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Spindle Mattress Review
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July 6, 2020

Looking for an all-natural latex mattress can be quite a nightmare since these products are often quite pricey, and the majority of stores don’t deliver everywhere. However, we found an amazing and affordable latex mattress with free delivery: Spindle! We assume you have lots of questions, so we tested this 100% Dunlop latex mattress for you, and here’s our Spindle mattress review.

Proudly made in the US with natural and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, natural wool, and Dunlop latex, the Spindle is fully adjustable and will offer you the perfect level of firmness.

But how does it sleep? Our team put it through a series of rigorous tests, so keep reading to see if this is the best mattress for you.


From $1,599.99

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  • All-natural latex mattress for a low price

  • Proper support

  • Multiple firmness options

  • Environmentally conscious brand

  • Low edge support

  • Heavy to move once assembled

  • Assembly process might be frustrating

Spindle Natural Latex Mattress Review


The Spindle is a 10″ tall mattress made from three 3″ layers of soft and bouncy latex that’s Oeko-Tex and Rainforest Alliance certified. As we’ve mentioned, the Spindle latex bed is adjustable and unlike any other adjustable beds you’ve encountered so far.

First things first, you’ll need to go to the official Spindle website and enter your info and answer some questions about your height, weight, and sleep preferences. The company will then customize a mattress according to your needs and send you the mattress layers that you’ll assemble at home.

If you’re unsatisfied with your Spindle mattress assembly or some of its layers, the company will swap the layers until you’re happy with your mattress.

We have to admit, assembling the mattress wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s pretty swell to be able to make a mattress according to your own needs.

  • Cover: The 1″ cover is made from natural wool and organic cotton batting. Numerous Spindle mattress reviews and our own experience confirm that this material combination provides immediate comfort for the sleeper. Moreover, wool is amazing at absorbing moisture, so the mattress will stay dry and cool throughout the night.
  • Comfort Layer: Spindle’s comfort layer is made from a 3″ layer of medium natural latex. It rapidly responds to pressure, even though it’s very soft, giving the sleeper pressure relief without the feeling of being stuck or sinking into the mattress.
  • Transition Layer: The transition layer consists of another 3″ of medium natural latex that transitions into the Spindle mattress foundation layer, extending the comfort of the first layer.
  • Foundation Layer: The last of the latex mattress layers is another 3″ layer, this time made from firm natural latex that gives the whole latex mattress firmness and support while keeping it cool and preventing overheating.

Comfort and Support

Trying out the Spindle latex mattress was an enjoyable experience for our whole team. The mattress offers great comfort, and the cotton and wool cover hugs the sleeper. The quick bounce of the latex layers gives great support, which could be useful to people with mobility issues who have a hard time getting up from the bed.


You have the option to choose a soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm latex mattress since people of different sizes need different firmness levels. We tested the medium firmness mattress, and we have to agree with the average Spindle medium mattress review—the mattress is generally on the softer side, but we had no feeling of sinking into the mattress since the latex bounce kept us on top of the bed.

Even though there are four firmness options, various Spindle latex mattress reviews confirm that the extra firm mattress is not the hardest and the soft is not the softest. This is due to the nature of latex—it can never be completely rigid or too squishy. However, the medium option should fit the majority of sleepers.


Compared to other mattresses on the market, the Spindle we tested is a mattress of medium firmness, which means it offers a balance between sinkage and support, so you won’t feel like you’re in the mattress, but on top of it. If we had to choose between the Spindle mattress vs. Zenhaven, we’d say they’re pretty similar in terms of firmness and sinkage.

Temperature Neutrality

Spindle mattress company claims that its mattresses aren’t suitable for hot sleepers, but unlike memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses sleep cooler and work perfectly with cooling pillows

There are several reasons for this. First, latex has an open-cell construction that allows airflow. Furthermore, it sheds heat more quickly because it responds quickly to pressure, and since you don’t sink into the mattress, the heat from your body dissipates faster.

Edge Support

If you’re sharing your bed with someone, you have to consider the amount of edge support your mattress provides. That is, can you sleep near the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re going to fall off?

Unfortunately, the edge support is not the strongest feature of the Spindle natural latex mattress. Stretching out near the side of the bed gives the same support as stretching in the middle of it. However, when you scoot near the edge, you can feel some compression in the mattress layers, which creates deeper sinkage in the hip and shoulder areas.

This didn’t make us feel less secure or like we were going to fall off the bed, but it’s worth mentioning.

