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August 19, 2020

Keetsa has been in the mattress industry since well before joining the bed-in-a-box online trend. The company doesn’t specialize in only one mattress that accommodates just a small number of sleepers—it offers foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses of different firmness levels that cater to everyone’s needs. A great number of positive Keetsa mattress reviews show that people really appreciate this.

Read on to see which of the Keetsa mattresses will best suit your sleeping style and needs.


From $490

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  • Mattress models for every type of sleeper

  • Several firmness options

  • Good pressure relief

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Manufactured in China

  • Perplexing return policy

  • Strong off-gassing with foam models

  • Above-average price points

Company Background

Keetsa entered the mattress industry in 2007 as a small family business and grew quickly due to its environmentally friendly, high-quality mattresses. This California-based company currently offers bed frames, pillows, bedding, sleeping accessories, adorable dog beds and frames, and most importantly, three mattress collections. These products are available both online and in stores where you’ll get a unique shopping experience: soothing music and a cup of tea.


From $490

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  • Mattress models for every type of sleeper

  • Several firmness options

  • Good pressure relief

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • Manufactured in China

  • Perplexing return policy

  • Strong off-gassing with foam models

  • Above-average price points

Keetsa Mattress Reviews

No matter if you like innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses, Keetsa has a mattress that will satisfy all your needs and preferences. With three mattress collections and six mattress models in total, you’ll surely find your perfect mattress. Our Keetsa review will analyze all six mattresses so you can choose the best one for you.

iCoil Mattress Collection

If you like the bounciness and cooling effect innerspring mattresses provide, the iCoil Collection may be for you. It offers two very similar models:

Both mattresses are made from a combination of individually wrapped coils and foams that isolate motion and provide a good balance of comfort and support. Moreover, Keetsa reviews praise both models for the breathability and airflow they provide.

The cover is made from 100% natural unbleached cotton that wicks away moisture and keeps the mattress dry and cool during the night. Keetsa includes its BioFoam and Comfort Foam in the comfort layer. Both memory foam and quick-response polyfoam contour to the body and relieve pressure points, according to most Keetsa bed reviews.

Both mattresses have a base of the strong iCoil high-carbon springs system. The springs give customized support to the parts of your body that need it most, as they compress independently one from another. In terms of construction, the iCoil Collection is pretty similar to the Saatva mattresses.

As the coils are individually wrapped, they ensure good ventilation, so you won’t get hot during the night. The coils also isolate motion pretty well and give good edge support, so you won’t get disturbed if you share your bed with a restless sleeper, making the iCoil Collection an excellent choice for couples.

The Keetsa Plus mattress is a 9″ thick model that brings a firm feel and is a good option for back and stomach sleepers, we found in our Keetsa Plus mattress review. It supports the shoulders, hips, and back while providing the sleeper with plush comfort. Despite the plushness of the cover and foams, sleepers enjoy the feeling of being on top of the mattress, making it very easy to change sleeping positions.

Keetsa Plus vs Keetsa Pillow Plus

The main difference between the Keetsa Plus and Keetsa Pillow Plus is that the Pillow Plus has an additional layer of firm high-density foam. Our Keetsa Plus review determined that this prolongs the durability of the mattress. The Pillow Plus also has thicker layers of BioFoam and Comfort Foam, which give it an extra-soft feel and make it 11″ thick.

The Pillow Plus is a medium-firm mattress, excellent for back and side sleepers as it provides plush comfort for the shoulders and hips while keeping the spine properly aligned.

Memory Foam Mattress Collection

If you like more sinkage and body contouring, here’s a closer look at our reviews of Keetsa mattresses from the Foam Collection, which offers two models:

Both mattresses are made from layers of CertiPUR-US certified memory foams, designed to provide exceptional pressure relief and body contouring. The cover is the same for both models and is made from 100% natural unbleached cotton that’s breathable, soft, and has moisture-wicking properties.

Furthermore, the mattresses have a double layer of Keetsa’s proprietary BioFoam, and more than one Keetsa comfort layer review reveals that even though this layer is super soft, it won’t let you sink into the bed and feel trapped. The comfort layer is supported by a base layer of extra-firm memory foam that supports the whole mattress and provides durability.

