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2020’s Best Essential Oils for Sleep (Reviewed and Compared)

Get Quality Sleep with a Bit of Help from Nature

June 19, 2020

If you can’t relax in the evening and keep tossing and turning in bed, the best essential oils for sleep might be the solution you’re looking for. Even though there’s a wide selection of products on the market, they are not equally effective since they aren’t all of the same quality.

That’s why our team of experts has selected the top picks following a strict ranking methodology and prepared a detailed buyer’s guide. Hopefully, this will help you find a 100% pure natural essential oil that will allow you to have a restful night’s sleep and wake up fresh and energized.

Best Essential Oils for Sleep

The Top 7 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Overall Score
Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Plant Therapy Logo
Editor's Pick
Plant Therapy
  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Calming effects

  • Check icon

    Kid safe

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Viva Naturals Logo
Best Value
Viva Naturals
  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Alleviates mild insomnia

  • Check icon

    Improves sleep quality

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Nature's Brands Logo
Best Organic Ylang-Ylang
Nature's Brands
  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Calming effect

  • Check icon

    Delicate fragrance

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Edens Garden Logo
Edens Garden
  • Check icon

    Promotes relaxation

  • Check icon

    High-quality 100% pure essential oil

  • Check icon

    Safe for kids older than 2 years

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Healing Solutions Logo
Healing Solutions
  • Check icon

    Pleasant scent

  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Calming effect

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - NOW Foods Logo
NOW Foods
  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Relieves anxiety symptoms

  • Check icon

    Reduces stress

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Aura Cacia Logo
Aura Cacia
  • Check icon

    Organic essential oil

  • Check icon

    Sleep-inducing effect

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    No animal testing

The Top 7 Essential Oil Reviews

1. Cedarwood Atlas Organic Essential Oil by Plant Therapy

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Plant Therapy
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 10–100 ml

  • Price: $9.95–$39.95

  • Free shipping

  • 90-day money-back guarantee

  • Organic essential oil

  • Calming effects

  • Kid safe

  • Some don’t like the scent of cedarwood

Plant Therapy is a renowned brand that produces high-quality essential oils for relaxation. Their products are GC/MS tested, and you can find the results on their official website. This cedarwood oil is also USDA organic certified, so you can be sure that it doesn’t contain any synthetic components, and it’s one of the best essential oils for sleep aid.

According to a Japanese study, cedrol, a component of cedarwood essential oil, has sedative effects. Therefore, you can use this oil, with its dry woody aroma, to calm your mind before bedtime.

2. Viva Naturals Lavender Oil Review

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Viva Naturals
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 30 ml

  • Price: $14.99

  • 90-day money-back guarantee

  • Organic essential oil

  • Alleviates mild insomnia

  • Improves sleep quality

  • An imprecise dropper

Viva Naturals sells organic essential oils, which are all USDA-certified. Plus, its products are third-party tested for their purity and are non-GMO project verified. Therefore, choosing this brand, you can be sure you’re buying the best lavender essential oil for sleep.

Lavender is one of the well-known natural sleep remedies. According to many studies, an essential oil produced from this sensual flower can relieve mild insomnia symptoms and improve sleep quality. So if you need a night of more restful sleep, add a few drops of it to your air diffuser or your hot bath and enjoy its amazing benefits.

3. Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil by Nature’s Brands

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Nature's Brands
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 10 ml

  • Price: $26.99

  • Organic essential oil

  • Calming effect

  • Delicate fragrance

  • No information about GC/MS testing

Ylang ylang is one of the best essential oils for restful sleep even though it’s not as commonly used as lavender. It’s made from flowers of the ylang ylang tree, which typically grows in the rainforests of Indonesia, the Philippines, Polynesia, and other Asian and South Pacific Islands. 

This exotic flower with its delicate fragrance has a number of health benefits. Among others, it has a relaxing effect, and it promotes calmness. So you can use it before going to sleep to help you soothe your mind and reduce stress. You can also mix it with other aromatherapy oils, such as bergamot or patchouli, to create one of the best essential oil blends for sleep.

Since organic essential oils by Nature’s Brands are USDA-certified, they’re 100% pure and natural. Therefore, they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, which may reduce its benefits. They’re also non-GMO products and have a cruelty-free seal.

