The Best Duvets You Can Buy in 2024 (Reviewed & Compared)

Classy Sheets for Those Cold Months

February 5, 2022

When purchasing the best duvet for your bed, it’s hard to find the perfect deal. After all, you want to find a product that has it all:

  • It’s durable
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s under warranty
  • It complements the bedroom’s design
  • It keeps you warm
  • It has both great value and quality

To find something that fits all these criteria, you’ll need to do a bit of research. Unless, of course, you choose to keep on reading—we’ve done the lion’s share of the work for you and created a list of the best duvet products on the market today.

The 10 Best Duvets on the Market

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Overall Score
Best Duvet - Sheets and Giggles Review
Best Overall
  • Check icon

    Soft & breathable Eucalyptus Lyocell shell

  • Check icon

    All-season insert

  • Check icon

    Eco-conscious materials

  • Check icon

    Generous return policy

Best Duvet - Parachute Review
Top-Rated Down Duvet
  • Check icon

    Great lightweight duvet

  • Check icon

    Filled with premium white down

  • Check icon

    Fluffy and warm

  • Check icon

    5-year warranty

Best Duvet - Buffy Review
Best Duvet for Hot Sleepers
  • Check icon

    Made of Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus fiber

  • Check icon

    Excellent temperature regulation

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Lifetime warranty

Best Duvet - Miracle Review
Most Breathable Duvet
  • Check icon

    Regulates your temperature

  • Check icon

    680-thread count Supima cotton

  • Check icon

    Extra fluffy

  • Check icon


Best Duvet - Allswell Review
Best Down Alternative Insert
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Preserves heat

  • Check icon

    Antimicrobial cover

  • Check icon

    Machine washable

Best Duvet - L.L.Bean Review
Warmest Down Alternative Duvet
  • Check icon

    Warm & cozy

  • Check icon

    Soft cotton cover

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Comes with a storage bag

Best Duvet - Nest Bedding Review
Best Wool Insert
  • Check icon

    All-organic materials

  • Check icon

    Certified wool

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Lifetime warranty

Best Duvet - Brooklinen Review
Best Down Duvet for All Seasons
  • Check icon

    Top-of-the-line down

  • Check icon

    Soft & breathable cotton sateen shell

  • Check icon

    3 options: Lightweight, All-Season, Ultra-Warm

  • Check icon

    One-year return policy

Best Duvet - Casper Review
Best Moisture-Wicking Duvet
  • Check icon

    Moisture-wicking merino wool

  • Check icon

    OEKO-TEX 100 certified

  • Check icon

    Machine washable

  • Check icon

    One-year limited warranty

Best Duvet - Riley Review
Best Budget-Friendly Duvet
  • Check icon

    Warm & cozy

  • Check icon

    RDS-certified down

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Can be used as a pillow

Our Duvet Reviews

Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Comforter Review

Best Duvet - Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Comforter Review
  • Best Duvet in 2022

  • Free shipping

  • Eternal return policy

  • Price: $139.95–$199.95

  • Soft & breathable Eucalyptus Lyocell shell

  • All-season insert

  • Eco-conscious materials

  • May wrinkle when machine-washed

This 50% eucalyptus lyocell and 50% polyester comforter will pretty much settle the ongoing down debate about the best material for a duvet cover. This cover fabric is a great eco-conscious solution for anyone who wants to stay warm but shies away from using traditional down duvets.

This all-season, down-alternative option works well both as a duvet insert or a standalone comforter. Coming in three different colors and three sizes (twin through king), it caters to most needs splendidly.

Furthermore, returns are totally free, so anyone who isn’t fully convinced can return the product hassle-free with no arbitrary time limit.

This all sounds like a pretty good deal. Slide it into the best linen duvet cover, and you have yourself a cozy all-season down alternative that will serve you year-round.

Parachute Down Duvet Insert Review

Best Duvet - Parachute Down Duvet Review
  • Best Down Duvet

  • 5-year warranty

  • 60-day return policy

  • Price: $249.00–$489.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Fluffy and warm

  • Filled with premium white down

  • Great lightweight duvet

  • Some say an all-season option is too warm for the summer

If you’re looking for the best lightweight duvet, chances are, this is it. Parachute’s high-quality duvet insert sports 750 fill power European white down, which has been long associated with warmth and fluffiness. Top that off with a baffle-box sateen shell, and you basically have a cloud on your bed.

The insert is made of all-natural European white down with 85% down and 15% down and feather fibers, delivering just the right amount of warmth for those colder months. Furthermore, it’s amazing that you can choose between a lightweight and all-season option.

