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August 11, 2020

Ever since the mattress was launched in 2016, Cocoon by Sealy reviews dominated the industry, along with Oprah’s Favorite Things List and our list of the best mattresses for a platform bed. This budget-friendly all-foam mattress is available in two feels and two cover options for a completely customizable sleeping experience. With the Cocoon, you’ll forget about shoulder and hip pain, joint stiffness, and backaches.

We put this mattress through some incredibly harsh tests to see exactly what they’re capable of. Keep reading to discover whether this type of mattress will let you sleep soundly at night.


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  • Two cover options

  • Two firmness levels

  • Outstanding motion isolation

  • Excellent body contouring

  • Slight off-gassing

  • Not for heavyweight sleepers

  • No White Glove delivery

Cocoon Mattress Review


The 10’’ Cocoon by Sealy has a hybrid layering system and depending on the firmness, you’ll get two to three layers of CertiPUR-US certified foams.

  • The Cover comes in Classic and Chill options. The Classic stretch-knit cover is made from spun poly fibers that give it a soft feel. On the other hand, the Chill cover includes phase change material that absorbs and dissipates the heat and is much cooler to the touch. One Cocoon Chill Mattress review says that this coolness doesn’t go away during the night or after months of use.
  • The Comfort Layer comprises a 2’’ Perfect Fit memory foam that hugs and contours the body providing soft support in the process.
  • The Transition Layer is only present in the softer version and is made from 2’’ Cocoon Soft memory foam. It’s denser than the foam in the comfort layer, but more responsive to body weight, letting you sink deeper into the mattress.
  • The Base Layer is made from 6’’ (softer version) or 8’’ (firmer version) Essential Support foam. Cocoon Mattress reviews say this layer provides solid support while keeping the spine properly aligned.



The Cocoon is available in Medium-Soft and Extra Firm options, which sounds as if they were on different spectrums of the firmness scale, but we found them to be quite similar.

Our Cocoon review found that the Medium-Soft mattress corresponds to a 4 on the 10-point firmness scale. The plush, soft cover hugged us and let us sink right into the mattress. Even though it gave us the feeling of “sleeping in” the mattress, we didn’t feel trapped or swallowed by it.

On the contrary, the Extra Firm Cocoon felt more like a medium-firm — somewhere around 6 on the 10-point firmness scale. This version, too, provided ample body contouring, but it gave us the feeling of “sleeping on” the mattress, as we didn’t sink in too much.


For this part of our Sealy Cocoon review, we asked an average-sized (around 130lbs) team member to stand in the middle of the mattress. The Medium-Soft Cocoon sinks about 7’’, while the Extra-Firm version sinks a bit less, about 6¾’’.


Despite the Cocoon Mattress being less thick than other all-foam mattresses like the Casper Original, it still distributes weight well. It also responds to the body, albeit a bit slowly, and offers the appropriate level of support that prevents and alleviates back, hip, and shoulder pain, as well as joint stiffness.

However, Cocoon by Sealy reviews say that larger or heavier sleepers (230lbs and over) probably won’t get enough support from this mattress, yet petite and average-sized sleepers will find plenty of pressure relief and comfort. Side sleepers prefer the Medium-Soft Cocoon, stomach sleepers love the Extra Firm version, whereas back sleepers found both options exceptional for lumbar support.

Temperature Neutrality

All-foam mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses, are infamous for trapping heat and keeping the sleeper hot during the night. If you opt for the Classic cover Cocoon, you’ll probably get a little hot while sleeping. Despite the breathable cover, foams aren’t all that good at allowing airflow.

Another Cocoon Chill review says that the Chill cover is fairly good at keeping the sleeper cool. The phase change material is effective at regulating temperature, allowing the sleeper to enjoy a cool and comfortable night.

Edge Support

It’s well known that softer mattresses don’t provide good edge support and the Cocoon Medium-Soft is no exception. Although back and side sleepers enjoy the cradling of a soft mattress, this Cocoon version makes it harder to move around and change positions. Furthermore, Cocoon bed reviews also claim that sitting or lying near the edge of the bed feels as if you were slowly sliding off the bed.

However, the Extra Firm Cocoon showed a rather impressive edge support for an all-foam mattress. While lying near the edge, changing positions, and rolling around the bed, we felt pretty secure and supported.

Motion Transfer

Foam mattresses are excellent at isolating motion, and Sealy Cocoon Mattress reviews confirm that the mattress isolates motion pretty well. This makes it an excellent mattress for couples, as tossing and turning is not an issue (you can barely feel it).


From $399

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  • Two cover options

  • Two firmness levels

  • Outstanding motion isolation

  • Excellent body contouring

  • Slight off-gassing

  • Not for heavyweight sleepers

  • No White Glove delivery

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

The company doesn’t disclose the composition of the mattress in-depth, nor do they list the density of the foams they use, making it difficult to determine the lifespan of the mattress.

Nevertheless, albeit this Cocoon Sealy review can’t claim with 100%-accuracy how long the mattress will last, we know that Sealy has been in the mattress business for 130 years, and has tested the Cocoon for a few years before offering it to customers. That, along with a 10-year warranty, should provide some assurance.


