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July 13, 2020

Today the bed-in-a-box industry is a billion-dollar market, and Tuft & Needle has been leading the pack from the very beginning. Offering premium quality, no-frill designs, and wallet-friendly prices, it isn’t hard to see why numerous Tuft and Needle reviews describe these mattresses as some of the best and most affordable foam-based beds in the business. 

Sure, Tuft and Needle mattresses are popular, but are they right for you? To save you hours of research, we’ve answered the question for you. 

In our in-depth review of the three T&N models, we’ve rated the beds on versatility, design, feel, and other factors, such as temperature regulation and pressure relief. We also looked at the brand’s return policies, customer service, and price range.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the specs and basic features of the exceptionally comfortable Tuft and Needle mattresses.


From $350

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  • Budget-friendly mattresses

  • No-frills design and construction

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Made in the US

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified

  • Only available in one medium-firm option

  • Don't provide sinking feel of memory foam

  • Except for the Hybrid, not well-suited to heavyweight users

Company Background 

T&N is a US-based company that has changed the industry with its approach to making low-cost, high-quality mattresses.

Founded in 2012, it wasn’t long before T&N became one of the most prominent online “bed-in-a-box” brands and caught the eye of Serta Simmons Bedding, one of the oldest companies in the business. The two brands joined forces in 2018 and have been revolutionizing customers’ opinions on sleep and mattress retail ever since.  

The company’s no-gimmick, craftsmanship-focused take on mattress production has earned the Tuft and Needle mattresses great reviews from satisfied customers, leaving the company at the number one spot on Amazon’s list of top-rated mattresses.

T&N offers three mattress models, as well as sheets, duvets, blankets, pillows, and furniture.


From $350

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  • Budget-friendly mattresses

  • No-frills design and construction

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Made in the US

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified

  • Only available in one medium-firm option

  • Don't provide sinking feel of memory foam

  • Except for the Hybrid, not well-suited to heavyweight users

Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Tuft & Needle prides itself on listening to customer feedback and always coming up with new products and ideas to meet users’ requests and demands. It isn’t uncommon for the brand to make changes to its flagship model, the Original T&N Mattress, as well as introduce new types of beds and bedding accessories to the market.

The Mint and the Hybrid, the brand’s latest model, are the result of the company’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the industry by building the mattresses its customers want and ask for. 

Original Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

There are no bells and whistles with the Original T&N—just a simple design of two layers of polyfoam. It may be simple, but it works, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. 


At 10″ tall, the Original Tuft and Needle is a medium-profile polyfoam bed. 

  • Cover: The cover is a thin polyester and polyamide blend that feels soft and plush and allows the mattress to breathe.
  • Comfort Layer: The top layer includes 3″ of T&N’s proprietary Adaptive Foam, which helps absorb body heat. This layer is further infused with cooling gel and graphite to cool even the hottest sleepers.
  • Support Layer: The bottom part of the Original T&N Mattress is a 7″, high-density foam, which, according to Tuft and Needle bed reviews, stabilizes the mattress and stops it from sagging.


The T&N Original Mattress is a medium-firm bed, leaning slightly toward the firmer side of the soft-to-firm scale. Its firmness rating is 6.5 out of 10, although some external reviews of the Tuft and Needle mattress put it closer to a 7. Variations in firmness ranking are quite common considering that weight, body shape, and sleeping position determine how a mattress feels.

With that in mind, heavyweight and stomach sleepers might find this bed too soft, while lightweight side sleepers may find this mattress too firm. Using a  memory foam mattress topper would solve this issue. This firmness level, however, should be just perfect for back sleepers of all sizes. 


The Tuft and Needle has a balanced foam feel, so it’s soft enough to conform to your body, but not so soft you feel like you’re sinking into the bed.  

In fact, in our review of the Tuft and Needle Mattress, we found that one of the things that set this bed apart from other foam-based mattresses is its responsiveness. The T&N Original bounces back into shape pretty quickly, allowing users to move around on the bed—making it great for combo sleepers.


Petite and medium-sized stomach sleepers will feel supported by this mattress. However, heavyweight stomach sleepers might feel that the softness of this T&N mattress throws off the alignment between their hips and shoulders. An innerspring or hybrid mattress might be a better fit.

Pressure Relief 

Next up in our Tuft and Needle bed review, we’ll be looking at how effective this bed is at relieving pressure for the body’s more sensitive spots, such as the hips, shoulders, and lower back. 

