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August 14, 2020

If you’re an eco-conscious shopper looking for two distinctive feels in one mattress, Zenhaven is the one for you. A flippable, 100% natural latex mattress, it has provided countless users with the comfort and support they need for a restful slumber. In fact, there are more than 40,000 positive Zenhaven mattress reviews on the web.

Zenhaven isn’t your average bed in a box. For one thing, it isn’t shipped in a box but is delivered and set up by professionals in your home. It’s made by Saatva—the online mattress brand behind the award-winning Saatva Classic and the popular Loom & Leaf Mattress—using the same sustainable practices and certified organic materials the company is known for.

What else makes Zenhaven worthy of a spot on any list of the best mattresses of 2020?

Check out our extensive Zenhaven mattress review to learn more about its construction, longevity, and price, as well as the other outstanding features that make this mattress truly exceptional.


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  • Outstanding customer service

  • Natural, eco-friendly materials

  • Extremely durable bed

  • A bit expensive

  • Less-than-average motion isolation

  • Difficult to move

Our Zenhaven Mattress Review

Apart from the organic cotton and wool in the cover, the Zenhaven mattress is made exclusively of Talalay latex.

Talalay latex is an all-natural, smooth, luxurious material and one of the most durable in the industry. On top of that, it’s more responsive and cooler than polyfoam, justifying Zenhaven’s reputation for being the “most comfortable and aesthetically beautiful mattress,” as online Zenhaven mattress customer reviews have dubbed it.


Zenhaven isn’t a very tall mattress10″, as per industry standards—but it’s very heavy, so flipping it is a two-person job.

  • Cover: Zenhaven’s cover has two layers. One is made of organic cotton, coated with the brand’s exclusive botanical antimicrobial treatment, making this cover hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. Underneath is a thin layer of 100% organic New Zealand wool that wicks away moisture and acts as a natural flame retardant.
  • Comfort Layer: As mentioned at the start of our Zenhaven mattress reviews, this is a flippable mattress, which means it has two sides: the Gentle Firm and the Luxury Plush side. Which layer goes on top depends entirely on your firmness preference. Both sides are made of 1.5″ of aerated Talalay latex. The foam has pincore holes that improve airflow and divide the layer into five zones to provide varying degrees of firmness and targeted support.
  • Support Core: Sandwiched between the two layers of latex foam are two 3″ sections of compressed Talalay latex foam, serving as the base and support for the softer comforters on each side of the bed.


Next up for discussion in our review: how the Zenhaven latex mattress feels and how supportive it is.


Zenhaven comes in two firmness options: the Luxury Plush and the Gentle Firm.

According to Saatva, the Luxury Plush is preferred by 80% of customers, making this the most popular side. Given its softness and the cushiony support it provides, it’s not tough to see why.

The company has rated the plush setting between 4 and 5 on the firmness scale (with 10 being firmest), while other Zenhaven unbiased reviews believe it to be closer to a 6. Both of these ratings, however, put Zenhaven on the softer side (the industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5).

The Gentle Firm is rated at around 7 by both the company and expert Zenhaven bed reviews. This setting, which is 18% firmer than the plush side, might be too hard for side sleepers, but it’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers, as well as heavier users.


Zenhaven is an all-latex bed, so it’s not surprising that it has almost no sinkage. Latex mattresses are generally more responsive than memory foam, and Talalay latex even more so due to its high elasticity.

In fact, many reviews of the Zenhaven mattress have described Talalay latex as buoyant and weightless, giving users a sense of floating, rather than sinking into the bed.

Both the plush and the firm side of Zenhaven provide the right combination of conformity and responsiveness. According to sinkage tests and Zenhaven mattress reviews, the Luxury Plush setting only sinks half an inch more than the Gentle Firm.


Users, regardless of sleep style, will have no problem sleeping comfortably on Zenhaven.

Zenhaven successfully relieves significant pressure points on the body by gently cradling sleepers into a cozy and comfortable sleeping position. At the same time, it provides optimal spinal alignment thanks to the targeted support from the comfort layers.

