The Best Electric Blankets in 2024 (Reviewed & Compared)

Rounding up the Top 10 Electric Blankets on the Market

February 1, 2022

Looking for a solid electric blanket can be a hassle, especially when you want a product that ticks all the boxes. There are so many qualities you need to consider when buying a new electric blanket:

  • Reliability and quality
  • Price
  • Style
  • Safety
  • Certifications
  • Whether it’s under warranty
  • Heating features

We know things can become overwhelming pretty fast. That’s why we took the liberty of doing the research for you and then assembled a list that will help you find the best electric blanket for your needs.

The 10 Best Electric Blankets in 2022

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Overall Score
Best Electric Blanket - Sunbeam Review
Best Electric Blanket Overall
  • Check icon

    Great value and features

  • Check icon

    10 different settings

  • Check icon

    Auto shut-off

  • Check icon

    Dual control

Best Electric Blanket - L.L.Bean Review
Softest Electric Blanket
  • Check icon

    Advanced features

  • Check icon

    Unnoticeable wiring

  • Check icon

    Easy to clean

  • Check icon

    1-year warranty

Best Electric Blanket - SoftHeat Review
Best Exclusive Dual-Control Blanket
  • Check icon

    Advanced features

  • Check icon

    Low voltage

  • Check icon


  • Check icon


Best Electric Blanket - Serta Review
Best-Quality Electric Blanket
  • Check icon

    Easy-to-use controllers

  • Check icon

    Auto shut-off

  • Check icon

    10 different settings

  • Check icon

    5-year limited warranty

Best Electric Blanket - Biddeford Review
Best-Priced Blanket
  • Check icon

    Solid price-to-quality ratio

  • Check icon

    10 heating settings

  • Check icon

    Optional dual control

  • Check icon

    Third-party approved

Best Electric Blanket - Beautyrest Review
Best Portable Electric Blanket
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Easy to clean

  • Check icon

    Cozy foot pocket

  • Check icon

    5-year limited warranty

Best Electric Blanket - Vipex Review
Best Electric Throw Blanket
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    10 heat settings

  • Check icon

    Soft & cozy flannel

  • Check icon

    Auto shut-off

Best Electric Blanket - Hyde Lane Review
Most Stylish Electric Blanket
  • Check icon

    Great design

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    3 heat settings

  • Check icon

    Super soft & luxurious faux fur

Best Electric Blanket - iTeknic Review
Best “Middle-Ground” Electric Throw Blanket
  • Check icon

    Cozy & comfortable

  • Check icon

    10 heat settings

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    24-month warranty

Best Electric Blanket - Homech Review
Least Expensive Electric Blanket
  • Check icon

    10 settings

  • Check icon

    Overheat protection

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Machine washable

Electric Blanket Reviews

Even if you have the best mattress available in 2022, when winter hits, you’re still going to get cold. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best electric blankets and reviewed them so you can keep warm and cozy.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Sunbeam Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: 100% polyester

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Price: $51.07–$80.72

  • Machine-washable, dryer-safe

  • 10 different settings

  • Auto shut-off

  • Dual control

  • Tends to distribute heat unevenly

In the market for the best king-size electric blanket with dual control? If that’s the case, consider your search over. Sunbeam’s microplush heated blanket enables you to easily preheat cold sheets and rest peacefully in silky coziness.

The blanket comes with a pair of controllers with 10 settings to fine-tune your preferred temperature. It also sports an LED display, a 10-hour auto shut-off feature, a preheating function, and adjustable dimmer functions.

All this, paired with the blanket’s modern wiring system and heat sensors, makes for an exquisite, easy-to-use product at a reachable price tag.

This ultra-soft item is the best electric blanket of 2021, and customer reviews seem to back that up.

Most international reviewers found that it heated their sheets up perfectly during the cold months. On the other hand, a handful of US reviewers mentioned that their blanket started losing heat after just a few weeks following their purchase.

L.L. Bean Heated Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - L.L.Bean Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: 100% polyester

  • 1-year warranty

  • Price: $209.00–$219.00

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Advanced features

  • Unnoticeable wiring

  • Easy to clean

  • Special insulating layer

  • The controller is too bright

On the market for the best king-size electric blanket? If you opt for L.L. Bean’s heated blanket, you’ll make a solid purchase.

With its PrimaLush fabric and Velvetloft bottom layer, L.L. Bean caters to customers’ needs by channeling the flow of heat to the right spots. Plus, the insulating layers ensure that warmth will surround your body.

To top it all off, the brand’s patented Intellisense technology helps distribute heat evenly, making random hot and cold spots a thing of the past.