4. Clary Sage Essential Oil by Edens Garden

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Edens Garden
  • Type: 100% pure essential oil

  • Size: 5–118 ml

  • Price: $7.95–$76.95

  • Free shipping

  • Promotes relaxation

  • High-quality 100% pure essential oil

  • Safe for kids older than two years

  • Euro droppers don’t come with 4 oz (118 ml) bottles

Besides having an elegant, sweet fragrance, which is ideal for perfumes, clary sage has a number of health benefits. If you have trouble falling asleep and are looking for the best essential oils for anxiety and sleep, you’ll be happy to hear that this oil might be the solution you need.

Furthermore, a study investigating the effect of clary sage essential oil on women with urinary incontinence revealed that it can lower blood pressure and make them feel more relaxed. Another study showed that this essential oil can reduce anxiety in mice. Its calming effect makes it perfect for your bedtime routine.

Edens Garden is one of our top picks since its oils are 100% pure. They undergo GC/MS testing, and it’s great that you can take a look at their findings on their official website. This gives you peace of mind that you’re buying a high-quality product. Edens Garden also offers top-rated essential oil blends for sleep, such as chamomile and lavender.

5. Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil by Healing Solutions

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Healing Solutions
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 10 ml

  • Price: $8.99

  • Free shipping

  • No time limit refunds

  • Pleasant scent

  • Organic essential oil

  • Calming effect

  • Some complaints about a faulty dropper

Healing Solution is a reliable producer since it tests all its essential oils for their purity. This product is also USDA organic certified, meaning it’s a 100% pure essential oil without any additives.

The sweet marjoram essential oil might be the best essential oil for deep sleep for people suffering from mild to moderate insomnia. Based on study findings, it can considerably improve the sleep quality of night-shift workers. Plus, it has a very pleasant smell.

6. Bergamot Oil by NOW Foods

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - NOW Foods
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 1 oz

  • Price: $24.99

  • Free shipping for orders over $50

  • Organic essential oil

  • Relieves anxiety symptoms

  • Reduces stress

  • Phototoxic essential oil

NOW Foods produces high-quality aromatherapy oils, which are 100% pure, meaning they don’t contain any additives. We especially recommend the products from the organic line, which all have a USDA organic seal and are definitely among the top-rated essential oils for sleep

Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit, so it has a sweet and fruity aroma. However, it doesn’t have a stimulating effect like other citruses. Instead, it can relieve anxiety and stress as noted in a study examining the effects of aromatherapy on psychiatric disorders. Therefore, it’s a great pick for promoting sleep since it’ll make you feel more relaxed.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply this essential oil topically before going outside because it’s phototoxic. As such, it can lead to skin irritation or even damage if you expose it to sunlight. Based on the best essential oil reviews, this is its major drawback.

7. Organic Patchouli Essential Oil by Aura Cacia

Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Aura Cacia
  • Type: Organic essential oil

  • Size: 7.4 ml

  • Price: $17.49

  • Free economy shipping on orders over $39.00

  • Organic essential oil

  • Sleep-inducing effect

  • No animal testing

  • GC/MS test results aren’t provided on the site

Aura Cacia is one of our top picks since it produces high-quality products. This organic essential oil is USDA-certified, and it doesn’t contain any synthetic additives. It’s also GC/MS tested for purity, but unfortunately, the official website doesn’t provide any insight into the test results. More than one essential oil review mentions this as one of the greatest disadvantages of this brand.

Patchouli is an aromatic herb commonly found in Asia’s tropical regions. Its essential oil has a calming effect and can promote sleep. So if you like earthy and sweet aromas, and have trouble falling asleep, this might be a perfect choice.

How We Picked the Best Essential Oils for Sleep

– Our Methodology –

In a market flooded with products that are usually advertised as highly effective and 100% natural, it’s not easy to find the ones that truly meet high standards. Below, you can see which factors we take into account when ranking the essential oils used for sleep improvement.


When shopping for essential oils, it’s essential (pun intended) to get high-quality products. To reap all the health benefits of essential oils, they need to be 100% pure. This means that they shouldn’t contain any additives or synthetic ingredients since this can negatively affect their efficacy. Plus, they may cause skin irritation.

Keep in mind that perfume or fragrance oils are typically made of synthetic ingredients. So even if they’re the best smelling essential oils, they won’t help you have a good night’s rest.

