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August 7, 2020

It may be hard to believe, but you can get a superior quality, low-priced bed that suits all sleeping positions and preferences. It’s called tulo. A super comfortable, affordable, and supportive mattress, tulo comes in three different feels sure to provide any user with a sound and quality slumber.

In our tulo mattress reviews of the brand’s three beds, we will go through all the features buyers need to know, such as

  • design
  • feel and performance
  • price
  • returns and delivery, and
  • durability.

Hopefully, our analysis of the main features of these mattresses will help you decide if tulo is the bed for you.


From $499

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  • Quality, low-priced mattress

  • Available in three firmness options

  • Suits all kinds of sleepers

  • Made in the US

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Excellent motion isolation

  • Edge support is only OK

  • Temperature neutral

tulo Mattress Review

tulo offers one mattress available in three different firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. The firmness setting you select doesn’t depend only on preferences but on your sleeping position and other factors. 


We’ll start off our tulo review with the design of the mattress. The construction of all three 10″ think beds is pretty much the same, except for the foundation layer, which ranges from soft to firm depending on which mattress you choose.

  • Cover: tulo beds are encased in a soft, light, and airy knit polyester and Tencel blended cover. Tencel is a biodegradable material made from wood cellulosean excellent feature for eco-conscious shoppers.
  • Comfort System: This section has two layersthe top is 2″ of memory foam infused with titanium for more airflow. The bottom layer is 1.5″ of convoluted polyfoam, or what mattress reviews of tulo have called “peak and valley” design. This term refers to its open-cell structure, which is used to increase air circulation.
  • Transition Layer: Serving as a buffer between the comfort layers and the core is 2″ of polyfoam, which helps extend the mattress’s lifespan.
  • Base Layer: This 4.5″ high-density polyfoam core supports the entire construction of the bed.


tulo mattresses range from luxury plush to incredibly supportive. In fact, each of the three beds is so comfortable that tulo mattress reviews by happy customers say they don’t want to get up in the morning.


Let’s take a look at how the three different mattresses rank according to the firmness and feel:

  • The tulo soft mattress is rated 4 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest), giving this bed an ideal level of softness that cradles side sleepers just the way they like.
  • The tulo medium mattress is a medium-firm bed, rated 6/10 in tulo medium mattress reviews. As the brand’s middle ground, we suggest trying this one out first if you aren’t sure which mattress to go with. If you aren’t happy with the firmness level, the company will exchange your bed for another option at no cost to you.
  • Coming in between a 7 and 8 on the firmness scale, the company recommends the tulo firm bed for back sleepers. However, numerous tulo firm mattress reviews say it’s a great option for stomach sleepers, too.


Despite being an all-foam bed, tulo is firmer and more responsive than expected. So there is enough sinkage to provide cushioned support, but not so much as to leave the user feeling stuck in the bed. Even the tulo soft mattress reviews describe this bed as responsive, as the top layers of the mattress bounce back quickly once pressure is released.

In other words, it has a balanced foam feel.

Given this balance, combo sleepers should have enough ease of movement to rotate between sleeping positions, while strict stomach, side, and back sleepers will experience sufficient body contouring but still feel as if they’re sleeping on the bed rather than in it.

However, with the tulo mattress, most soft reviews indicate that heavier users might sink too far into the soft and even the medium comfort settings. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be an issue with the firm bed. That said, mattresses go soft over time, so heavier sleepers might want to consider an innerspring or hybrid mattress as a better alternative.


Lying flat on your back or stomach on a tulo won’t cause any discomfort. But if you strictly sleep on your back or stomach on your mattress, a firm tulo, reviews confirm, is your best bet. The firm tulo, or maybe the medium, will make sure your spine is properly aligned and your lower back area adequately supported.

The plushness of the soft tulo mattress, on the other hand, offers superior pressure relief, so side sleepers, who dig into the bed with their hips and shoulders, will sleep pain- and stress-free.

Overall, all three beds provide ample support, comfort, and pressure relief, so you won’t go wrong with whichever one you choose.

Temperature Neutrality

All tulo mattresses are temperature neutral.