If you order a larger blanket, you’ll get two controllers with five different heating options, auto shut-off, and a preheat feature. Please note, if you need a blanket for a twin size mattress, it will only come with one controller.

If you’re looking for the best price on electric blankets, this one might not be for you since it’s on the pricier side. However, most users are pleased with L.L. Bean’s products, with only a few reviews mentioning faulty appliances.

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Review

Best Electric Blanket - SoftHeat Electric Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: 100% polyester

  • 5-year unconditional warranty

  • Price: $71.26–$279.99

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Advanced features

  • Low voltage

  • Safe

  • Comfortable

  • Might be too expensive

Perfect Fit is probably the best electric blanket brand when it comes to combining outstanding features, quality, comfort, and luxury.

This blanket comes with brand-patented Safe & Warm low-voltage technology, meaning it operates on less than 25 volts thanks to its dedicated transformer.

The ultra-thin wiring is 3 inches apart instead of the standard 5 inches, providing superior, perfectly even heating.

Apart from that, the SoftHeat blanket sports an additional inner layer that gives extra comfort and support. The wires are all wrapped in a fine layer of fiberfill that helps direct heat toward you.

When going through the best electric blanket reviews, we determined that most people are satisfied with this product, praising its even heat distribution and easy maintenance. A few others, however, mentioned minor issues with wiring and heating that made the product less convenient to use.

Serta Luxe Plush Electric Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Serta Electric Blanket Review
  • Material: Fleece & microfiber

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Price: $54.95–$229.99

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Easy-to-use controllers

  • Auto shut-off

  • 10 different settings

  • Dual control (with king and queen sizes)

  • Some users encountered longevity issues

Serta’s electric blanket was designed with comfort, warmth, and safety in mind.

The manufacturer aimed at creating a product at an affordable price. So if you’re in the market for a queen-size electric blanket, this one offers all the smooth and comfortable features other, more expensive brands have. Plus, it comes with all the favorable safety features, like low-voltage technology and a 10-hour automatic shut-off.

The product also has thin wiring (3″ apart), helping achieve balanced heat distribution. Combined with the dual control 10-heat layout, couples can heat up their side of the bed according to their exact preferences.

Also, cleaning and maintaining this blanket is fairly easy. You can wash it in the washing machine and dry it without running the risk of shrinking, stretching, or pilling.

Is this the real deal when it comes to buying a great dual-control electric blanket?

According to the reviewers, it’s a durable blanket, good for years to come if used properly. Although some people have experienced heating and longevity issues, we can say that the Serta Luxe Plush is a safe bet if you’re looking for comfort and reliability.

Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Biddeford Electric Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: 100% polyester

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Price: $66.00–$80.29

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Solid price-to-quality ratio

  • 10 heating settings

  • Optional dual control

  • ETK & UL-tested

  • Reliability issues

When looking for an electric blanket, the best products won’t break the bank but will still pack in considerable features and comfort.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then look into Biddeford’s Micro Plush blanket. It has ultra-thin wires for comfort, dual controllers (in its larger sizes) that feature a built-in auto shut-off, and 10 different heat settings.

What’s more, these affordable products are all third-party approved, reassuring users that they meet the highest safety standards.

Like most items on our list, this blanket is machine-washable and easy to maintain.

Finally, to top it off, it also comes with a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

As for whether users consider it the best electric blanket, reviews praised the product for its reliability, heating properties, and solid packaging. On the other hand, most users who gave it less than three stars mentioned that the product was short-lived, lost heat, or was somewhat uncomfortable.

Beautyrest Microlight Plush Electric Throw Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Beautyrest Electric Throw Blanket Review
  • Material: 100% microlight fabric

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Price: $51.99

  • ETK & UL-tested

  • Easy to clean

  • Portable

  • Cozy foot pocket

  • Only 3 heat settings

What’s the best electric blanket for the elderly? Well, with a foot pocket for those who have weak circulation in their feet, Beautyrest delivers an awesome blanket. Even better, it’s also easy to clean.

It can be used on the bed, couch, wherever you can find a nearby power outlet. The evenly distributed heat and the preheat feature does a solid job at warming you or your bed up and provides a bit of soothing comfort for those who suffer from aches and pains, according to electric throw blanket reviews. Also, the automatic two-hour built-in shut-off feature will come in handy if you accidentally fall asleep while using the blanket.

Users are generally satisfied with this product, as it’s portable and easy to use and clean. Some stated that the controller should be on the other side of the blanket, while others found that it can lose heat quickly after the two-hour shut-off kicks in. As a note, the three separate heat levels allow only limited fine-tuning when it comes to finding the ideal temperature.

