is a layer of soft polyfoam that adds to the overall support of the mattress.
  • Support Layer: Finally, the support layer is the same as the one in the original Allswell. Nevertheless, this model offers edge support for all four sides.

The Allswell Supreme Mattress Construction

The last of the Allswell mattress hybrid reviews are dedicated to their 14’’ thick Supreme model. The most luxurious and expensive of the three mattresses, the Supreme’s construction was designed to provide you with both support and pressure relief.

  • Cover: The cover is the same signature quilted cover used for the original and Luxe models.
  • Pillow Top Layer: Right under the soft and cozy cover, you’ll feel the built-in EuroTop pillow cover added for extra plushness. This layer is designed to provide you with immediate pressure relief to the hips and shoulders, and we have to agree that it does feel extra plushy.
  • Comfort Layer: The pillow top will let you sink slowly into the comfort layer — made from graphite and copper gel-infused memory foam. The gel and graphite have cooling properties; meaning, they’ll absorb and transfer the heat away from the body.
  • Transition Layer: Now, this layer is also different from the one in the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress review. The Supreme’s transition layer is made from a 2’’ Energex™ foam. This type of foam has both memory foam and latex properties, similar to Brookly Bedding’s foam, making it soft enough to let you sink into the mattress, yet bouncy and responsive at the same time to prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress. The foam is also open-celled, which makes it breathable.
  • Support Layer: The support layer is the same one as in the previous two models, with the addition of the Reinforced Quantum Edge that ensures extra edge support.


Now, the feeling of firmness depends greatly on your height, weight, and general preferences. Hence, while discussing the Allswell mattress, our unbiased review will give you our genuine and honest opinion on the firmness of all three models. What’s more, they’re all labeled as medium-firm, but we found that there’s quite a difference between them.

The Allswell: Upon lying on the bed, you’ll sink slightly into the mattress as the foams fill in space behind your lower back. All the while, the coils will push you up a bit, making you more comfortable.

The mattress is a bit on the firmer side. Compared to the average 6.5 firmness of the standard medium-firm mattress, The Allswell is about 7 on the 10-point firmness scale, and we believe that back and stomach sleepers will be quite satisfied with this model, whereas side sleepers may experience shoulder and hip pressure (typical problem areas for side sleepers).

The Luxe Hybrid: When we compare our Allswell 10inch Hybrid mattress vs the 12, reviews show that the Luxe is a tad bit softer than the original, about 6.5 on the 10-point firmness scale, making it the standard medium-firm mattress. Also, the top foam layers are soft and contour your body, while the coil system is pretty firm, making it perfect for back and stomach sleepers. However, side sleepers might not like this model that much.

The Supreme: As you could see from our short Allswell Supreme review, despite having coils at the base, it still features plenty of foam, making it the softest of the three models. Our team agreed that its firmness is about 6 on the 10-point firmness scale, making it a good fit for back and side sleepers, whereas stomach sleepers might prefer a firmer mattress.


Comfort is another subjective parameter that depends on your personal preferences, but we’ll try to describe it as close as possible.


Buying a new mattress is quite an investment — hence why a great number of people want to know exactly how they’ll feel once they get into bed. Will they feel like they’re sinking into the mattress, being swallowed by it, or will they feel like they’re on top of it? This is mainly why we also review the Allswell mattress sinkage. The sinkage depends greatly on your weight, but here’s what it feels like when an average-sized person lies on top of each Allswell mattress.

The Allswell: Although the top layers of this model are made from foams, there’s not much sinkage due to the pocketed coils. Hence, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the bed; not in it.

The Luxe Hybrid: This model is a bit softer than the original Allswell, so there’s a lot more sinkage involved. Yet, you still won’t feel like you’re being trapped in the mattress. Moreover, we found that other Allswell Luxe Hybrid reviews agree on this point as well.

The Supreme: Despite being the softest of the three models, The Supreme is still a medium-firm mattress, meaning it doesn’t sink too much even when a heavier sleeper lies on the bed thanks to the pocketed coil system that offers plenty of support.


Thanks to the system of pocketed spring coils, all three mattresses provide the sleeper with good and even support, while the foam contours and cradles the body. Each pocketed coil reacts to the body, preventing joint and bone pressure and stiffness, thus making all three Allswell models good mattresses for back pain and similar aches.

Pressure Relief

Our Allswell hybrid mattress review concerning pressure relief is the same for all three models: the mattresses offer a moderate amount of pressure relief in each comfort layer. However, pressure relief depends mostly on the position you sleep in, the firmness of the mattress, and your overall weight. Taking into account these factors and our team members’ opinions, we believe that:

Both the Allswell mattress 10 inches reviews and The Luxe reviews show that both models feel quite comfortable for back sleepers. As we mentioned, the top layers fill the space around the lumbar region, alleviating pressure and tension around the spine. The coils and bounciness of the polyfoam also make it easier to change positions during the night.