Zoned support, which elevates heavier parts of the body, allowing the torso to sink into the mattress, is particularly beneficial for easing back and neck pain. One of the many positive Zenhaven customer reviews specifically credits this particular feature with alleviating chronic shoulder and neck pain.

The contouring properties of the cover and the plush side are better suited to lightweight and side sleepers who will love the pressure relief and cushiony comfort. On the other hand, back and stomach sleepers will find much-needed firmness and uplifting support through the hips and lower body in Zenhaven’s Gentle Firm side.

Temperature Neutrality

Judging by our tests and real reviews of Zenhaven, this bed doesn’t sleep particularly cold, but it doesn’t heat up too much either.

Latex is typically cooler than other synthetic foams. It’s firmer and more responsive too, so it doesn’t let sleepers sink into the mattress and trap heat. Plus, the latex in the Zenhaven mattress has an aerated design and open-cell structure to improve airflow, while the light and fluffy cover pulls heat and moisture away from the body.

All in all, this mattress is very good at regulating temperature and should meet the requirements of hot sleepers.

Edge Support

As a bed that doesn’t have reinforced edges, Zenhaven performs quite well on edge support. It’s not the best, but according to more than one Zenhaven latex mattress review, it doesn’t disappoint.

Users won’t have any problems sitting on the edge of a Zenhaven, but sleeping near the edge is a different story.

While multiple users say the bed doesn’t lose shape, they report feeling unstable when lying too close to the mattress’s perimeter. This rolling-off feeling, some of the rare Zenhaven negative reviews complain, was even more pronounced among heavyweight users and sleepers who use the plush side of the bed.

Motion Transfer

The Zenhaven is bouncy, a common trait in latex mattresses, but the Talalay latex in this bed has a high level of elasticity, so any motion is usually limited to the area where pressure is applied. Simply put, Zenhaven does a good job of locally isolating motion, even though it doesn’t completely eliminate it.

With this in mind, sensitive sleepers may still be woken up by restless partners. In that case, it might be better to use the plush side. Based on not just one Zenhaven Luxury Plush review, this setting conforms more closely to the body, similar to memory foam. It thus performs better in motion isolation than the Gentle Firm option.


From $1,399

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  • Outstanding customer service

  • Natural, eco-friendly materials

  • Extremely durable bed

  • A bit expensive

  • Less-than-average motion isolation

  • Difficult to move

Durability and Maintenance

Latex beds are made to last, and the Zenhaven mattress should be no exception. Even though it’s a newer mattress, going by the quality and the type of materials used, this bed should be in your life for at least seven years.

Taking care of Zenhaven doesn’t require much effort, as confirmed by multiple reviews of the Zenhaven latex mattress.

For one thing, latex is not only durable but also responsive, which means body indentations are unlikely to develop. This mattress is also flippable, further reducing the odds of sagging or other deformations occurring on the surface.

The cover is not removable or machine-washable. However, it’s easy and simple to clean with some warm water and a mild detergent.

Customer Service

One thing most Saatva Zenhaven mattress reviews agree on is the exceptional customer service provided by this company. Described as caring, helpful, and knowledgeable, customer service representatives by this brand are praised even by consumers who didn’t like the mattress and had to return it. 

Professional, always willing to help, and second-to-none in the mattress industry, Saatva customer service reps are available to patiently answer questions and deal with potential issues through the live chat on the website, as well as by phone or email.

Terms of Sale

The price isn’t the only deciding factor when going mattress shopping. The company’s take on returns and shipping also plays a significant role, which is why we devoted an entire section to company policies in our review of the  Zenhaven mattress.

Sleep Trial and Return Policy

Zenhaven beds come with a 120-night sleep trial that starts the day the mattress is delivered. If you aren’t happy with Zenhaven, the company will pick up the bed and provide a full refund, minus the $99 transportation charge.

Shipping and Delivery

We mentioned at the very start of our Zenhaven adjustable mattress review that, like other Saatva mattresses, Zenhaven isn’t compressed for shipping. 

This means that instead of unboxing the bed and setting it up yourself, a delivery team will do it for you. Saatva’s white glove service is included with every order at no extra charge to the customer.

The company ships orders to the contiguous US and select locations in Canada. It doesn’t currently ship directly to Hawaii or Alaska, but it can arrange for delivery through third parties.