So what do those who’ve already purchased this product have to say?

As with the best duvets, reviews praised the insert for being comfortable and cozy. On the other hand, some complained about the lightweight duvet not being warm enough. However, because it’s a lightweight insert, it shouldn’t be the warmest on the market. This will click well with hot sleepers but might leave cold sleepers looking elsewhere.

Buffy Breeze Comforter Review

Best Duvet - Buffy Breeze Comforter Review
  • Top Pick for Hot Sleepers

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Seven-day free trial

  • Free shipping

  • Free returns

  • Price: $179.00–$259.00

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Excellent temperature regulation

  • Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus fiber

  • Eco-conscious

  • Trial period could be longer

Most buyers tend to focus too much on the best fabric for a duvet cover and neglect the bread and butter of the “whole experience”: the insert itself.

As more and more down alternatives infiltrate the market, the better manufacturers become at creating great products at reasonable prices. This earth-friendly, cool-to-the-touch insert can also be used as a standalone comforter. 

The super-soft down alternative insert is made with 100% eucalyptus and will keep you cozy and comfy without breaking a sweat. The material is breathable and helps regulate your temperature.

It comes with a short, seven-day trial and free shipping and returns. 

Need to hear more? Pair it with the brand’s heat-regulating eucalyptus duvet cover—it might just be the best duvet cover for hot sleepers on the market.

All in all, it’s a great product. However, in our book, the seven-day trial should be extended, at least to 30 days.

Miracle Comforter Review

Best Duvet - Miracle Comforter Review
  • Most Breathable Comforter

  • Free shipping and returns

  • 30-night trial

  • Five-year warranty

  • Price: $189.00–$199.00

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Regulates your temperature completely

  • 680-thread count Supima cotton

  • Extra fluffy

  • Odor-resistant

  • There are few reviews for this product

If you’re shopping for a duvet with the best cotton duvet cover, you should consider the Miracle comforter. It offers so much more than a traditional duvet. It’s designed to regulate your temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. The cover is made from 680-thread count Supima cotton and will feel nice and cool to the touch. And, while the filling is extra fluffy, you won’t find any of your body heat being trapped inside the comforter.  

The filling is made from pure silver, which uses NASA technology. This filling is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which means that your bed will remain as hygienic as ever. You can even wash it less than you would normally choose to clean your comforter. It resists odors, so bad smells will not cling to it. And because it’s antibacterial, it won’t trap any bacteria that’s bad for your skin. 

While you may be looking for a duvet with the best white duvet cover on the market, you should seriously consider this comforter instead. It’s stylishly white and will suit any bedroom, but it’s also extremely comfortable at the same time. It’s perfectly cozy without causing any overheating. You’ll be super happy with the fluffiness, while also not feeling too hot at night. 

Allswell Year Round Down Alt Duvet Insert Review

Best Duvet - Allswell Duvet Review
  • Best Down Alternative Duvet

  • 30-day return policy

  • Price: $95.00–$175.00

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Anti-allergen alternative materials

  • Warm

  • Antimicrobial technology cover

  • Might give off a chemical smell

Get your king duvet covers ready because Allswell’s down alternative duvet insert bundles great value into a highly affordable package.

The 100% cotton cover and the 100% anti-allergen polyester fill serves as a fine down and wool alternative for those looking for inserts that don’t contain animal products and are easy to clean.

Although this might be a great down and wool alternative, it’s still not the best duvet insert for hot sleepers, as some users complained about it having poor temperature regulation. This might make it an ideal choice for the winter, but not as a year-round insert—as it’s advertised.

A few users also complained about a slight chemical smell, but it faded after a short time of use and cleaning.

All in all, it’s a great choice for those who want a warm anti-allergen insert. However, users who want something on the more luxurious end of the spectrum might need to look for other down and wool alternatives.

L.L.Bean PrimaLoft Down Alternative Comforter Review

Best Duvet - L.L.Bean Comforter Review
  • Warmest Down Alternative Duvet

  • 1-year return policy

  • Price: $159.00–$189.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Warm and cozy

  • Comes with a storage bag

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Some customers mention a noisy cover

If you’re looking for the best down alternative duvet insert with a friendly price tag, chances are you’ve found your product.

L.L.Bean’s PrimaLoft Down Alternative Comforter is one of those deals that are hard to pass on, especially if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic option with all the fluffiness and goodness that’s otherwise associated with down.

The insert itself ships with a fiber-proof, soft cotton cover with a solid thread count of 280. The insert core material is the brand’s PrimaLoft polyester microfiber fill, which is said to be high quality and machine washable.