Motion Transfer

Another point to consider in our Spindle mattress review is if you’re sharing your bed with a partner or pet, how will the mattress act when someone moves, gets into or out of the bed, or has a restless night?

Latex mattresses aren’t best when it comes to motion transfer, so there’s a possibility you might be disturbed during the night and feel your partner tossing and turning.


From $1,599.99

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  • All-natural latex mattress for a low price

  • Proper support

  • Multiple firmness options

  • Environmentally conscious brand

  • Low edge support

  • Heavy to move once assembled

  • Assembly process might be frustrating

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

Latex is very durable, and the Spindle mattress reviews we came upon support the company’s claim that the Spindle will serve you for 8–10 years. That equals 3,650 nights, or approximately 29,200 hours of peaceful sleep.


The company doesn’t recommend washing the mattress cover. Ever. Instead, they recommend using a mattress protector to shield your precious Spindle from hair, drool, dead skin cells, oils, and body fluids.

Now, accidents happen, and if your mattress cover gets soiled, you can unzip it and treat the spot from both sides.

Reviews of the Spindle mattress recommend changing the orientation of your mattress regularly to prolong its life.

  • Medium Spindle: Rotate the mattress every three months and unzip the cover and rearrange the layers every six months (swap the top and middle layers—they’re the same firmness). You can also leave the mattress cover in the sun, letting the UV rays do their thing.
  • Firm Spindle: Rebuild your mattress every six months (swap the bottom and top layer, they’re the same firmness) and flip the middle layer.
  • Soft and Extra Firm Spindle: Rebuild the mattress every six months—move the middle layer to the top, bottom to middle, and top to bottom, as they’re all the same firmness. You can also flip a layer.

Customer Service

One Amazon Spindle mattress customer review claims, “anyone can sell a latex mattress, but with Spindle you get service,” and we couldn’t agree more. The customer service is outstanding, just like the products. They’ll listen to you patiently, give you advice, and make sure you get the best mattress for your needs.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Spindle gives a 365-day Comfort Guarantee trial period. The company will ask you to sleep on your adjustable split Spindle mattress for at least 30 nights. In return, representatives will help you reconfigure your mattress layers or swap them for layers of different firmness. If you’re still unhappy with all the mattress combinations, you’ll be refunded all your money.

However, even though the company will fully refund you, it won’t take the mattress from your home. You’ll have to cut all the identifying labels from the Spindle latex mattress and send them to the company with a letter showing you’ve donated the mattress to charity.

Shipping and Delivery

Spindle currently ships to the US and Canada only. US shipping is free, while shipping to Canada includes shipping costs, brokerage fees, duties, and taxes.

The mattress will be delivered to your home in three boxes, each containing one mattress layer, which you should assemble yourself. We recommend assembling your Spindle natural latex mattress with a helper as it’s a bit on the heavier side.


Spindle offers a 10-year warranty for all its mattresses, during which the company will replace the deficient materials for free when shipped within the US. The Spindle mattress warranty doesn’t cover stains, burns, or certain types of damage or misuse, nor will there be compensation if it’s kept in unsanitary conditions.


Spindle mattresses are of the more affordable mattresses in terms of the quality you get for the spent money. The Spindle comes in five sizes, with a twin latex mattress being the smallest, and the price varies accordingly. There’s currently a Spindle mattress discount, so the prices are as follows:

  • Twin (38’’ x 74.5’’): $1,199.99
  • Twin XL (38’’ x 79.5’’): $1,199.99
  • Full (53’’ x 74.5’’): $1,499.99
  • Queen (60’’ x 79.5’’): $1,599.99
  • King (76’’ x 79.5’’): $1,899.99

There are often advantageous holiday discounts, and you can use a Spindle mattress coupon if you have one to lower your mattress price even more.

The company also offers a 60-day price guarantee that promises to refund you the difference between the new price and your purchase price if it lowers its prices within the 60 days from your purchase date.

Furthermore, the Spindle mattress company also offers its 25 Year Comfort Life program. It allows you to modify your mattress and buy another latex layer with a 30% discount for up to 25 years from the date of your purchase.

Who Should Buy the Spindle Mattress?

