28 Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Stylish Retreat

written by / May 25, 2019
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Even though your bedroom isn’t as central as your living room or dining room, it deserves equal attention when it comes to interior design. Maybe you’re not decorating it to show off in front of your guests, but keep in mind that this is where you will go after a long day to have a much-needed rest. Regardless of your design preferences, your bedroom needs to make you feel cozy and relaxed. That’s why we prepared these bedroom design ideas to help you find some inspiration.

1. Rustic Feel

To create a rustic feel, you should add as many natural elements as possible. Wood is the best material for this bedroom style since it’s warm and cozy. You can stick to a neutral color palette or introduce a pop of color by adding a festive rug or a colorful pillowcase.

2. Blue Hues

Thanks to its calming effect, blue is one of the best colors for your sleep environment. If you don’t want to paint your entire room this color, you can choose just one wall or buy blue sheets and add a few details in the same hue. There are a number of bedroom ideas on Pinterest, but generally, this color goes well with white or oak furniture.

3. Mix of Patterns

You can create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom by introducing a mix of colors and patterns in the form of pillows and bed linens. It’s up to you whether you’ll choose bright colors or muted tones. Either way, for the most stylish effect, paint the walls white, beige, or some other neutral hue.

4. Romantic Style

Soothing, pastel shades are a great option for your sleep sanctuary, especially if you’re looking for bedroom ideas for girls. These soft hues create a tranquil feel, which will help you relax and get in the mood for sleep.

5. Natural Elements

For a peaceful atmosphere, you can combine different natural materials and feel-good fabrics. For instance, instead of a traditional bed frame, you can use an old wooden pallet. Add a few bedroom-friendly plants, a nature-inspired wallpaper, and reed blinds, and enjoy a good night’s rest.

6. Minimalist Bedroom

Clean lines and sleek design are a good choice for your bedroom, especially if you’re looking for small bedroom design ideas. It’s proven that clutter negatively affects our sleep, and since knick-knacks don’t go hand in hand with minimalism, this style is ideal for bedrooms. If you need additional storage space, modern built-ins will fit in perfectly.

7. Large Mirrors

If you’d like to visually expand your otherwise small bedroom, one of the easiest ways to do it is to place a big mirror on the wall. If possible, choose the wall opposite the window in order to get more natural light.

8. Bold Wallpapers

Even though your bedroom should have a serene atmosphere, this doesn’t mean that its design has to be boring. One of the tricks in modern bedroom designs is adding wallpaper with a bold pattern, which will make the entire room more interesting. To complete the stylish look, you can throw a few matching cushions onto your bed.

9. Unusual Shelves

You can spice up your interior design with some interesting shelves that blend functionality and good looks. If you place them on the headboard wall, you’ll create a striking focal point. Just don’t forget to keep it well organized since clutter can distract you from falling asleep.

10. Light Colors

You can’t make a mistake if you choose light colors for your calm retreat. They’re a particularly good pick for small bedrooms, which work best with a simple bedroom design. A metallic vase and bedlinen with a delicate pattern give this room a personal touch, so be careful when looking for stylish details.

11. Wall-Mount Bedside Tables

Choosing wall-mount tables over classic ones will make the room visually more spacious. Plus, they look very elegant and add to the modern look of your bedroom. Try to always keep them free of clutter, and don’t use them for holding your smartphone—having devices so close can adversely affect your night’s rest.

12. Simple and Airy

If you already have pretty architectural elements in your bedroom, like vintage shutters or wooden floorboards, you can keep it simple when it comes to furnishings. Hanging a pair of airy curtains above your bed can be one of the best bedroom ideas for couples since they add a bit of romance to the picture.

13. Under-the-Bed Storage

Your bedroom can’t be stylish if there’s clutter all around it. If you need more storage to keep it neat and tidy, consider using under-the-bed storage. It’s very practical since it doesn’t occupy any additional space while it can also look very sleek and elegant. Keep in mind that your bedroom can’t be a complete mess if you want to create a soothing sleep environment.

14. Industrial Look

Bedroom Design Ideas - Industrial

Exposed beams and pipes, concrete and metal surfaces, and vintage furniture are typical of the industrial style. Although you might think that these elements aren’t good master bedroom design ideas, we’ll have to disagree. If you add a few interesting details, you can make your bedroom less cold. For example, this huge piece of art gives this room a personal touch.

