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June 23, 2020

Being in the mattress industry since 1995, the people behind Brooklyn Bedding definitely know what they’re doing.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality mattress produced right here in the US, Brooklyn Bedding is the right option. But things aren’t that simple—you have a choice of six different models that come in several firmness levels.

That’s why we’re here! Our comprehensive, in-depth Brooklyn Bedding mattress review will help sleepers of all categories easily decide which mattress is the best fit for them. 

Curious what makes Brooklyn Bedding such a praised company for sleep products? Buckle up and enjoy our findings in this detailed review.


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  • High-quality mattresses at a reasonable price

  • Made in the USA

  • Six different models

  • 3 firmness levels with most models

  • Unpleasant smell after unboxing

  • Compulsory 30-night break-in period

How Did the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Make Our List?

Everyone on our team strongly believes that sleep isn’t just something we do at night—it’s an essential element for maintaining good physical and mental health. As one customer pointed out in a Brooklyn Bedding review, not having a solid mattress to sleep on is worse than not sleeping at all, since all you do is waste your time struggling to fall asleep. That’s why we’re constantly comparing mattresses on the market in the attempt to find “the one.”

Brooklyn Bedding stands out, especially in the online world. They offer a great choice of mattresses—five hybrid models and an all-foam one. In addition, most of them come in three different firmness levels, so you can easily find the one that perfectly suits your needs. There’s no need to mention that they’re all made of high-quality materials, which numerous online Brooklyn Bedding reviews emphasize, because otherwise we wouldn’t even consider adding them to our list of the best mattresses

The following is a detailed review covering everything from mattress anatomy, firmness, size, edge support, and motion transfer to details like pricing, financing options, shipping and return policies, and much more. Enjoy our mattress review!


From $499

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  • High-quality mattresses at a reasonable price

  • Made in the USA

  • Six different models

  • 3 firmness levels with most models

  • Unpleasant smell after unboxing

  • Compulsory 30-night break-in period

A Comparison of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses-in-a-Box

Brooklyn Signature

Brooklyn Aurora Brooklyn Spartan Brooklyn Bloom
Brooklyn Chill

Brooklyn Sedona

Hybrid mattress

3 firmness levels

5 layers

Hybrid mattress

3 firmness levels

6 layers

Hybrid mattress

3 firmness levels

6 layers

Hybrid mattress

3 firmness levels

4 layers

Memory foam mattress

5 firmness levels

2 to 3 layers

Hybrid mattress

Medium firm

7 layers

About Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is a well-known mattress company that started operating back in 1995. Its founders, two brothers, were among the pioneers of the bed-in-a-box industry since they turned to manufacturing and selling this type of mattress in 2008.

Now, they have showrooms across the US where shoppers can see and test their products. In our Brooklyn Bedding mattress review, we’ll focus on their six mattress models. However, Brooklyn Bedding also offers foundations, adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, and other sleep accessories.

Mattress Features

The engineers of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses have really put a lot of effort into designing them. The materials are of extremely high quality, giving each mattress its unique characteristics and wide popularity. For the purpose of our review of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress options, we researched several aspects of mattress anatomy and came up with rich information useful for all types of sleepers.


Before we go into the details of each mattress’s construction, let’s see what they’re made of and what makes these materials so specific.

Mattress Cover

Each Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes with a soft cover made of high-quality materials, providing initial coziness. Depending on the model, there are five different options, as follows:

  • Premium Quilted Top: This is a cotton cover with a little bit of foam quilted in. It’s used in their most popular model, the Brooklyn Signature mattress.
  • Premium Smooth Top Weave: This topper is a smooth, breathable cover that’s featured in the Brooklyn Aurora.
  • Smart Fabric Performance Cover: The Spartan mattress’s cover is very specific since it uses Far Infrared Rays technology that transforms your body heat into energy. That energy comes back to you while asleep and helps your body fully replenish.
  • Quilted Wool and Organic Cotton Top: This one is featured in the Bloom Hybrid mattress. The soft cover is made of Joma Wool™ from New Zealand and organic cotton. We’d have to agree with one customer’s Brooklyn Bedding Bloom hybrid review saying that these natural materials provide exceptional breathability and moisture wicking.
  • Advanced Cooling Fabric: This is a soft and comfortable cover, which contributes to the temperature regulation in the Brooklyn Sedona mattress.

