The Best Pregnancy Pillows in 2021 (Compared & Reviewed)

Get the Perfect Pillow for Your Comfort

January 24, 2021

It can be a challenge to find the best pregnancy pillow. Carrying a baby can be uncomfortable, so you need a pillow that accomplishes all of the following:

  • Gives just the right amount of support in all the right places
  • Doesn’t take up too much space in the bed
  • Can be handy around the baby post-pregnancy
  • Boasts chemical-free materials
  • Is comfy enough to provide a good night’s sleep

With such high criteria, no wonder you can get sidetracked and struggle to determine which pillow to opt for. Not to worry, though—we did the research for you and assembled a list of the comfiest and coolest pillows for you mommies-to-be. Check them out below!

Top 3 Pregnancy Pillows

  • Overall Best Pillow for Pregnancy - Leachco
  • Best Memory Foam Wedge Pillow - Hiccapop
  • Best Deal on a Pregnancy Pillow - Sandinrayli

The Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows

Overall Score
Best Pregnancy Pillow - Leachco Review
Overall Best Pillow for Pregnancy
  • Check icon

    Full support

  • Check icon

    Easy to clean

  • Check icon

    Can help during bottle-feeding

  • Check icon

    C-shape follows the female body’s outline

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Hiccapop Review
Best Memory Foam Wedge Pillow
  • Check icon

    Compact size

  • Check icon

    Excellent cooling properties

  • Check icon

    Double-sided foam for support

  • Check icon

    Lifetime warranty

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Sandinrayli Review
Best Deal on a Pregnancy Pillow
  • Check icon

    Easy to clean

  • Check icon

    Full body support

  • Check icon

    Stylish U-shaped pillow

  • Check icon

    Great for nursing

Best Pregnancy Pillow - PharMeDoc Review
Best C-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow
  • Check icon

    High-quality materials

  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Included travel bag

  • Check icon

    Lifetime warranty

Best Pregnancy Pillow - AngQi Review
Top U-Shaped Pillow
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Quality materials

  • Check icon

    Great multipurpose pillow

  • Check icon

    Money-back guarantee

Best Pregnancy Pillow - WhatsBedding Review
Best Pillow Insert
  • Check icon

    Great for side sleepers

  • Check icon

    Soft & comfy memory fiber filling

  • Check icon

    Breathable fabric

  • Check icon

    Machine washable

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Restorology Review
Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain
  • Check icon

    Compact C-shaped pillow

  • Check icon

    Great for easing back pain

  • Check icon

    Doubles as a nursing pillow

  • Check icon

    Easy to clean

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Meiz Review
Best Customizable Pregnancy Pillow
  • Check icon


  • Check icon

    Customizable U-shaped pillow

  • Check icon

    Great support

  • Check icon


Best Pregnancy Pillow - Boppy Review
Least Expensive Pregnancy Pillow
  • Check icon

    Lightweight & portable

  • Check icon

    Multi-use product

  • Check icon

    Doesn't take much space

  • Check icon

    Easy to wash

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Insen Review
Best Value Pregnancy Pillow
  • Check icon

    Great multipurpose pillow

  • Check icon

    Full body support

  • Check icon

    Soft jersey cotton cover

  • Check icon

    Machine washable

The Best Pregnancy Pillows: Reviews and Key Details

Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme Review
  • Best Pregnancy Pillow in 2021

  • Type: C-shaped full-body pillow

  • 90-day limited warranty

  • Price: $69.99

  • Full support

  • Easy to clean

  • Follows the female body’s outline

  • Can help with bottle-feeding

  • Some users claim the cover is too thin

For you moms-to-be, the Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme might just be the best pregnancy pillowif full coverage and support are what you’re looking for. C-shaped pillows are unbeatable when it comes to support. They hug the entire body gently and brace the parts of the body that experience the most discomfort during pregnancy.

And that’s where this product shines the most—it follows the outline of the female body with precision, providing the right amount of shoulder and hip room.

The C shape also helps you stay safe if you toss and turn in your sleep, as it hugs you perfectly.