15. Smooth Textiles

Bed throws, carpets, rugs, curtains, and other textiles bring texture and coziness to your bedroom. You can play with various materials, patterns, and colors; just be careful not to go overboard. Also, if you don’t have blinds, pick curtains that prevent light from getting in.

16. Personal Details

You can easily give your bedroom a personal touch if you hang your photos on the walls. To get some ideas for personalizing your bedroom design, look at this photo gallery. It’s best to choose the headboard wall since it’s the focal point of the room. To make it even more interesting, you can put the photos in unusual, colorful frames. However, according to Feng Shui, you should hang only the photos of you and your partner in the bedroom.

17. Black and White

This contrasting color combo is very effective in interior design. However, it can create a rather cold atmosphere, which is not the best option for your calm retreat. Therefore, if you’re a real fan of this combination, we suggest that you add some oak elements that will bring warmth to this contemporary look. There are a number of interior design ideas for the bedroom that use this concept, so you can easily find some inspiration online.

18. Splash of Color

Conversely, if you prefer a colorful scenography, you might want to introduce a wide range of colors to your sleep oasis. However, you don’t want to end up in a psychedelic room. For example, you can paint your bedroom in a muted tone but have a bunch of colorful cushions or small ornaments.

19. Flower Power

A bouquet of fresh flowers will add a lovely scent to your bedroom, while also bringing a dose of charm to it. If you’re not a fan of cut flowers, there are a few simple bedroom decorating ideas that can help you introduce some blooms to your interior design. For instance, put a floral throw on your bed or add flowery wallpaper to your accent wall.

20. Artsy Bedroom

This is the place where you can express your individuality to the fullest. Hang your favorite piece of art, experiment with unusual combinations of colors, or add a statement piece or some eye-catching light fixtures.

21. Monochromatic Color Scheme

If you decide to use only one color in the decor of your sanctuary, it’s best to choose light hues since they’ll create a pleasant, airy space. Some great design ideas for the bedroom with a monochromatic color scheme include using various materials to add texture or combining different patterns.

22. Go Vertical

Lacking space in your bedroom? No worries! Consider installing a couple of floating shelves. They are both very practical and eye-catching, contributing to a modern look. Alternatively, you can go vertical by having a loft bed. This way, you get more storage space underneath. However, don’t forget that your bedroom is for sleep only, so don’t use this additional space for work. Also, laptops, smartphones, and similar devices have a negative effect on sleep quality, which is clearly explained in this compelling infographic.

23. A Zen Nook

As you already know, your bedroom should give you peace of mind and help you unwind and recharge for the following day. So it’s no wonder that so many modern bedroom design ideas draw on Eastern culture and Buddhist traditions. To create your Zen space, stick to a simple color scheme and clean lines. Also, use only natural materials, such as wood and ceramics.

24. Eye-Catching Lighting

You can easily make your bedroom decor more interesting with an extravagant chandelier. This should be your room’s focal point. However, you can also complete the look with a vintage piece of furniture, such as an antique cabinet.

25. Cultural Motifs

Find your inspiration in the cultures of foreign countries. Whether you like a Moroccan style, traditional Mongolian clothes, or Japanese simplicity, this is an endless pool of decor ideas for your bedroom. You can also get inspired by bedroom designs from India and cover your bed with colorful cushions or spread layered rugs on your bedroom floor.

26. Luxurious Look

Equip your bedroom with luxurious materials and stylish furnishings to produce a sense of luxury. Opulent velvet drapes, an elegant buttoned headboard, ornate wallpaper, golden details, and extravagant light fixtures can all work together to create this look.

27. Two-Color Scheme

For a stylish look, choose one accent color and a muted tone for a background. This turquoise-gray combination creates a serene feel, which is exactly what you need in your bedroom. Plus, silver details add some chic to it. Think of your favorite colors, and you’ll find countless interior design bedroom ideas online.

28. Tropical Sanctuary

A tropical look is very easy to pull off in your bedroom. Just use several shades of green and rich wood tones. Your goal should be to create a mini rainforest. You can achieve this either with real exotic plants or with wallpapers and linens with foliage patterns.


Considering that you spend about a third of your life sleeping, there are no excuses for not treating your bedroom the right way. It should be a place that fills you with a sense of tranquility. Since this is the most intimate room in your home, you can freely express your personality through its decor. Hopefully, these bedroom design ideas will inspire you and help you create a laid-back atmosphere for a great night’s rest.

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