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June 11, 2020

From Oprah’s approval to countless Smart Nora reviews by satisfied users, everyone loves this revolutionary anti-snoring device. Smart Nora is a contact-free, smart-tech device that’s guaranteed to put a stop to your or your partner’s snoring without the use of mouthpieces, chinstraps, or other obtrusive devices. What it does is gently, and silently, inflate or deflate your pillow to prevent snoring as soon as it starts.

What makes this product so great and effective? Check out our Smart Nora smart snoring solution review to find out.


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  • A non-invasive, contact-free device

  • No fitting required

  • Stops snoring as soon as it begins

  • Works for all sleeping positions

  • Pleasing, sleek design that’s unobtrusive

  • A bit pricey

  • Not suitable for people who move around in their sleep or flip their pillow

  • No app support

Smart Nora Reviews

Type of Device

Even though this device is categorized as a smart snoring pillow according to most Smart Nora smart snoring reviews, the system actually consists of three parts: 

  • A pillow insert that’s connected to an air hose is in turn connected to the pump. The pillow expander is designed to fit into pillowcases of any size, although Smart Nora recommends using a queen-size pillow (20″ x 30″) as this size ensures the entire insert is placed under the pillow.
  • The pebble is the egg-shaped Bluetooth device “listening” to your snoring. The pebble’s design is elegant and inconspicuous, blending into the surroundings of any modern home. In fact, Smart Nora sleep system reviews have agreed that it looks more like a state-of-the-art decorative element than a gadget.
  • The base unit manages the device. The Smart Nora device isn’t the smallest anti-snoring device on the market, but the pump is housed in a two-tone, stylish felt-covered box that looks cozy and warma perfect fit for any bedroom. 

How Smart Nora works is fairly simple. When you snore, the pebble “hears” the sound and sends a signal to the pump, which then inflates the expander in your pillowcase. The basic premise is that by raising your head when you snore, the muscles in the throat tighten, allowing air to flow freely and thus stop you from snoring. Put simply, it addresses the most fundamental cause of snoring: relaxed airways. 

Size of the Snoring Remedy Product 

The next item to cover in our Smart Nora snoring review is size. Admittedly, the Smart Nora snoring system is a little bulky, but the box it comes in has convenient slots for all the elements, making it incredibly easy to pack and put away. 

  • Box dimensions: 4.5″ x 10″ x 7.3″ 
  • Pebble dimensions: 2.4″ x 3.7″ x 0.5″
  • Pillow insert dimensions: 20″ by 8″
  • Total weight: 4.4 lbs

Can You Customize the Device?

Some of us like to sleep with the TV on, others need complete silence—which makers of the Smart Nora Snoring Solution understand perfectly. That’s why the microphone in the listening device has five sensitivity settingsadjusting the level to suit the sleeping environment of any user. Loud noises, such as a busy street, would require a lower setting, while users who live in quiet neighborhoods should go for the highest setting, making sure that the device picks up even the faintest sounds.

Our review of Smart Nora found that it works best in a quiet environment, so keeping noises to a minimum is a good idea. Not only will you get the best results from this anti-snoring system, but a quiet bedroom is also proven to be the most conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Is the Device Adjustable?

In addition to controlling sound sensitivity levels on the pebble, Smart Nora allows sleepers to adjust the height of the pillow too. On the pump, there’s a dial that lets the sleeper control how much the insert in the pillowcase inflates. A high setting gently raises the pillow by around four inches, whereas the low setting inflates the insert by around three inches.

Some customer reviews of Smart Nora have pointed out that the high setting can be somewhat disruptive during the night, recommending the lower or medium option as the ideal solution. However, seeing as no two sleepers are alike, we recommend trying all the settings until you find the one that’s right for you.

Adjustment Period

Smart Nora advises a two-week adjustment period, although most users report getting used to the product within a couple of nights. 

One of the great things about Smart Nora is that there’s no need to make any changes to your sleeping style for the device to be effective. This snore pillow is designed to work for any kind of sleeper—front, back, or side—and all kinds of snorers, including those who snore through the mouth, tongue, or nose. 

As we mentioned before in this Smart Nora review, the insert fits into pillows of all sizes, so you can go on sleeping just like you did before. The only difference will be the absence of your snores. 

Durability and Maintenance

Lifetime of the Product

Because it doesn’t go into your mouth, Smart Nora isn’t subject to the usual wear and tear other snoring prevention devices go through. Provided that it doesn’t get physically damaged, there’s no reason why Smart Nora won’t be in your life for many years to come. 

Saying that, glitches are always possible, as with any other tech device. However, as many reviews of the Smart Nora Snoring Solution confirm, thanks to the company’s top-notch customer service, you can get instructions on how to deal with the issue in no time.


None of the components of the Smart Nora snoring solution touch your mouth or your face, so there’s no need to clean them every day as you would a mouthpiece.

Making sure that the battery for the box and the pebble is charged is all the maintenance this device requires. What’s more, if a part of the device is lost or damaged, Smart Nora will send a replacement as soon as your request is processed.