So if you need the best pregnancy body pillow, reviews confirm that this pillow is a clear hit. 

However, some reviewers noted that the cover is too thin, so they had to buy an additional cover. Also, some said that the pillow is bulky, but that is the case with most C-shaped body pillows.

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge Review
  • Best Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

  • Type: Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Price: $22.92

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Compact size

  • Excellent cooling properties

  • Double-sided foam for support

  • Might be a bit pricey for a wedge pillow

The best pregnancy wedge pillow should be, above all else, compact and easy to travel with. And while most mommies-to-be will opt for a full-body pillow, this wedge can always be a great back up, especially when you’re on the move.

The pillow is two-sided, enabling you to dial in the amount of support you need throughout all three trimesters. With firm support foam on one side and soft memory foam on the other, your needs can quickly be met with a simple flip.

It also comes with a plush, soft velboa cover that’s easy to wash. This is paired with the foam’s unique airflow ventilation technology, which helps the pillow stay cool (just like in memory foam beds).

If this isn’t enough, then you should also know that this memory foam pregnancy pillow is probably the best for carrying around. No, we’re not just talking about travel—there are those-day-to-day commutes too.

Sandinrayli U Shape Total Body Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Sandinrayli U Shape Total Body Pillow Review
  • Best Deal on a Pregnancy Pillow

  • Type: U-shaped full-body pillow

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Price: $35.54

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Easy to clean

  • Full-body support

  • Stylish

  • Great for nursing

  • No warranty

Are you looking for the best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers? If that’s the case, this product might be the ideal choice. Apart from being large enough to support your entire body, the good-quality cotton covers are easily removed via the zipper for easier, thorough cleaning.

This stylish and gentle pink-blue pillow is perfect during pregnancy to give support to your belly, hips, and back. It can also be a great pillow to use later on for nursing or just enjoying its supportive benefits every time you want to curl up for a refreshing nap or a good night’s sleep.

And at this price point, the pillow is the whole package for those looking for effective body pillows for pregnancy that give full-body support at a reasonable price.

Apart from that, you can also get 5% off coupled with free shipping and return options if you use the website’s code. In our book, that’s a hard deal to beat and definitely worth trying out.

PharMeDoc C Shaped Full Body Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - PharMeDoc C Shaped Full Body Pillow Review
  • Best Pregnancy Body Pillow in a C-Shape

  • Type: C-shaped full-body pillow

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Price: $39.95

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • High-quality materials

  • Multipurpose

  • Included travel bag

  • Some customers say it’s difficult to wash

If you’re on the market for the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers, consider a good and reliable C-shaped full-body pillow. To start, it may help you avoid rolling onto your stomach (since stomach sleeping isn’t considered fully safe during pregnancy). Furthermore, it can give you the right amount of support in all the crucial areas, so you’ll sleep tight every single night.

PharMeDoc’s full-body C-shaped pillows are among the best products on the market because of the adjustable polyfill material that can help you fine-tune the pillow for your specific needs.

The travel bag that comes with the product enables you to keep it in a dedicated place and makes taking it with you much easier.

Lastly, the best body pillow for pregnancy can also be multipurpose. This pillow can be a go-to option for anyone who needs improved support around the shoulder, back, and belly areas. With that in mind, moms hoping to speed up their postpartum recovery should consider this product. To top it off, there’s also a lifetime warranty from the seller. Need we say more?

AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review
  • Best U-Shaped Pillow

  • Type: U-shaped full-body pillow

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Price: $47.99–$97.20

  • Customizable

  • Quality materials

  • Great multipurpose pillow

  • May take some time before you get the perfect loft

Here, we have probably the best U-shaped pregnancy pillow on the market right now.

The unique design follows the curvature of the body, supporting it in all the necessary areas—making it an ideal choice for pregnant women and for everyone who needs added support in the back and belly areas. Apart from mommies-to-be, it can also be a great choice for people suffering from fibromyalgia, sciatica, and gastric reflux.

The premium materials aim to add an extra level of comfort, and the manufacturer’s customer-focused approach makes this one of the most versatile products on the market.

