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July 30, 2020

Admittedly, the quest for the perfect mattress can be more of a nightmare than a joy. Today, the options are endless, and you can find a quality mattress for a reasonable price at almost any turn. 

However, it’s far from easy to unearth “the Precious”—the perfect mattress for your needs. So by virtue of standing in as your best buddy as you ponder, click, and scratch your head, we’ll present another contender for your consideration: Tuft and Needle’s Mint Mattress.

This Tuft and Needle Mint review will provide you with an honest account of what you can expect from this luxury, all-foam mattress, and it will, accordingly, point out both its strong points and any possible shortcomings. 


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  • Gel and graphite infused foam will keep you cool

  • Excellent motion isolation

  • UL GreenGuard GOLD certified

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Might not be supportive enough for heavier people

Our Review of the Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress


The story of Tuft and Needle started all the way back in 2012 when two unhappy young engineers working in Silicon Valley decided to turn their lives and the mattress industry upside down. After several years of research and meticulous testing, all while assembling an incredible team of dedicated professionals, they came up with three great mattresses. Mint, an all-foam mattress, is one of them. 

The first things we wanted to inspect in our Tuft and Needle mattress review were the, ahem, entrails. So let’s see what’s inside. 

The Mint has three layers in total. Two of these layers are made with the signature T&N Adaptive foam—created to provide customers with three important elements: maximum comfort, cool sleeping, and sufficient support.

  • Cover: We have to be honest, it was love at first touch for our Tuft & Needle Mint mattress review team when it came to the cover. It’s thick, plush, and soft, but you still feel that the fabric can breathe. This lovely cover is made with a blend of polyester and micro-polyamide, and it comes in a chic charcoal-grey color.
  • Comfort Layer: The first layer is made of 3″ thick polyfoam, which is an adaptive foam that’s gel and graphite infused. The top layer of the open-cell foam has 30% more graphite than what’s ordinarily used so as to pull more heat from your body as you sleep.
  • Transition Layer: This layer adds another 2″ to the Mint and is again made of the adaptive foam that’s been infused with graphite and gel. Tuft and Needle Mint reviews confirm that the cooling ceramic gel beads placed in this second layer respond to the pressure of your body, thus creating the cushioning support you need while sleeping.
  • Support Layer: The bottom layer of the Mint is 7″ thick, which brings the mattress to 12″ in height overall. It’s made of firm polyfoam to provide ample support.

Comfort and Support

What we found while researching Tuft and Needle Mint reviews is that this mattress has only one firmness option, which does limit the number of sleepers it will appeal to. Firmness and sinkage are subjective categories, although most of our team agreed that the Mint falls between medium-soft and medium on the firmness scale. 

We also took a look at other all-foam mattresses for a quick comparison. If we compare Mint by Tuft and Needle vs. Casper, then this will definitely be the softer of the two. Casper scores a 6.5–7 on the firmness scale, while the Mint is somewhere between a 5 and 6. The difference in firmness is even more pronounced if we compare another well-known mattress by making an Avocado vs. Mint Mattress review. Avocado provides a much firmer sleeping surface


Taking into account all of the above, the Mint is a lovely, medium-soft to medium mattress that’s ideal for side sleepers or combination sleepers. It’s designed to provide sufficient support but also to allow for more pressure relief for side sleepers, especially in the hip and shoulder areas.

Tuft and Needle reviews show that the Mint also provides plenty of support for combination sleepers who tend to move more during the night. However, it will not provide the additional support stomach sleepers usually need. This is especially true for stomach sleepers who are heavier and need more support.


While this aspect is dependent on the mattress’s structure, it also has to do a lot with the sleepers’ weight. Let’s put it out there right away—the Mint will probably not be an ideal solution for heavier people. 

While Tuft and Needle says its mattresses have a weight capacity of 500 lbs per person, we aren’t sure this works for back sleepers who are around this weight benchmark.

Drawing on our own testing and other reviews of the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress, we would recommend that people above 230 lbs look for a firmer mattress like the Original Tuft and Needle, which will provide better support.

According to our findings and other available Tuft and Needle Mint reviews, even those who are side sleepers but are on the heavier side (above 230 lbs) might sink in too deeply. Again, this is a very subjective category, but in broad terms, the Mint caters better to those who are under 230 lbs.