Memory foam mattresses are excellent when it comes to motion isolation, so your sleep won’t be disturbed even by the most fidgety sleeper. However, foam mattresses are infamous for sleeping hot, so you might want to consider buying a Keetsa mattress cover with its cooling Omniphase temperature regulating properties, or a mattress topper. Several Keetsa topper reviews say that the topper with its hemp blend is excellent at regulating temperature.

The Keetsa Cloud

The Keetsa Cloud is a firm 10″ mattress suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Thinner layers of memory foam in the comfort layer ensure the firmer feel that offers good support to the shoulders and hips. Keetsa Cloud reviews say that the Cloud gives a very similar sense of body contouring and pressure relief as the Novosbed Mattress.

Unfortunately, even though this is a firm mattress, it provides weak edge support. Sitting or lying near the edge will make it sink and give you the feeling that you’ll roll off the bed.

The Tea Leaf Supreme

The Tea Leaf Supreme is a 12″ thick incredibly soft mattress, excellent for side and combination sleepers. The softness comes from the comfort layer that’s twice as thick as the comfort layer in the Cloud. Our Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme review found that this extra plush support provides side sleepers with hip and shoulder pressure relief and makes it easy for combo sleepers to change positions during the night.

Another review of the Keetsa mattress notes that the Supreme allows you to sink deeper into the mattress, alleviating pain points, much like the Amerisleep AS4 Mattress.

Unfortunately, edge support is not the Supreme’s strongest point, as is the case with other soft or all-foam mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress Collection

If you don’t want to compromise but instead want the best of both worlds, then hybrid mattresses are the way to go. Keetsa offers two mattresses that combine the support of the iCoils system and the contouring properties of foams:

Keetsa mattress reviews reveal that both models have an almost identical construction as the previous two collections. However, unlike the previous collections, the Hybrid Collection has a cover made from a combination of cotton and hemp, which is resistant to mold and prevents the growth and spread of bacteria.

The comfort layer includes layers of BioFoam and Comfort Foam that allow slight sinkage and body contouring, while a layer of firm high-density foam prevents the sleeper from sinking too deep into the mattress. Finally, there’s a support layer of Keetsa’s iCoil system, which Keetsa reviews praise for allowing good ventilation and preventing the heat from building up.

Both models provide solid motion isolation, and the coils provide good support, which makes these mattresses a good option for larger or heavier sleepers.

The Tea Leaf Classic

Keetsa’s Tea Leaf Classic is a 13″ firm hybrid. It’s an exceptional option for back and stomach sleepers, as it provides sturdy support to the back and hips, which these types of sleepers need.

Nearly any Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic review will note that the foam in the upper layer provides plushness and comfort, while the coils prevent sleepers from sinking in too deep and provide some pushback. This gives the feeling of being on top of the mattress while being softly cradled by the cover. 

Moreover, one Keetsa Tea Classic review says that this combination of materials also provides good mobility, so you won’t have issues changing positions and getting in and out of the bed. The edge support is solid, as well, and paired with the minimal motion transfer, this is a pretty good mattress for people who share a bed.

The construction and feel of the Tea Leaf Classic are very similar to those of the Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding.

The Tea Leaf Dream

Keetsa’s Tea Leaf Dream was a 14″ hybrid that used to be a latex mattress. It had a 3″ latex layer in the comfort layer, but this construction was discontinued in 2015, despite some very good Keetsa latex mattress reviews.

Today, the Tea Leaf Dream is the most luxurious and expensive of all Keetsa’s mattresses. Its construction is the same as the Classic’s, except it has an additional layer of Pressure Relief Foam that gives it a soft feel. The softness and luxurious feel can be compared to the Beautyrest Black by Simmons, which is included on our list of the best mattresses.

A scientific review of each Keetsa mattress claims that this model is amazing for side sleepers as the Pressure Relief Foam is specially designed to allow the shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress while it soothes key pressure points.