Foam Layers

To achieve different levels of body contouring and bounce, the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses combine several layers of different foam types:

  • TitanFlexTM Foam: A sort of cross between memory foam and latex, its beauty lies in the fact that when you take your sleeping position, your body doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in the mattress. Instead, the mattress adjusts to your body as you turn sides and change sleeping positions during the night, which is confirmed in almost every Brooklyn Bedding Signature review.
  • EnergexTM Foam: This high-density foam provides amazing support while allowing for some nice body contouring.
  • CopperFlexTM Foam: The Copperflex foam offers targeted pressure point relief while its copper infusion is known for having antimicrobial properties.
  • Swirl Viscoelastic Memory Foam: It’s used as a transitional layer between coils and foam layers. In addition to providing additional body contouring, it improves the mattress’s motion isolation, as pointed out in more than one Brooklyn Bedding mattress review.
  • Talalay Latex: Made of natural rubber, it’s certified by Oeko-Tex as product class 1, meaning that it’s suitable for babies and toddlers. It’s a great transitional layer to the coils, offering exceptional pressure relief without letting you sink into the mattress. You can also check out our list of top 10 latex mattresses.
  • Transition Comfort Foam: This is also used as a transitional layer. As pointed out in a pleased customer’s Brooklyn Chill review, it’s a gentle foam that offers some nice pressure relief.
  • Base Support Foam: It’s a high-density foam that should provide stability and increase durability in the entire mattress.

Most Brooklyn Bedding models are hybrid mattresses, meaning they combine foam layers with a coil system. You can also take a look at our list of premium hybrid mattresses. Depending on the model, the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses use either AscensionTM or Quantum Edge coils. In both cases, the mattresses feature supreme spring technology to provide durability and maximum support. Plus, all coils are individually pocketed in order to decrease motion transfer.

In the table below, you can see the construction of each Brooklyn mattress.

Brooklyn Aurora Cover: Premium Smooth Top Weave with TitanCoolTM

1.5″ CopperFlexTM with TitanCoolTM

2″ TitanFlex

1″ Swirl Viscoelastic Memory Foam

8″ Quantum Edge Encased Coils

1″ Base Support Foam

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Cover: Premium Quilted Top

2″ TitanFlexTM Comfort + TitaniumGelTM

2″ EnergexTM Support

6″ AscensionTM Encased Coils

1″ Base Support Foam

Spartan Cover: Smart Fabric Performance Cover

1.5″ CopperFlexTM with TitanCoolTM

2″ TitanFlex

1″ Swirl Viscoelastic Memory Foam

8″ Quantum Edge Encased Coils

1″ High-Density Base Foam

Bloom Hybrid Cover: 1.25″ Quilted Wool and Organic Cotton Top

3″ Talalay Latex

8″ Quantum Edge Encased Coils

1″ High-Density Base Foam

Brooklyn Chill Gel Swirl Memory Foam

VariflexTM Transition Foam

High-Density Foundation

Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid
Cover: Advanced Cooling Fabric

1” Premium Comfort Foam

2″ High-Density Gel Memory Foam

1” Max Density Gel Memory Foam

1” Transition Foam

8” Individually Encased Ascension XⓇ Coils

1” Base Support Foam


When we were assessing comfort for our Brooklyn Bedding mattress review, we took into account a mattress’s firmness level, its sinkage, and the support it provides. All these characteristics are pretty much subjective because they depend on the sleeper’s weight, height, and sleeping preferences. That’s why we enlisted the help of several sleep experts in order to provide you with an objective mattress review.


