2024’s Best RV Mattresses (Analyzed and Compared)

Get a Restful Sleep After a Long Drive

February 11, 2022

It’s never fun when you travel all day and night in your RV only to finally rest on a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress.

But don’t fret!

We’ve analyzed and compared the highest-quality RV mattresses out there until we narrowed our list down to eight. These represent the best of the best, based on each mattress’s comfort, durability, price, customer reviews, warranty and buying perks, and other essential factors.

Go ahead, find your best RV mattress right here, right now.

The Eight Best RV Mattresses in 2022

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Overall Score
Best RV Mattress - PlushBeds Review
Best Overall
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    GreenGuard Gold certified

  • Check icon

    Fresh foam technology

  • Check icon

    Exceptional comfort and support

Best RV Mattress - Brooklyn Bedding Review
Best Memory Foam Mattress
  • Check icon

    Nano strain protection against stains

  • Check icon

    Multiple size options

  • Check icon

    Durable, high-density foundation

Best RV Mattress - Bear Review
Best Cooling RV Mattress
  • Check icon

    Breathable Celliant cover

  • Check icon


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    No mercury lead

Best RV Mattress - Dreamfoam Review
Best Coil Spring RV Mattress
  • Check icon

    Good balance of pressure relief and responsiveness

  • Check icon

    Advanced cooling panel

  • Check icon

    Custom made in the USA

Best RV Mattress - Live and Sleep Review
Best RV Mattress for Back Pain
  • Check icon

    Luxury design

  • Check icon

    CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified

  • Check icon

    Excellent pressure relief

Best RV Mattress - Zinus Review
Best Affordable RV Mattress
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    Green tea odor neutralizer

  • Check icon

    CertiPUR-US certified

  • Check icon

    Made from purified charcoal

Best RV Mattress - Lucid Review
Best Short Queen Size Mattress
  • Check icon

    CertiPUR-US certified memory foam

  • Check icon

    Hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal foam

  • Check icon

    Good at temperature regulation

Best RV Mattress - Dynasty Review
Best-Rated in Reviews
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    High-quality gel density

  • Check icon

    Great pressure relief

  • Check icon

    Luxury design

Our RV Mattress Reviews

PlushBeds 8" Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - PlushBeds Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress Review
  • Overall Best RV Mattress in 2022

  • 25-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 100-night trial

  • Price: $686.00

  • Tested and certified by independent laboratories

  • No toxic additives

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Might not be ideal for huge RVs

PlushBeds began its operation in 2008 and is a proud pioneer of all-natural sleep products, which it sells directly to customers without any middlemen. Our instant favorite is the 8″ Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress model.

A top-rated RV mattress, its almost-perfect rating of 4.9/5 certainly speaks volumes about its reliability.

The Deluxe comes in six different sizes, and each is US-made with a supportive 8″ proprietary Plushfoam core and premium memory foam. As such, it’s our best memory foam mattress for an RV. The mattress comes with a washable and luxurious bamboo cover to keep you refreshed and ready for your next travel adventure.

Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam Review

Best RV Mattress - Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam Review
  • Best RV Memory Foam Mattress

  • 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 120-night trial

  • Price: $299.00–$899.00

Rating 9.8

Get the Best Deal
  • Contouring memory foam

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Made in the US

  • Affordable

  • Too firm for some sleepers

When buying an RV mattress, you want to ensure that it will meet all your expectations, if not exceed them. After all, you need all the comfort you can get after long hours of driving.

We believe that Brooklyn’s Wanderlust is the overall best mattress for RV camping—it will give you almost everything you desire in a mattress. With five different models ranging from 6″ to 14″ thick and coming in 22 different sizes, we’re pretty sure there will be at least one to suit your taste.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a generous 120-night trial without commitment, and the company delivers the mattress in a box right to your doorstep. The company also provides numerous special discounts to military members, first responders, educators, students, and medical professionals.

The Wanderlust Memory Foam could be the most comfortable RV mattress on the market today with its high-quality gel memory foam and open-cell technology, which allows increased airflow and breathability. What’s more, there’s its Nano Stain Terminator, which protects it from spills and stains. This feature is environmentally friendly, too.

Bear RV Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - Bear RV Mattress Review
  • Best for Hot Sleepers

  • 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping except in Hawaii and Alaska

  • 100-night sleep trial

  • Price: $449.00–699.00

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • Contouring mattress

  • Faster recovery

  • Keeps you cool

  • The medium-firm option might be too stiff for side sleepers

RV mattresses are the latest addition to the models offered by Bear Mattress, a company whose purpose is to provide high-quality sleep solutions that can be shipped right to your doorstep.

If you’re looking to get rid of your old one, Bear offers the best replacement mattress for your RV thanks to its slick, low-profile design. The company also claims that its breathable Celliant cover helps improve athletic performance to help ease pain and discomfort while you sleep.

