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August 12, 2020

Investing in a good quality mattress that will give you many nights of restful and refreshing sleep doesn’t have to break the bank. Introducing OkiOki, a brand that offers a wide array of super comfy beds in a box at prices that will make even the most budget-conscious shopper happy.

But the price point isn’t the only stand-out feature of OkiOki beds. In our extensive OkiOki mattress reviews, we’ll cover all the aspects of these beds—including construction, feel, durability, and the brand’s year-long sleep trial—to show you why OkiOki is worth considering when mattress shopping.


From $340

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  • Great value for money

  • CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Certified

  • A wide variety of all-foam and hybrid models

  • 20 years of experience in the furniture industry

  • Only offers basic models, nothing too luxurious

Company Background

OkiOki, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry—but a relative newcomer in mattress production—manufactures four mattress models (which we’ll cover in our OkiOki mattress review), as well as bed foundations, frames, and unique bedroom furniture pieces.

The company believes that every sleeper is an individual and that the perfect mattress doesn’t have to be overpriced or over-complicated. This is why OkiOki builds a variety of incredibly low-priced, no-frills models that can match any big mattress brand in terms of comfort, support, and quality.


From $340

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  • Great value for money

  • CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Certified

  • A wide variety of all-foam and hybrid models

  • 20 years of experience in the furniture industry

  • Only offers basic models, nothing too luxurious

OkiOki Foam Mattresses Review

OkiOki makes two individual all-foam beds, the OkiSoft and the OkiFirm.


Both the OkiSoft and OkiFirm are 10″ thick mattresses made of several layers of polyfoam.

The construction and the materials may not be out of this world, especially in comparison to more complex designs—for instance, when it comes to beds from OkiOki vs. Purple mattress—but that doesn’t mean that these mattresses won’t provide a sound and comfortable slumber.

  • Cover: Both OkiOki foam beds are encased in a hypoallergenic Ice Yarn cover that helps regulate body heat and stops sleepers from overheating.
  • Comfort Layer: Under the cover lies a 3″ polyfoam section that boosts air circulation. In the OkiSoft, this layer is made of high-quality memory foam that cradles the sleeper’s body, while the OkiFirm contains graphite for more support and heat regulation.
  • Transition Layer: The base consists of high-density polyfoam (6″ in the OkiSoft and 7″ in the OkiFirm), giving the bed its shape and sturdiness.


Although the feel of the mattress depends on many factors—including sleeping style, weight, and personal preferences—most reviews of the OkiOki mattress rate the OkiSoft bed as a medium (a 5 on the soft-to-firm chart, with 10 being the firmest option). This level of firmness is ideal for combo and side sleepers who need more conformity and cushiony support.

True to its name, the OkiFirm is a firm mattress, rated 8 out of 10. Since it offers more support, it’s best suited for back and stomach sleepers who might find the previous bed too soft.


Both the OkiSoft and OkiFirm are very comfortable, supportive, and surprisingly responsive beds.

  • Thanks to the memory foam in the top layers, the OkiSoft cradles users into a comfy sleeping position, while the solid base balances out the sinkage, allowing even the most restless sleepers to switch positions through the night. In addition to the positive OkiOki bed reviews by combo sleepers, side sleepers will also find much to love about this bed. This includes the mild support from the base layer and the excellent pressure relief on the hips and shoulders provided by the mattress’s light and fluffy surface. 
  • Having an even denser base, the OkiFirm is more responsive, not letting users sink into the bed, and thus giving back and stomach sleepers some much-needed resilient support and optimal spinal alignment. Even though it’s on the firmer side, this mattress relieves major pressure points in the body so that people who sleep on their backs and stomachs will wake up free of lower back pain or strained muscles.

The company compares sleeping on the OkiSoft to sinking into a cloud. Still, multiple OkiOki mattress reviews have found both these beds to be too firm, especially for lightweight sleepers who might want to try out a softer mattress.

Temperature Neutrality

Because they don’t allow excessive sinkage, the foam models by OkiOki tend to sleep cool and not absorb too much heat.

Both the OkiSoft and OkiFirm incorporate the brand’s Ice Yarn cover, which boosts air circulation, regulates heat, and lets the mattresses breathe. Underneath the cover, the porous foam layers in the softer mattress and the graphite elements in the OkiFirm further control temperature to create a natural sleeping environment, even for very hot sleepers.

Edge Support

Our review of this OkiOki mattress concluded that edge support isn’t these beds’ strong suit, as is expected of an all-foam mattress.