Warranty Policy

The Zenhaven mattress is covered for 20 years under Saatva’s warranty. Although we’ve seen more extensive guarantees in our reviews, the Zenhaven mattress warranty is still pretty generous.

If your mattress is deemed defective within the first two years, Saatva will replace it with a brand new one. After the two years, the company will repair or re-cover your bed at no charge, except for transportation costs.

The policy covers body impressions on the surface deeper than 0.75″ but doesn’t cover physical damage to the mattress, such as burns, cuts, or damage resulting from the improper use or placement of the mattress (all Zenhaven beds should rest on a solid surface).


The Zenhaven mattress doesn’t come cheap. However, in light of all the fantastic features we mentioned in our mattress review of Zenhaven, it offers excellent value for money.

How much is Zenhaven?

  • Twin: $1,299
  • Twin XL: $1,399
  • Full: $1,799
  • Queen: $1,999
  • King: $2,599
  • Split king: $2,799

The Zenhaven may be a bit on the pricey side, comparisons and Saatva Zenhaven reviews show. Still, the company offers holiday sales, exclusive discounts, bundle deals, and coupon codes, as well as financing options (through Klarna), so customers don’t have to clean out their savings to purchase the ideal mattress.

Who Should Buy Zenhaven Mattress?

  • Eco-conscious shoppers. The Zenhaven is made of American-made natural latex, sourced and processed using the highest-quality sustainable practices.
  • People who want a durable mattress. In addition to being safe and natural, Talalay latex is also extremely durable, so users will have Zenhaven in their lives for many years.
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers. We already said it earlier in our Zenhaven reviews, but it’s worth mentioning again: Zenhaven suits nearly any user, no matter their preferred sleep position.
  • Combo sleepers. Because this bed is so bouncy, it’s highly recommended for people who like to rotate between sleep positions.
  • People who can’t decide on a firmness level. Instead of testing out dozens of mattresses to find the perfect feel, Zenhaven gives consumers a chance to experience sleep on both a firm and a soft mattressall in one bed.

Who Should Keep Shopping and Why?

  • Couples. One of the downsides of Zenhaven—as hinted at in our unbiased reviews of Zenhaven mattresses—is how these beds deal with motion transfer. Sensitive sleepers might benefit more from an all-foam bed that won’t allow their partner’s movements to disturb their slumber.
  • People who don’t like bouncy beds. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. There are plenty of customers who prefer the feel and sinkage of a memory foam mattress, and as a result, there’s a wide selection of comfy beds to choose from.
  • Consumers working with a tight budget. The Zenhaven isn’t overpriced, but latex mattresses typically come with a higher price tag than other beds. There are other options to consider if you still want a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank.

Our Zenhaven Review Summary

The Zenhaven is an exceptionally versatile mattress offering two different beds for the price and convenience of one. It’s made of natural, long-lasting materials that combine targeted support and improved airflow for the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever have.

The Zenhaven isn’t the cheapest mattress available online, but the quality, comfort, and longevity users get from it are worth every penny.

So if you’re in the market for a mattress that will stand the test of time and improve your slumber, regardless of your firmness preference and sleep position, look no further than Saatva’s Zenhaven.


Is Zenhaven a good mattress?

The superior materials, high-end construction, comfort support, and pressure relieving properties make this mattress not just one of the best latex beds out there. These features put it among the best mattresses on the market overall.

Does Zenhaven ever go on sale?

Saatva, Zenhaven’s parent company, offers holiday and seasonal discounts, in addition to bundle deals and special discounts to first responders, members of the military, and teachers.

Who makes the best latex mattress?

Zenhaven definitely deserves a place among the best latex beds. Others on this list include the Avocado, the most popular latex hybrid mattress, the supportive Awara, and the exceptional Nest Hybrid (to name but a few).

Where are Zenhaven mattresses made?

All Saatva mattresses, including Zenhaven, are made in the US.

Is Zenhaven good for side sleepers?

The Gentle Firm side might be too firm for side sleepers, but the Luxury Plush has Zenhaven mattress reviews praising the exceptional pressure relief and zoned support this bed provides for users who sleep on their side.