Bear offers three RV mattress sizes: an RV bunk size at $449, an RV queen at $599, and an RV king at $699. Each has three layers of foam: 1″ of cooling graphite gel memory foam to ease body heat, 1″ of responsive memory foam to support pressure points, and 6″ of high-density support foam for lasting durability. 

You can have this comfortable RV mattress delivered for free right to your front door—except in Alaska and Hawaii.

DreamFoam Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - DreamFoam Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress Review
  • Best of the Coil Spring RV Mattresses

  • 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 120-night free trial

  • Price: $499.00–$749.00

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Custom-made in the US

  • Two core options

  • Great temperature regulation

  • Not flippable

DreamFoam is a sister brand of one of the leading companies in the industry and the number one on our list here, Brooklyn Bedding, so we know it’s a brand we can trust.

DreamFoam’s Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress collection comes in 14 sizes and two core options. First is the all-foam version, bearing a vast 7.5″ high-density foundation using open-cell technology, ensuring the mattress’s durability. 

The second core option is the hybrid, and it’s the best RV mattress with coil springs on our list. It has a 6″ layer of coils individually encased to deliver the most efficient pressure point relief and decrease motion transfer between partners. In addition, it’s paired with 1″ of high-density foam for added durability. We’re delighted to include it on our list here.

Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress Review
  • Best for Back Pain

  • 20-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 30-day trial

  • Price: $559.95–$649.95

Rating 9.9

Get the Best Deal
  • CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified

  • Machine-washable cover

  • High level of body contouring

  • Pricey compared to other options on our list

Live and Sleep is a luxury brand that claims to provide you with the best sleeping experience. Its collection of some of the best RV mattresses comes in six sizes and three models: the Classic, Luxury, and Elite. Live and Sleep also has special sizes available.

Its prices may not be the lowest on the market, ranging from $599 to as high as $949, but its comfort is sufficient to relieve back pain.

Depending on your sleep preferences, any of these models could be the best foam RV mattress for you. Each one comes in a 12″ thick design with a 2.5″ memory foam layer, 1″ of gel-infused memory foam, and an 8.5″ high-density Performance Core Support base to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam RV Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam RV Mattress Review
  • Best Budget-Friendly RV Mattress

  • 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Price: $207.50–$235.19

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Great value

  • Molds to body shape and position

  • Refreshing green tea infusion

  • Not ideal for cold sleepers

Closing out our RV mattress reviews is Zinus’s Green Tea Memory Foam mattress. This model comes in many RV mattress dimensions, from the smallest twin, at 39″ x 75″ x 6″, 18.9 lbs, to the massive king, at 72″ x 84″ x 12″, 78.8 lbs. All of these are infused with green tea and ActivCharcoal to keep your aches and pains away while you sleep.

What’s more, these cheap RV mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, proving that they’re made of high-quality foam despite the incredibly low prices. Prices start at only $151 for the 6″ twin, and the most expensive in this collection is the 12″ Cal king, which is still very affordable at $464.

We’re not sure how Zinus makes its prices so low despite the high quality, but we’re sure that this model deserves a spot on our list of the best RV mattresses.

Lucid Gel Memory Foam Short Queen Review

Best RV Mattress - Lucid Gel Memory Foam Short Queen Review
  • Best RV Mattress in a Short Queen Size

  • 10-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 30-day returns

  • Price: $289.99

Rating 9.7

Get the Best Deal
  • Soft, sink-in feel

  • Great for combo sleepers

  • Fantastic motion isolation

  • Not supportive enough for larger people

Lucid is a leading brand with over a decade of experience in the industry selling mattresses and beds. This 10″ short queen gel memory foam bed is best for side, back, and stomach sleepers because of its medium-plush feel.

We consider this our best short queen RV mattress because it has three layers of foam: 2.5″ of gel-infused foam that provides temperature regulation, 1.5″ of transition foam, and 5.5″ of bamboo charcoal-infused foam for stability and support.

After many hours of driving, Lucid’s Gel Memory Foam Mattress is just what you need in a short queen to deliver soft comfort while you sleep.

Dynasty CoolBreeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best RV Mattress - Dynasty CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review
  • Best in RV Mattress Reviews

  • 30-year limited warranty

  • Free shipping

  • 120-day returns

  • Price: $269.00–$649.00

Rating 9.6

Get the Best Deal
  • Infused with cooling beads

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Can accommodate somewhat heavier sleepers

  • Not for very hot sleepers

  • Some may find it pricey

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Dynasty has already gained the trust of thousands of customers, leading to a customer review rating of 4.8/5 stars. Hence, we’re glad to rank it well here as nearly the best-rated RV mattress.

Our instant favorite among this brand’s collection is also the most popular: the CoolBreeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It comes in 12 different sizes, all offering a medium-firm feel. This firmness level provides more pushback, making it suitable for sleepers over 130 pounds.

It’s worth mentioning that it may not work for people who sleep very hot because of its intricate layers and gel-infused foam. However, most people find these top-rated RV mattresses cool enough to sleep on after a tiring bout of driving.