The pillow allows users to not only adjust the shape but the filling loft as well. They can remove their preferred amount of inner material through the zippers, making this nearly the best support pillow for pregnancy that’s customizable. It can be great not just for sleeping, but also for watching TV, reading, and so on. Plus, it comes in four different sizes—50 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, and 70 inches.

WhatsBedding Full Body Pillow Insert Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - WhatsBedding Full Body Pillow Insert Review
  • Best Pillow Insert

  • Type: Straight pillow insert

  • Price: $23.98

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Great for side sleepers

  • Soft & comfy memory fiber filling

  • Breathable fabric

  • Not ideal if you want the memory-foam feel

When looking for pregnancy pillows, the best deals can be easy to miss. The same applies to this full-body pillow insert from WhatsBedding. It’s a no-frills option that can satisfy the needs of mommies-to-be without all the extra bells and whistles.

This hypoallergenic, machine-washable, extra-large pillow insert can make a great pregnancy pillow for future moms who don’t feel the need for added support in the back but demand more focus on the belly, neck, and shoulders.

The breathable fabric is soft and comfortable. Plus, the memory fiber filling follows your body’s unique contours, easing discomfort every night.

So when it comes to searching for the best pregnancy pillow, reviews regarding this item are generally positive in terms of comfort and overall customer support. However, those who want the memory-foam feel may want to explore more expensive options.

Restorology Full Body Maternity Pregnancy Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Restorology Full Body Maternity Pregnancy Pillow Review
  • Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain

  • Type: C-shaped full-body pillow

  • Price: $36.99

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Compact C-shaped pillow

  • Great for easing back pain

  • Easy to clean

  • Customer support could be better

Restorology’s full-body C-shape pillow can easily qualify as the best pregnancy pillow of 2021 if you’re looking for a full-body pillow in a compact package. There’s a reason the manufacturer guarantees user satisfaction.

Following the natural contours of the female body, it gives all-around support and helps relieve stress in all the right places. Supporting your belly, neck, and back, not only can it help you relieve pressure, but it can also prevent heartburn, lower back pain, and sciatica.

To top it all off, thanks to this microfiber pillow’s zippered cover, it’s easy to clean.

So if you want proof that this is nearly the best body pillow for pregnancy, the reviews are positive. Nevertheless, a few users found the pillow a bit too firm. Also, some mentioned that they didn’t get a response from customer support.

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Meiz Pregnancy Pillow Review
  • Best Customizable Pregnancy Pillow

  • Type: U-shaped pregnancy pillow

  • Price: $55.49

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Detachable

  • Customizable

  • Great support

  • Multipurpose

  • Not ideal for hot sleepers

If you’re looking for a large pregnancy pillow, the best options will always include a U-shaped body-sized pillow.

If you opt for the Meiz pillow, you’ll get a detachable product that can be converted into three smaller pillows. This lets you customize the level of support you need. You get a belt to keep it in one place, and the pillow sports space for your arms, which most pillow manufacturers tend to forget about.

The filling is adjustable, allowing you to customize your comfort and support options even further, providing individualized levels of comfort in the most-needed areas like the belly, head, back, hip, knees, and so on.

Simply put, thanks to the additional detachability, this might just be the best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers.

Even though this pillow is a great deal among the options here, several mommies-to-be found that the cover material can get too warm. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend this product to hot sleepers.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Review
  • Least Expensive Pregnancy Pillow

  • Type: Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow

  • Price: $15.99

Rating 9.5

Get the Best Deal
  • Compact

  • Easy to wash

  • Multi-use product

  • Some sleepers find it too firm

Who said that the best-rated pregnancy pillow should be huge or expensive? Take the Boppy pregnancy wedge as a solid example of what an inexpensive, compact, and simple pillow can do to ease the discomforts of future moms.

This small machine-washable wedge with its ultra-soft cover is a perfect choice for pregnant women who want just the right amount of support without eating up too much bed space.

Apart from that, the compact size makes it great for women who have to travel and simply can’t afford the luxury of carrying around a huge, body-sized pillow.