Now, the Allswell mattress review from our side sleeper team members shows that these models don’t offer much pressure relief for side sleepers. On the contrary, they experience pressure build-up in the shoulder and hip areas, while stomach sleepers felt really good on both mattress models as pocketed coils kept their spine aligned. Moreover, heavier stomach sleepers will experience even more pressure relief.

The Supreme offers great pressure relief for back and side sleepers. Lying on the back, we had a pleasant feeling of sinking into the foams. Also, turning to the side of the mattress contours the hips and shoulders, protecting these areas from the pressure of our own weight.

Unfortunately, the Allswell Supreme mattress review from our stomach sleepers reveals that The Supreme and stomach sleeping don’t go hand in hand as the mattress is too soft for this position. Stomach sleepers can feel their hips sinking into the mattress and being out of line with their shoulders, which isn’t a huge surprise. Namely, it’s a well-known fact that softer mattresses don’t offer stomach sleepers much pressure relief and support.

Temperature Neutrality

Hybrid mattresses are known for their good temperature neutrality, and even though all Allswell models have foams, notorious for their heat retention, the mattresses are still good for hot sleepers. Likewise, the core materials of these mattresses are all breathable, the foams are open-celled, and the coils are individually wrapped. All this allows for good airflow and prevents overheating.

Moreover, as we mentioned in our Allswell hybrid reviews on construction, The Luxe and The Supreme have additional gel-foam layers that absorb and transfer the heat away from the body. The Allswell has no additional cooling technologies, but it won’t retain heat simply because of its construction.

Nevertheless, if you’re still worried about being too hot, the company also sells bed toppers made with cooling memory foam, so take a look at some of the numerous Allswell memory foam mattress topper reviews to choose the best one for you.

Edge Support

A lot of people don’t pay attention to edge support when shopping for a mattress, yet it’s an essential feature as it lets you know just how much of the bed’s surface you’ll be able to use.

In addition, edge support is also crucial if you share your bed with a partner, a pet, or if your children like to sneak into your bed for snuggles.

The Allswell has enhanced edge support on both sides and many reviews of the Allswell mattress claim that, due to this, the mattress provides reliable edge support. We were also really impressed with the edge support. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, we felt secure, and upon lying near the edge, we didn’t feel like we were about to roll off the bed.

The Luxe Hybrid has an even stronger edge support due to the reinforced perimeter of the mattress, making it easier to sit on the edge of the bed. This can be especially beneficial to people with mobility issues, and many Allswell Luxe reviews also agree that this is a fairly good mattress for couples.

The Supreme also has reinforcement around the perimeter of the coils, creating minimal compression, allowing you to utilize the full surface of the mattress. The feeling is equally stable when you sit or lay near the edge.

All three models have exceptionally good edge support, making them prime choices for couples, co-sleepers, and people who like hugging the bed edge while sleeping.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is another essential feature to pay attention to if you share your bed with someone as it can make a world of difference between you waking up well-rested and fresh, and waking up every ten minutes during the night because your partner is a restless sleeper. Luckily, this Allswell mattress review is here to tell you just that.

Furthermore, all three Allswell models are fairly responsive mattresses with layers of cotton and memory foam that make them quite bouncy. Despite this, the mattresses noticeably minimize motion transfer. Meaning, you’ll feel some movement when your partner gets in and out of the bed, but this shouldn’t disturb your sleep too much unless you’re an incredibly light sleeper. 

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

The Allswell mattress has been on the market for just two years, and the Luxe Hybrid and the Supreme are even more recent Allswell’s products. Because of this, our Allswell home mattress review can’t really comment on the durability of the mattresses.

We can only project their durability based on the quality of the materials used in the making of the mattresses and the company’s overall reputation.

If we compare our review of Allswell mattress models with some average hybrid mattress with the same materials, we can estimate that Allswell mattresses are most likely to last six to seven years. Luckily, the company gives a 10-year limited warranty for all three models, which guarantees the quality of the mattresses.


The mattresses are not water-proof, and you also can’t take the cover off in order to wash it. Hence if an accident does occur, the company recommends spot-cleaning. It’s also a good idea to invest in a mattress protector or a mattress topper. There’s many an Allswell mattress topper review on the internet to help you choose the most suitable one for your mattress.

The company offers no advice on flipping or turning the mattress, but taking into account the mattress design, we wouldn’t recommend flipping it. However, there’s no harm in turning your mattress once every season, to avoid forming body impressions.

Customer Service

Allswell has not been in the business long enough so we couldn’t get sufficient data regarding their customer service. Nevertheless, one Allswell Luxe Classic memory foam mattress review shows that the majority of customers have had a positive experience with customer service, regardless of their opinion on the various products Allswell offers.

There are, however, a few negative comments about customer service explanations and resolutions. One reviewer called a customer service employee rude, whereas a few reviewers are mad at the customer service for not responding to messages and calls, one even calling them “impossible to reach.”