What You Need to Know When Looking for the Best RV Mattress 

– Buyer’s Guide –

Being on the road all the time, even when you’re spending that time in a spacious recreational vehicle, is tiring. You need to ensure that you’re choosing the most comfortable RV mattress, but you also need one that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day’s adventure.

Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you with your purchasing decision.

Size Matters

RVs come in many different sizes, and so do their mattresses. You can’t just buy the first one you see, or it most likely won’t fit. Unfortunately, RV mattresses are less standardized. Some shorter, some thicker, some longer, they all vary. Since the dimensions are crucial when buying the best mattress for your RV, you’ll have to take some measurements.

Remember to measure the length, width, and available space for the depth of your mattress. Start by measuring the entire platform where your mattress will sit. Then, measure your current mattress and use it as a reference for the new one.

Types of Foams

The most common type, and usually the best foam mattress for an RV, is memory foam, which gives you the unique feeling of being cradled as you sink into it. Then, there are gel-infused foams that neutralize temperature so you can sleep cool. 

There are also innerspring mattresses, which have a core of coils topped with layers of foam and are usually more affordable but tend to wear out fast.

And of course, there’s the latex RV mattress, which generally is more comfortable and provides more antimicrobial benefits and anti–dust mite properties. 

These are only the most common types of RV mattresses, but there are more. When making a decision, always read the product description first to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Your Budget

If you’re in your RV most of the time, then you want to invest in a mattress that gives you the same level of comfort as your bed at home. But you can always find a cheap RV mattress with nearly the same level of quality as an expensive one. You can certainly find one or two from our list here. Of course, it’s really up to you if you want to go for the more expensive, luxury types. We also have some of them here.

How Long Is the Warranty?

Your mattress will face a lot of wear and tear. That’s why you must check the warranty first before buying one. Our selection has the most extended warranties out there, from 10 years to a lifetime extended warranty, so check it out.

Test It Out!

To make sure what you’re buying is the best RV mattress for you, test it out. After all, most mattress companies offer as many as 120 days for a free trial without commitment. So go ahead and take advantage of it to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

To Wrap It Up

Your RV is your second home. It might even be your first home. Having a high-quality mattress is essential to get your much-needed rest after many hours of driving. With this in mind, make sure your RV mattress suits your needs, preferences, and budget. It’s also smart to check a few RV mattresses’ reviews to help you decide better.

We hope you’ll find the right one for you on our list here. Happy travels!


What is the best RV mattress?

It all depends on your needs and habits and, of course, your space. Some people prefer their RV mattress to be firm, others, medium. Some are side-sleepers, others are stomach sleepers or combo sleepers. Their RV might be spacious or quite small. What we can assure you is that our reviews of these RV mattresses will help you find the one that’s best for you.

Can you use a regular mattress in an RV?

There’s no hard and fast rule saying you can’t use a regular mattress in an RV. However, RV mattresses and regular mattresses have a lot of differences. For instance, RV mattresses are a lot lighter than those at home for the simple reason that they’re used in vehicles. Remember that you have to consider your RV’s weight limit.

Another thing to take a look at is the difference in sizes. For example, the best RV short queen mattress is called such because it’s shorter than a regular queen-size mattress. The bottom line is, yes, you can use a regular mattress in your RV if your vehicle can accommodate the size and weight of the mattress, among other factors.

What is the best RV queen mattress?

The best RV queen mattress is the one that can make you feel like a queen (or a king) as soon as you throw yourself on it. It must offer you all the comfort you need because it’s made of high-quality materials and has layers of foam, each with its own function. 

Our best in the short queen size is the Lucid Gel Memory Foam because it meets the requirements of what we’re looking for in an RV queen mattress. However, other brands’ options come in a queen size, and these may be best suited to your preferences.

What size is an RV queen mattress?

Unlike the standard queen mattress size, there are three RV queen mattress options:

  1. Regular queen, at 60″ x 80″ 
  2. Three-quarter queen, at  48″ x 75″
  3. Short queen, 60″ x 75″

So when you’re buying one, make sure you know which among these three is what you need.

How can I make my RV mattress more comfortable?

There are many ways to make your RV mattress more comfortable. Here are some of them:

  • Add an RV pillow top mattress cover to your current mattress. You can likely find one from the specialty stores selling RV supplies. Most toppers are usually inexpensive and come in many different styles.
  • Sometimes the discomfort of sleeping in an RV isn’t from the mattress itself but due to the plywood frames. If yours is made from this material, try placing foam padding or something similar between the base of the frame and the bottom of one of the best-rated RV mattress choices discussed here.
  • If your current mattress no longer makes you feel comfortable, then perhaps it’s time to replace it. After all, what can be better than buying a new one? Or you can layer it with your old one if that would give you more comfort when you sleep. We’re pretty sure you can find the best RV mattress from our list, so go ahead and choose one now.