Brooklyn Bedding is quite straightforward about the firmness levels of its mattresses. Four out of six models come in three clearly defined firmness levels, each suitable for a different category of sleeper. If you make a Brooklyn Bedding vs Casper comparison, this choice of different firmness levels is one of the greatest advantages of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. You can also read our full review of Casper mattresses if you want to learn more about them. The softness level of the mattresses is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest mattress.

Soft Firmness

On a scale of 1–10, the soft Brooklyn Bedding mattresses scored 3.5–4.5, which is on the softer side. Soft mattresses are particularly recommended to sleepers who want to feel like they’re hugged by the mattress since a soft mattress provides very deep sinkage. If you’re a side sleeper who needs pressure point relief and not-so-firm support while sleeping, this is the mattress for you. However, as you can find in almost every Brooklyn Bedding Aurora soft mattress review, this option isn’t the best pick for stomach sleepers.

Medium Firmness

These are a 5.5–6.5/10 on the firmness scale. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended to sleepers who change positions in their sleep from stomach to back to side. They provide a perfect balance of contouring and support, making this firmness level an excellent choice for individual restless sleepers as well as couples who simply don’t share the same mattress firmness preferences.

Firm Mattress

The mattresses in this firmness level range from 7 to 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. As you’ll see in almost any Brooklyn Signature mattress review, this product is considered to be quite a firm mattress. A firm mattress is mostly suitable for stomach and back sleepers who don’t prefer sleeping on their side. The group who enjoys this firmness level generally doesn’t like to sink in but would rather experience strong lumbar support. 


The sinkage level of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses will greatly depend on the firmness level you choose. As expected, softer options provide greater sinkage, while the firmer ones will keep you on top of the mattress, not letting you sink in.

Compared to the hybrid models, the Brooklyn Chill offers a deeper “hug” thanks to its all-foam construction. According to some Brooklyn Bedding customer reviews, this mattress is great if you like to sink a bit into the bed, depending on which thickness you choose.


When it comes to spinal support, you won’t be disappointed with any of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. However, the medium firm and firm options are better for back and stomach sleepers who need stronger support for their hips. On the other hand, side sleepers will benefit most from softer mattresses, which offer additional pressure relief.

Temperature Neutrality

If there’s a mattress that’s uniquely designed to provide excellent air circulation, then it must be the Brooklyn Signature. As mentioned in an honest Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review, it really provides a cool feeling for hot sleepers. As Brooklyn Bedding is unique in many things, so it is in this aspect. The company has designed its own gel, called Titanium Gel, with which it covers the top layer of its mattresses.

The gel is designed to give a fresh feeling to the mattress. In combination with the constant air circulation through the coil system, it creates a wonderful cooling system, allowing hot sleepers to enjoy a normal sleeping temperature. In addition, this gel is designed to keep allergens away.

If you’re an extremely hot sleeper and really need an optimal sleeping temperature, you should look at some Brooklyn Bedding Aurora reviews to see if that option from Brooklyn Bedding will fit you better. This mattress is made with the TitanCoolTM phase change material, which is infused into its top layer.

The Brooklyn Spartan is another great option for hot sleepers. Besides being a hybrid mattress, which is known for great air circulation, it also features the TitanCoolTM infusion, which further regulates the mattress’s temperature.

The Bloom Hybrid also has excellent temperature regulation thanks to the coil system that allows for amazing airflow. In addition, it features a latex layer that doesn’t absorb heat like memory foam does. If you’re looking at Casper mattress vs Brooklyn Bedding, we think that they are both pretty good at temperature regulation. 

The Sedona Hybrid has a cooling cover that we’ve found to be cool to the touch. We think that this model is similar to many of the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid models in that its coil system promotes good airflow. In addition,  we’ve found that the gel-infused memory foam is helpful when it comes to keeping you cool throughout the night.

Finally, the Brooklyn Chill is the only all-foam mattress offered by Brooklyn Bedding. As expected, its temperature regulation isn’t its best suit. However, it dissipates body heat better than most all-foam mattresses.

