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June 21, 2020

Do you prefer soft or firm mattresses? Can’t decide what’s right for you?

Well, you don’t have to! The Layla mattresses have it all.

They’re unique, flippable bed-in-a-box mattresses that offer a choice of soft and firm sides—all within a single mattress. And if this doesn’t impress you enough, we’ll add that these mattresses are spiced up with a special ingredient—copper.

Why copper?

Read our extensive Layla Mattress review to find out.


From $1,249

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  • Flippable for the choice of a soft or firm feel

  • Helps with back and joint pain

  • The copper materials keep you cool

  • Layla Mattress return process is fast and easy

  • Slight odor when brand new (usually goes away within a day)

  • Challenging to flip: requires two people

  • Average edge support

How Did the Layla Mattress Make Our List?

The Layla Mattress stands out from the crowd because of its adaptability. It has the functionality that allows it to be flipped over for a softer or firmer feel at a moment’s notice. In our review of the Layla mattress, we found that it has premium support, which prevents you from caving into the mattress if you’re a side sleeper. Moreover, of the beds we’ve reviewed for our list of the best mattresses, Layla is one of the best for people who sleep hot.

The mattress’s innovative copper-infused materials work well to keep you cool. Also, it’s believed that copper materials aid blood circulation and can ease joint pain and stiffness. So if you suffer from any of these ailments, the Layla might be an excellent choice for you. But don’t take our word for it, scroll down and see our detailed, in-depth Layla Mattress review before you make your decision.


From $1,249

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  • Flippable for the choice of a soft or firm feel

  • Helps with back and joint pain

  • The copper materials keep you cool

  • Layla Mattress return process is fast and easy

  • Slight odor when brand new (usually goes away within a day)

  • Challenging to flip: requires two people

  • Average edge support

About Layla Sleep

Founded in 2016, Layla Sleep has quickly become one of the most popular online mattress brands. The founders’ idea was to create a high-quality mattress that would help people get the much-needed rest and wake up full of energy. It all started with a single model—the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, but soon they’ve added new products to the assortment.

Now Layla also offers a hybrid mattress, which is flippable just like Layla’s original model. Plus, this innovative brand has started selling bed frames, adjustable bases, sheets, weighted blankets, as well as other sleep accessories. However, our Layla mattress review focuses on Layla mattresses.

The Layla Mattress Features 

The Layla mattresses are expertly made out of layers that have various levels of density. You can choose between two models: memory foam and hybrid. A detailed analysis of the Layla mattresses’ composition is below. We’ve also looked at a number of their other features, from comfort to edge support to motion transfer.


  • The Cover: The soft cover is made of a blend of soft polyester materials infused with thermo-gel, which helps one sleep cool.
  • Comfort Layer: The comfort layer is the softer side of the mattress, made out of three inches of copper-infused memory foam. The Layla memory foam mattress uses copper materials because they are antibacterial and help keep you fresh. They are also great for aiding blood circulation and relieving joint pain. You can also check out our top 10 mattresses for back pain.
  • The Transition Layer: A two-inch layer of polyfoam comes next. This layer adds a bit more support to the softer comfort layer and acts as a transition into the firmer layer that comes next. It also has an egg-carton design that allows air to flow through it, which is mentioned in almost any Layla memory foam mattress review.
  • The Coil System: You can find this 6-inch layer only in the hybrid model. It consists of individually wrapped coils, which boost the mattress’s support level.
  • The Support Layer: This layer consists of a high-density polyfoam that gives support to the mattress.
  • Firm Support Layer: The firmest layer is made up of one inch of copper-infused materials. When the Layla copper-infused mattress is turned, there is no transition layer and only an inch of memory foam, which makes it feel much firmer.


A number of factors define the mattress’s comfort. The most important ones include firmness level, sinkage, and support. So we’ll take a closer look at these in order to assess how comfortable the Layla is.

Since each person has different preferences, heights, and weights, it’s important to note that testing mattresses is a subjective matter. Each person will feel a mattress differently. For this reason, we enlisted the help of several testers to ensure we could provide an average and unbiased opinion in this Layla Mattress review.

Because the Layla technically comes with two different feels, we tested both. The softer side came out with an average of 5.5 out of 10, which is lower than medium firmness and great for side sleepers. On the other hand, the firmer side came in at a varying degree of 7 to 8 out of 10, which makes it significantly firmer—an excellent choice for stomach sleepers.