All in all, this might be the best electric blanket for camping for those who want something portable and need something to properly keep their feet warm too.

Vipex Heated Throw Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Vipex Heated Throw Blanket Review
  • Material: 200GSM soft flannel

  • Price: $49.99

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Great price

  • ETL-certified

  • 10 heat settings

  • Soft and cozy flannel

  • More automatic shut-off options would be nice

This cozy, flannel electric throw blanket combines good features in a highly affordable package, delivering a luxurious experience.

The thin wiring and the 10 heat settings (68°F–122°F) cater to almost every need, and the 10-foot-long power cord makes the unit even easier to use.

Since we’re talking about ease of use, the blanket is also machine-washable. It can be programmed to shut off automatically after one, two, or three hours, meaning you don’t have to turn it off before falling asleep.

For your safety and peace of mind, VIPEX blankets are ETL-certified.

Might this just be the best buy on an electric blanket for those looking for a cozy throw to curl up into?

Well, according to user reviews, if you want a no-frills, comfortable, reliable, and safe electric throw blanket, this is a splendid option. However, some users have criticized the product for not having longer (or more) timer options.

Hyde Lane Faux Fur Electric Throw Review

Best Electric Blanket - Hyde Lane Electric Throw Review
  • Material: Polyester & polyester blend

  • Price: $65.99

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Great design

  • UL-certified

  • 3 heat settings

  • Super soft & luxurious faux fur

  • Controller can get too hot

The best way to use this electric blanket is to set it up in your favorite spot and never move it again! 

Hyde Lane’s Faux Fur Electric Throw is a stylish product that will always draw guests’ attention. Apart from it being a great piece of decoration, it can also help you stay warm and ease your aches and muscle pains thanks to the easy-to-use controller.

However, it doesn’t end with style and warmth. The product is also thick and silky soft, made with natural and sustainable materials without any chemicals added to the mix.

Lastly, the blanket also has a two-hour automatic shut-off feature. This gives it a nice touch and adds further safety for those who are a bit uneasy about using electric blankets.

When looking at this electric blanket, it’s the best price for the extra luxury. Other manufacturers might boast better overall heating features but offer less style.

Reviewers mostly praised the blanket for its great design and style, while others mentioned that the controller can get too hot at times, raising safety concerns.

iTeknic Heated Blanket Electric Throw Review

Best Electric Blanket - iTeknic Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: Flannel

  • 24-month warranty

  • Price: $125.72

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Cozy & comfortable

  • 10 heat settings

  • ETL-certified

  • Automatically shuts off after three hours

If you’re looking for something that packs quite the punch when it comes to value, look into iTeknic’s electric throw blanket—especially if you want something super soft.

The product comes with 10 heat settings (ranging from 68° to 122°F). The NTC heating system prevents overheating. Together with the auto shut-off settings (for one, two, or three hours), users can be reassured of this product’s safety.

This ETL-certified blanket is clearly a great option for those who want a simple electric blanket that will keep them warm.

Most reviewers rate this product among the best-rated electric blankets. However, there were a few remarks citing inconsistencies in base temperature, heating capacity, and so on. In other cases, essentials like the user manuals were missing. If you don’t like to gamble, you might want to look into another product.

Homech Heated Electric Throw Blanket Review

Best Electric Blanket - Homech Electric Heated Blanket Review
  • Material: Flannel

  • Price: $45.99

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • ETL-certified

  • 10 settings

  • Machine-washable

  • Overheat protection

  • Bad controller design

If you’re looking for the best prices, electric blankets don’t usually come this cheap. To top it off, this blanket also comes with a soft and cozy, deluxe flannel design and 10 dedicated heating levels.

The blanket also sports an ETL-certification, a three-hour automatic shut-off feature, and an overheating protection system (thanks to its NTC and PTC heat technology).

Lastly, the blanket is easy to wash and to maintain.

What more would anybody want from such a great blanket? The vast majority of users seem to be more than satisfied with the product, according to our best electric blanket review. Others, however, raised some concerns. In these few cases, the blanket stopped heating shortly following its purchase. Other users had problems with the controller, which they found rather counterintuitive or crowded.

How to Choose the Best Electric Blankets

– Our Ranking Methodology –

Material Quality

In our book, quality and safety come first. A great and reliable electric blanket should be made with only the best materials, ensuring buyers can use and enjoy the product for years to come.

Heat Settings

Furthermore, the best electric heating blanket should come with a handful of different heating options. In most cases, customers want the luxury of choosing from several settings. Automatically, the more heating features a blanket has, the higher it ranks.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning electric blankets can be a hassle (especially in the case of older models). As such, we looked at the market and tried to assemble a list of products that are both easy to use and maintain.