However, with the tulo mattress, several firm reviews have noted that the firmer the mattress, the cooler it will feel. Therefore, tulo’s soft mattress will sleep hottest since it allows users to sink in more and trap heat in the mattress. tulo’s medium and firm beds are better at regulating temperature. They might not actively keep you cool, but you won’t be sweating through the night either.

You might be wondering why tulo mattress reviews for hot sleepers recommend these beds when all-foam beds are notorious for trapping heat and sleeping hot. Well, tulo has a breathable cover and two comfort layers designed to cool down sleepersone infused with titanium to wick away moisture and warmth while the other has an open-cell structure to boost airflow.

Naturally, there are other foam beds known to sleep cool, although not as low-priced as tulo.

Edge Support

Good edge support is something buyers should consider—in particular, couples and people who like to use up the entire surface of the bed.

Even though edge support isn’t a strong suit for foam beds, the tulo seems to hold up pretty well, as we can see from our tests and more than one review of the tulo mattress. It’s no innerspring bed in terms of sinkage around its edges, but it offers decent support. This is especially the case with tulo’s mattresses.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer tests and almost any online review of the tulo bed points to some impressive results.

The firm tulo has been deemed exceptional at eliminating motion, but the soft and medium mattresses might be even better because of the softer foam in the base.

Whichever tulo mattress you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll sleep peacefully through the night. Thanks to the many layers of polyfoam, motion on tulo beds is almost completely eliminated, so being woken up by your partner’s tossing and turning will become a thing of the past.


From $499

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  • Quality, low-priced mattress

  • Available in three firmness options

  • Suits all kinds of sleepers

  • Made in the US

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Excellent motion isolation

  • Edge support is only OK

  • Temperature neutral

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

Based on our own estimations and other tulo mattress reviews, this bed should have a lifespan of 8–10 years, on par with the company’s 10-year warranty period.


Like other beds-in-a-box, tulo mattresses should be placed on a solid and firm surface (the floor, an adjustable base, a foundation, and so on) and left to air out and expand for at least 12 hours.

The cover is removable, but the company advises against machine washing and recommends spot cleaning only. If your cover becomes dirty, consider investing in a mattress protector, or write to tulo, and they’ll send you a replacement cover.

Customer Service

There may not be many tulo bed reviews by users regarding the company’s customer service. Still, the ones available say that the company’s reps are as helpful, friendly, and responsive to complaints and issues as other companies in the mattress industry. 

tulo customer support representatives can be reached through an online chat on the company’s website and through phone and email.

Terms of Sale

Trial and Return Policy

tulo gives customers 120 nights to decide whether this bed is right for them or not, although the company recommends trying it out for at least 30 days before making up your mind.

Customers can return their tulo mattress in 120 days following the original purchase at no extra charge, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

That said, judging by most tulo reviews, there aren’t that many reasons for sleepers to return this bed.

Shipping and Delivery

tulo comes compressed, packed, and shipped in a box for free to all 50 states. The company also offers a free-of-charge white glove service, which includes in-home setup and old mattress removal, but only within the contiguous US states.

Warranty Policy

The warranty period of all tulo mattresses extends for 10 years.

The company will repair or replace a defective mattress within 10 years after the original purchase. If replaced, customers will receive the model, version, or color that’s available at the time of replacement.

Much like other warranty policies we’ve come across in more than one review, the tulo mattress guarantee covers indentations deeper than 0.75″, as well as physical damages caused by reasonable and proper use and handling of the bed. 


Tulo may mean “sleep” in Chichewa, but it means “income” in Finnish, so true to its name, the company doesn’t let buying a mattress waste all your valuable income. This is not just an empty company promise. When comparing prices for our review of the tulo mattress, we found this to be one of the most competitively priced beds on the market.

All tulo mattresses, regardless of firmness level, come in at the same price. Here’s a quick breakdown of the current costs of tulo’s mattresses:

  • Twin: $349
  • Twin XL: $399
  • Full size: $399
  • Queen: $399
  • King: $599
  • Cal king: $599

In addition to these amazingly low prices, tulo offers holiday sales, coupons, and codes, as well as financing with SetPay for monthly payments at as little as 0% APR.