Temperature Neutrality

When it comes to wicking heat, the Mint does an excellent job. Even a quick inspection of the numerous T&N Mint mattress reviews out there will confirm this fact. 

While all-foam beds aren’t always known as a good option for hot sleepers, this mattress is different. Because there’s 30% more graphite to the open-cell T&N Adaptive foam, this product pulls the heat away from your body as you sleep. 

Numerous testimonies have praised the Mint for this particular feature, which enables hot sleepers more comfort and enjoyment as they rest.

Edge Support  

This is another point that’s put forward in most Mint mattress reviews as a huge plus. Again, all-foam mattresses aren’t always brilliant when it comes to sufficient edge support. 

However, we found that the clever and resourceful minds behind the Mint included built-in side rails, which give ample support to the Mint’s perimeter. Translated, with Mint, you get 4″ of very firm foam placed around the bottom foam layer, which lends further edge support. 

So even if you favor sleeping close to the edge, you should still have a great night’s sleep, and you won’t feel like you’re about to fall off. Accordingly, sitting on the edge should be an equally positive experience.

Motion Transfer

Foam beds usually do a great job when it comes to absorbing motion. In this respect, we can only reiterate what most other Tuft and Needle Mint reviews point out—Mint does a brilliant job at absorbing motion. This didn’t come as a surprise for our testing team considering the fact that the mattress is made of three distinct layers of polyfoam.

While those who sleep alone might not find this feature particularly important, those with restless bedfellows will be happy to hear it. That, in turn, makes the Mint an ideal mattress for couples who differ in their sleeping styles and for those who toss and turn throughout the night.


From $595

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  • Gel and graphite infused foam will keep you cool

  • Excellent motion isolation

  • UL GreenGuard GOLD certified

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Might not be supportive enough for heavier people

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

This is probably the least objective segment of any mattress review, our Tuft and Needle Mint review included, since there are so many variables that might affect the outcome. 

While Tuft and Needle stands behind its product 100% and offers a 10-year limited warranty, there are so many things that can affect the longevity of your mattress. These factors include the sleeper’s weight, what type of foundation the mattress rests on, the levels of moisture in the bedroom, etc.

However, if you keep to Tuft and Needle’s guidelines, then you should be able to enjoy this luxurious mattress for many years. This also means you’ll get a good return on your investment. 


According to Tuft and Needle’s advice and our own findings for this Tuft and Needle Mint review, you should never turn this mattress over. The layers are designed and placed following a particular order, so flipping it won’t work. You should only rotate the Mint 180 degrees once or twice a year.

Furthermore, you can remove the cover since it zips all the way around. However, machine washing might be a risk since it could shrink the fabric. What the company suggests (if you get spots or spillage) is gentle spot cleaning with tepid water and mild detergent. 

Investing in a mattress protector might distort the feel of the mattress to an extent. However, we’d be remiss in our review of the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress if we didn’t add that it should provide a much-needed barrier that will certainly prolong the lifespan of your Mint.

Customer Service

Since T&N began its journey in creating luxurious, comfortable but affordable mattresses, both JT Marino and Daehee Park (the founders) knew they couldn’t drop the ball when it came to customer service.

Take the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress reviews out there, and you’ll certainly find glowing responses concerning the company’s customer service. Representatives are friendly, helpful, and customer-oriented. They strive for excellence and efficiently handle any problems that might arise.

You can call customer service from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday or Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Alternatively, you can also send them a message via the online form that you can find at the bottom of their FAQ section.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

The company offers a 100-night free trial, which means you get plenty of time to decide whether or not the Mint is your perfect mattress. According to Tuft and Needle reviews, the Mint mattress can be returned during the trial period at no cost to you. 

You will have to donate your mattress to either a charity Tuft and Needle supports or even a charity of your own choosing. If this isn’t possible, the company will arrange for a pickup service free of charge. If you manage to donate the mattress, you’ll have to send a copy of your donation receipt to the company via the link they’ll provide for you.