The amount of sinkage depends on the side of the mattress you sleep on. The softer side has more sinkage than the firmer side, but both are rather minimal. However, according to some Layla mattress complaints, you may find the sinkage too much on the softer side if you are a stomach sleeper. Keep in mind that the hybrid model offers less sinkage and more bounce.

The softer side is great for side sleepers because it provides enough support to keep their spine in perfect alignment without causing uncomfortable pressure to their shoulders and hips. On the other hand, the firm side provides ample support for stomach sleepers.

Temperature Neutrality

The Layla is perfect for those who tend to get hot when they sleep. It comes with specially patterned foams that allow the air to flow through it. There are also layers infused with copper and therma-gel to help keep you cool while you sleep. Testimonials about the Layla mattress on Amazon claim that this specific technology actually works.

Edge Support

When we tested the Layla memory foam mattress for this review, we found the edge support to be average. While sitting on the edge of the mattress, the memory foam does sink in. However, when lying on the edge of the mattress, there was no sensation that you might fall off. To sum up, the firmer side of the Layla has better edge support. If you’re looking for better edge support, you should opt for the hybrid model or consider checking out our Saatva mattress review

Motion Transfer

Most people share a mattress with a partner or even a pet. So it’s integral to ascertain how it will feel when someone moves or has a restless night’s sleep. With this in mind, Layla Mattress consumer reports and our team of researchers both agree that the memory foam mattress offers superior motion isolation (almost zero!), so you won’t be woken up every time someone gets up during the night or comes to bed late. While both sides can be characterized as trustworthy, the firmer side of the mattress is better since it’s in contact with the harder support layer. On the other hand, the hybrid version doesn’t absorb motion so well.

Durability and Maintenance

Layla is made from very durable mattress materials, which means this is a very long-lasting mattress. Made from high-quality memory foam and excellent copper materials, this investment will be money well spent. If you read the Layla mattress reviews on Reddit, you’ll find that most customers are satisfied with its quality. The company has given the mattress a lifetime expectation of 10 to 12 years. And if all else fails, there is a non-prorated lifetime warranty.

In order to keep the Layla mattress in good shape, it’s recommended to rotate it from head to toe at least once a month. You’ll achieve an even better effect if you do that every time you change your sheets. When needed, the cover can be removed and dry-cleaned. This way, it won’t lose any of its softness.

Customer Service

According to most Layla Mattress reviews, the customer support representatives are a great help and do their best to address all your issues. If you have any questions or complaints, you can easily get in touch with the Layla customer support team in several ways: by phone, email, or live chat.

Terms of Sale

If you are unsure whether the Layla Mattress is right for you, you can take advantage of the 120-night free trial. That means you can test it out for four months, and if you’re not happy, you can get your money back.

Shipping the Layla Mattress is free to anyone living in the continental United States. It arrives compressed in a box, and the process of the Layla mattress unboxing will take you only a few minutes.

While most mattresses out there offer 10- to 15-year warranties on their products, Layla provides a lifetime warranty. So if your mattress has a defect, you can rest assured that they will replace it for you. What’s more, they’ll do it completely free of charge! There are a few stipulations that you have to adhere to if you want to use the warranty, but they’re commonplace.


The Layla mattress is extremely affordable. As outlined in all the reviews available online, the Layla comes in a choice of six different mattress sizes. The Layla queen mattress (the memory foam option) costs $999, which places it at a below-average price point when compared to other bed-in-a-box mattress competitors. For the full price list, check out the Layla website. For more affordable options, take a look at our list of best cheap mattresses.

In addition, Layla offers some great financing options if paying a lump sum isn’t possible for you. You can still get the mattress and pay monthly for it with 0% to 30% APR available for qualified buyers. We love that their motto is “sleep now, pay later.”  

If you are sold on the Layla Mattress but still looking to save money, then keep an eye out for some fantastic discounts, special offers, and Layla Mattress coupon codes.

Who Should Buy the Layla Mattress?

  • People who sleep hot: The copper materials of the mattress keep you cool, so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, even somewhere like Arizona.
  • Those who aren’t sure: If you are not sure whether you would prefer a softer or firmer mattress, you’ll see that Layla gives the flexibility to try out both. Many testimonials claim that this is one of the best features of this mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers: With a significantly firmer side at your disposal, this may be an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, especially the hybrid model.
  • Side sleepers: According to some reviews of the Layla Mattress on Reddit, the soft side of the Layla is one of the best things that happened to side sleepers.