Additionally, the Dream has an extra encasing foam layer around the whole mattress that gives extra edge support. We found in our Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream review that despite being soft, this mattress allows you to use its whole surface—you can sleep or sit near the edge and feel completely secure.

Besides cozy comfort, this model also provides good airflow, so you won’t get hot during the night.

Durability and Maintenance

Product Lifetime

Reviews on each Keetsa mattress claim that the durability of these mattresses is comparable to other mattresses from the same categories. This means you can expect the mattresses to last between six and eight years before there are any notable signs of wear and tear.


Some Keetsa mattresses have a zipper, but all Keetsa mattress covers are non-removable and non-washable, so it would be a good idea to invest in a mattress protector. One independent review of Keetsa Mattress says that you can spot-clean your cover with a mild detergent and a little warm water if there’s a need.

The company says that over time the mattresses soften a little, so you should rotate your mattress every six months so it will wear evenly.

Customer Service

Keetsa has “sleep guides” ready to assist you and answer all your questions via phone seven days a week. You can also send them an email or chat live with them on the website, or you can visit one of their stores.

Various mattress, bedding, and Keetsa bed frame reviews show that the customer service puts each customer’s experience first and are very eager to help and resolve any issues.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period and Return Policy

Keetsa offers only a 90-night sleep trial with a mandatory 30-night break-in period. You have to purchase the mattress from Keetsa or an authorized supplier to qualify for the sleep trial.

To qualify for a return and refund, you have to use the mattress for at least 30 days and see whether your body will adjust to it. If you decide to return the mattress, you must pay a processing fee that equals 10% of the original mattress price, as more than one Keetsa review on these mattresses explains.

Shipping Options

Keetsa offers free standard shipping via FedEx to the 48 contiguous US states. It also ships to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional fee and pays all duty and customs fees for orders shipped to most parts of Canada.

However, if for whatever reason you cancel your order, you’ll have to pay the return shipping costs.

If you don’t want your mattress to be shipped with FedEx, you can contact the customer service and ask them for other delivery options.

Unfortunately, Keetsa doesn’t offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Keetsa Warranty

All mattresses are covered by a 12-year warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship, sagging or indentations of at least 1.5″, and coil failure.

The warranty will be valid as long as you use the mattress on a rigid, smooth, and firm surface that allows air to flow and supports the entire mattress, including the center of the mattress. We recommend taking a look at a Keetsa bed frame review, just to be sure you have the right frame for your mattress.


Keetsa mattresses are priced above most average price points. The mattresses are available in various sizes and are priced competitively.

  • The iCoil Collection ranges from $490 to $1,190.
  • The Memory Foam Collection ranges from $590 to $1,890.
  • The Hybrid Collection ranges from $990 to $2,390.

The company is aware that buying a mattress is not very cheap, so it occasionally offers deals and discounts, and we’ve also come across a few Keetsa coupons for a variety of their products.

Keetsa also offers 3-, 6-, and 12-month APR-free financing with Affirm, making these mattresses more accessible to everyone.

Keetsa Mattress Review Summary

Keetsa has a great variety of choices for so many people. You can find a mattress for every sleep position and firmness preference. Furthermore, you’ll find a mattress that will keep you cool or warm depending on your needs, while providing comfort, pressure relief, contouring support, and limited motion transfer or bounciness. Additionally, high-quality and eco-friendly materials, in combination with the innovative coil system, guarantee a unique sleep experience.

Taking into account the financing options and free delivery, Keetsa mattresses are overall good options for a relaxing sleep.


Are Keetsa mattresses safe?

Yes, all Keetsa mattresses are absolutely safe and non-toxic. The covers are made from 100% unbleached natural cotton and/or hemp and are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for safe contact with skin.

All foams are CertiPUR-US certified. BioFoam replaces 12% of the petroleum oil typically used with castor bean oil, which has no VOCs. And finally, all Keetsa mattresses are free of fiberglass.

How long do Keetsa mattresses last?

Depending on the mattress model, Keetsa mattress reviews reveal they last between six and eight years before there are any visible indentations and sagging. Luckily, the company gives a 12-year warranty for all its mattress models, so you can rest assured you’ll have a quality mattress for over a decade.