The truth is that if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better and more affordable mattress for pressure relief in the lower back area. The top layer of this bed combines the effects of memory foam and latex, thus increasing the exceptional pressure-relieving properties of the T&N mattress.

Since this bed is medium-firm, it might not offer as much pressure relief for lightweight side sleepers as some of the softer mattresses in the industry.

Temperature Neutrality

Multiple Tuft and Needle reviews show that theT&N Original Mattress is quite good at regulating temperature—which is uncommon among memory foam beds. 

Thanks to the graphite and cooling gel in the comfort layer and the breathable cover, warm and neutral sleepers will have no issue with this mattress. It may be more temperature neutral than cool, but when compared to other memory foam beds (in terms of temperature regulation and price) there’s no cause for complaint. 

Edge Support

Edge support isn’t a strong suit for foam-based beds, and our tests and Tuft and Needle reviews confirm that this bed falls within the same category. The bed does offer some support around the edges, but it’s nothing to brag about.

If you like stretching out on the entire surface of the bed, or if you’re sharing the mattress with your partner, this might be an issue. Heavier users will experience sinkage around the perimeter of the bed as well, although switching from a full-size mattress to a king mattress should resolve this problem. 

Motion Transfer 

The T&N mattress is fairly good at eliminating motion transfer. This isn’t surprising since foam beds, which don’t have the bounce of innerspring mattresses, are very good at motion isolation. 

Based on several Tuft and Needle bed reviews, this mattress may not be the best at reducing motion transfer, so light sleepers may still feel their partner moving at night. But at this price point, it might still be one of the best options for couples. 


  • Excels in responsiveness 
  • One of the most affordable mattresses on the market
  • Simple, effective design 
  • Perfect pressure relief for back sleepers
  • Temperature neutral 


  • Edge support is just OK
  • Too firm for petite side sleepers 

Tuft and Needle Mint Review

The Mint model uses the brand’s tried-and-tested Adaptive Foam but has two more layers of polyfoam for added relief and comfort. It’s considered a more luxurious model than the Original—as reflected in the higher price tag.


The T&N Mint mattress is a 14″ tall, all-foam bed.

  • Cover: This bed is encased in a dark grey, plush knit cover that not only looks more sophisticated but is also cozier and softer than the Original and the Hybrid. In addition to charcoal (contributing to the rich dark color of the cover), the Mint uses a micro-polyamide and polyester blend for added breathability and coolness. 
  • Comfort Layer: As mentioned before in this Mint Tuft and Needle review, this bed uses 3″ of the company’s Adaptive Foam, specifically designed to conform to the body, provide pressure relief, and pull heat away from the sleeper. This layer is infused with graphite (30% more than in the Original Mattress) for added temperature regulation.
  • Transitional Layer: This 2″ polyfoam section is more responsive to pressure and is infused with ceramic gel beads, which, as this Tuft and Needle Mint review shows, provide extra cooling, deeper support, and spinal alignment.
  • Support Core: The base of the mattress is made of a 7″, high-density polyfoam that prevents sagging and gives firmness and stability to this T&N model.


In terms of firmness, the Mint is a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being firmest). Even though it’s a bit softer (compared to the 6.5 industry-standard firmness level), it still offers a solid combination of firmness and sinkage.

When it comes to weight, our Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress review found that this bed may not be the best option for heavier users because it’s simply too soft. Light and medium-sized sleepers, on the other hand, will love this mattress, particularly if they sleep on their side or change sleeping positions during the night.


The T&N Mint is a soft bed, but Tuft and Needle Mint reviews show less sinkage than expected. As a result of the sturdiness in the base layer, there’s is a bit of bounce, more so than other foam mattresses.

This balance between contouring and responsiveness gives users the chance to move around on the bed without any issues—making the Mint an excellent choice for combo sleepers and couples.


Although the Mint offers ample support for back sleepers, it’s side sleepers who will benefit most from the combination of conformity and firmness in this mattress. 

That said, our Tuft and Needle Mint reviews have shown that heavier users and stomach sleepers might need more support than what the Mint offers. They may want to consider a hybrid mattress instead.

Pressure Relief

The Adaptive Foam in the comfort layer does an excellent job of relieving pressure, especially for side and combo sleepers. The Mint’s comfort and transitional layers are engineered to adapt to the sleeper’s body and relieve stress off the areas that put the most pressure on the mattress, including the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Sleepers over 200 lbs, however, might feel sagging in the middle of the mattress and may want to look for more pressure relief in other beds. 