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

  • People who don’t like memory foam: If you are not a fan of memory foam mattresses or ones that sink in at your touch, then perhaps the Layla memory foam bed is not the best fit for you. 
  • Petite sleepers: Very lightweight sleepers may find that the firmer side of the mattress does not contour around their body enough to get a comfortable sleep, which is also mentioned in several Layla mattress reviews.
  • Heavy people: On the other hand, the softer side of the Layla is also probably not best suited for heavier people as they may feel there is inadequate support. However, if you fall within the middle ground, then this mattress will suit you just fine.
  • Couples: The memory foam mattress by Layla is probably not a good choice for people who often sit on the side of the bed or sleep beside a partner since it can’t boast ample edge support. We recommend couples to check out our list of the top rated king size mattresses.

Is Layla a Good Mattress?

All in all, both sides of the Layla Mattress came with very positive reviews. With a choice of softer materials for side sleepers and a firmer option for stomach sleepers, the Layla offers the best of both worlds. It’s also an excellent choice for those who have yet to decide what works best for them and want to test out both options.

With copper-infused materials, it’s also one of the best mattresses out there for people who sleep hot. Even without the Layla discount, it has a below-average price point. So considering all of the conveniences you’re receiving for one mattress, you can be sure you’re getting excellent value for your money. And if you find that you aren’t, returns are fast and easy.

For more information or to view the Layla Mattress online, visit the official Layla website. We hope this Layla Mattress review was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.


What are the benefits of copper-infused foam?

Copper, as one of the most conductive elements, draws body heat away and keeps the mattress cool. In addition, it has antiviral and antibacterial properties, so it will keep you away from those nasty microbes while you’re sound asleep.

Where do I go to buy the Layla mattress?

Wondering where you can find the Layla Mattress at an affordable price? The best place to purchase this product is on the official Layla Mattress website. After checking the shipping and returns policy, along with other customer reviews, it’s clear this is where you can make the most of some great manufacturer savings.

How much is a Layla mattress?

The price of a Layla mattress depends on your choice of the model and size. It’s always best to check the official site for pricing details.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Twin – $449
  • Twin XL – $549
  • Full – $749
  • Queen – $849
  • King – $949
  • Cal King – $949

The Layla Hybrid Mattress:

  • Twin – $999
  • Twin XL – $1099
  • Full – $1299
  • Queen – $1399
  • King – $1599
  • Cal King – $1599

Can the Layla mattress be shipped to Canada?

Yes, the Layla company ships the Layla mattress to Canada. However, keep in mind that they charge $200 per mattress, which covers all duties and fees.

How long does it take for the Layla mattress to ship?

From the moment you place your order, it can take 4–8 business days for your mattress to arrive at your location. First, the manufacturer needs 2–3 business days for manufacturing and packaging. Once they ship it, you will receive an email with the tracking number, and you can expect your mattress to arrive in 2 to 5 business days.

How easy is it to open the Layla mattress?

It’s very simple to open the Layla mattress, which is delivered compressed, rolled, and boxed. After you unbox it, you need to remove the wrapping and unroll the mattress. Once unrolled, the mattress will automatically expand, and you can use it right away!

How do I flip the Layla mattress?

If you want to flip the mattress from the soft side to the firm side or vice versa, you need to take the cover off, flip over your mattress, and then just put the cover back on and zip it up. It’s as simple as that!

Is the Layla mattress toxic?

The Layla mattress is made of foams that are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means that they don’t contain any toxic materials, such as ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and VOCs. Read more about the materials used above.

How thick is the Layla mattress?

The Layla mattress is 10 inches thick. It consists of four layers that are made of different types of foam. Depending on how you decide to turn it, the mattress can provide two firmness levels.

How much does the Layla mattress weigh?

The different weights of the Layla mattress, which depend on its size, are as follows:

  • Twin – 50 lbs
  • Twin XL – 55 lbs
  • Full – 70 lbs
  • Queen – 80 lbs
  • King – 90 lbs
  • California King – 90 lbs

Where is the Layla mattress made?

The Layla mattress is made in the US. The foam is produced in Georgia and California while the mattress is put together in Arizona. The mattress covers and labels are also made in the US, in North Carolina to be precise. When the number of orders gets overwhelming, the American-made fabric is cut and sewn in El Salvador and Mexico. Read more about the materials used in our detailed Layla mattress review above.