Who Can Benefit From This Mattress?

  • Sleepers who can’t decide on a firmness level. One of the biggest selling points of tulo, besides the price, is that the bed is available in three firmness options. Our tulo medium mattress review recommends considering this bed if you have trouble settling on a firmness level, or you can take tulo’s test and see which is the right mattress for you.
  • Couples. All three firmness options of the tulo mattress excel in motion isolationan excellent choice for couples who want to sleep undisturbed all night.
  • Shoppers working with a limited budget. Mattresses don’t have to cost a fortune to give you the sleep you need. With tulo, sleepers can get a premium all-foam bed at a price anyone can afford.
  • Memory foam fans. If you’re looking for the cradle and hug of memory foam, our tulo soft review advises giving this setting a try. tulo’s soft beds offer the best of memory foam beds, but with none of the drawbacks, such as sinkage or insufficient temperature regulation.
  • Shoppers who want to try out the mattress before sleeping in it. In addition to the 120-night sleep trial, tulo gives buyers the chance to try out their beds in-store. tulo is available in more than 3,500 brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, making it easy to find a shop near you and test out the mattress in person.
  • People suffering from back and joint pain. A huge number of online tulo reviews from customers praise the effect of this mattress when it comes to various sleep-related aches and pains, starting from lower back pain to arthritis and even migraines.

Who Should Look Elsewhere, and Why?

  • People who tend to sleep close to the edge of the bed. tulo beds are all-foam mattresses after all and, as such, cannot compete with the edge support provided by a mattress with coils.
  • Sleepers over 200 lbs. As mentioned earlier in our tulo soft mattress review, this comfort setting isn’t ideal for heavier users who might bottom out due to the softness of the bed. The firm option will provide sufficient support, but due to durability issues, it may not be the best choice in the long run, so those users might want to look elsewhere.
  • People who want a responsive mattress. tulo beds have a layer of responsive foam in the top layers but still have the hugging feeling of memory foam. So people who want a bouncier mattress should turn to a latex bed or possibly a hybrid.

Our tulo Mattress Review Summary

tulo manufactures low-priced mattresses without compromising on the quality of materials it uses or the level of comfort and support sleepers need. So, don’t mistake this for just another budget-friendly bed. It has the traits to suit all kinds of sleepers. Side, stomach, back, and combo sleepersall will find many things to love about tulo mattresses.

It may not be the most luxurious model on the market, but it is one of the most comfortable and versatile beds you can get at this price range.


How long does a tulo mattress last?

tulo beds have an expected lifetime of 8–10 years.

Do you need a box spring with a tulo mattress?

Only if you want to. tulo can be set up on a box spring, platform bed, or adjustable base. Any firm, stable surface will do.

Are tulo mattresses hot?

tulo mattresses are temperature neutral. This means they aren’t too cool, but they also won’t let you heat up too much either. In fact, they should suit warm and hot sleepers. Extremely hot sleepers could try a hybrid or innerspring mattress since these are known to sleep cooler than foam beds.

Can you flip a tulo mattress?

tulo mattresses don’t need to be flipped since they’re all one-sided. Users can rotate them every six months to stop the development of body indentations.

Is tulo a good mattress?

Yes, all three beds by tulo provide outstanding comfort and support, and most importantly, they give users a choice between varying comfort levels at prices for every budget.

Are tulo mattresses safe?

Yes, tulo beds are made with premium-quality materials to ensure your and the family’s safety.

Like other beds in a box, there is some off-gassing with tulo mattresses. However, the smell of synthetic foam should dissipate in a couple of hours, provided you keep the mattress in a well-ventilated room.

Is the tulo mattress toxic?

The materials used in tulo’s beds are made in the US and are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that they do not contain any pesticides, chemicals, or toxins.

How do you clean a tulo mattress?

Although the cover is removable, it’s not meant to be washed, only spot cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.

How long before you can sleep on a tulo mattress?

It takes 4–8 hours after unboxing and unwrapping for the mattress to expand to 90% of its full size and another 4–6 hours for the mattress to fully expand. The company, as well as expert tulo mattress reviews, advises against sleeping on the bed until it has expanded to its full size.