  • All sleeper types. The Spindle is perfect for side, stomach, back, and combination sleepers because it can be adjusted and rearranged based on their needs.
  • People who like natural and organic materials. We already mentioned that the batting and cover are made from natural wool and organic cotton, and latex is made with rubber tree sap, so the Spindle is eco-friendly.
  • People who like multiple firmness options. If you can’t decide which firmness level is the best for you, you can mix and match them until you make the perfect Spindle latex bed.
  • Hot sleepers. If you tend to overheat while sleeping, the Spindle will be a good match for you. Latex doesn’t trap heat, and it creates a cooler sleeping surface.
  • People who are looking for a long-term investment. Even though the Spindle is pretty affordable when it comes to latex mattresses, it’s a bit pricey compared to some other categories. However, since it lasts for 8–10 years, it’s a good investment, and as the company always gives discounts or a Spindle mattress coupon code, you can get a good deal.
  • Petite to average-sized people. It’s important to know your BMI when shopping for a Spindle. The mattress is better at accommodating higher weights than any other in this price range, but if your BMI is greater than 31, the Spindle probably won’t meet your needs.

The company recommends a soft Spindle for people with a BMI below 19, medium for a BMI between 19 and 25, and firm for a BMI between 26 and 31.

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

    • Couples and people who sleep on the edge of the bed. One of our main Spindle mattress complaints is that it doesn’t have enough edge support. If you share your bed or you like sleeping or sitting on the edge, you might feel like you’re going to fall off. If edge support is crucial to you, consider trying the Casper Mattress, which has extra support at the center, top, and foot of the mattress.
    • People who don’t like a bouncy feel to their bed, but they like to sink in while sleeping. Latex is a very bouncy material that will give you the feeling of resting on top of the bed, instead of sinking in. So if you don’t like this sensation, the Spindle is definitely not for you.
    • People who prefer lighter, ready-to-use mattresses. This mattress is pretty heavy, so you’ll also need a Spindle mattress bed frame that can support this 95–180 lb mattress. Then, you’ll need some help aligning the layers and assembling them, which can be quite time-consuming.

Summary of Our Spindle Mattress Review

Numerous features make the Spindle stand out in the latex mattress category. Made in the US from all-natural and organic materials, the Spindle makes the mattress shopping experience easy and pleasant. Cheaper by $1,000 than the competition, Spindle will give you outstanding value for your money with the ability to design your own mattress.

With free shipping, the 365-day Comfort Guarantee, 10-year warranty, 60-day Price Guarantee, and 25 Year Comfort Life Program, the Spindle is more than an excellent option if you’re in the market for an affordable and comfortable bouncy latex mattress with various firmness options.


What is the Spindle mattress made of?

The Spindle is made from the purest natural Dunlop latex, as well as organic cotton grown without the help of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. It’s knitted in South Carolina, and the eco-wool is carded in Northern California. The mattress is free from synthetics and polyurethane, with Oeko-Tex and Rainforest Alliance certifications that prove its quality.

Is the Spindle mattress considered a green mattress?

The Spindle is definitely a green mattress considering the materials it’s made of, so people who are in the market for an overall eco-friendly mattress will be more than satisfied with the Spindle.

Does the Spindle mattress offer a sleep trial?

The company doesn’t offer a typical sleep trial, but it has a 365-day Comfort Guarantee. You’ll be asked to try the Spindle out for 30 nights, and if you’re unsatisfied, customer service will work with you and swap the mattress layers until you create the perfect mattress. If you still aren’t satisfied with all the combinations, the company will fully refund you.

Where can one go to try the Spindle mattress?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no showroom or store where you can test out the Spindle. However, you can try out all the layers and mattress combinations thanks to the company’s 365-night risk-free trial.

How long has Spindle mattress been incorporated?

The Spindle company has been in the mattress business for more than seven years. It started out in 2013, which is also when it incorporated, and has been accredited since 2014.

How much does the Spindle mattress weigh?

Depending on the size, the Spindle weighs 95–180 lbs.

Twin (38″ x 74.5″): 95 lbs

Twin XL (38″ x 79.5″): 100 lbs

Full (53″ x 74.5″): 125 lbs

Queen (60″ x 79.5″): 150 lbs

How heavy is a king-size Spindle mattress?

The king-size is the biggest and most expensive Spindle mattress. As we’ve mentioned previously in our Spindle mattress review, the king-size mattress weighs 180 lbs, and its full price is $2,999.99, but you can save up to 36% off retail.

Where should one go to buy the Spindle mattress?

The best and safest way to buy the Spindle is from the official website or via phone, but you can also buy it from some third-party retailers like Amazon.