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  • Type: MAD
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May 29, 2020

Zyppah, or “Happy Z” (a pun for snore-free sleep), is an anti-snoring mouthpiece designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a dentist from the US. In short, Zyppah is a mandibular advancement device with a “seatbelt for the tongue.” According to its designers, Zyppah is the only mouthpiece of its type. Here are what the Zyppah reviews say about this product.


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  • Designed by a dental professional

  • Small and lightweight

  • FDA-approved

  • BBB accredited manufacturer

  • Lasts up to nine months

  • Not compatible with crowns, dentures, or loose teeth

  • Must be cleaned at least once weekly

  • Possible drooling when using it for the initial few days

  • The elastic band may cause discomfort

  • Slightly more expensive than competitors

Product Features and Review of the Zyppah Mouthpiece

Type of Device

What sets Zyppah (“Happy Z” spelled backward) apart from its competitors is that it is both a mandibular advancement device (MAD) and a tongue stabilizing device in one. According to the Zyppah snoring reviews, this anti-snoring mouthpiece manages to keep the tongue in place while advancing the lower jaw into a forward position. 

Before using it, sleepers are required to fit it by using the boil and bite process, which creates a custom impression of the teeth. By doing this, sleepers make sure that the mouthpiece stays in place throughout the whole night.

Size of the Device

Zyppah comes in only one size, and it molds to the sleeper’s teeth to fully adjust to the mouth. Reviews of Zyppah concerning its dimensions note that the device is 51 mm wide and 55 mm in length. As a result, this device may not be suitable for women, or people with smaller jaws.

This product comes in different cool designs, ranging from a pink theme, a military one, and even a patriotic red, white, and blue one. Zyppah also features a glow-in-the-dark hybrid for customers with a playful side.

Is the Device Customizable?

Yes, Zyppah is fully customizable, according to Zyppah mouthpiece reviews. What we loved about Zyppah is that it features a self-molded custom fit. This means that the sleeper customizes the mouthpiece to their mouth shape and size. 

The process is simple: First, the device needs to be put in hot water for a certain period of time. Next, once it softens, it should be removed and cooled a bit before being placed in the mouth. After doing this, the softened piece should be bitten down on and held for some time. Finally, the material needs to be cooled in order to form the sleeper’s custom fit.

Is the Device Adjustable?

No, the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece is not adjustable. In fact, it remains in one fixed position. Keep in mind that when the sleeper opens their mouth, the mouthpiece won’t open with it; it only functions when the mouth is closed. 

Unfortunately for Zyppah, some negative reviews concern the device’s lack of adjustability. If you’re a woman or you have a smaller jaw, we recommend checking out an anti-snoring mouthpiece that allows for adjustments. This way, getting used to having Zyppah’s mouthpiece in your mouth the whole night will take less time. One of our recommendations is VitalSleep, as it offers maximum adjustability.


Zyppah snoring aid reviews reveal that this anti-snoring mouthpiece is created from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. Zyppah is made of FDS-cleared plastic that’s BPA-free and latex-free. Furthermore, the TRD component is created from soft rubber.

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

On a level with industry standards, the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece should last anywhere between 9 and 12 months. Typical antisnoring devices are expected to deteriorate rapidly since they’re typically used each night. Furthermore, some sleepers grind their teeth during sleep, which may shorten the mouthpiece’s lifespan.


It’s recommended that users give the anti-snoring device a thorough cleaning at least once weekly using Polident, Efferdent, or another type of fizzy tablet. Zyppah snore device reviews suggest first submerging the Zyppah in the water with the tablet and allowing it to soak for around 10 minutes. After the time’s up, the device should be rinsed with clean water and allowed to air dry. 

Make sure to avoid the use of ammonia or bleach, and store the device in a cool place. Also, mouthwash or toothpaste is not recommended when cleaning, because either could leave residue on the product and reduce its lifespan.

Zyppah also features a special cleaner for its anti-snoring mouthpiece called SNAP. SNAP can be purchased on its website for $19.95, and it offers anti-virus, anti-fungus, and antibacterial protection.

Customer Service

Overall, the vast majority of Zyppah customer reviews are positive. Customers who have any questions can contact Zyppah customer care for free at 1-800-875-3370 or by emailing them.