Edge Support

For restless sleepers and those who tend to lean toward the side of the bed, edge support is everything. In addition, if you often sit on your bed, having a mattress that can support you and not let you slide down is essential.

Most Brooklyn Bedding mattress reviews claim that the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid mattresses have excellent edge support thanks to the many coils in the base layer. Besides providing a perfectly flat mattress that supports you while sitting, the super strong edge support improves the mattress’s durability as well.

As an all-foam mattress, the Brooklyn Chill lags behind its sister mattresses in terms of edge support. This comes as no surprise since all-foam mattresses generally don’t perform very well in this department.

Motion Transfer

Our researchers tested the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses on how well they absorb motion. Although five out of six models are hybrid, in this Brooklyn Bedding mattress review, we found out that they dampen motion pretty well thanks to their comfort layers. We also found out that the Brooklyn Chill mattress especially shines in this department. Like many memory foam mattresses, it absorbs motion easily, presenting very little motion transfer. 

Durability and Maintenance

Our Brooklyn mattress review covers these features as well because we believe that one must know how to properly maintain their mattress if they’re going to use it for a long time.

According to our research and based on many Brooklyn Bedding customer reviews, the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses can easily be relied on to provide the perfect sleeping experience for many years. One of the biggest advantages of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is that they’re manufactured in the US. Brooklyn Bedding has its own manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology for producing mattresses that are worth the investment.

In terms of maintenance, these mattresses aren’t flippable, so you can’t sleep on both sides, which has already been called a drawback in a Brooklyn Bedding Spartan review. This is due to their anatomy, where the comfort levels are on the top and the support levels are on the bottom of each mattress. Therefore, consider rotating the mattress if you don’t want it to become saggy too early.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress covers aren’t removable, so you can’t machine wash them. If you ever have the need to clean yours, don’t use harsh chemicals. Instead, use warm water, mild detergent, and dab gently. 

Customer Service

For any questions or complaints, you can reach out to the Brooklyn Bedding’s customer service. After going through a number of reviews of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, we saw some very different customer experiences. Some of them praise the customer support team for its effectiveness, while others claim that they had problems returning their mattress and getting the refund. Therefore, we can conclude that Brooklyn Bedding definitely has room for improvement in this department.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Brooklyn Bedding has one of the best risk-free return policies in the industry. It offers customers a 120-day risk-free trial period and a 100% money-back guarantee if you decide their mattress isn’t a good fit for you. 

In addition, if you find your new mattress too firm, you can ask for a Brooklyn Bedding mattress topper to make it plusher. But if you don’t like your mattress at all, you can either exchange it for a different model or start the refund process.


As part of the impeccable service praised by over 2,000 satisfied customers, Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping on orders within the US. The mattress comes compressed and beautifully packed in a standardized branded box right to your doorstep. The shipping can take up to 3–4 days.


The people behind Brooklyn Bedding take pride in their manufacturing process and the technology they use, which is confirmed in many Brooklyn Bedding mattress reviews. For this mattress manufacturer, the mattress isn’t just a bedding element, it’s an experience and a symbol for sleepers who respect a solid, good night’s sleep. Because of this, they offer a 10-year warranty for all their mattresses. 

It covers any defects and body impressions measuring one inch or more. According to our research and analysis of countless reviews and Brooklyn Bedding complaints, users are very satisfied with Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses—just as they are with the other products offered by this manufacturer—giving it a slightly above-average quality rating.


The Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are high-quality beds that fit sleepers of almost all categories. With this in mind, they come in the reasonably fair price range of $499–$2,399, depending on the model and size of the mattress. Also, you can often find a Brooklyn Bedding coupon or a special deal or promotion on their official website.

Financing Options

Brooklyn Bedding partnered with Affirm to offer their customers financing help when purchasing their mattresses. Based on your credit score, Affirm can help you pay off your mattress over 3, 6, or 12 months with financing rates between 0% and 30%. All you have to do is choose Affirm at checkout.