As far as pregnancy pillow reviews go, the Boppy wedge received great scores even though some mommies believed it would be too firm.

INSEN C-Shaped Body Pillow Review

Best Pregnancy Pillow - INSEN C-Shaped Body Pillow Review
  • Best Value Pregnancy Pillow

  • Type: C-shaped full-body pillow

  • Price: $41.49

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Full-body support

  • Great multipurpose pillow

  • Machine washable

  • A bit heavy

As already mentioned, C-shaped pillows are among the best-rated pregnancy pillows because they give the most support.

INSEN’s full-body pillow is no exception. The pillow is designed to support pregnant women, so they won’t need to use several pillows at the same time.

The high-density soft cotton works somewhat like memory foam, adapting to your curves and making nearly everything comfortable—from sleeping to watching TV to nursing.

With the pillow being a bit on the heavier side (at 6 lbs), it might get a bit uncomfortable to lug around in the last trimester. However, if you use it mostly for sleeping, it can be a great pillow. Also, you can always get a pregnancy wedge pillow if you also want a compact, lightweight, and portable alternative.

Factors We Considered When Searching for the Best Pregnancy Pillow

– Our Ranking Methodology –

Finding the best of the best isn’t an easy job—a lot of research goes into selecting these products. In this section, we’ll guide you through the methodology we used to rank each of these pillows.

Materials & Quality

Since this will be the primary accessory helping you fall asleep at night and ensuring that you remain in a safe sleeping position, the best products should have exceptional quality. And they must be made from only the finest materials.


The amount of support you need will mainly depend on where you feel your aches and pains. You’ll want a product that will help remedy these issues.


In our book, the best pregnancy sleep pillow should be comfortable. Even as you use it to ease your aches and pains, it should also help you fall asleep. If it fails to do that, it’s useless.

Ease of Cleaning

You’ll be using your pillow every night. Plus, if you intend to use your pillow post-pregnancy for support while feeding your new baby, remember that spills and accidents can happen. As such, you need something that’s machine-washable and doesn’t require too much hassle with cleaning.

Value for Money

Pregnancy pillows won’t cost you a fortune. However, high-end options will usually have a heftier price tag. As such, we looked for options that give you all the benefits of the best pregnancy body pillows at reasonable prices.

How to Spot the Best Pregnancy Pillow

– Buyer’s Guide –

In the previous section, we told you everything you should know about how we ranked the products on our list. In this section, you’ll learn more about these products. We’ll discuss different shapes and sizes, as well as other important factors to consider when you’re sifting through the best pregnancy pillows.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

When you’re expecting, you need every ounce of energy to ensure that the little life growing inside of you remains healthy. The problem is, when you need rest the most, you may find sleep harder to achieve, especially as you get closer and closer to your due date.

This is where the best pillows for pregnancy come into play. During these times, finding a comfortable sleeping position becomes harder and harder even if you sleep on the comfiest mattress in the world. And a solid pregnancy pillow can make a world of difference. So here are the main benefits that come with these pillows:

  • Alleviating aches and pains: As your belly grows, your body weight also increases, which causes additional pressure in certain areas of your body (think hips, legs, back). As such, you need to find an optimal sleeping position that enables you to relieve these pressure points. These pillows can help you with just that by giving support in all the right places.
  • Better blood circulation: As time goes by, pregnant women are highly encouraged to sleep on their sides as that position promotes better blood circulation. The best body pillows for pregnancy can make sleeping in this position more comfortable by supplying soft cushioning and support.
  • Improved rest: It goes without saying that when mommies-to-be manage to sleep through the night, they’re happier and more energized the next day. A maternity pillow that alleviates aches and cushions pressure points can help increase the time they spend asleep.
  • Not just for pregnancy: The right body pillows for pregnancy can be highly useful even after delivery. They can help mommies breastfeed their baby comfortably, and they can make it easier for the baby to achieve the right latch. On the other hand, these pillows can be used by those who suffer from any kind of back pain, as well.

What to Consider When Shopping

There’s really not too much science to pregnancy pillows. The most important factor when choosing the best one is your personal comfort and preferences. On the other hand, there are a few things you should know to make a more educated decision during your purchase.