Temperature Neutrality 

The next point of discussion in our Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress reviews: temperature regulation.

The Mint has many things going for it in terms of temperature regulation, but it’s still temperature neutral at best. This means that normal and slightly warm sleepers won’t have any issues, but hot sleepers might want to turn to a hybrid or the best latex models for better temperature regulation.

Edge Support 

Adequate edge support, a common downside with foam beds, isn’t much of an issue with the Mint. 

The Tuft and Needle Mint has an outer rim of firm foam and a sturdier base, giving the perimeter more stability and security. There’s still some sinkage around the ends, but no Tuft and Needle reviews and consumer reports have noted any feelings of instability or “roll-off” when sleepers are too close to the edge. 

Motion Transfer 

With three layers of foam, it’s no wonder the Mint absorbs most of the motion made as your partner moves in their sleep. In other words, couples can enjoy an undisturbed and peaceful sleep on this bed even if one partner tosses and turns through the night. 


  • Best suited for side and combo sleepers
  • Great price 
  • Good edge support
  • Temperature neutral 
  • Great motion isolation 


  • Too soft for heavier back and stomach sleepers 
  • Not a good fit for sleepers looking for the bounce of a coil mattress 

Tuft and Needle Hybrid Review

The Hybrid model is the latest addition to T&N’s mattress selection. It’s also T&N’s most versatile mattress. 


At 12″ thick, the T&N Hybrid bed combines six layers of polyfoam and coils for extra bounce and responsive support. 

  • Cover: The 1″ graphite and carbon fiber-infused quilted cover has an open-cell structure to enhance breathability, while the loose-knit polyester and polyamide blend gives the bed its luxury feel. 
  • Comfort Layer: The Hybrid also uses the brand’s patented Adaptive Foam. This material works wonders in the area of pressure relief and temperature regulation, mostly thanks to the graphite and ceramic gel beads. 
  • Transitional Layer: The third layer consists of a 1″ micro-coil transitional section. In our mattress reviews of the Tuft and Needle Hybrid, we found this to be one of the bed’s most unique features, boosting airflow and further contributing to its cooling properties. 
  • Transitional Layer 2: This second layer of Adaptive Foam acts as a buffer between the upper comfort layers and the coils below. It provides extra pressure relief and support, especially on the hips and shoulders. 
  • The Core:  Next up in our reviews of the Tuft and Needle Hybrid construction is a 6″ layer of pocketed coils that align the spine and offer pressure relief and bounce. The coil system further reinforces the edge and increases the bed’s durability. 
  • Support Layer: The last section of this Hybrid bed is a 1″, high-density polyfoam that supports the coil system and the upper foam layers. 


Tuft and Needle doesn’t provide a firmness rating for the Hybrid, it only says that the latest model is plushier than the Mint and the Original. Our tests, and external reviews of Tuft and Needle, put the firmness at around 5.5–6, making this a medium-firm mattress. 


The Hybrid Tuft and Needle pillow top, our review concludes, is the biggest contributor to this bed’s softness and sinking sensation. This feel, however, is balanced out by the coils and Adaptive Foam, making the Hybrid one of the best mattresses for side and combo sleepers.


Overall, we want to highlight in this Tuft and Needle review that the Hybrid model strikes the perfect balance between alignment and body contouring. 

It’s not too soft for back sleepers, nor is it too firm for people who sleep on their side. In other words, with two layers of coils and multiple foam sections, this bed has just the right amount of firmness and comfort to provide resilient support to all sleeping styles and body weights. 

Pressure Relief

Like with the other mattresses from this brand, Tuft and Needle’s proprietary Adaptive Foam excels at relieving pressure in the hips and shoulders, the all-important areas for side sleepers. But the Hybrid takes it up a notch by providing superior pressure relief to back and stomach sleepers, too.

Temperature Neutrality

What do reviews of the Tuft and Needle mattress say about temperature regulation?

The gel beads, graphite, airflow-promoting coils, and breathable cover do much to cool down sleepers, but the Tuft and Needle Hybrid is a temperature-neutral bed nonetheless. This is by no means a downside as only a handful of multi-layered foam mattresses can be classified as temperature neutral. 

Edge Support

Sleepers on the T&N Hybrid should feel comfortable when stretching out on the bed—the tempered-steel, reinforced springs, and double layer of coils provide fantastic edge support. This means there’s more usable space for couples, more comfort for heavyweight sleepers, and less of a hassle when people get on and off the bed. 