To top this deal off, the insert sports a 12″ sewn-through box construction that prevents fill shifts and maximizes loft potential. Also, the item comes with its own storage bag.

One thing to consider if you’ve been developing a collection of the best-rated duvet covers. While this product is an awesome deal, some reviewers complained about size issues making it difficult to use with covers. Others mentioned that the shell cover makes too much noise, making it a challenge to fall asleep.

Nest Bedding Organic Merino Wool Comforter Review

Best Duvet - Nest Bedding Comforter Review
  • Best Wool Insert

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • 30-day return policy

  • Price: $299.00–$339.00

  • All-organic materials

  • USDA & WOOLMARK certified wool

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Some customers would prefer a larger king-size insert

Did you know that Nest Bedding is the best place to buy duvet covers and inserts if you’re looking for high-quality, all-season bedding?

Take Nest’s Organic Merino Wool insert as an example.

The all-natural superfine merino wool is totally free of carcinogenic chemicals and comes covered in an organic cotton sateen shell that’s great for the skin.

What do you get with such a combo? A naturally hypoallergenic product that’s resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mites, it absorbs moisture without leaving you feeling sweaty or damp.

Those looking for the best summer duvet might want to consider other options since the wool insulates heat pretty efficiently.

Also, some users have mentioned that their insert was too short, even though they ordered the correct size.

Brooklinen All-Season Down Comforter Review

Best Duvet - Brooklinen Comforter Review
  • Best All-Season Option

  • 1-year return policy

  • Price: $249.00–$449.00

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Top-of-the-line down

  • Soft & breathable cotton sateen shell

  • Three options: Lightweight, All-Season, Ultra-Warm

  • Pricey compared to other options on our list

If you opt for Brooklinen’s All-Season Down Comforter, you’d better start researching the best duvet covers of 2021 to create the total package of comfort and excellence.

When it comes to duck down, this Canadian brand is hard to beat. Brooklinen will most certainly have something for all kinds of sleepers who want top-of-the-line quality in their warm and cozy inserts or comforters.

This all-season comforter sports a down cluster fill and a 100% cotton sateen shell that comes with an ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment and a baffle-box construction.

To top it off, if you’re a hot sleeper, you can get the lightweight model, or you can opt for the ultra-warm option if you like it extra cozy and luxurious.

Like we said, to complete the picture, just grab a set of the best-quality duvet covers, and you’re ready for a wonderful night’s sleep!

The downside? We all know that quality in the world of duvets and comforters doesn’t come cheap. However, as technology advances, more eco-conscious, cheaper options become available with slightly better features.

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet Insert Review

Best Duvet - Casper Duvet Review
  • Best Moisture-Wicking Duvet

  • Free shipping

  • 30-night trial

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Price: $350.00–$450.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Moisture-wicking merino wool

  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified

  • Machine washable

  • Only for hot sleepers

You can breathe new life into your bedroom with Casper’s humidity-fighting technology! Lay your hands on a set of stylish queen duvet covers and get the Humidity Fighting Duvet Insert to complete the picture.

The high-quality merino wool is lighter and finer than traditional wool. It’s also more odor resistant with better heat absorption and moisture-absorbing characteristics.

The ethically sourced down fill and the 100% cotton shell make this a truly quality option for those who want the organic feel of natural duvets but are allergic to down. 

Also, you get a 30-day risk-free trial with the duvet, as well as free shipping and returns.

So if you want a sumptuous experience from your duvet, grab a lush velvet duvet cover and pair it up with this insert. It comes in three sizes, so it should fit any bed.

On the other hand, those who simply want to spend less might want to look for other options. As a note, this product was aimed at hot sleepers, so those who want a really warm product might need to look elsewhere too.

Riley Convertible Down Blanket Review

Best Duvet - Riley Convertible Down Blanket Review
  • Best Budget-Friendly Duvet

  • Free shipping

  • 100-day trial

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Price: $55

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Practical two-in-one option

  • RDS certified

  • Travel-friendly

  • Not a fully fledged duvet

This convertible down blanket pairs practicality with luxury.

No need for your cotton duvet cover if you’re planning on purchasing this handy little product. It’s a great option for travelers and an outstanding gift idea at the same time.

Need a pillow to support your head? This 15″ x 15″ down-filled pillow will do the trick. Feeling cold? Unzip the pillow, and you have an equally cozy and fluffy 50″ x 70″ throw blanket. It is stuffed with 550 fill power white down, which is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified.

Duvet purists might argue that this product shouldn’t be on the list. However, if you want nice features and practicality under $100, quality deals don’t really get better than this.