Unfortunately, Zyppah reviews concerning complaints reveal that people are mainly unsatisfied with the quality of the company’s customer service.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Zyppah offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which left us pleasantly surprised. Keep in mind that several competing products offer customers a much shorter guarantee period. According to the customer reviews, the company respects the guarantee, and it offers a cost-free replacement if the mouthpiece doesn’t mold or fit correctly.

Zyppah snoring device reviews remind customers that they require a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number to successfully return the device. In order to get your RM number, contact the company’s customer care department.

Shipping Options

No matter where you’re located, Zyppah ships its anti-snoring mouthpiece anywhere. When the customer places an order, Zyppah will estimate delivery and shipping dates based on the availability of the items and the chosen shipping option. Also, keep in mind that shipping rates for multiple items are weight-based.


As mentioned in this Zyppah anti-snoring review, the company offers customers a 90-day money-back guarantee. 


Interested customers can purchase the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece directly from the website for $99.95 (it’s currently on sale—the full price on the website is $125.95). Of course, it can also be purchased on Amazon. Due to its high cost, we believe Zyppah is among the more expensive anti-snoring products out there.

The quickest delivery is within the US costing $9.95. Also, there are free shipping options if you’re ordering within the US. When it comes to international shipping, it can be quite expensive.

Furthermore, other Zyppah snoring-eliminator reviews claim that the company also offers a $20 coupon when the device is re-ordered within six months of the initial purchase date.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

  • Men or people with larger jaws
  • Individuals whose main cause of snoring is tongue obstruction
  • Mouth breathers
  • People willing to spend more money on a quality product

Who Should Look Elsewhere?

  • People with serious respiratory or breathing disorders, such as COPD, chronic asthma, or emphysema
  • Those with loose teeth, abscesses, bleeding gums, gum disease, or mouth sores
  • People who’ve had a dental implant within the previous three months
  • People who wear full dentures
  • People who wear other dental appliances or braces
  • People under the age of 18
  • Zyppah sleep apnea reviews reveal that this device is not for people with this sleep disorder

Zyppah Reviews Summary

Zyppah is an effective FDA-certified mouthpiece that combats snoring. The durability and the build of this product are among the best in the whole industry. Nevertheless, sleepers who will be the most satisfied with their Zyppah mouthpiece are men with larger jaws. 

Unfortunately, if you’re female or have a smaller jaw, this device might not be the best match for you. As a better alternative, we suggest checking out VitalSleep, as it offers two different sizes, one for men and another for women.


Is Zyppah good for sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing stops and starts again repeatedly throughout the night. Even though the standard Zyppah device is mostly focused on lighter snoring, the Zyppah Pro line focuses on sleepers with sleep apnea. 

Both of these antisnoring devices work by bringing the lower jaw into a forward position. Furthermore, both the standard Zyppah and the Zyppah Pro feature an innovative tongue-retaining or suppression strap. Nevertheless, make sure to always consult a doctor first if you suffer from sleep apnea or another potentially dangerous sleep disorder.

Is Zyppah FDA approved?

Yes, Zyppah is FDA approved, but only for snoring. Keep in mind that the FDA-approved oral appliances for sleep apnea have gone through thorough validation and testing to make sure that they’re as effective as possible for treating sleep apnea. All in all, Zyppah is not FDA approved for sleep apnea.

Is Zyppah covered by insurance?

In short, the majority of health insurance companies don’t cover a device that’s utilized for the sole purpose of managing snoring. Keep in mind that the devices that are custom-made by your dentist for the purpose of managing sleep apnea or other disorders are considered a “medical necessity.” Thus, they’re covered by a private insurance company like Medicaid. However, Zyppah is unsuitable for treating sleep apnea.

Does Zyppah work for mouth breathers?

Yes, Zyppah works great for mouth breathers, as it’s both a tongue retaining device and a snore guard mouthpiece. What sets Zyppah apart from other anti-snoring mouthpieces is that the company doesn’t overlook the importance of the tongue when snoring. The air hole in the front of the device further helps the sleeper breathe through the mouth.

Hopefully, these Zyppah reviews helped you and your loved one make the best possible choice to eliminate your snoring. Stay healthy and sleep better!