Note that shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and any optional shipping fees are sadly non-refundable. Also, if you bought your Tuft and Needle Mint mattress from Amazon or Lowe’s, the procedure will be slightly different—you’ll need to study their preferred return methods, research into our Tuft and Needle Mint mattress review found.

Shipping and Delivery 

There are several shipping options available with Tuft and Needle. You can get standard shipping, which uses FedEx Ground, and this will usually take between 3 and 7 business days. This option is free of charge, unless you’re ordering for delivery in Alaska or Hawaii. 

Our T&N Mint mattress review team found that the company also offers same-day delivery, which is $50 and is non-refundable. However, this is only possible in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

For the white glove delivery option, you’ll have to contact Tuft and Needle personally.


Tuft and Needle offers a 10-year limited warranty.

That being said in this Tuft and Needle Mattress Mint review, if you notice any of the following, contact Tuft and Needle immediately:

  • Workmanship and/or manufacturing errors
  • Body impressions or sagging that exceeds ¾ of an inch
  • Foam breakdown that causes splitting in the cover material
  • Broken zipper and/or loose stitching in the cover material


When they began thinking about starting a mattress business, both founders considered reasonable prices one of the important factors they wouldn’t compromise on. 

Tuft and Needle’s starting price is $595 for a twin-size Mint, while you’ll pay $1145 for a Tuft and Needle Mint King mattress, our review found. This same price is attached to the Cal king Mint mattress.

Who Should Buy the Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress?

  • Hot Sleepers. As our T and N Mint mattress review shows, this is a great option for hot sleepers because the open-cell foam is loaded with 30% more graphite, which works to pull heat away from your body.
  • Side sleepers. This is a medium-soft mattress that’s perfect for side sleepers since it provides the pressure relief they need, especially in the hip and shoulder areas.
  • People who are under 230 lbs. While those up to 500 lbs can use this mattress, it might not provide them with the support their body needs. This mattress seems more suitable for those up to 230 lbs, we found in the course of this review of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress.
  • Those looking for great motion isolation. As this is an all-foam mattress, the motion isolation is superb, which makes it great for fidgety sleepers.
  • Couples. The mint is great when there’s one bed partner who’s more restless during the night or simply for bed partners who differ in their sleeping styles.

Who Should Look Elsewhere and Why?

  • Heavier people. While it might work reasonably well for those over 230 lbs, they might sink in more due to their weight and as a result not get enough support. 
  • Back sleepers. As Mint is more on the softer side, back sleepers (especially if they’re heavier) might not get enough support. If we do a Tuft and Needle Mint vs. Original comparison, then the Original mattress would be a much better option for back sleepers since it’s firmer. 
  • Those who love a bouncy bed. There are no coils in this bed, so while there’s a bit of bounce, it’s nowhere near as bouncy as a model that has coils.  


It’s evident that a lot of time, effort, science, and funds have been poured into creating Tuft and Needle’s Mint mattress. It was created with the customer at the forefront, something we found early on in our Tuft and Needle Mint review.

It caters fantastically well to hot sleepers, as well as side and combination sleepers, and allows them to have an impressive level of luxury for a reasonable and attainable price.

Should you decide that the Mint is the perfect mattress for you, you’ll get a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night trial period, so you can be sure the choice you made is the right one for you and your needs. 


Are Tuft and Needle mattresses any good?

Thanks to the high-quality materials the company uses to create its mattresses, it has obtained several certifications:

  • UL GreenGuard GOLD 
  • Intertek’s Clean Air Certification 
  • CertiPUR-US
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval
  • Today’s Parent Approved

Numerous Tuft and Needle mattress reviews are positive, and even if a mattress has to be returned due to not being what the customer needed, they have only words of praise for the way the company handled the whole return and refund process. 

Do I need a box spring with a Tuft and Needle mattress?

You won’t need a spring box for your Tuft and Needle mattress. You will just need a good foundation—these mattresses are designed to work well with just about any foundation. 

Which Tuft and Needle mattress is best?

It’s impossible to have a definitive answer to this question since all three Tuft and Needle mattress models cater to certain customers and specific needs. The thorough research offered in this Tuft and Needle review, as well as other thoughtful reviews on the different T&N mattresses, is the best way to determine which mattress will be the best fit for you.