Who Should Buy a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress?

  • All types of sleepers: Because the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come in different sizes and firmness levels, they’re suitable for sleepers of all categories. For example, the soft Brooklyn Signature mattress is a solid pick for side sleepers who enjoy a plush feel. We’ve based this on thorough first-hand research and Brooklyn Bedding complaints and compliments.
  • Hot sleepers: All Brooklyn Bedding hybrid models feature exceptional air circulation thanks to their coil system. In addition, the Aurora and the Spartan are made with Brooklyn’s unique TitanCoolTM phase change infusion, which further improves each mattress’s temperature regulation.
  • Couples: If you need strong edge support and minimal motion transfer, the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid mattresses are an excellent pick for you. If you compare the Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding, you’ll see that the latter has much better edge support.
  • Restless sleepers: If you or your partner tosses and turns all night, the Brooklyn Chill may be a solid choice for you because it perfectly isolates motion. With this mattress, you can be sure that you won’t feel any disturbances on your side of the bed.

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

  • Memory foam fans: Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t use standard memory foam in their mattresses, which may not provide that easy, slow-sinking feeling when you lie on the bed. If standard memory foam is what you want out of a mattress, you may want to check some alternatives. For example, you can compare the Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa, since the latter has a layer of memory foam that offers great pressure relief. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out our in-depth review of Leesa mattresses.

Review Summary 

Our overall opinion of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is that they provide good value for the money and are definitely an investment worth making by anyone who appreciates a good night’s sleep. They offer versatile firmness levels, so any type of sleeper should be able to find the perfect fit. What’s more, they do pretty well in terms of motion transfer, edge support, and temperature regulation. Therefore, we’re finishing our review with a strong recommendation to buy one of these amazing mattresses.

Hopefully, our comprehensive Brooklyn Bedding mattress review gave you all the necessary information to make the right choice. If you still have any questions, we’re here to help you out!


Where can you buy a Brooklyn mattress?

The best and most reliable place to buy a Brooklyn Bedding mattress is the manufacturer’s official website. Luckily, Brooklyn Bedding has many showrooms around the US where you can see the mattress you want to order. You can also find the Brooklyn mattresses on Amazon.

Does a new Brooklyn Bedding mattress have an unpleasant smell?

Some customers complained about an unpleasant odor from the mattress after unboxing it for the first time. You may need to wait 24 hours for the smell to disappear, so keep your new mattress in a well-ventilated room.

Do I need a Brooklyn Bedding mattress protector?

No, your Brooklyn Bedding mattress doesn’t require a mattress protector. However, if you want to additionally protect your mattress against liquid spills and dust mites, you can buy one. This is also a great way to extend your mattress’s lifespan. Check out our list of the top-rated mattress protectors.

Do Brooklyn Bedding mattresses need a box spring?

No, they don’t require a box spring, but you can use one if it’s in good condition. However, keep in mind that whatever type of foundation you choose, it has to provide solid support with minimal to no flex. This is important for two reasons. First, you don’t want your new mattress to sag too quickly. Second, if you use an inadequate foundation, such as an old box spring, your warranty will be void.

Which Brooklyn Bedding mattress is best?

The Brooklyn Signature offers excellent value for your money. It’s a hybrid mattress that will suit most sleepers since it’s both conforming and responsive. Plus, you can choose one of three firmness levels. 

Which is better: the Brooklyn Bedding vs Purple mattress?

These mattresses have completely different feels, so your choice will depend on your sleep preferences. The Purple offers a unique feel thanks to its Smart Comfort Grid, which adapts to your body and keeps you cool during the night. Read more about it in our detailed Purple review. On the other hand, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress provides more bounce. Also, it comes in three firmness levels, so you can choose the one that suits you most.

Are the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses toxic?

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are made of safe materials. Their foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, which means it doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. Read more about their construction in our detailed Brooklyn Bedding mattress review.