Pregnancy support pillows come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a wedge-shaped product—that’s about the same size as any other pillow—to a large U-shaped one that’s near the size of a human body and hugs your back and bump. The ideal size will mostly depend on your needs, the size of your bed, and how much of that space you (or your partner) are willing to sacrifice in order to accommodate the pillow.


In terms of shape, the most common pregnancy pillows are shaped like a U, C, or wedge. Depending on their size and curvature, they’ll cradle and support different parts of your body.

A C-shaped pregnancy pillow should give enough support to your head, back, and legs. A U-shaped pillow will give your head the support it needs, while it can also support your bump.

Depending on the pillow’s curvature, some parts of it will tuck under certain body parts, while others will run parallel with your body.

When choosing the right shape, make sure to listen to your body, as the areas where you feel discomfort will most likely influence your purchase. On the same note, your sleeping habits can also play a role. For example, if you often change sides as you sleep, a U-shaped pregnancy pillow will probably make the most sense because you don’t have to readjust it every time you flip over.


This will also be up to you and your preferences.

Cover materials: In most cases, the cover material of your pillow will either be polyester or cotton. The latter tends to be a little gentler on the skin and serves as a more breathable option, but it’s on the pricier side.

While polyester might be slightly less breathable, it’s typically more affordable and will still work fine for those on a strict budget.

Fillings: You’ll find that even the best pregnancy pillows are filled with hollow polyester fiber. This material gives enough support, with the right softness and comfort to help any mommy fall asleep. 

On the downside, these products tend to flatten out a bit as time progresses. So if you want to have a pillow that will serve you for a longer period, make sure to buy one that’s a bit over-stuffed.


This is one of the most important factors. Some pillows offer support only in certain areas, like your belly and back. Others offer full-body support. Choosing the best product, in this case, will mostly depend on your body and where you’re experiencing pain and discomfort at night. Before looking for the best pregnancy pillow, make sure to listen to your body.


These products can get a bit pricey, some selling for over $100. In most cases, however, you don’t need to pay that much, unless you wish to use the pillow even after you’re pregnant. If you want something that will give you the right amount of support and nothing flashy, you can probably pick a great model for anywhere between $30 and $50.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our article on the best pregnancy pillow money can buy today. Hopefully, you’ve learned more about these products, their use, the various styles, and the materials they’re made of. We sincerely hope that you’ve now made your decision and chosen the pillow that suits your needs best.


When should you start using a pregnancy pillow?

Generally speaking, you can use a pregnancy pillow whenever you begin feeling uncomfortable at night. There’s no fixed time for this. Still, by the 20th week, your belly will likely have grown enough to trigger pain and soreness in other parts of your body—not to mention the discomfort in your ligaments. This can lead to additional pressure, and a pillow may help you ease the issue.

Which pregnancy pillow is best, U-shaped or C-shaped?

These are the two most popular options out there. 

With a C-shaped pillow, you’ll sleep with the closed side of the C against your back, facing the open portion, while resting your head on the top. With the U-shaped pillow, you’ll rest your head in the curve and sleep between the sides.

For side sleepers, both can work. Nevertheless, those who sleep on their back might do better with a U-shaped pillow. 

Stomach sleepers will find it difficult to maintain their favorite position for long. However, both of these pillows can help them sleep on their side. As a note, pregnant women should all sleep on their sides starting in the third trimester for child-safety reasons.

Where should your pillow be when you’re pregnant?

We just covered how women usually use the two most popular pillow shapes. Both these shapes can give you just the right amount of support you need, especially if you already sleep on your side.

On the other hand, there are no rules set in stone, meaning you can use the pillows in whatever way you can think of as long as it gives you enough support and comfort and helps you ease any pressure or pain.

What is the best pregnancy pillow?

The best pregnancy pillow will be different for every mommy. While one may need a smaller pillow, another may want a full-body option for more comfort. The best shape will also be determined by the user. And in the case of materials, the same rule applies.

It all boils down to personal preference and what makes you feel the most comfortable.