The mattress cover is removable, however, Cocoon reviews say it’s not washable. You can spot-clean it, but it would be a good idea to invest in a mattress cover. Take a look at our list of best mattress protectors that will keep stains and dirt away from your mattress.

The Cocoon is not flippable, but you can rotate it head to toe every six months to prevent lasting indentations and prolong your bed’s lifespan.

Customer Service

There aren’t many Sealy Cocoon reviews on customer service, but they’re mostly positive. Positive reviews say that customer support agents were helpful, efficient, courteous, while a few negative ones claim that the support wasn’t able to provide answers on their orders.

If you need to reach customer service, you can give them a call Monday to Friday or email them at any time.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Sealy offers a standard 100-night sleep trial with no mandatory break-in period. Despite that, Cocoon by Sealy reviews say that the company recommends sleeping on the bed for at least 30 days, so your body can adjust to the change.

If you don’t like the mattress, the company will send you the other firmness model, and if you still don’t like the Cocoon, you can return it at any point during the trial period. Sealy will arrange the mattress pick up and they’ll donate, recycle, or dispose of it. Sealy Mattress reviews say that the refund takes one to two business days.

Shipping Options

Sealy offers free UPS standard ground shipping, which means your Cocoon should arrive in 5–7 days. Depending on where you live, Sealy also offers Saturday delivery, UPS Next Day, and UPS Second-Day delivery, for an additional fee.

Unfortunately, there’s no White Glove delivery, and as one Sealy Cocoon Chill review says, you don’t even have to be home at the time of delivery; UPS will leave the box at your doorstep.


Your Cocoon Mattress is protected with a 10-year full-replacement limited warranty that covers mattress defects and indentations of at least one inch. During this time, Sealy will replace or repair defective mattresses for free, but the customer has to pay for shipping fees.

Additionally, warranty claims don’t extend the warranty life, according to one Cocoon by Sealy review.


The Cocoon is priced slightly lower than competitors. However, if the Cocoon doesn’t fit your needs, take a look at our list of the best cheap mattresses.

The mattress is available in six sizes, all competitively priced. Fairly often, Sealy gives free sheets or pillows with a mattress purchase, and you can also get a deal if you buy a bed foundation along with the mattress.

From time to time, you can also find a Cocoon by Sealy coupon or a discount. Sealy also offers a 12-month 0% APR financing with a Cocoon by Sealy Credit Card for all orders over $500.

Prices start from $600 for a Twin with the Chill cover or $399 for the Classic cover and go up to $1,150 for a King or Cal King with the Chill cover, or $999 for the Classic cover.

Who Can Benefit From This Mattress?

  • People sensitive to their partner’s movements will enjoy the Cocoon due to its exceptional motion isolation.
  • All types of sleepers will be able to find a firmness level to satisfy their sleeping needs.
  • Hot sleepersCocoon bed review reveals they love the cooling sensation the Chill cover provides.
  • Sleepers who love the hugging feeling of foam will be satisfied with the cradling feeling the layers of foam provide.
  • People looking for a basic mattress who care more about the quality of the materials than looks will be happy with the value for money the Cocoon offers.

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

  • People over 230lbs should take a look at our lists of the best hybrid mattresses or innerspring mattresses, as they need more support only coils can provide.
  • Those who want good edge support should probably stay clear from the Medium-Soft Cocoon, as it has poor edge support; take a look at the Extra Firm Cocoon instead.

Cocoon Mattress Review Summary

While the Cocoon isn’t the fanciest or most luxurious mattress on the market, it does its job well. It relieves pressure, prevents and alleviates pains and aches while also taking care of your budget.

Sealy shows they care about their consumers with their free return and refund policy, financing options, and free delivery, making their products even more alluring.


Is Cocoon by Sealy a good mattress?

The Cocoon is one of the best cooling mattresses under $1,500. Hot sleepers who like the feeling of foam will love it.

Where is Cocoon by Sealy made?

The mattress is designed and made in North Carolina, US.

What is Cocoon by Sealy?

It’s a bed-in-a-box all-foam mattress paired with innovative cooling technology that offers comfort due to foam, contouring, and the feeling of pressure relief.

Is Sealy a good mattress brand?

Sealy has been a leader in the mattress industry for many years and is a proven mattress brand.

Which is better: Sealy or Serta?

It depends on what you need. If you have muscle and joint pains and aches, Sealy is the better and more affordable solution. But, if you want a wide selection of mattresses and upgrades with a longer warranty, then Serta is the one for you.

Which is better: Beautyrest or Sealy?

Again, it depends on your needs. Sealy is better if you have orthopedic problems and want something more affordable. On the other hand, Beautyrest is all about luxury and is a far more expensive option with only one firmness level.

Which Sealy mattress is the best?

All Sealy mattresses are good and of exceptional quality. It all comes down to your preferences and needs, and Sealy has a solution for all of them. Reading different opinions like Cocoon by Sealy reviews will help you choose the best mattress for you.