Safety comes first, and this is especially true in the case of electrical products. Both UL and ETL certifications ensure that the product you buy and its components are safe. While these certifications aren’t a legal requirement, their presence is always welcome in higher-risk products like electric blankets.


Even the best deals on electric blankets should come with solid warranty options. As stated above, these products can be viewed as higher-risk goods, making warranties almost a must. On the other hand, a warranty means that the manufacturer stands behind its product, bringing peace of mind to the customer.

Value for Money

In our book, a great electric blanket is effective, won’t break the bank, and comes with the best features—ensuring your money is well spent. As such, we looked at the highest-quality models at the best possible prices.

Customer Reviews

Electric blanket reviews will ultimately tell whether a product is worth it or not. We searched the internet for reliable customer reviews, meaning only the best-rated blankets managed to get on our list

How to Select the Best Electric Blanket for You

– A Buyer’s Guide –

Now that you know everything regarding our ranking methodology and what to prioritize when choosing among the best electric blankets on the market, it’s time we give you more info on these products. Our buyer’s guide aims to cover everything there is to know about electric blankets.

How Do Electric Blankets Work?

These devices usually have a series of interconnected coil wires in a heat-resistant plastic coating. When you plug the blanket into an outlet, these coil wires heat up and serve as a heat source.

The best-rated electric blanket on today’s market will heat to your preferred temperature, and in most cases, it will shut off automatically.

These devices work with connectors that help channel electricity to the wires heating the blanket. To ensure that you’re using the blanket safely (more on that later), make sure to unplug it when it isn’t in use and before cleaning it.

On the other hand, models introduced after 2001 also have temperature gauges and thermostats that boast advanced features. They can read both the electric heat and your body heat to create the optimal atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. They also have automatic timers that turn the device off along with shut-off mechanisms that prevent the appliance from overheating.

Important Considerations

What is the best electric blanket? The answer will be different for everyone. However, there are a few important features and considerations you need to know about before exploring the market.

Size & Type

Overblanket (or Duvet)

This is probably the most common and popular type of electric blanket. It’s styled exactly like a normal duvet. This type of electric blanket can be purchased in a variety of designs, colors, and thicknesses—plus, it also serves as a reliable source of heat.

When it comes to size, the majority of manufacturers cater to different needs. Put simply, these blankets will come in different size options that will fit single, double, queen, and king-size beds. You can look through our list for the best electric throw blanket.

The Underblanket

This particular type will usually be placed under the fitted bottom sheet of a mattress. It’s similar to a heated mattress pad.

The Throw

The best electric throw blanket will usually have a decorative design or unique color scheme, but it will offer a pleasant heating system as well. While the size can vary, throws are typically 36″ x 50″.

Regular vs. Low-Voltage Options

When it comes to buying the best electric blanket on the market, buyers should consider a low-voltage option, instead of an older design. The former is generally considered much safer because it doesn’t use electric currents directly from the power outlet. Instead, these models use transformers that lower the power to around 12 to 24 volts. This reduces risk of fire and makes the units safer.

Some modern, low-voltage blankets also come with features we’ve already mentioned. Temperature gauges and thermostats are only two of the advantages modern models have over regular or older makes.

Low-voltage options often use carbon-fiber wires for heating. These are better options both in terms of safety and heating capabilities.

Dual Temperature Control

Among modern models, you will often find electric blankets with dual temperature control. The best dual-control electric blanket typically comes at a higher price point. After all, it can accommodate two people via two different sets of controllers, allowing each to set the temperature to their liking.

Needless to say, these models are pretty popular with couples and customers who simply love sleeping on larger beds.

Advantages of Electric Blankets

When you’re deciding on the best electric blanket to buy, you’re likely looking forward to more than just curling up on a cold night. Even if you have the most hi-tech mattress, you may still need that extra bit of warmth. With these products, the additional benefits include the following:

  • Of course, they’re a consistent and reliable source of heat that’s easy to use. These blankets can be especially handy during the colder seasons, peculiarly for those who face circulation issues.
  • A quality item that will be easy to clean and maintain at home, given you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The best-rated electric blankets usually use electricity sparingly. These devices will draw electricity from the transformer instead of the outlet, reducing the risk of fires.
  • They can be a cheaper and sometimes “greener” way to save energy. Not to mention, they let you use fewer layers in the bedroom during winter.