Motion Transfer

As mentioned earlier in our Mint mattress by Tuft and Needle review, both the more luxury and Original models provide exceptional motion isolation. 

The Hybrid might not be as good at eliminating movement as the Mint and the Original, but it’s still pretty effective. The top layers do a great job of muffling the bounce from the coils, but light sleepers might still feel their partner’s movements.


  • Very responsive
  • A balanced feel between support and contouring
  • Decent temperature regulation
  • Great edge support


  • The priciest model from the brand 
  • Sleepers who want an all-foam bed won’t like it

Durability and Maintenance 

Product Lifetime

So far, there have been no Tuft and Needle negative reviews regarding durability.

Due to the lower-density foam in the top layer, the T&N Original Mattress shows signs of wear and tear after about six and a half years, as is expected of an all-foam mattress.

The Mint and the Hybrid beds should last longer than the T&N Original. That said, not enough time has passed for a Tuft and Needle long-term review to accurately assess the durability of this mattress, so the above-average lifespan of these two models is just an estimation based on the materials used. 


Although the cover of the T&N mattress is removable, it still isn’t advisable to take it off. The company recommends spot cleaning only or investing in a mattress protector. Buying a mattress protector is a more permanent solution, and let’s be honest—it’s an easier remedy than spot cleaning. 

There are some concerns that using a protector will spoil the benefits and the feel of the mattress below or reduce some of its cooling properties. However, when carrying out our Tuft and Needle mattress protector review, we discovered that this machine-washable cover is designed to mimic the top layers of the mattresses. It won’t impede the firmness, support, or comfort provided by any of T&N’s beds. 

Customer Service

Users can’t stop praising the company’s customer service. 

Buyers’ reviews of Tuft and Needle show that customers are exceptionally pleased with the company’s customer service and its responsiveness before and after the purchase, as well as representatives’ friendly and helpful attitude.

T&N’s customer support team is available for questions and complaints seven days a week by email or phone. There’s also a live chat option on the company’s website allowing T&N’s team to address customers’ issues and queries quickly and efficiently.

Terms of Sale

Trial Period

T&N offers a 100-night trial period on all its mattresses, in line with the industry standard.  Still, T&N rarely has a chance to enact its return policy—according to the company, 95% of customers keep their mattresses after the trial period. Satisfied user reviews of Tuft and Needle certainly seem to support this claim. 

Shipping Policies

T&N ships items for free to all contiguous US states. It usually takes 3–7 business days for your mattress to arrive, while same-day delivery is available only to customers in certain zip codes for an additional fee.

Tuft and Needle reviews of shipping policies indicate that the company offers white glove delivery for an extra charge, which includes in-home assembly and the removal of the old mattress.


All Tuft and Needle mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty only covers original purchases, and any damage will need to have resulted from defective materials or workmanship.

The 10-year warranty by T&N doesn’t cover damage arising from improper use of the mattress or defects caused by the bed not being adequately supported by a firm, solid surface, nor does it cover any sagging or indentations less than 0.75″ deep.

We’ve come across more generous warranty policies in our reviews, but the Tuft and Needle mattress models are so reasonably priced we can’t hold stricter guarantee and return policies against them.

On top of that, Tuft and Needle’s warranty is non-prorated, meaning that should a defect occur 10 years after the original purchase, the product will be replaced or refunded in full.  


As noted among these Tuft and Needle mattresses, reviews show that the brand offers some of the lowest-priced mattresses on the market.

  • Ranging from $350 for a twin-size bed to $750 for a king-size mattress, the Original T&N is one of the most budget-friendly beds in the mattress industry. 
  • The Mint mattress is a bit more pricey at $845 for a full-size mattress and $995 for a queen, but it’s still more affordable than what competitive brands are offering. 
  • The Hybrid is Tuft and Needle’s costliest model, at $895 for a twin, $1,495 for a queen-sized bed, and $1,745 for a Cal king mattress.

In addition to low prices, Tuft and Needle reviews show that there are even more opportunities available for savings. Holiday sales, deals on offers and coupons, and discounts for healthcare workers and first responders are all part of the brand’s commitment to offering the best at the lowest price possible. 

Another great opportunity to cut costs, especially if you’re unable to pay the full sum upfront, is financing with Affirm. This option allows customers to purchase a T&N mattress at just $60 per month.