The OkiSoft, in particular, tends to sink around the edges, making stretching out on the mattress almost impossible. The OkiFirm mattress is more supportive but still not the best choice for couples who need a wider mattress surface or heavier users who might feel as if they’re about to roll off the bed if they sit or sleep too close to the edge.

Motion Transfer

OkiOki beds might not excel in edge support, but in motion isolation, they’re second to none.

Using multiple layers of adaptive foam, the OkiSoft and OkiFirm eliminate almost any motion on the surface. This is why our OkiOki review recommends these beds as some of the most budget-friendly options for couples. 


  • Low-priced, quality beds
  • Good for hot sleepers
  • Superior comfort for all sleeping positions
  • Excellent motion isolation


  • Not suitable for users who want more responsiveness in their mattresses
  • Edge support isn’t great
  • Might be too firm for lightweight sleepers

OkiOki Hybrid Mattresses Review

In addition to the OkiSoft and OkiFirm, OkiOki makes two individual hybrid models, the OkiEasy and the OkiFlex. These are designed for sleepers who want both the hugging feeling of memory foam and the bounce of a spring mattress.


The OkiEasy and OkiFlex are 11″ thick mattresses that combine layers of polyfoam with a coil system for ultimate comfort and support.

  • Cover: Like the all-foam beds we analyzed in the previous section of our OkiOki mattress review, the OkiEasy and OkiFlex are encased in a cooling hypoallergenic Ice Yarn cover that contributes to cool nights and peaceful sleep.
  • Comfort Layer: Both hybrid beds by OkiOki have a 2″ layer of memory foam under the cover. The only difference is that the OkiFlex foam is infused with graphite for extra firmness and support.
  • Transition Layer: OkiOki uses 2.5″ of dense polyfoam to balance out the memory foam section and the core of the mattress, providing even better support and alignment.
  • Support Layer: The core of both mattresses consists of pocketed coils encased in foam, which gives these beds responsiveness and stability while also contouring to the body and providing superior relief.
  • Base Layer: Unlike the all-foam beds mentioned in these OkiOki reviews, the bottom layer of the OkiEasy and OkiFlex mattresses is 1″ of high-density polyfoam, which gives the beds support when placed on a slatted frame.


OkiEasy, the brand’s most popular model, is a medium-firm mattress rated a 6 on the firmness scale (in line with the industry standard of 6.5).

OkiFlex, on the other hand, is slightly firmer. The company rates this mattress as a 7, while some OkiOki mattress ratings are closer to 7.5. Both ratings make this a true firm mattress and, as such, a perfect fit for heavier back and stomach sleepers.


Both hybrids by OkiOki are designed to provide ultimate support and comfort for all kinds of sleepers.

The memory foam in the top layers and the coils in the core work together to stop sleepers from sinking into these mattresses, without compromising the beds’ body-conforming properties. In other words, users can be comfortable but still feel more like they’re sleeping on the bed than in it. 

This buoyant feel reported in multiple OkiOki mattress reviews makes the OkiSoft and OkiFlex excellent options for combo sleepers, as well as heavier users who won’t bottom out when sleeping on these beds.

When it comes to support and pressure relief, the memory foam and the coils once again do the trick. OkiEasy gently hugs the body, all while supporting the back and cushioning the hips and shoulders.

The OkiFlex is even more supportive. Thanks to the graphite in the comfort layers, which counters the tendency of memory foam to conform too closely to the body, our OkiOki review found this mattress to be one of the best choices for heavyweight users and those who prefer sleeping on their backs and stomachs.

Temperature Neutrality

Hot sleepers will be hard-pressed to find a cooler mattress than the OkiEasy and OkiFlex. Both hybrid models have a core of individually pocketed coils for maximum air circulation and breathability. On top of that, they’re covered in a cooling fabric that pulls heat away from the body and stops sleepers from overheating.

Edge Support

While more than one OkiOki Easy and OkiOki Flex mattress review asserts that despite the foam-encased support core, there’s still sinkage around the edges, we found both mattresses to perform above-average in this category. In fact, they offer more than enough support around the perimeter of the bed for users to sit comfortably on the edge or for couples to stretch out without feeling like they’re falling off.

Motion Transfer

Innerspring mattresses aren’t great at eliminating motion, but hybrids are a different story.  

Sure, the OkiEasy and the OkiFlex are responsive, bouncy mattresses, but the pocketed coils also prevent any motion to transfer from one area of the bed to another. What’s more, as our analysis and reviews of the OkiOki mattress discovered, the high-density foam in the comfort and transitional layers does a great job of muffling any movement or noise on the mattress’s surface.