At any rate, you can give the Allswell customer service a call, send them an email, or start up a chat on their website.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Allswell mattresses bought directly from Allswell qualify for a 100-night risk-free trial, and the many Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress reviews claim that the company doesn’t even require you to break in the mattress, you can return it whenever you like. Nonetheless, the company recommends testing the mattress for at least three weeks before sending someone to pick it up.

Allswell will refund you only the price of the mattress — delivery, mattress removal, and recycling costs are non-refundable.

One Allswell Luxe Hybrid review says that the typical refund time is around 10 to 14 business days after the mattress has been removed from your home.

Shipping Options

Ground shipping on the continental US and DC is free for all mattresses, while there’s an additional $50 fee for Alaska and Hawaii.

The company also offers 2-day expedited shipping in the contiguous US for a $50 fee.

Allswell also offers White Glove delivery, which includes the delivery and setup of your new mattress at your convenience, for a modest $149 fee. Moreover, for an additional $199, the company will do the same while also taking out your old mattress.


Unlike Nectar Sleep that offers a lifetime warranty, Allswell mattresses qualify for a 10-year limited warranty. Moreover, one Allswell mattress Luxe review warns that you have to register your mattress on the official Allswell Home website as soon as it’s delivered to activate the warranty.

The warranty protects you against workmanship and manufacturing defects, including indentations of at least 1.5’’. If the company deems your mattress defective, you’ll either receive a prorated refund or a replacement.

Additionally, one Allswell mattress review of the Luxe model reveals that if there are any transporting charges regarding the replaced mattress, the customer must cover them.


Compared to other hybrid mattresses, the Allswell models are quite affordable, starting at just $265 for the Allswell Twin, while the King is less than $500. Despite being some of the cheapest mattresses around, one Allswell King mattress review confirms that you don’t have to break your bank to get a high-quality mattress.

Allswell offers six sizes for each model, all competitively priced.

From time to time, the company offers neat discounts and you can also find coupon codes.

In addition to this, Allswell has partnered up with Affirm to offer all customers 0% APR, interest-free financing over a period of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Allswell Mattress Review Summary

If you want an affordable hybrid mattress that’s not just comfy but also helps alleviate your back pain, the Allswell is the way to go. The company has a mattress for every budget and sleeping position, so you definitely can’t go wrong with these. The combination of pocketed coils and foams, good edge support, and minimal motion transfer will allow you to relax and sleep soundly at night.

Although Allswell has disturbed the already affordable online mattress market with its even more affordable mattresses, they still offer interest-free financing, coupons, and sales, along with a 10-year limited warranty; a real bargain if you ask us.

And, even if you do change your mind for some reason during the first 100 days of your purchase, you can just send the mattress back and get a refund.

Taking all this into account, Allswell mattresses are an excellent choice!


Is Allswell a good mattress?

The Allswell is an exceptional mattress that will provide you with all the comfort and pressure relief of a luxurious mattress, for an affordable price.

However, if you’re a side sleeper, take a look at the Supreme. The Allswell can put some pressure on the hips and shoulders while lying on your side, whereas the Supreme is softer and offers more pressure relief to side sleepers.

Is Allswell owned by Walmart?

Yes, Walmart owns Allswell, which decided to sell mattresses directly to consumers who are tired of not-so-honest in-person mattress shopping and want to try the online mattress shopping experience.

Do you need a box spring with an Allswell mattress?

Another great thing about the Allswell mattresses is that they don’t require a specific platform. You can use a box spring if you really want to or you can just put your mattress on the floor. The company also says their mattresses may be used with slats, but they recommend there be no more than 2’’ to 3’’ between the slats.

You can also choose your platform depending on how high or low you want your bed to sit.

Where are Allswell mattresses made?

The company doesn’t clearly state where their mattresses are made. Supposedly, they collaborate with a group of mills, artisans, and suppliers from all over the world to bring their customers only the best products.

Nevertheless, if you have questions regarding the whereabouts of a particular product, you can reach out to their Allstars.

Is Allswell mattress toxic?

Allswell mattresses are absolutely safe to sleep on. They’re made with CertiPUR-US® certified foams; meaning, they have no dangerous chemicals like mercury, formaldehyde, lead, phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, or ozone depleters.

Unfortunately, the mattresses do have a rather lingering off-gassing that is not toxic, just unpleasant.

How soon can I sleep on my Allswell mattress?

All bed-in-a-box mattresses need some time to inflate fully before you can try them out. The company says that the mattress will start inflating as soon as you unpack it, and it can take up to 48 hours for it to inflate to its full size, which one Allswell Queen mattress review confirms this.

Does Allswell mattress have fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a great concern for many mattress shoppers, but unfortunately, Allswell doesn’t state whether they make a fiberglass free mattress or not, and no Allswell mattress review on the internet contains this information.

Some companies use fiberglass in the cover as a fire retardant, but that doesn’t mean that fiberglass is floating around your mattress, contaminating the air you breathe. Even if companies do use this fire retardant method, it goes through rigorous safety qualifications to ensure that customers won’t be physically harmed with long-term use of the mattress.