Our Tuft and Needle Mattress Review Summary 

There’s no doubt that Tuft and Needle has succeeded in building high-quality, universally comfortable mattresses that will suit everyone’s tastes and budget. All three of their exceptionally well-priced models provide the perfect balance between conformity and support and easily outperform other foam-based beds in temperature regulation, pressure relief, and edge support. With their medium-firmness feel and enough sinkage to feel comfortable, but not trapped, T&N mattresses are the ideal fit for almost any user.

In the end, the scarcity of Tuft and Needle negative reviews on the net is more than enough to prove that this brand and its products truly deserve to be listed among the best in the business.


Are Tuft and Needle mattresses any good?

Yes. The Tuft and Needle mattresses may be neutral in almost everything they offer—from firmness, temperature regulation, and motion isolation—but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that these beds are universally comfortable and designed to suit most sleeping styles, positions, and body shapes.

Are Tuft and Needle mattresses worth it?

Some might argue that although effective, there’s nothing innovative or ground-breaking in the simple design and technology T&N uses. This might be true to some extent, but it’s also true that buyers don’t always want or need hyped-up features in their mattresses, and they certainly don’t need to overpay for them.

Which is better, Casper vs. Tuft and Needle?

It’s easy to compare these two foam beds, seeing as how they both offer the same level of pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation.

But there are a few differences. For one, the Casper has four layers, making it more complex in construction than the two polyfoam sections of the Original T&N bed. Of course, the Casper is more expensive than the T&N, although it isn’t too costly compared to other mattresses.

Ultimately, when it comes to a brief Tuft and Needle vs. Casper review, we’d go with the T&N for users looking for a more responsive mattress. However, we feel that fans of traditional memory foam would prefer the Casper.

How long does a Tuft and Needle mattress last?

All mattresses by this company use premium-quality materials made to stand the test of time. Still, the Original and the Mint are all-foam beds and as such have an average lifetime of six years. According to the company, the Hybrid should be in users’ lives for around 10 years, although it’s still too early to tell if these estimations are true. 

Which is better, Purple or Tuft and Needle?

Both companies are industry leaders in their own right, but their beds vary in several aspects. Tuft and Needle’s beds provide a soft balanced-foam feel and are great for couples and combo sleepers. Conversely, Purple mattresses have a unique gel-like feel and are more suitable for hot sleepers due to increased airflow. 

Even though it all depends on what the user is looking for, it should be noted that T&N beds are a better choice for shoppers on a tight budget. Purple, with its selection of four beds, offers more options for pickier customers.

Do I need a box spring with a Tuft and Needle mattress?

T&N mattresses don’t need a box spring, but users can get one if their heart is set on it. All three models by Tuft and Needle need to be set up on a firm surface, so a box spring, bed base, bed frame, or the floor will do. It all depends on the user’s preference. 

Which Tuft and Needle mattress is best?

It’s hard to decide which mattress is the best, especially when comparing beds from the same company. Like with anything else, it’s up to the personal preference of the customer. 

Those who want a simple, cost-effective foam mattress will find what they’re looking for in the T&N Original. For a softer, comfier, more luxurious feel, there’s the Mint, while the Hybrid offers the best of both worlds—a balance between the softness of foam mattresses and the responsiveness and support of a coil system. 

Is the Tuft and Needle Mint worth it?

This bed is a bit more expensive than the Original, but it still has great features that make it stand out from other foam-based beds, such as temperature regulation and great edge support. 

Do Tuft and Needle mattresses need to be flipped?

Tuft and Needle’s mattresses are not made to be flipped, although users can rotate them every six months to stop body impressions from forming. 

Does Tuft and Needle get softer?

Sadly, like other all-foam mattresses, Tuft and Needle beds start to sink after some time, especially around the edges. Their Hybrid bed, however, has a longer lifespan, so customers looking for durability beyond the seven-year standard for foam beds should consider this model.

Where can you buy Tuft and Needle mattresses?

In addition to online sales (on the official website and Amazon), Tuft and Needle operates several brick-and-mortar stores across the US. T&N also offers its products through third-party sellers such as Crate & Barrel and Lowe’s.

Is Tuft and Needle good for side sleepers?

Yes. The brand’s patented Adaptive Foam is made to provide pressure relief for all kinds of sleepers, but most of all for side sleepers since it particularly cushions the hips and shoulders—the most affected areas for people who prefer to sleep on their side. 

In fact, the majority of Tuft and Needle reviews, by experts and users alike, recommend all three Tuft and Needle beds as most suited for side and combo sleepers.