Simply put, couples can rest undisturbed all night and not worry about their partners getting up for a glass of water or shifting in their sleep.


  • Affordable mattresses
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Balance between comfort and support
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions


Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

OkiOki beds are made to last for 10 years. According to the company, they won’t sag or go soft over time, but even if they do, OkiOki backs them up with a 10-year warranty (which we will discuss later on in our OkiOki bed reviews).


OkiOki beds come directly to your doorstep, compressed and packed in a box. All it takes is unboxing the bed and letting it expand for a couple of hours (in some cases, a maximum of 48 hours).

Taking care of OkiOki mattresses is incredibly straightforward. The cover is easily removed and machine-washable, so there’s no need for a mattress protector or spot cleaning.

None of the beds by this company need to be flipped or rotated—our review of each OkiOki mattress has determined there’s enough bounce in all of the models to stop body impressions from forming.

Customer Service

OkiOki’s helpful, informative, and friendly customer support team is available for questions and complaints through email and phone. Even though there’s no live chat on the site, customer support reps are responsive and answer all comments and queries quickly and efficiently.

In fact, the majority of OkiOki reviews regarding the brand’s customer service are positive, even ones by users who weren’t happy with their purchase. 

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

This California-based company has one of the most generous trial periods in the industry, giving customers a total of 365 nights to try out its mattresses. If users aren’t happy with the product within the first year of purchase, they can return the bed and receive a full refund.

Shipping Options

OkiOki ships its mattresses for free to all 50 US states. The beds are compressed and shipped in a box, and while delivery depends on the shipment method, most OkiOki mattress reviews by users report receiving their mattress in 1–5 business days.

The company doesn’t currently offer a white glove service or the removal of your old mattress from your home.

Warranty Policy

OkiOki beds come with a 10-year non-prorated warranty, meaning that the policy covers all replacements and repairs during the guaranteed period. The warranty, however, is only valid for original purchases and mattresses that have been set up on a firm and stable base.

OkiOki’s warranty covers sagging, indentations deeper than one inch, and manufacturing faults, but it doesn’t extend to normal signs of wear and tear, nor any burns, stains, or water damage.


In addition to offering low-priced beds, the brand has plenty of other saving options, which may come in the form of holiday sales, an OkiOki mattress coupon, discounts, and deals. 

For customers who can’t pay upfront, OkiOki also provides financing options with Affirm for as low as 0% APR and payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

OkiOki beds are all priced the same, regardless of construction and feel. Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

  • Twin: $340
  • Twin XL: $385
  • Full: $485
  • Queen: $550
  • King: $750
  • Cal king: $750

OkiOki Mattress Review Summary

OkiOki doesn’t rely on innovation as much as it does on honesty, transparency, and offering excellent value for your money. The brand supports the stand that one mattress can’t suit everyone’s needs and preferences, so it produces and sells multiple high-quality beds tailored to varying needs, but at prices everyone can afford.

So, whether you sleep hot; on your side, back, or stomach; or you’re just a mattress shopper with a limited budget looking for an affordable but quality bed, OkiOki is sure to have something for you.

If you’re unsure which bed to choose—as you’ve seen in our OkiOki mattress reviews, there’s a wide selection—the company has created a sleep quiz that anyone can take to find the bed that most suits their needs and preferences.


Is OkiOki a good mattress?

Yes, all OkiOki models are available at exceptionally low prices, but they’re still designed to meet the needs of a variety of sleeping positions, styles, weights, and preferences.

Who makes the OkiOki mattress?

OkiOki mattresses are made in the US by a company that’s been in the furniture business for more than two decades. The materials the brand uses are CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Certified, which means that you know exactly what you’re getting: eco-friendly, non-toxic, and completely safe mattresses.

Can you try an OkiOki mattress in-store?

As of last year, all sleepyheads can try out OkiOki mattresses at Laurel & Pine’s brick-and-mortar shops—another significant advantage this company has over other online mattress brands in the industry.

Which is better when comparing an OkiOki mattress vs. Nectar?

There’s no doubt that both brands offer premium-quality beds that sleep cool and are extremely comfortable. However, the OkiOki is more versatile—Nectar only has one model, while OkiOki has four individual mattresses.

How can I decide which OkiOki mattress is the one for me?

If you’re unsure which bed to choose—as you’ve seen in our OkiOki mattress reviews, there’s a wide selection—the company has created a sleep quiz that anyone can take to find the bed that most suits their needs and preferences.