Even though the Riley might not be the best down duvet on the market, users seem to adore it.

Warm and light, practical and handy, it’s a great deal for when you’re on the go.

However, if you want something with more substance, go for traditional options. After all, this isn’t a fully fledged duvet.

Factors We Considered When Finding the Best Duvets

– Our Ranking Methodology –

Finding the best products on the market can be a daunting task as there’s a ton of research that goes into hand-picking the best of the best. In this section, we’ll guide you through the methodology we used to rank each of these products.

Material & Quality

Since you may need to spend a substantial amount of money on your new purchase, the best products should have exceptional quality and be made from only the finest materials. The better quality the materials are, the better the heat-trapping characteristics—and the more effective the product.

Fill Power

When it comes to the best duvet inserts, you want quality materials that insulate well, retaining the amount of heat that suits your preferences. As such, we’ve looked at those products that have the best fill power at different TOG (thermal overall grade) ratings. This way, everyone will find something that suits them on our list.

Product Care

Duvets, much like high-quality mattresses, can range anywhere from less expensive to luxurious. However, one thing should be constant: ease of maintenance and use. 

Product care is another crucial factor in our ranking methodology. We aimed at filling our list with products that are easy to care for, keep clean, and use for years to come.

Buying Perks

When you’re on the market hunting for the best duvet covers, you want to find the best deals—and not only price-wise. Things like bundles, trial periods, free shipping, money-back guarantees, and other perks are always welcome and can make one product beat out another in our book.


Warranties are always a good standard to see just how firmly manufacturers stand behind their products. Apart from a seal of quality, they can also serve as something that will bring peace of mind to the buyer.

Value for Money

More expensive doesn’t always mean better. Sure, the best down duvet will set you back a few dollars, but you don’t necessarily have to spend several hundred if you’re just looking for a reliable product that gets the job done. With that in mind, we aimed at listing duvets with the best price-to-quality ratio on the market.

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Duvets on the Market

– Buyer’s Guide –

In this section, you’ll learn all you need to know about duvets and everything you should consider before making a purchase. We will discuss different types, materials, sizes, constructions, and so on.

The Difference Between a Duvet vs. a Comforter

First of all, let’s cover what a duvet is. Basically, it’s a soft, feather- or wool-filled, flatter version of a comforter. It isn’t supposed to be stitched and quilted like a comforter, and it’s mostly used as a type of insert that’s sold separately from any covers.


When looking at the things they share, the following can be highlighted:

  • Both of them are intended to be used as fluffy bed blankets.
  • Both should be aesthetically pleasing.


  • Even the best duvet insert will usually be used with a cover, while comforters can be used on their own.
  • Duvets tend to be a bit warmer.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Cleaning: Because duvets have covers, they’re better protected from stains, dirt, build-up, and so on. When you need to clean your insert, you simply remove and wash the cover. On the other hand, most comforters should be dry-cleaned.
  • Versatility: You can swap different covers on your duvets, enabling you to be creative and experiment with different designs, colors, and patterns. 
  • The fill-factor: Inserts will usually come in a wider selection, which can influence the product’s cleaning method, not to mention its price.

Important Considerations

Here are a few other important things you should keep an eye on when looking for the best-quality duvet cover or insert.


Whether you’re looking for inserts or covers, they usually have the same size charts as beds, ranging from twin to California king.

Your preferred size will mostly boil down to personal preference. If you’d like something with a bit of an overhang, order a bigger duvet; if not, go with a smaller size. It’s up to you.

Shell Material

Even though your insert is under a cover, its shell material is still something you’ll want to know more about. Here are some of the most popular options, along with their advantages and possible disadvantages:

  • Cotton: Popular even among the best duvet material options, it’s breathable, less expensive, and readily available. When you’re looking at these options, make sure the thread count is at least 300 or more for longevity reasons. These duvets are often among the easiest to clean.
  • Polyester: This fabric is also durable and affordable. However, it can trap unnecessary heat and moisture, so it might not be the best option for hot sleepers. On the other hand, it’s also easy to clean.
  • Polyester-cotton blend: Less prone to shrinkage, wrinkling, static, and pilling, these duvets offer a breathable, strong option.