Disadvantages of Electric Blankets

As with all appliances and products, you’ll encounter a few drawbacks as well. In the case of electric blankets, these may be the following:

  • An older electric heating blanket may be less efficient in terms of electricity consumption, and it might even pose a potential fire hazard. Older models are prone to defects, and with time, they might overheat or simply become faulty and less reliable.
  • They’ll eventually wear out and become less effective when it comes to heating. This can lead to higher utility bills—unless you choose to buy a new blanket.
  • They can cause potential harm to those who can’t feel heat or those who can’t control the appliance (think babies and pets). In these cases, improper use may lead to burns and other injuries.
  • Pets can also damage an electric lap blanket by clawing or chewing the wires.

Safety Tips

To ensure that there won’t be any problems with your product, make sure of the following:

Check the Features

Study the label. Before your purchase, make sure you’re choosing a certified and tested product, and make sure it’s also free of recalls. Checking through low voltage electric blanket reviews will help give you all the information that you need.

Look for an auto shut-off. Blankets with timers are easier to use safely as they turn off automatically, even when you forget about them.

Take Care When Using the Blanket

Keep the product flat. Folded up areas can overheat and cause trouble.

Use it on the right bed. Make sure to avoid using your blanket on inflatable beds and waterbeds. Also, don’t use it together with a heated mattress pad.

Avoid old blankets. Even the best electric blankets will become faulty over time, especially after years of use.

Don’t sit or lie on the blanket. Unless it’s designed for this type of use, placing stress on it may damage the coils. Also, avoid spinning and twisting it because these motions may damage the internal mechanics.

Keep it out of the reach of pets. Claws and fangs may damage the wiring and coils, becoming a fire hazard or causing potential injury, even electrocution.

Store the Blanket Properly

Check the cords. Make sure to unplug the controls and cords. Store them separately in a bag. Some of the best-rated electric blankets come with a bag to keep everything together.

Fold and store the blanket correctly. It’s always a good idea to fold the blanket loosely or hang it. You can also store it in a separate bag, away from the reach of children. Storing it separately from other layers may also help prevent damage to the coils.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. These are our top choices for the best electric blanket money can buy. Hopefully, you managed to find the product of your choice within our top 10. We hope you’ve at least found our ranking methodology and buyer’s guide helpful enough to gather the necessary info about these products. You should now be able to make a more educated decision regarding your future purchase.


Are electric blankets safe to use?

If you buy it from a reliable and established brand and follow the basic guidelines and safety tips, you’ll be fine. To ensure that you’re keeping yourself out of harm’s way, buy a new blanket if your current one is older than 10 years, no matter how well it functions.

Make sure to unplug your blanket after every use, and store it rolled up (or hang it) in a dry and cool place. If you use it every night, you can leave it flat.

Lastly, wash it only according to the given instructions.

Why do some say electric blankets are bad for you?

These products usually pose only a minimal safety risk. As a rule, old, malfunctioning, and improperly used blankets are responsible for most burns or fires.

Electric blankets, however, might play a role in overheating pregnant women, so it’s best for them to avoid using these products.

People who suffer from diabetes and diabetic neuropathy might also be at risk with these products. These groups tend to lose sensation and feeling in affected areas, meaning they can’t necessarily tell if the blanket is causing damage.

These items also shouldn’t be used for babies and pets since they can’t control them.

Several users have raised concerns regarding the blankets emitting low-frequency magnetic and electric fields that might cause cancer. As of now, no scientifically backed connection to this has been found.

Can you leave electric blankets on all night?

Even though most high-quality blankets won’t cause any issues when used properly, you should still stay away from using them all night long.

For the best results, experts recommend using them to warm up the bed and turning them off before you fall asleep. On the other hand, you can always opt for products that have timers that switch off automatically after the pre-programmed time limit has ended.

Do electric blankets raise your electric bill?

If you’re looking for an exact number, that might be hard to give since the cost of electricity varies across the country. On average, if you use your blanket for 120 nights a year for 8 hours straight, you’re looking at a total power usage of 45 kWh per year. A kWh of power costs about 12 cents in the US (rough average), meaning your electric blanket raises your electric bill by roughly $5 for the whole year.

How do I choose an electric blanket?

Choosing the right product will mostly boil down to personal preference. However, there are a few basic things you’ll want to consider before choosing an electric blanket.

One of these is ease of use. You’ll want a device that’s fairly easy to use since there are some safety guidelines and concerns that have to be followed. If your wired blanket proves difficult to use, you might find it hard to address said safety instructions.

On the other hand, make sure that the knob(s) on the blanket is easy to use and that you can see the numbers on it clearly.

Lastly, look into your preferred blanket’s maintenance since you don’t want a blanket you can’t keep clean or store properly.

Keep these factors in mind and you’ll easily be able to choose the best electric blanket for your needs.