We also looked for oils with the USDA organic seal because the way the plants are grown greatly affects the quality of an essential oil. Buying an organic essential oil guarantees you that it doesn’t contain any traces of herbicides and pesticides, which can have adverse effects on our health.

Proper Labeling

In addition to the common name of the plant source, the label of the best quality essential oils should also include its Latin name. This is important because different species can have varying health benefits, and of course, you should know what you’re buying. Plus, the country of origin of the plant source should be stated because it can affect the quality of the product.

We also checked if a product was GC/MS tested for purity. Most of the best essential oil brands use gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) tests to identify different components of essential oils. Therefore, they show if there are any synthetic ingredients or impurities. Typically, you can read on a label if the product was GC/MS tested. Alternatively, you can find this information on the manufacturer’s official website. 


Even though we always strive to find high-quality products at the best price possible, when it comes to the best essential oils, a low price typically means poor quality. Considering the number of plants needed to produce a single bottle of essential oil, it’s no wonder they’re so pricey. For example, 10,000 pounds of rose petals are needed for only one pound of essential oil.

Also, the production of different types of oils doesn’t cost the same. So you should be wary of manufacturers that offer various oils all at the same or similar prices. 

Finally, organic essential oils typically come with a higher price tag, but they’re also of better quality.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil for Sleep

– Buyer’s Guide –

Looking for a natural way to promote quality sleep and get some much-needed rest? While some prefer using natural sleep aids or over the counter medications, essential oils might be the best option for you. Here’s everything you need to know about them, from their health benefits to how to use them safely. Hopefully, our in-depth guide will help you pick the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation.

The Power of Smell

You’ve probably noticed that scents are connected with our memory and emotions. Often, certain smells remind us of some people, situations, or experiences. For example, the scent of cinnamon may evoke images of happy family moments at Christmas time. It’s interesting how these memories can be so vivid, and they may even evoke strong emotions connected to past events.

As you may guess, science offers a perfectly simple explanation for this phenomenon. When a smell from our environment comes to our nose, the olfactory nerve transfers the information to the brain region that also controls our memory and emotions. That’s why we often associate some scents with certain memories and feelings. And aromatherapy, including the best essential oils for relaxation and sleep, draws on this powerful effect.

The Effects of Essential Oils on Sleep

It’s amazing how essential oils can help us relax and even send our body and mind into sleep mode. By making an essential oil part of your bedtime ritual, you can train your mind to associate a certain scent with your preferred sleep time. Besides this effect, an experimental study showed that certain essential oils can greatly improve the quality of our sleep. For example, lavender is often recommended as the best essential oil for sleep problems. Also, according to some research, aromatherapy can be used as an effective treatment for mild to moderate sleep disturbances.

Another beneficial effect of essential oils is their ability to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. When people are stressed out or feel anxious, they often can’t fall asleep easily and might even toss and turn all night. Therefore, the calming effect of essential oils for anxiety can indirectly help them get some quality shut-eye. To help, some of the best essential oils for stress and sleep are lavender, clary sage, and bergamot.

A poor night’s sleep is also a common problem for people suffering from depression. Based on certain studies, aromatherapy can relieve depressive symptoms and thus help people improve their slumber.

Side Effects and the Safe Use of Essential Oils

Since essential oils are natural products, many people believe they can’t be harmful. However, not all people react the same and some can experience a problematic side effect.

  • An allergic reaction: Before using any new oil, even the best essential oil for sleep and relaxation, first apply it to a small patch of skin to check if you’re allergic to it.
  • Asthma attacks: People suffering from asthma have to be especially careful when using essential oils for sleep and stress reduction, because the oils may cause asthma attacks when inhaled.
  • Skin irritation: You shouldn’t use essential oils in excess. Also, you should blend them with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or some other type of carrier oil before applying them to the skin. This is because the best essential oils for improving sleep are highly concentrated.
  • Headaches: Even though aromatherapy may relieve migraine symptoms, some people may experience headaches if they inhale too much of them.

Other Safety Precautions

  • Always consult with your physician if you plan to use essential oils orally. Also, don’t forget to check if the product is intended for oral use.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t use aromatherapy without consulting your doctor.
  • If you suffer from a sleep disorder and want to use some of the best essential oils for sleep and anxiety, talk to your doctor first.