Duvet Insert Material

This is the stuffing inside the insert. Below are the most common insert filling choices:

  • Goose down: Probably the best down duvet insert filling, goose down is a luxurious, natural heat insulator. The only downside is that some users can be allergic to it.
  • Duck down: Smaller and less fluffy in comparison to goose down, it’s also a less expensive option. This material can also trigger allergies, so it’s not suitable for everyone.
  • Cotton: This is a soft, machine-washable, and affordable material that will do the job for most users. However, cotton options usually aren’t as warm as down duvets.
  • Down alternative: Usually crafted from polyester microfibers, these options tend to look and feel like down but without the price tag and the allergy issues. The only problem is that these synthetic options can vary in quality and may be less durable than some top-of-the-line alternatives like gel-fiber.
  • Wool: For those looking for the best down alternative duvet insert that’s also natural and warm, wool duvets can be a great option. Also, these can be heavier, and they can wick moisture away during the warmer months.
  • Silk: Light and soft, it’s probably the best option for hot sleepers. You can even pair it with a silk pillowcase. Still, for those who prefer the warmth of wool and down, silk might not be the best alternative.

Duvet Construction

Otherwise known as the stitch design, the duvet’s construction can affect your final decision. Below are the most common construction types:

  • Baffle-box: This stitching uses an additional piece of fabric to connect the top of the insert to the bottom part, allowing the duvet to have more loft. However, this means that fluffing should be routine.
  • Box-stitching: Also known as sewn-through constructions, these duvets are stitched within the pockets holding the fill together. However, they may not retain their loft as efficiently as other constructions.
  • Channel construction: Associated with the best duvets, this type consists of long baffles or rows that run down the length of the duvet. This one requires quality down to work well, as the fill can slide out of place.
  • Gusset: This stitching type connects the bottom and top of the product by sewing around the edge, creating “walls” around both sides and enabling the duvet to have more loft.


In short, here are the main advantages of duvets:

Quality: When you’re buying the best duvet cover and insert (especially when it has a higher price tag), you’re most certainly buying a quality product that will be comfortable and soft to the touch.

Warmth: Depending on the type of duvet you’re buying and the TOG rating (which measures a product’s thermal insulation), you can enjoy a breathable product with excellent heat insulation that will keep you warm during the cold months.

Variety: Mix and match covers and let your creativity go wild with different cover design patterns and colors. A great way to shake up the bedroom and your bed.

Durability: Depending on the materials you buy, your duvet can serve you for long years to come.


As with all products, there are certain drawbacks to duvets as well:

Price: King size duvet covers and inserts with goose down can be really expensive, and the majority of buyers simply don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. 

Maintenance: Some materials can be a bit more difficult to keep clean even though the covers oftentimes do a great job of protecting the insert.

Allergies: Goose and duck down options are known to trigger allergies in some users, so buyers should be mindful before making a purchase.

Alternatives: While down alternatives eliminate the problem of allergies, some users are still concerned about synthetic materials. Also, cheaper polyester-based fillings can be less durable and simply less reliable than more expensive down alternatives. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Hopefully, you’ve managed to find the best duvet for your set budget with the perfect warmth, texture, and overall quality.

We also hope you’ve managed to learn a bit more about these usually luxurious and sometimes pricey accessories. Now, pick up your favorite duvet, snuggle in with your favorite book, and enjoy the warmth and comfort it gives you. After all, wasn’t that your plan all along?


What is the most luxurious duvet?

This one is rather hard to answer since it will boil down to personal preference. However, experts will likely agree that goose down duvets are among the most luxurious on the market. 

For example, Russian, Hungarian, and Siberian geese are known to produce the best-rated down. As such, the duvets made from these materials are highly regarded as top quality. 

What do TOGs mean on duvets?

If you’ve been on the market for duvets, you’ve probably come across this term. A TOG (thermal overall grade) rating is the measure of how well a product insulates heat. The higher the TOG rating, the better job the duvet will do. 

A 1-TOG duvet is the most lightweight and cool, and a 15-TOG duvet is considered to be the warmest. Generally speaking, the lightest and thinnest products on the market never go below 4.5-TOG, and the warmer, heavier ones never tend to be higher than 13.5-TOG.

How do I choose a down duvet?

If you want to make sure that your duvet is a proper down duvet, look for the phrases “pure down,” “all down,” or “100% down” on the label. 

If the label just says “down,” it might not contain the materials you’re looking for. “Down” can mean that only 30% of the filling material is actually authentic down (the under-feathers) while the remaining 70% is something else (like the outer feathers). Don’t get us wrong, feathers are great fill options too—however, they don’t insulate as well as down. 

Why are duvets so expensive?

Costs can quickly add up because in most cases, you’ll have to make more than one purchase to enjoy the full duvet experience. To start, if you’re purchasing the best duvet for your needs, it can be pretty pricey based on the quality, size, and materials used. This can range from $50 to maybe $200 dollars. Furthermore, you’ll need to get your hands on a cover, which can also cost up to $200.