Customer Service

Nearly all user reviews of the Smart Nora Snoring Solution express satisfaction with this company’s customer service, regardless of whether they were happy with the product or not. The customer service at Smart Nora is helpful and friendly, and it responds to inquiries and issues with incredible speed. On top of that, live chat is available on the website, so customers are instantly provided with assistance and advice. 

Terms of Sale

Trial and Return Policy

All Smart Nora shipments come with a free 30-day trial. The company recommends a 7–14-day adjustment period, although the majority of Smart Nora customer reviews say it only took a matter of days to feel comfortable with the device.

Smart Nora’s return policy is as efficient as the product itself. If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with the Smart Nora snoring pillow, simply send it back to one of the return centers and get your money back in full, free-of-charge. 

Shipping Policy

Smart Nora currently ships orders for free to the US and Canada only. Delivery takes 3–5 business days, and the company doesn’t provide expedited shipping at the moment. 


The Smart Nora snore pillow has a one-year warranty policy applicable to all customers. More good news: when you buy the device through the official website or Amazon, your warranty is activated automatically. All you have to do is start using Smart Nora and say goodbye to sleepless nights. 


One of the few things that all Smart Nora smart snoring solution reviews agree on is that the product is a bit pricey at $359 but well worth the investment. 

Who Is Smart Nora For?

Who Should Buy Smart Nora?

  • People who have tried everything else. Sadly, some anti-snoring devices out there are tailored to just one type of sleeper and one type of snoring. The good thing about Smart Nora is that it fits all kinds of sleepers and snorers and requires absolutely no changes to one’s sleep routine or style.
  • People whose snoring affects their partner. There are numerous satisfied Smart Nora unbiased reviews from partners of people with snoring issues.
  • People who don’t like invasive devices. Sleeping with a mouthpiece or headband is uncomfortable, restrictive, and a real problem for someone who wears dentures or sufferers from respiratory problems. Smart Nora, on the other hand, is contact-free and unbelievably comfortable.
  • Those who can’t immediately fall asleep. Smart Nora has a 30-minute delay option, giving users time to get comfortable in bed, so it’s a great option for most of us who don’t fall asleep as soon as we hit the pillow.
  • People who are on the move. Smart Nora is sold with a battery that allows the pump to function for 24 hours without being plugged in—the perfect feature for traveling. 

Who Should Look for Other Snoring Remedies?

  • People who like to flip their pillow. Our Smart Nora pillow review found that sleepers who tend to slip away from their pillows, move too much in the night, or hug, flip, or squeeze their pillow too tightly won’t benefit from this device.
  • Those who are on a tight budget. At $359, this device is a bit on the high-end price spectrum. However, the company offers plenty of discounts and deals to help you make some savings.
  • People who sleep with a white noise machine, fan, or air conditioner. Smart Nora has a tougher time detecting snores in a noisy environment. Smart Nora reviews regarding white noise machines, fans, and other devices that make sounds show that the device is still effective. The pebble should be set up closer to the user’s head, away from the fans, and the sensitivity needs to be turned down to the lowest level so it detects only the loudest noises.
  • Those looking for a permanent fix to their snoring. It’s important to remember that Smart Nora is not a medical device, nor does it address any underlying conditions that might cause snoring. 

Smart Nora Review Summary 

This unique anti-snoring device gently moves your head while you sleep to stop snoring from disturbing your sleep and the sleep of others around you. It might be a little on the expensive side, but with the company’s generous money-back guarantee, you aren’t losing anything by giving it a try. In fact, you might be surprised at how a simple and easy-to-use snoring solution like this can be so successful and have such phenomenal results.

Praised as a successful snoring solution by thousands of Smart Nora reviews, this system may not address any of the underlying issues that cause snoring, but it’s still an incredibly effective device that will nip snoring in the bud and give you and your family the peaceful, uninterrupted good night’s rest you deserve.


Where should you place the Smart Nora device?

The box that houses the pump can be placed anywhere, but next to the bed is the best option—where you can avoid knocking it over by accident and potentially damaging it. The pebble should be placed no more than an arm’s length from your head, so it can pick up sounds and function properly.

Does Smart Nora really work?

No device is guaranteed to be 100% successful, although the Smart Nora Snoring Solution comes pretty close. Even its most vocal critics can’t deny the fact that it’s effective at least 60% of the time.

Does Smart Nora help sleep apnea?

No. Smart Nora only addresses the issue of snoring. Smart Nora reviews for sleep apnea by sleep experts note that the device is not a valid treatment for this condition and shouldn’t be seen or used as a replacement for a CPAP machine

How much is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora costs $359. However, with Affirm, users can get this device at a low price of $27 a month. The company offers other deals and discounts—you just need to keep up to date with the latest offer to get the best price.

Do you need special technical skills to use the Smart Nora snoring device?

No, Smart Nora reviews confirm that it’s easy to set up. All you need to do is connect the tube from the pillow insert into the base, plug the base in, and turn on the pebble (once it’s charged). The Bluetooth device will connect automatically, so no technical skills are needed.