Ways to Use Essential Oils for Restful Sleep

Once you pick your favorite scent and find the oil best suited to your needs, you should also choose how you’re going to use it. Here are a few common methods, which can effectively help you make aromatherapy part of your bedtime routine and enjoy the pleasant scent of essential oils and their benefits. For the best essential oils, most brands will also suggest how you can use their products and give you some ideas on how to blend different essential oils. 

  • Apply a few drops of essential oil to your wrists, chest, neck, or forehead.
  • Rub a small amount of oil into your hands and take a deep breath.
  • Put a few drops into an air diffuser.
  • Mix some oil with water and add it to a spray bottle, then spritz it around your bedroom or onto your pillow.
  • Mix some essential oil with Epsom salt and put it in a hot bath. According to experts, it’s best to take a bath about 90 minutes before going to sleep.

Which Essential Oils Should You Avoid?

When choosing the top-rated essential oil for sleep, you should be very careful when it comes to its effects. Not all ethereal oils will lull you off to sleep. Instead, some of them can have quite the opposite effect. So here are some oils you should steer clear of if you want to sleep restfully:

  • Sandalwood oil has been linked to increasing pulse and blood pressure.
  • Rosemary essential oil makes people feel energized. Based on an experimental study, the inhalation of this oil can increase heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. So it’s definitely not among the essential oils that are best for sleep.
  • Petitgrain oil may lead to better work performance, as one study showed. This is because it can help people feel more alert and attentive. Therefore, it’s not the best pick for your bedtime routine.


Before using essential oils to improve your child’s sleep, you need to talk to your pediatrician. Also, your kid should be at least six months old.

When picking an essential oil for kids, it’s vital to look for the ones that don’t contain any additives or synthetic ingredients. In addition, you have to carefully read through the list of ingredients of both the essential oil and its carrier to make sure there isn’t something your kid is allergic to. Some of the best essential oils for your baby to sleep well are chamomile and lavender. These are also good choices for older kids.

If you want to apply essential oil to your baby’s skin, always dilute it with some carrier oil. This way, you’ll prevent any skin irritation since a baby’s skin is very sensitive, and essential oils are quite intense.

Also, before using any oil, check if your kid is allergic to it. You can do that by applying a small amount of oil to your kid’s arm or leg and see if there’s an allergic reaction within the next 24 hours. 

Wrapping Up

Many studies have shown that aromatherapy can be effective in alleviating mild insomnia, so why don’t you give it a try? We hope that our list of the best essential oils for sleep and our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you doze off easily and get that much-needed rest!

Disclaimer: Even though you don’t need a prescription for these products, always consult with a licensed physician before taking any supplements.


Which essential oil helps you sleep?

There are a number of essential oils that can help you fall asleep and have a more restful slumber. Lavender and valerian are some of the most well-known sleep remedies. Other great options are Roman chamomile, bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, and cedarwood. However, people react differently to essential oils, so everyone should find what’s most suitable for their needs.

Where do you put essential oils for sleep?

You can spray some essential oil mixed with water to your pillow. Alternatively, you can rub a small amount into your wrists, feet, or chest. However, don’t put it directly onto your skin since it can cause irritation. Instead, blend it with a carrier oil.

Do essential oils really help you sleep?

Yes, according to some research, aromatherapy oils can greatly improve sleep quality. Also, certain scents are known to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety and depression. Therefore, they can help you unwind after a long day and make you feel more relaxed so you can fall asleep more easily.

Is Eucalyptus good for sleep?

Eucalyptus essential oil is commonly used for alleviating the symptoms of the common cold, such as a stuffy nose, and treating bronchitis. Therefore, it’s recommended to people suffering from congestion since it can help them clear the airways and sleep better.

Is cedarwood good for sleep?

Yes, cedarwood essential oil can help you fall asleep more easily and have a great night’s rest. Since it has calming effects, it helps people relax and alleviates anxiety symptoms. So making this aromatherapy oil a part of your bedtime routine can be beneficial for your shut-eye.

Is peppermint essential oil good for sleep?

While peppermint offers a range of health benefits, sleep-inducing effects are not among them. In fact, this essential oil will make you more alert, and it can even boost your cognitive performance.